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Ferguson frustrated by Wenger tactics

While Robin van Persie does star jumps, lunges, push-ups, press-ups, sit ups, light jogs, fast jogs, sprints and all manner of other painful exercises while Steve Bould cracks the whip (hopefully literally) in Germany, his future continues to make headlines back home.

Having admitted a couple of weeks ago that United had lodged a bid with Arsenal for the Dutchman it was only a matter of time before Sir Alex Ferguson again spoke on the matter.

Quizzed after his side’s pre-season friendly with Barcelona, the Scot blathered on about the fact that the Gunners had yet to send Van Persie to Old Trafford with a fucking bow in his hair.

“We’ve made a bid, they [Arsenal] have been trying to negotiate with other clubs,” he confirmed.

“I don’t have a gut feeling about it. We can’t get a breakthrough with Arsenal.

“I don’t know what Arsenal’s thoughts are because they’re not giving anything away.

“It’s difficult to say why they’re operating this way. I can’t give you any more information. We just have to persevere.

“We are trying our best and hopefully it will come our way but there’s no progress at this moment in time.”

For what it’s worth I’m sure Ferguson is genuinely a bit peeved at the fact Arsene is taking his time; having lost out on Nasri and Lucas Moura he’s fully aware that money, not ambition, talks and that a big offer from City could easily see him gazumped again.

That being said there’s nothing wrong with Arsenal taking things slowly. Not only are United one of our most bitter rivals, they’re also (and the facts speak for themselves) less likely to offer the most lucrative deal.

Of course, somewhere in the media some bell will start fawning over the whisky-soaked Scot claiming this is all ‘mind games’. Meh.

Ferguson may well be playing his cards close to his chest, but at this moment in time it doesn’t matter because Arsene is indulging in a game of chess.

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‘It’s difficult to say why they’re operating this way.’ I don’t know. Maybe they’ve suffered severe blinding from the light of your Rudolph nose.


I hope that red nose will remain piss with AW throughout the season…it means we’re competing and they’re worrying…i miss those days


By way of supporting our GREAT club, THE Arsenal. I think that we should come up with Anti-Darren Dein and Anti Usmanov chants at matches – why not? They are both CUNTS who are trying to destabalise the club and divide the opinions of the fans. The PR statements, open letters etc clearly show this. What better way of getting our message across other than 60,000 passionate fans screaming at them both to fuck off! This could also help develop a siege mentality in the squad and unite the fans again. We can bitch about them in Blogs etc which… Read more »


I heard his nose is like that because Satan shot a load of his black molten jizz onto it, melting it as red as Satans own testicles from that day on. No wonder he’s such a cunt.


Payback for Silvestre?


Major payback for Silvestre


sell him squillaci.


At last! Comedian has said something that genuinly made me laugh! Cheers. 🙂


I think some media outlets have exaggerated the matter and Man United are not close to signing RvP. Red Nose wouldn’t come public with this nonsense knowing it could be the ‘heads up’ Man $ity needed to gazump the deal. Or maybe Red Nose is NOT that interested in Robin, and he’s playing his old mind games. Or maybe he’s trying to sign someone else and he’s using the RvP codename to hide his actual interests off the radar of the riches of ChelParis City. Or maybe he’s wants to sign the 29-year old bloke, but the Glazers are not… Read more »


“It’s difficult to say why they’re operating this
way”. Really? Difficult? So if Arsenal were to make an offer for your captain + Rooney (yes I wouldn’t take him either, just making a point) it wouldn’t be difficult?

What the freak is this? Some kind of firesale of Arsenal?


Think we’re starting to see a change of guard at the top. It’s plain to see there’s a dire situation regarding united’s finances so they can’t offer the money they used so their tryna play us at our own game. Think again you red faced alcoholic scot, we invented hardball. Personally think RVP will stay but hey that’s my opinion on the matter


LOL He probably made a 10 million bid for
RVP and when someone else out bids him he will say “IM AMAZED AT THIS GAME, IT’S GONE BONKERS”
Sick Ferguson.


United have always offered less money than others when going for players. when keane signed, he turned down a bigger offer from blackburn. aka 90s chelsea.

Midfield Corporal

I’ve just had a flashback to the mid 90’s when Keane went to Utd. Although we were mediocre football seemed more enjoyable, Christ I got excited when we signed Eddie McGoldrick.

