Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Confirmed: United complete RVP signing

Manchester United have confirmed that Robin van Persie has completed his move to Old Trafford.

Despite Arsenal fans secretly hoping that the Dutchman’s right leg was literally made of chocolate and thus a medical liability, it appears he’s managed to persuade Sir Alex Ferguson that light jogging doesn’t make his bones snap.

He’s signed a four year contract which means Arsenal have until 2016 to prove that he’s made a huge fucking mistake in moving to the North-West.

Speaking bullishly about life after Van Persie, Arsene Wenger stressed that his side can still compete at the top of the Premier League.

“We have lost world-class players before and we have always survived.

“We wanted to keep Robin van Persie. The reality is when the player doesn’t want to stay, you have two ways – you either force him to stay, or you accept the reality and let him go. I’ve chosen the second solution.

“I know it’s a massive challenge and a massive gamble I took, but I feel that we have the quality to deal with the problem we have.”

Let’s hope the reported £24 million fee is spent wisely.

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Good riddance to bad rubbish Robbing van Paycheck


1. I guess being angry messes up our grammar.
2. I think robin van payslip goes better.
3. The person discussed in no.2 is obviously a cunt.


I am in awe of Wenger’s ability to ensure Arsenal ‘survives’. But I’m sure many fans, rightly or wrongly, will say they’re tired of ‘surviving’ and want to live a little. Oh well. It’s still a special club given our level of survival is at such an elite level anyway.


There is something really enjoyable about watching the Arsenal surpass all predictions every year. As bad as the start to last season was (the 8-2 in particular), I must say that made the rally to third in the table quite fun.

Now we just have to surpass expectations right into a trophy this year. COYG!!!


It’s true. Arsenal are overachievers. That’s just how we roll.


Now, Fuck off!

Dave Gooner


A worthy successor to Adebayor. That JamU arsewipe jamrag of a shirt suits him.


somewhere i questioned some guy’s judgement when he said that persie was the biggest cunt even ahead of cashley.
i was totally wrong to question your judgement mate.you were absolutely right whoever you are.

Louis Mills

Don’t let Podolski kick you on the way.





Would love to see everton hit them for 2 in the first half then come the second half, tim howard decides to do a ‘tim krul’. The van per$ie we all know gets fed up and knocks howard out, rooney- the ill-tempered fatty joins and it all gets out of control.

Fucking fatman and robin get suspended for 6 games while poldi and giroud do the business for us.

'desi'gner gooner

I’d rather have a scenario where Rooney – playing deep has Pursey in good scoring postions but doesn’t pass to him and goes solo instead…..Pursey fumes at this for half a dozen games before a war breaks out in that dressing room and the squad is divided into two camps…..cunts & supercunts!!! And then when they come to the grove all the booing gets to pursey and he comes to blows with Rooney !!! Wow that will be some spectacle….

Dave Gooner

Let’s see what he can do without the service he got here. There’s none of that midfield that would get a game with us..


@desi’gner gooner

This is the best scenario possible. I applaud your imagination sir.


Finally, the last time Arseblog ever has to talk about RvP. Time for us to move on. Hope Frimpong returns for the 3rd of November clash against the Mancs


Why on earth does everyone talk about Frimpong as if he’s some kind of killing machine??

He got sent off for two clumsy yellows rather than actually ‘Frimponging’ someone against Liverpool, and then injured himself trying to do that to Barton when out on loan!


Well we’re hardly gonna expect Diaby to tackle anyone are we?!


Because we’ve seen other games that he’s played?


Thanks Matin.
That comment made me laugh out loud & now everyone sat around me at work knows I’m skiving.


Matin, I believe it was Diaby who knocked Terry out cold in that CC final 😀
RVP is next on the list…


Well won’t mind if Frimpong breaks and get a red card. He’s just gonna miss three matches and someone else would play.


@gooner21: I believe Diaby was only trying to knock racism out of football…



Bring on Sunderland.

Fergie the Gooner

Chin up folks, we’ve got an important game tomorrow. Let’s give the team our all and show the new players what the Arsenal is all about!


Hope the official site doesnt thank him for his service like they normally would

Eric Irish gunner

All smiles when greeted by the manc scum, robin van pursie you are one massive cunt

gooner Chris

i think our ‘R,” “V” and “P” buttons are the most relieved of all.


thomas emaelen

kiss my arsenal

ark chu young..wait, who am i talking about?


Fuck fuck fuck! I love Arsene! I wish he was my father! But fuck, fuck, fuck if we don’t reinvest this money!


