Saturday, June 15, 2024

Official: Song transfer agreed for €19 million

Barcelona have announced that they have reached an agreement for the transfer of Alex Song for €19 million ( £15 million).

Arsenal have .confirmed this, and all that remains is for the player to pass his medical and sign his contract. He will be unveiled on Monday night at the annual Trofeu Joan Gamper, where Barcelona play Sampdoria.

Song has developed from difficult beginnings into a fine midfielder, and he has been an essential part of the team for the last 3 seasons. While the debate still rages on as to whether he is world class or not, and whether is a defensive midfielder or not, and whether he is lazy/shit/Chinese/made of leather/etc, £15 million is a terrfic piece of business on a player that was signed for around £1 million in 2005.

He’s had his fair share of good and bad moments, but generally given us good service, and it’s very amicable all around – a great deal for both clubs, and the player, and we wish him well.

He has pushed for this move, albeit not aggressively, but Wenger was happy to let him go, with rumoured concerns over his on-field attitude, and the behaviour of his agents. Having often commented on Song’s lack of defensive discipline, perhaps Wenger is hoping to take the midfield in a different direction.

Some of us will miss Songo’s cool hair, stylish play, and astounding physicality, but most of us frankly won’t give a shit as long as a replacement/alternative is signed soon.

Wenger has confirmed our interest in Sahin, and after Liverpool’s shambolic loss to West Brom yesterday, and I can only hope that our chances have improved. We’re also rumoured to still be in for Yann M’Vila, but only if we can get him at a knockdown price.

(Condolences to ALLAN)

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Im glad. This is one are of the pitch we should really improve. I hope AW buys a decent replacement.


15 mill? that’s all? not only are we a selling club, we don’t even get proper value for our players

Dean '67

Agreed, for what reason would we sell a happy player who has 3 years to run on his contract?………. And doing it at £15 million is a complete rush just to get fast money. Arsenal can never just invest in new players without balancing cheque books on the other end!. (sell another established player to recoup what we lost when we bought eg cazorla).
I’m fucking upset.


We’re being thumbs down- ed? Ridiculous. Are some fans living in a different world full of optimism? Time to be realistic fellas. We ain’t competing for anything other than 4th. The board eats up our money, sells our best and favourites players to keep their BUSINESS going. That’s what we are. I’m falling out of love with this club thanks to the board. No joy to be had a supporter of arsenal anymore. It’s just a shame. Feeling so down about this shit. Year after year this happens.


Relax, gunner16… The reason Dean67 got thumbs down is probably due to his calling Song a happy player. Word went around that he came to punches with Arsene! What an incredible little shit that would make him eh…?

On the other hand, the thumbs you got down were balanced with the thumbs you got up, due to the subjective nature of the decision on whether 15M is a good or a bad price for an unhappy player. Seen? 😉


15 mill is a bargain in today’s market. We spent 15 on oxlade-chamberlain. He was an unproven 17 yr old. He will be worth it. But somehow getting the same money for a proven quality big-club midfielder in his prime doesn’t sit right with me.

Hudson Hornet

“He came to blows with Arsene,”

please stop spreading stuff without solid evidence. Like the idiots forwarding the graham hunter bollocks.

Ask Arsene, he said RVP played his heart out.


Be that as it may, rumours of poor behaviour on Song’s part are not unfounded. I’ll admit I’m very disappointed in Song. but I’ve learnt that no matter how low the team get the player and how much you do for them, that doesn’t build loyalty.

A Yank

Especially selling to Barca as of late… Henri, Cesc, and now Song have all been sold for what looks like a discount to the Catalans. Fucking pisses me off.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

On the whole our sales to Barca haven’t really done them many favours. Cesc was a special case, I guess, but most of the players we’ve sold to them have been distinctly unimpressive once they’ve got there. I don’t know which way Song is going to go. They may have bought the bumbly ball-giver-away and he will spend the next year or two on the bench, or they may have got the quite-good-at-giving-assists-but-is-he-really-better-than-what-they-already-have guy who will spend the next year or two on the bench. He may become a monster in a couple of years, but I don’t think he’ll… Read more »


Blogger’s comment that it was a great piece of business demonstrates a widening mindset that this is what Arsenal FC is all about these days, I’m afraid.


what rubbish are you talking mate!! who said he was happy at the club. he asked for the transfer. and from sources in the club he was disruptive and very selfish. Besides although he should be repaying the club back with loyalty all he is doing is looking out for himself, so why would we keep him at all. Barca is the only team he wanted to go to and the only team that want him so lets cash out and re-invest the money made.