Mr. G

Wenger’s taking his time because he’s discussing with Frimpong the best time for Frimpong to Frimpong RVP before he leaves.


love it


Heh, there’s a video on YouTube of Frimpong doing an interview with Sky Sports and when they asked him what he thought of the RVP situtation, he said that if RVP decides to leave, he’ll personally go round to his house and “sort him out”.


gotta lova Frimpong. already a legend without even playing!


errrr where exactly is that…cant find it anywhere? i think your telling porkies


Okay ferguson are you fucking kidding me?
Just leave us old man, just fucking leave.
If you ain’t got the dough you can just FUCK off.

Persie out, arsenal lives

When a player is linked to manu: Either of this.happens.
1. Fergie makes no offer at all and starts hammering the media.

2. Fergie offers a demeaning bid, which consist of 2 parts: £15 mill or less for world class player, or15 mill or above for a retarded English player.

Out rednose, out!

Rob Choler

-RVP Who?


Yep! He has had quite ample time to comment on Wengers new signings and the clubs obvious desire to challenge for silverware. He could say that on reflection, his web page post was ill- judged. So far, he has said fuck all!
I second your post: RVP fucking who?


Ricky vanwolfs penis. I think he plays for sporting. That’s who all the fuss is about right?


It’s a disease that deprives you of your manhood.


I really hope he stays with us even without making it a long term extension. As a minimum keep him til January until our new stars jel with the rest of the team and become a force. Hopefully by then we would be in a great standing and he would stay longer. I CANNOT ENVISION RVP PLAYING WITH UNITED AGAINST US!!! WENGER: WE WANT TO BELIEVE IN YOU THAT YOU WILL NEVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!!!


Just retire oldman before rooney starts helping you to and from the stadium.

Merlin's Panini

and fucking your old missus.


actually rooney looks a bit like a old lady in the face

never thought about that before


Been a little while since I’ve had a good reason to restock on Fergie hatred. The arrogant, hypocritical bastard. In the same interview he bemoaned £35m being spent on Lucas Moura. Who spent £25m on Rooney (which is about the same amount once adjusted to football inflation.

Please don’t sell to the turnip Gazidis. Whatever you do. Sell him to Anzhi or something.


Ferguson “i dont know what arsenal are playing at, how could they possibly want 25million pounds for a 28-29 year old striker? who do they think he is? Dimitar Berbatov or something?!! THE GAMES GONE MAD!!!”


Hopefully, he trashed the bid with even a reply stating that it was rejected.


Red nose has suddenly become very vocal re transfer targets, I wonder why.
Also comparing United’s squad to ours I can’t for the life of me see why van Persie imagines they are better than us. Maybe I’m missing something.

Tony Adams morning breath

19 points last year? Or 7 years in a row of those cunts finishing above us in the PL? In those 7 years them collecting 100 points more than us?


Who wants to move to Manchester from london……….?

And was this rednose dimwit really knighted?


Becks did, and then went to even worse place… and then even worse… now he wants back to the East End just to become a local pearly king.


He doesn’t. They are paying a shed load more. Simple.


Arsenal are taking a while because they are waiting for others to come in with a bid. City hasn’t made a single buy in the market yet, they will later and that’s what the club is waiting for. I am hoping Wenger is quietly chuckling to himself while Red Nose struggles.


rvp can go but Arsenal cannot sell him to other club in EPL


Cough Up or Cock Off.

That is all.

Master Bates

NO!!! just cock off , they are our rivals for fuck sake ,it will harm us a lot.

RvP should just be sold to I don’t know PSG or shenghai shensua or some other stupid club bending over to sheikhs


Because they’re all just lining up, right? *facepalm*

Arsene's bottle of water

If Juve are really out of the race, I reckon selling him to City would be better than United.
We’re likely to get more money from them, and in the end, teams can only field 11 players anyway. They are already pretty strong. He would make a bigger impact at Old Trafford IMO.
Also, selling to United instead means we would be spreading our best players evenly to our main rivals.
Then next thing we know, Chelski comes next year to buy another of our best players? F*ck that.


I’m up for him going to utd.

If he gets injured they’d be screwed.
We are more likely to finish above them
Frimpong can only do 1 red card offense per game.


