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Mourinho not fussed at Sahin destination

Jose Mourinho has played down any suggestion that his personal issues with Arsene Wenger are responsible in the delay in Arsenal’s attempts to sign Nuri Sahin on loan.

While the sticking point appears to be a sell on clause, or the lack of a sell on clause, or the price of the sell on clause, many have opined that Mourinho’s emnity with Wenger has been a factor.

However, the Real Madrid boss says he’s not really that fussed which club Sahin ends up at, and is confident a spell in England will see him return to the Bernebeu a better player.

“I couldn’t care less if he goes to Arsenal, or Liverpool or Tottenham. I have no preference. It can teach him particular characteristics of play that he doesn’t have at the moment,” he said.

Of course if there’s an agreement that Arsenal can purchase the player for a fixed price at the end of the loan then he might not return there at all, but until it’s done we won’t know what kind of clauses are present.

Meanwhile, former Gunner Eduardo believes that selling Robin van Persie and Alex Song was a ‘mistake’, but has backed Arsenal to have a good season. Speaking to the BBC he said, “Van Persie and Song were the key players last season. They held the team. When you lose two players like that, your chance of finishing in the top four is less.

“But Arsenal still have a good team and I’m confident they will do well. Last year when they lost Nasri and Fabregas, everyone thought they would not finish in the top four but they did.

“When the season finishes, we’ll see if it was a mistake or not. It’s very sad to lose two big players like that but we must respect the new players and believe they can keep Arsenal at the top.”

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Oh Eddie… What could have been… I’d swap him for Chamakh and/or Park in a heartbeat.

Dumbledore's Sleeve

“But he would like to return to the Premier League at some point and feels Arsenal are currently in need of a player with his attributes. “It would be nice if they wanted me to join again, but it’s not the kind of thing I’m thinking about,” added Eduardo, scorer of 22 goals in 67 games of an Arsenal career hampered by a broken leg. “If I played for Arsenal now I could score some important goals from nothing – in games like Sunderland, when it’s 0-0 and you score the only goal. My studying of the game is like… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

last season we lost our 2 best players and improved our league position by one

all we need to do is replicate that and we’re 2nd, which is as close to winning the fucking thing as makes no difference, so we’re in with a great chance

and if we come runners up this year, we know all we have to do is sell our best 2 players next summer and we’ll win the league next season




well, we are losing our best player and a middle ranking player each year

i wouldnt rank song and nasri as our best players

unless of course you meant clichy 🙂

big black clock

Can we just sell 4 this year and take a short cut to takethe league?


Mourinho…… he’s finally talking to the press?. Could only mean he wants sahin to leave that badly?. That’s your cue Arsene, GET HIM!.

Thomas B

I like your logic. I say we should loose 4 of our best players and improve our league position by two.

Thomas B

Okay, I need to start reading all the replies before commenting.


From the outside you can see what Eduardo’s saying but I think if he knew the finer details he wouldn’t be saying things like that, RVP wanted out & Song was just a lazy prick with a shit mentality.
As for Mourinho, I’m not having none of that. He obviously knew Rodgers from their Chelsea days & he constantly goaded Wenger about playing pretty football yet not winning anything. You jest


i dont take those eduardo quotes too seriously, you know the way that reporters ask leading questions and then report the answers selectively

also with english as, at least, his 3rd language quoting him saying “It’s a big mistake to sell them” could have a wider range of meaning.
obviously we lost a great player and an ever present very good player

reporters are a bunch of shit stirrers

Sol Goodman

Well if Mourinho wants him back at the end of the season, i’m sure he would prefer that he go to a team that will be playing in the champions league.
As much as he and Arsene don’t get along, he know’s that Arsene is one of the best managers in the world and that Arsenal would be a much better club for Sahin, than Liverpool or spuds. He is just too greasy to admit it.


I wouldn’t be against throwing a cheeky bid to Chelsea to bring back yossi. He hasn’t gone anywhere yet, and maybe we won’t see Santos in the jail cell if his mate comes back….. Hope this Sahin deal goes through though….it’s becoming way to dragged out for a loan deal.


Mourinho’s a twat. Just Sahin…

I’ll get my coat.