A Yank

Sorry… ‘Henry’. Don’t know what the fuck I was thinking.


Not happy we’re losing song, liked his style of play. But after seeing carzola and the defensive cover arteta provided yday, think we’ll be ok providing we get a good midfielder in. We need to win something this season to stop all our players wanting to go!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It won’t help. They aren’t leaving for trophies, they’re leaving for money plus the assumed improved chance of trophies that “stinking rich” brings.

I hope these rich fucker clubs all have to give half their teams away to Charity to get past the FFP rules and into Europe in a year or two. Failing that, I’m banking on the oil unexpectedly running out early in the Middle East at the same time that the Russian Billionaire Boys Club decides football is for wusses and sell up so that they can get into Deathmatch Fly Fishing.


Mate of the oil runs out we won’t be that worried about football anymore. Trust me

Gooner that needs a picture

Im so happy to see Diaby back , hes such a beast !

Runcorn Gooner

He is going to miss his twice yearly cuddle with Adebayor and I will be sick twice
less this year


Song was behaving with petulance during the pre-season and actually threatened not to play unless he’s sold to Barca. Reports indicated that because of his actions which was having a bad influence in the training camp, there was almost a physical confrontation between him and Steve Bould, the assistant manager. You guys who are quick to condemn Wenger should know that Song was one prodigy that Arsene was accused of favouring while he was a scrap player. Wenger saw potentials in him, nurtured him believing that he will turn out a damn good player which he eventually did last season.… Read more »


Was it only deinjr why these stories ends up like this recently? Why these players screw the chance for the club to get the right price for them?

Eric Irish gunner

Starting a fight with bouldy means he’s brave or very fucking stupid even the missus asked last night “who’s that big scarey fucker beside wenger on the bench” while watching MOTD


How do you know all of this? You have inside info? From who? Or is it just www? If that is the case then stop shitting on the player who went for the bigger club and bigger money! and btw Arsenal sold him.
Our club aims for the top 4 but with underline on “4th” !

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Barcelona are a SMALL club. They only compete the way they do because the Spanish banks have bankrolled them without expecting repayment for decades.
They are small-minded cunts who will never come close to respectable unless they find a way to fucking steal it.


Think of loyaty, think Eboue.


why did we sell him again?


100% behind this comment, the sale of song, the ending of the dein connection, and the fee for song. £15m for defemder converted midfielder who does not want to play for you is a damn good price. wenger is now already in profit for the summer with money for rvp song vela bartley ozyakup botelho totalling around £45m add to that the huge saving on the wage bill by shifting a further 11 players. he is now well set to take advantage of the run in to the transfer window just like he did last summer when the players he… Read more »


etid, there is no such thing as getting rid of the dein connection. As long as players will be happy to switch, any of them may opt to having dein, or anyone else for that matter, as the agent, and the club will be in this again. One issue that has to be addressed is what makes players leave, the other is to make the position of the club stronger. I am afraid that rather sooner than later a player or two will have to benched for two years, not allowing him to go away.


4 players in the next 12 days….never going to happen


Not so fast my friend. Todays paper quoted Wenger as saying there would be no further ‘reinvestment’ of monies from sold players, such as RVP. That £24M by the way, is the equivilent of three years pay for Wenger – about the same amount of time he’s likely to stay at AFC.


My god I just searched his name to see what he looked like and he’s more slimey than e’er imagined.


worse still and complete mind fuckery if wikipedia is to be believed.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He’s a fucking lawyer, he’s married to the enemy, and he has made it his life’s work to pull our team apart to make daddy and uncle Alisher happy. If Arsenal have any sense they will NEVER attempt to sign any of his clients.

Glory Hunter

I don’t know why we fans always try to justify the sale of key players!
The simple fact is losing Alex Song makes our squad weaker, and no one can deny that!