Have a feeling I’ll get quite a few thunbs down for this, but I think Wenger should say give us £12-15 million + Welbeck and it’s a deal. I think he’s a really talented player. Not to “replace” RvP as such, but to add another great option in the attacking areas. Walcott, Ox, Giroud, Podolski, Gervinho, Welbeck, and we can add Cazorla in there as well. That’s real quality.


I’d take it, as Welbeck certainly has quite a future and he isn’t completely despicable like literally everyone else on that team, but that’s definitely wishful thinking. First youth product to come out of United in a while

I’m ok with an ‘8 million to sell to horrible cunts’ charge added on


I think I just threw up in my mouth…

Good Omens

If you threw up in Fergusons I’d definately doff my hat.


Wellbeck? Are you for real mate… Okay player but would offer nothing to us. Id take Nani tho.

I dont see how he could look at utd squad and it would fill him with confidence. With the signings weve made we just need a few players to commit and we could mount a challenge again.

Up the Gooners!!!


Nani?……the synchronised swimmer? Who didn’t qualify for the olympics?.


i guess welbeck is out of contract next summer. shame they have just one world class player left in their squad. but we wont here those from the commentators do we?
fuck manu.


Haha bale was to be his partner and together they would be the joint synchronised swimming champions. Too bad bale faked his injury.


More like £20m + Rooney&Welbeck otherwise the old coffin dodger can fuck off

Fergie the Gooner

I’d find it easier to understand RvP moving to City with all of the money on offer, but instead I’m finding this whole situation very confusing. Juventus are in an inferior league and United weren’t exactly stuffing their trophy cabinet full of silverware last season and when you add that they have an average squad without any significant additions excluding Kagawa I can’t understand why he’d go there either. Is his relationship with Arsenal really that bad?

I’m pretty amused at how massive a fail the ‘you guys’ statement is proving to be though!

Master Bates

it’s almost as if he hates us , what did they do to him ?


Backed him and stood ny him through all his injury woes. Wenger must be sick as a parrot.

Ca$hley Cole

Although I have long accepted and gotten over the fact that RVP is on his way out, the thought of him playing for United really makes me sick. For some reason going to City would almost be acceptable at this point, because at least it would confirm his cunt money-grubbing status amongst the likes of Nasri and co.

Here’s to hoping Juve come back in with a killer bid. Losing Robin is one thing, losing him to united who are always a direct competitor for a title run without our help, is a whole other.

Robin van Persie

You guys, I just wanted to tell you guys that I’m still at training. Tried to nutmeg Santos but he clobbered me to the ground, the bastard. I also clubbed a few baby seals because I didn’t agree with the direction they were going in.

I had to tell you guys this because I feel you deserve to know, you guys.


I bet you dangle food right out of the reach of adorable puppies on your down time too

Merlin's Panini

he does it on the other side of busy motorways.


Step away from santos mr. robin van persie.
Step away from that arsenal man.


hahaha I hope you drive down the wrong side of the motorway because you don’t agree with the direction of the traffic!


RVP said it wasn’t about the money. How hollow does that statement look now while he awaits Rooney type money? For me RVP is the past, he had one good season like Senderos and now he can piss off.


Doesn’t matter where he goes you will say it’s for money. Fact is, when any world class player leaves for a new club they’re going to get a pay rise. So stop being thick.

Dr Baptiste

But he was offered a 30k payrise with us (to make him one of the highest paid players in our history) and he wants a 90k after tax payrise somewhere else.

Remember, any payrise is weekly. So rather than earning an extra 1.56m a week with us (totalling 6.76m over the year BEFORE tax), he wants an extra 4.68m somewhere else (9.88m over the year AFTER tax).

So please do tell me how the move isn’t for money.


If RVP goes to Man Utd it proves he’s not moving for money – so Arseblog has been getting that all wrong.

What makes me laugh is that people think with all these new signings is going to help us compete, when the defence let in a shitload of goals last season. You’re all ignorant fools. A dodgy defence wins nothing – ever!


that’s the spirit!

Dr Baptiste

I thought you’d left for le grove or joined the shitty fans after last season but no, you’re back. Still talking shit and being very blinkered in your own assumptions.

As the numerous news stories have said (and with the amount there are, they can’t all be wrong) RvP wants at least 190k which is Rooney type money. If it wasn’t about money, 130k that we were offering would be enough at any club, even at Man U who aren’t going to win anything this season.