Look, the jokes still work… I just want to make sure we’re chanting the right name. As you were.


yeah, couldnt care less what mourinho thinks or wants… or is. actually wouldnt even give a rats ass.

Nuri’s a good chap and he just knows he wants us!! and thats that


Just want this damn sahin deal announced. it has smatterings of mata written all over it. i have heard that the deal is now being lined up as a permanent one rather than a loan but maureen is waiting for modric deal to be signed off. also if the sahin deal is permanent mvila deal is off


I have not seen either player in action but it does seem as if M’Villa is being over-hyped. Sahin was picked player of the year in the Bundes League and is playing for Real Madrid. On paper he seems as the more proven player out of the two. Only question is how we will fit all these attacking midfielders on the pitch? Maybe appointing Arteta as vice-captain means he is going to anchor that deeper “DM” role out of the three midfielders. And I do wonder if Wenger has any faith Ramsey will become a top player for us in… Read more »


From what I’ve seen, Sahin isn’t really an attacking midfielder, and prefers to operate further back. I think he and Arteta are going to make a killer pair behind Cazorla.


Arteta has to play that Pirlo/Carrick role for us. He already provides the most cover and security in midfield, more than Song ever did. He is disciplined, can pick a pass and is unselfish. When he was out last season we had no order at all. For me Arteta is name number one on the team sheet and its about him and one of Diaby, Wilshire or Sahin (if we get him) and Cazorla in front of them. Obviously Jack or Rosicky can fill in for Sahin should he be injured or playing wide. Ramsey should be sold in my… Read more »


Yes, Sahin played with a runner beside him, Sven Bender, and Kagawa in front and then the striker. He’s sort of a Xabi Alonso-type, he likes to spray the ball with precise long balls.

Midfield Corporal

I’ve never seen Sahin play, but a german journalist who has watched him alot said he plays attacking mid or wide? The only thing everyone seems to agree on is his fantastic range of passing.


From what iv seen of him emob is bang on the money, remember hearing during his last season at dortmund that he totally outplayed shweinsteiger in the 2 matches against bayern, controls the tempo of a game with his passing range but isnt scared to get stuck in either, him arteta with cazorla in front of them could quite easily be one of the most well balanced midfield in the league


I did say on here last week that Song seems a bit cunty.

Now we know he is.


I don’t understand this whole clause thing. When a club wants to buy X player from another club they negotiate over it anyway. So even if Arsenal didn’t have a clause written in contract they could still bid for Sahin and try to buy him. Why is that even an issue?

Can someone elaborate and explain?


If he has a stormer of a season for us and his price next summer goes out of our range (yet he’s still wanted by richer clubs AND the one he’s already contracted to), not inserting a clause would look stupid.


There are two major issues in my view: One, Mourinho wants Sahin back if he’s back in form after the loan. Two, his current price tag is too high; he signed a six-year contract with Madrid and has five to go, so I doubt the Arsenal have the money to completely sign him this year.


actually, he did not say it was a mistake, only that we’ll see at the end of the season if it was a mistake or not

Merlin's Panini

This would suggest otherwise:

“It’s a big mistake to sell them – they were the most important players last season,” Eduardo, 29, told BBC Sport.

But he did finish off saying “When the season finishes, we’ll see if it was a mistake or not.” So he just saved himself from being added to the cunt book.

Dumbledore's Sleeve

Eduardo in the ‘cunt book’?

How very dare you.


Eddy’s never ending up in the cunt book

Merlin's Panini

He isn’t in it I just said he saved himself from being in it. Because he is a man of high class and would never stoop so low as to take pot shots.


Jesus, Arsenal really do have the land’s most flakiest fans. There’s only two ways a player can leave this club: As worthless deadwood shot from a cannon, or a traitorous Judas… shot from a cannon.

Are you really going to start down this shit with Eduardo because he made the startling revelation that perhaps it would have been better if the club had managed to keep last season’s two most effective players?

glory hunter

Too late Merlin, the damages been done!