And the fact that most would rather believe that we sold him due to attitude problems rather than trying to balance the books is quite simply living in denial.

Like I’ve said numerous times, when we the club cashes in on Wilshere, maybe then you guys will finally wake up to the reality of the situation.


If that’s true then I feel for AW. It can’t be easy to keep seeing players you made not even show you respect on top of wanting away. Which is a shame because if he really wanted out AW has proven he’s willing to listen.

Side note: arseblog never let your server/site go down again. I gave myself time to check out all the post match talk and when your site didn’t work I was as paniced as terry mid-trip. That is all


Firstly, ExtremelyArsenal, I’d like to say how impressed I am at the number of thumbs up that you’ve got. And secondly, that most of your post is bollocks. And that I suspect that it has been written by someone within the club. The heart of the problem at Arsenal is simple: the club is now being run a a money-making business and not a trophy-winning sports club. Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie and Song all fully understood this fact – and that was the primary reason why they were desperate to leave. The increase in Wages was a bonus to the… Read more »

Glory Hunter

Fatgooner I used to think u were a miserable cunt but theres a lot of truth in what you’re saying. Really don’t know what it’ll take for everyone else to realise what’s going on but eventually things will get so bad that the fans will revolt. I’ve had enough and I won’t be wasting a penny of my money on Arsenal. What annoys me the most is if all our board of directors are concerned about is making money, don’t they understand that if the team is more successful they stand to make more money?!!?! You have to speculate to… Read more »


Fatgooner: Well, said!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You ARE Alisher Usmanov’s PR guy, aren’t you ?

North Bank Gooner

course the club is run like a business, it a business!! Arsenal Football Club Ltd. ask porstmouth fans how much they like the “spend now worry later” model? ask the Rangers fans how good it is to have had some metal pots for a few years, and end up in the third division with a new name. we built a stadium, and that will help us to generate more cash, so we can buy better players. this has already started, we arent buying so many young prospects, and we are attracting proven internationals. but the money we borrowed for the… Read more »


Goodbye and good luck Alex.
Darren stay the fuck away now.

Justin Ashbee

Let’s hope he’s representing Walcott and he can convince some other club to buy him cos Walcott’s brilliant patches are far too few in number while his shite ineffectual patches are far too friggin many!!!


Out will all the backstabbing cunts who have no idea what it means to be a Gunner. That being said, we will need replacements. And quick. Our next few matches are going to be tough.

Chris Thompson

how many more are gonna go out the door DAM!


You mean build one?


Good bit of business – yes he did provide those gorgeous balls for RVP to volley home last season but he frequently gave the ball away and all too often in midfield.

Getting someone that’s a bit more disciplined in that position can be a big plus for Arsenal.

Runcorn Gooner

Agree Newxieland,every time he had the ball in midfield I would worry that
he would get dispossed and many time it was the case.
This will be a new Arsenal team that will move us forward.We support AFC ,the players are ” ships that move in the night” these days.The longer the better players stay the luckier we are.

Igor Stepanovs

No problems if he stayed. No problems too now that he is gone. Alas, good luck in Barca Alex!

Dean '67

You forgot, fuck barca. The Cunts!.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, bad luck in Barca. Good luck when you get transferred to Turkey.


I am kind of sad to see him go. He is one of our most experienced players in the EPL and also our most physical. However, he isn’t quite world class. Nuri Sahin is. If we get Sahin and one more player, we will have an excellent squad on paper for the first time in several years. The Sunderland game was frustrating but it was a good workout for us. (Damn preseason) I am really genuinely excited about what this team can do after it gels. Hopefully that will happen soon. (Stupid international break)


while I mostly agree, I think Arsenal needs strengthening at least at the striker’s position.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The fact that he has been one of our most experienced players in the EPL actually means that he has been a big part in our not winning anything, at least in the last 3 years, just as RVP was, and Cesc, and Adebayor, and Clichy. Funny, I can see a sort of strange connection betwDein these guys who have been letting us down for years and then claim they want trophies more than anything else in life, especially filthy lucre, before jumping ship. It’s a fucking Dein/Dein/Usmanov/Spurs conspiracy to bring us low.