1.If Rvp moves to united it will earn him rooney type money so your arguement is um?….bollocks.
2. Our defense is only gonna get better (bould). Two good and established first choices and more than quality back ups. (which not many teams can boast of)
3. Fuck off?……yeah that.


Couldn’t have put it better myself!


Are you fucking fergie in disguise?

Fergie the Gooner

What, you mean like when his wife makes him wear a paper bag in bed?


we have a decent defenders but for large parts of the season we played with makeshift fullbacks….think the club has learnt its lesson on fielding djourou and vermaelen as fullbacks…it might seem like we need a right back as jenkinson is an inexperienced backup but no good right back will want to come to arsenal and play back up right back as sagna is one of the best….so i guess we have to use utility players who are good at playin that position (ie coquelin) and be happy and not complain all the time

Dr Baptiste

The only way inexperienced defenders gain experience is through playing. Jenkinson is a very good deputy to Sagna and he’ll learn a lot from him. He got injured at just the wrong time so that robbed him of playing time as Sagna had also just been injured. RB – Sagna (#1) & Jenkinson (deputy) with Coquelin as a makeshift if needed LB – Gibbs & Santos (battling with each other so we always have the most in form there) with Vermaelen as a makeshift if needed They don’t sound like bad choices to be honest (not many teams have better)… Read more »


There’s only one answer to that:
Two words involving sex and travel.

TGSTEL's amazing First Touch

Move over John Terry, Shawcross, Cashley, Busquets and Mourinhou.
Bacon Face is for me THE BIGGEST CUNT in world football.
Cheating/diving/ref bullying/fergie time/press bullying. He really is the biggest cunt of them all.

He’s football’s Rupert Murdoch.


nothing makes me laugh more than when he bitches about a team getting an extra minute and it changing the game. he is the single most hypocritical person I have ever seen

TGSTEL's amazing First Touch

He said that City won the title because they played “more added time than us (MU), and I think this should be looked at (presumably by the FA)”

Can you believe this cunt? Biggest cunt of them all.

Unless you’re referring to me as this ‘bacon face’ I’m disappointed. What use would I be if, after all this shit-stirring, Arsenal fans still didn’t consider me a big enough cunt-bucket?

That does not spell ambition, no sir. I demand you move me up in this list immediately.

Naija Gunner

This is like a horror film, with a rather sad/happy ending.

I truly don’t want him to go, not to man u anyway, but I don’t want him to distract the team’s attentions with his greedy and spiteful desire too. Even after some good buys, he is still not convinced?!

It’s better we do the transfer real quick and get on with our ‘now ambitious’ life at the emirates.


As my hatred for Man U came boiling back with a vengeance last night, a thought occurred to me- Could RvP and his cunty agents be flirting with an old enemy so their dream move to City seems like the lesser of two evils?

Much in the same way Rooney flirted with City to force Manchester “our money isn’t from oil so it’s not the same when we spank £250k a week on a ginger shrek-looking cunt” United into paying him what he wanted?

Glen Jones

That’s a very diplomatic statement from you AMDA….

I’ll be diplomatic back….you’re an utter cunt!


Football365 summed it up perfectly this morning:

“Honestly, we just can’t understand why Arsenal won’t just roll over and do what Fergie tells them. Why won’t they just be nice and sell their captain and best player to a rival team for a knockdown price? “We’re not getting any breakthrough with Arsenal,” said Sir about Robin van Persie. “It’s difficult to say why they’re operating this way.” Hmmm. What a puzzle. “

Lifetime Gooner

Any player who dont respect the club and wants to leave should be shown the door straight out. He should have not been taken to Germany.
I dont buy this crap no more about the ‘I love you guys’, ‘i respect you guys’ and ‘once a gooner always a gooner’. If so then you would have just signed the damn contract.
Fuck off to Manchester, just another Nasri in disguise!


Nasri wasn’t THIS bad. He’s been horrible post departure, but he wasn’t pretending to love the club before leaving, and didn’t force a move at a ridiculously low price. Van Persie was pretentious, claimed to love the club, spent 6 1/2 years on the treatment table, was captain, slagged off the club in his “Statement”, has forced down his price and is clearly trying to force a move. To UNITED!

the only sam is nelson

couple of thoughts – rooney accused utd of lacking ambition/wrong direction right up to the moment he got a £250K a week contract. anyone thinking the glazerhawks move (if it happens) is about trophies not cash is deluding themselves – look at the glazerhawks. they need a replacement for ferdinand/vidic in defence given those players injury records and their midfield, striking as it is with young tryos giggs and scholes, could probably do with at least 2 or 3 top quality signings. if they spunk their load on RvP they get a 29 yr old with an injury record that… Read more »

TGSTEL's amazing First Touch

On the other hand, they would get a world class striker that will improve their points tally and let’s not forget -their goal difference.