Midfield Corporal

ThereisBearCum, I think Henry, Pires, Ljunberg, parlour, Clichy and Toure to name a few would disagree that you get pigeon holed into one of the two categories when you leave, it’s more the manner and circumstances in which you leave. If you show the club/manager/fans no respect or gratitude it pisses people off. That said I think you do have a point, i think there is a growing element of fans getting too precious about any comment they deem negative or critical by ex players. Anyway, I’ve been on Amazon Merlin, I can’t find this ‘Cunt book’ you speak of… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

I love Eduardo and wish he had never left Arsenal. He was and still is a damn sight better than Chamakh, Bendtner and Park.
If you had read my comments in the past you might have realised that I was exagerrating. Sorry to all for any offense caused.

The Cunt book is available in all Sp*rs club stores. I believe it is also known as “Tottenham Hotspur Calendar 2012/13” or something like that.

Midfield Corporal

Of course, not to be mistaken with Ashley Cole -my defense.

gunn cabinet

mourinho is indeed the ONLY one. the only one who thinks he is ONLY one on this earth.


I posted in the blog article about Navas that Sahin was photographed in training today (pictures dated with todays date) with Real Madrid of their match against Barcelona tomorrow.

The pics & details about the squad members included in the training session can be seen on Real Madrid’s website under the “news articles” section with the training pictures, it’s picture #2 you can clearly see Nuri in training.

Not sure about this… but I’m getting really fucking irritated. Why do our transfer turn into epic poems when everyone else’s are haikus?!?!?!


Somone Sign me please……….even if you are stoke…..


So barcelona haven’t come in for you yet?. Odd, very odd.

Try name change to Alex squillaci, they like ‘alexs’

Runcorn Gooner

Squid-EVEN YOU wouldn’t want to join the Orcs


Eduardo forget it RVP is a traitor!! Song is a Judas!!! Nothing more, nothing less.


Honestly, I would feel sorry for the bloke. Made to rot at RM by a manager that clearly has no respect or concern for him.

why is my name required

Mourinho, watch what your Sahin cuz he’s gunner come to London


I agree or disagree with Knotty B whatever the fuck he’s going on about….

damien joyce

You know, I’m not overly sure if we will get Sahin or not, I haven’t seen much of him recently after his return from injury but I did like what I used to see whilst he was plying trade with Dortmund. When I first realised it was going to be loan with/without option to buy I was vehemently against the idea of loaning such a player without the option to buy because of any disruption it could cause losing such a main player if he was a success. I now wonder does it matter if we make the move permanent… Read more »


Oh dear…you are deluded mate, if you think Hende and Eisfeld will be ready for seniors next year. Why are some of you always need to be carried away ?


i’m quite excited about the under 21’s at the minute too. Eisfeld looking better & better, scored a couple in pre-season with the seniors. Also scored on the first day of the season in the under 21’s on Tuesday. He’s technique is superb – wenger gave him top marks in his interviews post asia tour as well. Henderson was very unlucky not to break the first team last year, another player that got a serious injury, didn’t play all season. He’s come back looking strong. scored 2 goals in the under 21’s on Tuesday, one being a 25yrd free kick.… Read more »


Who in their sane mind would rather sign for a team that is playing EL instead of CL? Who in their sane mind would rather sign for a club that is supported by cunts or a club that is beaten 3-0 by a mid-table team?

If we were Barca, everyone would be shouting how Sahin is held prisoner. But of course our players, manager and supporters are not scums.

The only reason why this deal is going through is because of Mourinho and his mind games. What a blatant lie about him not being biased.


Mind games are myths.




i think you dropped these …


there you go ….


oh, the txt spk message has been deleted it seems …

Midfield Corporal

I thought it was still quite funny though.


When I read your comment, it sounds like someone speaking while chewing a mouthful of toffee.


Gah! The comment’s been deleted! Now it just looks like I’m a crazy person!


we’re both crazy


so is Mourinho

Robbie Kahlow

In the full article about Eduardo, he says we will still be challenging and he thinks he is just the type of player we need. He’d be a great sub and it would be terrific to have him back


SAF may have praised Wenger on his poker skills, but no one can play these mind games like the Special One.