Wake up…
They are selling anything that can be moved.
Wallcot next.
We will finish with BIG Positive Transfer Balance as usual.
Shain is loan and not replacement and for sure not for Song assists and physical.
Just more empty words…

Adam, Watford

After yesterday’s performance I can, indeed, see Walcott being moved on. he looked largely off his game. When he failed to pull back a ball to Podolski in the box, instead he shot into the side netting from a tight angle under pressure, he and Podolski seemed to be a little less than friendly. Is this reading too much into the situation ? Probably but to me it seemed to sum up where Walcott is at the club at the moment. However, that is where I agree with you to some extent and no more than that. Wenger will have… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Podolski was probably wondering why we have two identical twins named Walcott. The footballer, and his brother the plasterer’s mate with two left feet, and why Arsene Wenger hasn’t been told there are two of them.


now walcot and reinvest in real quality. A right back, a winger and a dm. Maybe we should have kept ryo.

Dolgion Ch.

hm the other day I was defending Song as a player. It’s a shame he was sold, simply because of all the hard work that must have gone into developing him. He could have been a real asset for us, and that the catalonian cunts want him is testament to that. But on the other hand, I am totally happy that Arsene is not taking this shit anymore from players, I really like that no-bullshit attitude that looks to have come in. Connected to Bould maybe? What makes me furious is that these players have gotten so good, have gotten… Read more »

Dolgion Ch.

the last sentence wasn’t sarcastic, mind


Didn’t make it out to be sarcastic. Can imagine how bad the guy and the support staff must feel. Scouting, training, sticking by the players and developing them into (more or less) finished products and real assets only to see them start throwing tantrums, whining and wanting to head for greener pastures.
Good riddance.


As for me I think we should sign a striker not a midfielder.


Well it’s important to remember that they still need time to gel. We had only signed Mertesacker, Arteta and Gervinho for the first team last season and it took until Christmas for them to gel. Now we have Giroud/Podolski, Cazorla, Mertesacker and Diaby (The last two I’m mentioning because they were out injured for most of last season). 5 new players. Minus the departures, like Song and someone. So of course they’ll need time. But if they turn outpoor, yeah we’ll need a replacement. However, I really can’t think of anyone who we could buy. Maybe Damiao, but he’s not… Read more »


What if the Sahin deal comes with a buy clause? We already replaced one of our best assisters from last season in the form of Cazorla. Walcott rumoured to sign a long term deal probably thinking he might get to play CF. No issues with that. Once Wilshere and Rosicky are fit, I do believe we are a force to reckon with. However, I am still not sure if we’ll be able to challenge for trophies in Europe. I think it’ll only be possible once Financial Fairplay brings some sanity into player prices. Nothing but respect for Wenger for not… Read more »

Clock End Mike

Yes, but will FFP make a real difference? It’s all just hot air at the moment, and I bet it’ll need strengthening if it’s going to do what’s intended. The big clubs will be spending on consultants trying to find loopholes and ways round it. Little respect for the spirit of fair play.

Jack Jumblies

RM and Mourinhole are too savvy to let Arsenal have Sahin on the cheap if he turns out to be unstoppable. We’d be serving as the Wigan of their Ryo.


I think he will end up like Hleb.

Runcorn Gooner

But with more money than Hleb

Adam, Watford

Or Petit !


A player who improves that much at Arsenal does so for two reasons. a) the brilliant coaching he receives technicallyy and mentally, but also b) the player works very hard in training and matches. 15m isnt bad. In Arsene I trust, with or without some of ye.


there is a 3), the number of opportunities to play they were given. Most of these guys would be benched/gone in exactly the clubs they are leaving for, as they were not ready.


Arsene have to get a DM. NOT Sahin. Sahin is not defensive. He’s a good CM. We have many of that. We need a proper DM who can do the dirty work, cover the defense, put in hard tackles, one we’ve missed ever since Flamini left. Only then selling Song would be a great idea, as he left many spaces open last season due to his surging forward which cost us.

Yann M’Vila, gaffer!