Red nose (and you just need to scroll up to read my opinion of him) already works wonders with Fletcher and Ashley Dive; Imagine what he could do by adding Kagawa and RvP.


The major point to consider is that, going through Fergie’s statement, Manchester United expect to get Robin on the cheap – thus not causing any major blow to their transfer budget.

I am still shocked with rumours of 9/10 mil quid for Robin. They should be taken by Arsenal as they are – pathetic.

10 Mil is what a squad player goes for these days. Keeping Robin is, either way, the most balanced and thoughtful outcome that Arsenal can drive out of this.


What do we know so far? 1. Robin’s a bit grumpy about ambition, not wining trophies, losing our best players every summer transfer window, the new home kit, just a year away from his 30th birthday … OK, let’s just stick with grumpy. 2. Said RvP hasn’t put in a transfer request. He just says he’s not going to sign a new contract. 3. Ferguson has tweeted an offer to AFC to which the response was ‘LOL’. 4. Mancini doesn’t know if his club has tweeted an offer to AFC and has got fed up waiting. 5. Juventus haven’t tweeted… Read more »


Great post. Giroud is alarmingly handsome. That man must have been chiseled from marble.


“8. RvP’s hair is going alarmingly grey…….”

By Jove, I do believe you’ve got it!
When Uniturd are offering to put RvP on a par with Rooney it’s actually not about the money, they’ve offered to move his pubes onto his head.


Brilliant. You should definitely do writing.

Cygan's Anal Beads

I’m mad paranoid about this season. Everyone seems so cool about Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski. I think this could be a season when everyone suddenly realises that splashing cash doesn’t get you want you want. Everyone is just happy there have been some new signings. The fact is we were pretty horrid last year, and Van Persie SAVED OUR FUCKING asses. I too would be vexed if I was playing amid such a mess and dragging the team forward, often to see my goals cancelled out by a bad defense. Next season if and when VP goes, you are removing… Read more »

I played jenga with Mohammed Ali and won

I know this has been brought up before, but how disappointed must David Dein be in his cuntish offspring Darren. This guy has been involved in most of our recent shit-storms (Henry, Fab, Adebayor, Nasri, Clichy), and is now agent to our only three players who are reportedly unsettled (RVP, Song, Theo). Whether Song & Theo are actually unsettled or whether they are victims of believable stories from the rags as a consequence of their involvement with Dein is a bit chicken-and-egg (or cunt and cunt-spawn), but ultimately points to cuntishness. I could be wrong, but think he has never… Read more »

I played Buckaroo with Bob Hoskins and won

Your user name is *incredibly* cruel

Just sayin’

Glory Hunter

You need to amend that username mate, it would be funnier if you said Mohammed Ali won!

I played Operation with Michael J Fox and won

Yep very cruel.



Why? R-kelly…..why?


If R Kelly got you pregnant, then you can’t be any older than 15…

And are you sure it was R Kelly? and not some random guy that looks EXACTLY like him. Apparently there’s one of those walking around with video camera…


RVP should make an ‘I’m sorry I was such a silly cunt… I was so wrong… Arsenal are the best… I am sooo sorry’ statement or just fuck off. I don’t care where he goes as long as they pay us. I will end up hating him whichever club it is. Give no. 10 to Podolski and get him to wrestle with him like he did with Squillaci. It will be more fun if he moves the manure or citeh anyway, so we can see his silly grey head in his hands when we beat them this season.


sell to city
sell to city
sell to city

not to united or chelsea…city last choice in the epl

if not…let him stay and go for free….it will be a massive dent but we need to teach greedy selfish players and teams and thick managers of this world ARSENAL aint no pushover

Naija Gunner

Have you guys realised that Kos is a LEGEND?

As soon as he signed a new long term contract the press stop printing rumours of ‘barcar, naming him as their no. 1 target signing for this season?

Why can’t this p£r$i€ of a cunt(now I think I can call him that) emulate Kos and apologise for his money loot ambitions?