Does anyone realise that Morinho is the manager and wouldn’t actually be doing any negotiating of any deals? He’s not fussed about where Sahin goes because it literally has nothing to do with him.


Mourinho… What a gay.


Mourinho………what a prick!.


sahin u are welcome, m’villa u also welcome, then trophy u are mostly welcome.


t’s not what it was but it is what it is…Arsenal Football Club And my love for that club out weighs any owner, manager, player or fan……my love is for Arsenal 1886, Victoria Concordia Crescit. NEVER forgetting that green patch of grass I saw as a seven year old when reaching the top of the North Bank steps! It’s not the same club but…it is the same club. It’s red and white, it’s the Gunners, it’s the heritage, the class the THE. I won’t let no foreign mercenary upset me…because I love this club…no matter it’s guise it’s like my… Read more »

Hudson Hornet

Beckham also has nearly 100 caps for England. Yes 100 for Germany is impressive but I sure hope our scouting criteria stretches beyond this.

Goals and wins will convince of Podolski, not his caps. And 15 goals against Moldova/Kuwait/UAE etc (yes exeggration, you get the point).

Personally I feel he is a good player, but not at the highest level.


Well poldoski has reached a far higher level than van persie and has done it consistently. plus he is a couple of years younger. when all is said and done the 2 can compare their honours including international caps goals and domestic honours. i bet you podolski will stand tall.


Actually that’s not much of an exaggeration. About 7 of his international goals have been against decent teams, which hints he may be a bit of a flat-track bully.


Sammy speaks the gospel. amen,

Midfield Corporal

You hate your kids???


Why do we love the club? Is it because of the cavalcade of legendary players such as (just from my lifetime) Wright, Adams, Bergkamp, Viera and Henry? Is it because we have a manager who is a scholar and a gentleman, a civilised man amongst cretins? Is it because, for whatever reason, we have a board who refuse to prostitute the club to a rich sugardaddy but try and maintain (at least some) sanity in a game overtaken by greed? Perhaps, but there’s one reason above all else that makes me love the Arsenal; Our mascot is a fucking tyrannosaurus… Read more »

Bob Smith

If Sahin comes in, with an experienced but fairly young team I’d like to see us get back to the pressing game that worked so well for us in 09-10; although it knackered our players out (and confidence crushed at Chelsea), we played some of the best football in Europe for a period. Using 09/10 as example again, we lost big matches being caught on the counter, having committed far too many player s to attacks and failing to score. It is an intestate way to play but the weekend just gone shows how predictable we are when the game… Read more »


I think the we’re in for sahin as a precaution in case Jack doesn’t come good injury wise. He’s not a replacement for song he’s a different player…we’re still in for M’vila wath this space

jude chide

we need to be hard now.Song news is bitter pill to swallow,but market is still open,so hard work and indurance is what we need.

Hudson Hornet

Ofcourse it was a mistake and our team is weaker. Yes we have added but in my opinion we are not even at break even point.

Robin may be a dud at MU, but for us its a blow.

Eduardo is bang on, and I hope Arsene is hunting the big guns, the real artillery required to be Champions.

Another issue is Eduardo is commenting on finishing Top4 not the title. I wonder what his opinion would be on title contendrs.


One for Moody Blues fans:

Wenger: “The question is are you ready to end your nights in White, Sahin?”

NS: “And why should I sign for you and not Liverpool?”

AW: “Cos I love you, yes I love you, oh how I love you…”

Runcorn Gooner

JM. If you gotta go,Go now


Until all these ex-Arsenal players prove their worth as managers, it would be in their own best interests not to pass comment on Arsenal or its manager.


I believe Mourinho may be spinning a line here. He has every incentive to ensure the player does not come to Arsenal. We are a champions league competitor and his ego would not permit a player he has dispensed with and does not rate to become a success in the Premier and Champions Leagues under the guidance of Arsene Wenger.


Except that if the loan did go through, there would be the usual loan clause that prevented the player being used against his parent club. So there’s no football reason why Madrid should be concerned about lending Sahin out.

Now if you’re going to go into psychoanalysis of Mourinho’s mind, well let me remind you that as his therapist, everything he says to you on the couch is strictly confidential!