Its pretty obvious we did that already – Giroud and Podolski ar both in. as stated by Wenger, they are replacements. Lets hope he can sort ouf the fuck of Song and replace him with Sahin

aʁsɛn vɛŋ(ɡ)ɛʁ

You are adopted.


well, i’m glad that he passed the medical and that we’re not stuck with the turd for another year
£24million or a turd in your hand?

and now he’s history, so fuck off forever

lets all just look forward to a great season ahead with the great players we have and new signings
lets win some fucking games and get more points than all the others

see you all at 3pm tomorrow!


Ha! Love that! If someone starts the banter about RVP I’m going to quickly and bluntly retort “well would you like £24 million, or a turd in your hand?”. That’d shut them right up… Well unless they have some odd thoughts on their mind… :-/

Hudson Hornet

According to Wenger we competed well every year.

Expect to compete again …

Make no mistake, losing RVP + Song makes us weaker and we need to add quality.

Tick tock, crack on otherwise you will blame the late signing of players again, Oh.


The Greatest Traitor That Ever Lived(TGTTEL)==RVP


He is a cunt. Nothing more, nothing less. The Arsenal will march on.


compete for what, fourth?


Thanks goodness that’s over – yawn – move on.

a gunner

now why this post/news item? Just to bring in some traffic to the site????

Fucking unnecessary !

aces boss 111 massive dog big boss

If you dig a bit deeper, I don`t think you`ll ever find anything of neccessity here mate. 😉

big black clock

I want this to be the last time we hear of him. This is an Arsenal blog and I’m sick of hearing about cunts like him who are nothing compared to the Arse.


It’s been nearly impossible to write about anything without some vague RVP mention. But yes. Officially signed, so let that be the last of it.


Except when frimpong does him, then bring me that news…….and pictures!


Here’s hoping RVP is a bad luck charm, we’re now rid of. So trophies are way and a 4 year dry spell for United .


Terrible spelling, silly predictive text .

Lord Teddy Ears

Robin who ?


We’ve got Podolski, Giroud, and Cazorla in on the back of the turncoat ex-Persie.

As I see it, Podolski and Giroud were the ‘insurance’ – just in case. And Cazorla was the addition once AFC felt there was no other option but to sell.

All can play a central striker role. And, theoretically, our first-choice option from the bench is no longer Chamakh.


Yes, he is.


As things stand it’ll probably be Gervinho. Besides, do you really think Chamakh is going to still be with us come September?


Cazorla as a central striker? How odd.


You really have no idea how versatile Cazorla is, have you?


Not to worry guys, you’ve still got Chamahk lmao

Persie out, arsenal lives

Get his name correctly, then maybe i’l take you seriously.

Redcurrent Wonder

Let’s spare a moment to laugh heartily at Manchester United.

Based on 24m transfer and 200k p/w salary, RVP will cost them 65.6m over 4 years – at the end of which he’ll be a hobbling 33 year old. Equate that to 45 games per year (should he play so many), that’s a very rough 365k per match that RVP alone will cost them. Hang on a minute, I didn’t include goal, match and competition bonuses…


It makes you wonder how a club with almost half a billion pounds on debt can afford this kind of outlay.


They’re using greco-roman accounting.


Not so sure about the goal bonuses might not be that many….

Redcurrant Wonder

Seems Man U have infiltrated to give me a thumbs down…!


One day we won’t survive as a big club, though. Arsenal will keep going, like Liverpool, but if we don’t qualify for the CL positions, we will be in serious trouble as a big club.

Dave Gooner

We will qualify. We have the team. We are that good.


As soon as we sign Sahin….and M’baye will be that good..


Tenacious Defence

Not that he’d ever admit it, but I think he’ll meet up with their players and realize what a mistake he’s made to join in with their massive bunch of pricks – Evra, Nani, goofy-lipped Ferdinand, Rooney etc.
I know I’d much rather work with the upstanding men of The Arsenal like Verm, Arteta, Chez, Bac, Per, Kos, Santos, Rosicky, The Ox, Poldi, Giroud, Santi etc etc etc.


‘I am looking forward to following in the footsteps of so many great strikers,

Yes..Cantona, Sheringham, Hughes,Horseface..You will fit right in you cunt

Mental Strength

I hope next time when Henry and Pires meet RVP, they call him a traitor on his face!