Obviously you havent seen much of sahin. he is a defensive playmaker fairly similar to song but technically superior. in fact he can even play left back and is far better there than both gibbs or santos. i believe the reason we have accepted this deal is so that we can bring in both sahin and mvila. bendtner will move and so too park squillaci and probably chamakh those 3 could open up 4 more spaces for the signings of van derwiel mexes and dempsey


You’re right, I haven’t seen much. But, IMO, we need a beast like Vieira and Gilberto who can intercept and break the opposition’s play. M’Vila for me masters at that. Add to that his passing is good too. If we can both its a bonus.

And Dempsey? Jesus christ no! Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey, Diaby all available for the attacking midfield position, where will Dempsey fit in? As Wenger said, we have too many midfielders.

Are we even linked to the 3 you’ve stated? I guess not!


You’re right about us needing a DM more than the big line of CMs we already have.

Don’t think of Wilshire as “available” just yet. Personally, I’d start Dempsey over Diaby and Ramsey, and maybe even Rosicky, due to how many goals he scored last season.

After hearing about how much drama he’s caused at Fulham, though, maybe he wouldn’t be worth the trouble.


You lot dont listen. Wenger had said in his last two interviews. “we have enough midfielders”. He also said were looking at potentially one more. fact is were not gonna sign 2 or 3. Have u seen the size of our squad? Dont judge podolski and diaby on yday. First game in prem and the latters in ages. Its still like pre season given our lack of match practice. Up the gooners!


When we sign players why don’t we check who there agents are first and if they turn out to be dein jnr then tell the cunts to sign for another fucking club!!! Haven’t learnt yet??? Fuck RVP and song, we’ll replace them with hungrier players that want to try and win not want instant success. Come on you gunners

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

When we sign players we don’t see the player until the medical. We only see the agent. We know full well who the agent of a player is, so all we need to do is say “Hi Darren. Fuck off. We don’t deal with human tapeworms here.”


In truth, more than RvP’s
finishing (he still needed others to create chances for
him), we missed Song’s composure and ability to
create time and space in midfield without interrupting
the flow of the game.


A quote from Arseblob….


Novel use of line breaks, there. I couldn’t help but read that like a poem.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It was a bit wordy for haiku.

Here’s my entry:

Arsenal, My Love,
I dream of Glory, but Fuck,
Stop flirting with cunts


Song last season reminded me too much of Adebayor in his last season for us. He spent far too much time waving his fanny around like a horny cat trying to find a new suitor. I said then he was looking to move but I expected Real to come in for him not Barca.

Won’t miss him at all and agree with everything Arseblog said yesterday and everything Sul said.

good article chap


yes a sharp striker will be good we have a lot of midfielders so i think we need a striker if wenger can get isco from malaga we are finish forget about Sahin if they are not willing to sell go for mvilla

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, no. Get a solid Right Back.

We already have a Brazilian Right-Back-Wing-Striker


I’m quite dissapointed in Song, he was turning in to one of my favorite players at the club. Sure he could frustrate on his day with his positioning and hugging idiot players from other teams. But Song gave us something that very few other players could do in our team, that physicality in midfield which often won us the possession battle. But whatever, he was too big for us so he can surely fuck off to Barca and play every third game or so like Keita did. I will miss him until some replacement is bought., make no mistake, Diaby… Read more »


Frimpong over coqeulin? Coquelin’s the real deal.
Frimpongs objectives seems to be anything basides winning the match, i.e being a cheerleader. running around , whats the difference with eboue?

Montavilla dude, Im not sure, only seen him play in the Euros, he might turn out to be rather plain, what I have seen is that i like how dembele (dude from Fulham) plays. I wish there was a xabi alonso like player out there to partner arterta.

meh moody gooner

songo must start taking acting lessons, his card waving and diving skills are not good enough for a starting place.


Also, I can imagine him getting tons of cards himself, should he ever be allowed to leave the bench.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He’ll have to learn to argue aggressively with every refereeing decision that goes against him or they’ll bench him for lack of spirit. That rather sad, innocent, hurt look he does when he’s penalised won’t go down well in Barcaville or indeed anywhere in Spain. They like their players to be real men and argue a lot when they get caught being cunty.