We will all forgive him and allow him to win trophies with us for as long as forever, coz we’ll win cups with or without him from this season on.


We should remove him from training immediately with no explanation. Then negotiate his sale several days later, with one condition: He is forbidden to have any kind of medical. See how much they want him then.

the only sam is nelson

Throw in a bottle of Buckfast and Fergie’ll pay an extra £5m


If we were to really push the boat out and chuck in a bottle of Thunderbird and a six-pack of Tennants Super as well, do you think they’d stretch to 15?


I really don’t give a rat’s anus about Robin Van ‘show me the money’ Per$ie but a sale to Juve or PSG would be better than selling to that raindeer nosed manager. In case it boils down to Utd, all we need to say is cough up or cock off.

Igor Stepanovs

fuck off fergie!

the only sam is nelson

Ferguson paid £30m for Berbatov when he was what, 28? and had scored about 15 goals for the Spuds?

That makes RvP worth about eleventy gazillion quid!


If we are to sell to an english club then its in our interests to wait until the very last minute as at least then the other team will have to play a few games without him.

i’d even be tempted to throw him in the reserves until January, we will get less money but at least the english club has lost his services for half the season.


“I don’t know what Arsenal’s thoughts are because they’re not giving anything away. “It’s difficult to say why they’re operating this way. I can’t give you any more information. We just have to persevere. Seriously……What a fucking cunt! What are we supposed to do, take a full page out in the daily mail detailing what we’re thinking? Jump up and give RVP away to one of our most bitter rivals for peanuts? Your 12.5 offer for RVP was insulting to both Arsenal and RVP. Negotiations are a game of poker you twat. Someone needs to clue old bacon face in… Read more »


He’s mad because he can’t use the ”He has *insert club name* DNA” discount.

Anyway they can both fuck off, the scottish and the oranje.


” Ferguson frustrated by Wenger tactics”
wish we could say that more often!


Hate the thought of rvp in manure shirt, makes me feel sick. Has a bit of sympathy for him at the beginning of all this shit but if the cunt joins them then he deserves all the abuse he will get. Rather he went to city in a way than these mugs. I don’t think he would have strengthened city to much with the talent they have but he will make a huge difference to manure and they could win the title if he keeps fit. Don’t boo at games never have but I respect other peoples right to do… Read more »


Well instead of selling RVp to any other pl clubs so to make some profit out of it i would say again keep him and we get a chance to win the bloody trophies.
and you know what comes with the trophies huge winnings which would be better than 20 or 25 million we will be getting from his sale.
so dont sell him to the pl clubs Wenger because we will all fucking hate that.


Apparently, Arsenal replied Man United’s fax with this one:

Merlin's Panini

Fuck off Fergie. Fuck off and take your stupid red nose with you. Your club was born from the sperm of Satan and the vag of Janet Street Porter. That’s why we won’t sell to you.

Donjo Mac

This one is really tough to get one’s head around. I had harboured hopes that for RVP this year read Rooney last year – ie make some noise and then make your peace with a fatter/longer contract. But think we all know that’s not happening. The real shame is that he just seems to want to leave Arsenal and actually doesn’t care to where. But the issue is do we sell to Utd? On the one hand what does it say about the club and, moreso, from the club to us its fans. That we are prepared to sell our… Read more »




@ AMDA, Your consistency at being an utter scummy cunt in all your posts is amazing.

Steve Bould's bald patch

Resigned to the fact RVP is gone, clearly for more money. Just get £20 mil and lets move on. My Team next year Wojech Sagna Kos Verm Song Cazorla Wilshere Ox Gerv Podolski Giroud I know Wenger will still play 4-5-1 and people will say playing 3 at the back is stupid as we have a weak defence but i would play Song in a disciplined DM role and instruct him to never get ahead of play and plug any gaps. Lets face it when we play a back 4 half the time we have both full backs bombing on,… Read more »


For STEVE BOULD’S BALD PATCH?. You got that all wrong. Never play 3 at the back!. So you mean you don’t want cool santos to grace my screen that often?.
Either 4_3_3 with our usual front attackers (this formation will majorly rely on our speed (santi, gervi/poldi, ox/walcott)) or

4_5_1 with a dependable striker who can bang in the goals- left, right and centre. (giroud). (This type of formation mainly calls for great crossers of the ball to find the target man)


Playing 3 at the back is stupid

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