Naija Gooner

I hope the transfer fee covers for the cost of changing the airtel billboards in Nigeria since the partnership just about 2 months ago (sad stuff). They have him on all their billboards in Nigeria… I’m glad this issue is completely sorted tho (it hurts me he’s still in the premiership though). That aside, i hope we buy one more striker (cover-up) & i hope we are done with losing our captains every season.



Merlin's Panini

Oh well, there was a little bit inside me that was saying he could still win favour by doing the medical and getting given the contract to sign then pull his pants down, shit on it and rub it in Red Noses face, return to Colney, post the video on his website and sign the contract we’d offered him. But no, he couldn’t fucking do that could he. The smiling j-cloth shirt wearing cunt.

'desi'gner gooner

After that statement – he had no option but to go to whichever club bid the best for him…..Heck he’d have had to go to spurs if they had made a decent bid for him. I doubt whether his intention was to go to United when he made that statement. In the end he could only choose from whatever little was on offer…..City & United were his only options and he seemed to have an affinity for a red cunt over a blue one….. Done and dusted. Well done Wenger. I like this ruthless streak in him. I think he… Read more »


Yeah, so ruthless. Ruthlessly selling our best players every summer since 2007.

Fight against Fickleness

2006 you mean!


I am so glad that Vermaelen being captain takes the centre stage on the Arsenal website 🙂 RvP’s transfer is a footnote in the club’s history


good bit of business for a player that doesn’t want to be here.
I know Wenger has signed Podolski, Cazorla etc but I hope he reinvest the money to improve the quad in other areas!


This leaves a really bitter taste in the mouth, and it’ll take a hell of a long time for us Gooners to ever forgive RVP. I just can’t bear seeing him in a United shirt. I hope it fucks up United’s team spirit, and that he and Rooney argue like the pair of egotistical, money-driven cunts that they are.

Fuck you Robin.


We don’t need to forgive that cunt. Why should we? He’s nothing to us now. In fact, I think he’s more abhorrent than John Terry and Rio Ferdinand combined.

A. Usmanov

We…buy back adebayor now?
yes? no? maybe so?

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck that no


good bit of business strengthening the team that finished directly above you while weakening your own…right


It has been proven over time that not all good players in an arsenal shirt are good with other teams. “Hleb” for a start. He might strengthen them on paper, but not necessarily on the pitch.


We can only hope that they never have to pay us the add- ons


AW : “We have already invested the money, because we bought three players, Santi Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud”



Does he realise that the club he now plays for have the same fans that called him a Rapist and Wenger a paedophile? Such a bunch of classless prices.

This whole situation is sickening.


That would be pricks. A bunch of pricks.


last time we played a season without RvP, we went unbeaten…


Glad that’s over! I was just thinking about a scenario that literally put the biggest smile ever on my face. Imagine if you will that Arsenal win the title this year and Manure finish out of the top 4! Go ahead…. smile 🙂 On a side note: The Daily Star has a story running about all the death threats Bouchra Van Persie has received on twitter. For fucks sake people! His wife is more of a Gooner than he ever was. She loves Arsenal and wanted him to stay. Going after the man’s wife for him leaving is just out… Read more »


That’s disgusting, threating a former players wife is not the Arsenal way.

damien joyce

As a wise man once sung:
I don’t actually know if he’s that wise but he is rather funny, all stand for…….
Mr Kevin Bloody Wilson

our old no ten has gone, long live the new no.10 Jack Wilshere!!!


Seeing the photo of Fergie and RVP together smiling makes me throw up a bit in my mouth. It’s like seeing your missus that you broke up with yesterday with your worse enemy. And just to rub it in he says something along the lines of l “I can’t wait to start winning trophies with this club”. Fuck you Van Persie and fuck your new manager too. Players like you come and go but we as the fans know what being a proper gooner is all about so I say to you…. GO TO HELL YOU 1 SEASON WONDER TRAITOR… Read more »


The most hideous picture ever taken. RVP looks like the devil. Not a red devil, a straight up devil.

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Sold for a song or going for a Song. WTF we are the Arsenal and we are the best
We are the Arsenal so F*** all the rest!


Man Utd made £70M from their recent floatation on the US stock exchange (the Glazers pocketed the other £70M). They’ve just gone and spent £64M of that on van Persie (£24M fee and £40M wages). They are sooooooo going to go bust.

Young Gunner

How could we have been duped by this phony? He couldn’t even thank the club or even Arsene for turning him into the player he is today! Thanks for enduring all my time on the treatment table would have been nice! I hope he gets Frimponged!

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