Gunners confirm further coaching appointments


Arsenal have confirmed that Pat Holland and Kwame Ampadu have joined the coaching staff at the club’s Academy.

The appointment of the duo comes (relatively) swiftly on the heels of Steve Bould’s promotion from youth team duties to assistant manager and Neil Banford’s replacement by Terry Burton as coach of the Reserves.

Holland will be in charge of the under-18 side at Hale End, while Ampadu, who spent three years on the books at Highbury as a player between 1988-91, joins him as the Gunners’ new youth development coach.

Furthermore, the club have also confirmed Steve Gatting’s promotion from academy trainer to assistant professional development coach.

In addition to congratulating the trio on their respective appointments, the statement on reveals:

“Kwame and Steve’s new development roles represent a restructuring of the Arsenal academy in line with reforms laid out in the Premier League’s Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) – which allows for a greater number of contact hours with young players to help foster their football and academic learning.”

Arseblog News wishes Pat, Kwame and Steve all the best in unearthing the next generation of Jack Wilsheres…

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“and Neil Banford’s replacement by Terry Burton as coach of the Reserves.”

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Heard somewhere that Ljungberg’s coming as coach, as well.