There must be more going on behind the scenes because that is a very low price. Yeah, it looks like a fine profit on paper but he was one of our most important players. With three years left on his contract, Barca have got an absolute bargain and I can’t for the life of me understand why. The reason I say he’s worth more than that is because we will not find an equal or better player for less than 20 mil. Sahin is going to be arriving (if he does at all, sure Liverpool haven’t done anything to win… Read more »

Dolgion Ch.

reason is that Wenger wanted him to leave. He practically kicked him out, and good riddance, good spirit and attitude in the changing room is more important than money

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

More likely Wenger accepted the first offer on the table just so that he could get the slimy Dein out of his fucking office so that he could get it fumigated.


After this, Arsenal should come up with “Whoever hires Darren Dein as his agent will be Frimponged, and then shot”.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But what if it’s Frimpong????


Song can go, he gives the ball away far too often and blatantly there is tension behind the scenes.

My only problem is the €80m buy out clause in his contract…..are we getting a good deal?


This is the bluff.. .
Song did not push this transfer.
AFC want to sell someone to get some money.
So no argument, Cash and Carry…


you are a fucking moron, and it looks like you post on the bbc arsenal threads as bergkamp something or other.

you are either an opposition fan trolling us…or you are mentally deficient.


@MJB. Oh well you are so scary and I hope when I grow up it wont show by me calling u names. I wants speaking about all of Ben’s post because I don’t mistaken myself for Admin which neither I or you are. My reply was to a specific one and I thought on that one you went too far. No matter how cogent people’s comment are generally I really dont appreciate seeming logic wrapped in obscenity, the two sure shouldn’t go together. And perhaps its cos I haven’t quite grown up just yet. Back to eating some poultry stuffs… Read more »


@MJP. That was stinging and uncalled for, I mean your reply to the response to ur first post. I wish we’ll have some sort of moderation here for people who can only cyber-abuse but can do no shit when at arm’s length. Most of us dont like Song because of the reasons you mentioned above, but the response bother more on Arsenal being so soft, which isnt less correct even though we think getting rid of Song is ok. We all dont have to take it hook, line and sinker when the coach spouts such stuffs like ‘letting Song go… Read more »


grow up short stuff, look at the rest of “Ben”‘s posts..he is trolling

and judging by the rest of your post, so are you.

Bendtner out, Mexes in.

Walcott out.


Song said he is happy in AFC and ready to stay.
AFC sold him to cover transfer cost of this summer.
As Arsh did not move they just sell what they got offer for.
Again Positive Transfer Balance.
What do you expect from Wallcot? He know they will sell him as they are offering him ridiculous terms…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You been sitting in on the negotiations with Walcott’s agent? No? Then stop spouting your imaginings as facts. If you want to make up silly theories then have the decency to make it clear they are silly by going over the top with them like I do. There’s nothing worse than someone making stuff up and trying to pass it off as the truth. (Yes, you are on a level with the British Press at the moment. You’ll have to work hard to redeeem yourself with your fellow Gooners. You ARE a Gooner, aren’t you????)

Wenger's Waterbottle

See him back at Bolton or Sunderland in a couple of years.

United nations 11

I believe this to be a decision that arsenal may live to regret selling someone like song with the physical steel and determation, may I say he also had the versatility to play in many different potions. Taking that in to consideration I think still hasn’t hit his peak so for that reason a notable los in the heart of our midfield, sad to see him go.


if his head is elsewhere, then he won’t contribute no matter how good he is.

Sign other players and move on.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We don’t actually KNOW his head was in the wrong place.

Of course, if Dein is his agent we can easily speculate that he has had a constant whispering in his ear that he deserves better treatment than he was getting with us.Not to mention that he might have been reminded that as a club we lack the ambition to match the needs of a player of his stature in the sport.

Lord Teddy Ears

Shame Song has moved on but hey ho if this means the end of Dien Jnr then great it will be yet another ex Arsenal player sitting on the bench.

Now Theo listen here liverpool played really well yesterday thats a great place for you as god knows you have started the season in the same way you finished last absent.

Santi will be this seasons star and guys think back a year we where all in tears having shipped 8 goals !!!