Feel pretty good about the Sahin transfer, have a feeling there is a hiccup not on the buy-out clause, but the amount arsenal want put in there. Also, it seems a heap of people pulled M’Villa’s name out a hat and I don’t really know why. he sounds like Song mach 2 if the behavior issues are real. I’m more interested in the talk about another defender and whether the dutch striker’s decision to join Everton instead means Arsene wants another good back-up. Oh and I’d love to see Felliani and Falcao sign just to get really dreamy and deluded… Read more »


If we signed Falcao, I’d be convinced I were in some sort of Inception style dreamworld. Might be hazardous for health! Seriously though he is, as Arsene likes to say, Super Quality both with his feet and head 😀


Sahin will be a great even if it is for just one season.M’villa sound’s like the Joey Barton of France.But I’d still rather have him than have no replacement.


Even without sahin we have enough talent in midfield the problem is that we currently have wilshire rosicky frimpong and lansbury on the sidelines. i think sahin is coming to cover those 4 plus diaby who has been out so long.

Dial Square

Would love to see Felliani at Arsenal, just what we need.
On another note – i fear slightly for Diaby this weekend, not sure if he can withstand Knobheads cloggers kicking him all over the park.


Sure he can. He’s just getting warmed up. He’ll be back to gliding past people as if they weren’t there in no time.

And if he doesn’t… we’ll just sell him to Barca.

Dial Square

What the fucks happening with Sahin, yesterday it was a done deal, today no one knows where we are…its killing me…i cant do any work cause i’m spending all day trawling the interweb looking for a morsel of conformation…anything..even listening to talkshite..(which i listen to all the time really)…Adrian Durham = twat..


Shirley ewe mint “confirmation”

Midfield Corporal

Dial square, Aidrian Durham is not a twat…..he’s a cunt.
I stopped listening to Talkshite and I found my stress levels reduced dramatically. I don’t see the point in listening to a station that’s belittles our great club 24hrs a day. It’s just The Sun on the radio.


Olly,Cesc and the Ox did NOT come through the Arsenal academy.Cesc was signed from Barca and went straight into the first team squad and the Ox was signed from Southampton for a hefty fee,and he too immediately joined up with the first team.The only quality player to have been produced by the academy in the past 10 yrs is Wilshere.I think there are some promising players there at the moment,but please lets not be disingenuous and say Eisfeld is a player developed at Hale End .Eisfeld has been trained and nurtured at Dortmund and we are polishing the rough edges.IMO… Read more »

Gunsen Gunner

I’m sorry,i thought the Arsenal academy was responsible for developing young players.Even if Szc or gibbs or coquelin were bought at a young age from other teams you can’t say that the Academy have only a small role in developing them.Do you think Szc would be half the player he is if he was at united or liverpool?


We don’t have to breed the player for it to count as coming from our academy surely?

Scouts find a player, we sign them, put them in the academy where they train for a while and then come out of the academy to play first team. That counts as an academy product


Mourinho is a mega cunt. We can all agree on that.

It’s worth watching Gary Neville’s little segment from the other night on us. He really hits it on the head regarding the crisis talk. Then talks up Cazorla. You have to give Neville credit – he is doing a excellent job as a pundit.


Unlike that complete idiot Robbie Savage who thinks that Santi wouldn’t get into the Swansea team….


And then *poof* the Santos article disappeared… hmmm…

[…] play for Arsenal next season’, yet still the deal has not been completed. Jose Mourinho says he couldn’t care less where Sahin plays next season, suggesting interest from other Premier League clubs, but feels the […]

big black clock

I think this is the first time Blogs deleted an article? Any reason for it Blogs?

sons of pitches

Rumours that Citeh are going to bid £30million for David Luiz, God knows why he can’t defend that well and relies on others to get him out of trouble. Then Ray Wilkins, the man no one wants, recommending that they don’t do that because they would be better off going for Vermaelen because he would be a better fit with Kompany (why didn’t we buy him, £7million, less than Squilacci). Wilkins goes onto say Vermaelen would cost a lot less and he would be easier to get. Nothing to do with protecting Chelsea then Wilkins. The problem here is he… Read more »

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