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They have an Ace striker just perfect to put away all those pinpoint crosses you send in, and they have another one who just loves guys like you. He’ll even give you a special, fun nickname. You’ll love it there. They know how to treat a player of your skill, stature and experience in the game.They are a team with HISTORY, just like Arsenal, and who needs Class to go with it anyway? That’s an idea that’s nearly as silly as only spending what you earn, and they didn’t get where they are in the league by spending small. No… Read more »


I’m pretty generally on the supporting side of Wenger’s decisions. I saw the logic in the Van Persie sale, though I would have preferred not to man utd, but we made a tidy bit of business on a player who effectively ended his arsenal stay with that statement. This departure makes me question things however. Not only did we get far less than value for him, but he is our only established defensive midfielder, and one with a penchant for assisting as well. He’s 24, one of the best in the league, and we sold him for 15m one day… Read more »


Tbh last season if you had told we were going to sell song I really would have flipped out, I just couldn’t see us without songinho but um? Now that it’s happening I have to say that i’m not in any way bothered. We can replace him promptly if wenger plays his cards right, plus there’s always the coq who may not yet be ready yet so either sahin/m’villa would do. It’s reported that song had expressed his desire to leave for barca so it’s only fair to release him now instead of waiting to the end of his contract,… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

15 million is cheap for song when you look at the prices dished out for the likes of henderson, downing,joe Allen and a few others, that’s fab and now song the barca cunts got for the price of torrres, it’s sad to see him go as he was a decent player but if stories are right about his attitude then wenger was right to get rid of him, the days of loyalty with players is now gone and I think wenger is painfully found this out and now is being less tolarante with them


England never win things because of overpriced and overrated players!


Only M’Vila can be a replacement. If not (and that can happen easily) this is “just” another Arsenal FC step down. He went to the better club for the better salary. Even how much I dislike United and their primitive but good manager, It is the same with Rvp: he also went to the bigger club for double money then at Arsenal. That’s work for him and good business for Arsenal’s Board. Our club aims for the top 4 but with underline on “4th” ! Everything else (hate, bad wishes,…) are just Arsenal fans going thru “the five stages of… Read more »


No problem providing you buy a replacement!


You will, like u did with RVP.
Replacing 1$ with 50 cents…


Arteta is our new dm,he is twice the player song is and when told to defend he does not like that show pony song.


Stats showed he made almost as many passes as Sunderland’s entire team, AND had a passing accuracy of 96%… (Compared to Sunderland’s 76%.)

Bow down!


I doubt Wenger would buy M’Vila, another player with serious attitude issues (got involved with the police, and at the euros he had words for then France coach Blanc which led to a verbal warning for misconduct, and his France pay cancelled).

Dean '67

Song is a good player with a good attitude, replace that with the chaos that is in m’villa?. Um I don’t think so.
Better we go for biglia or javi garcia (that big benfica man).
Get another striker in……..and a smaller one too, who can run through the tiny spaces in the box and put the ball in the friggin net!.


a good attitude? you are incorrect

Dean '67

(when subbed)
Song…..”shakes wengers hand, wears his jacket and sits down.
M’villa…….”You old man!, you sub me?, i’ll show you!”


Au Revoir RvP & Alex Song…Cheers for the contributions over the years but it’s time we turn onto a new chapter. No one is and will ever be bigger than the club, and on a good note, we’ve got a reasonable fee for Song as well as flushing out the Dein influence/virus/toxins. With Arteta anchoring the midfield & Cazorla carrying on doing what he did against Sunderland, all we need is a traditional midfielder who prioritises defending. Huge hopes for The Coq with the frimster as backup, though I could see Mr Wenger lining Wilshere,Arteta & Cazorla as the middle… Read more »


Would love that, but I’m wary of expecting Wilshere back anytime soon. I think it’ll be awhile before he’s ready to play and back in top form.


There have been a few negative comments about us signing sahin so I just wanted to say I think he would be a wonderful signing. Like most fans I want to see a defensive midfielder brought in but I am fairly certain arsene knows that is not where sahin plays, so if he is after him then it is because he is going to change the shape of the team, sign someone else or is happy that someone will step up, perhaps coquelin. Regardless, I think sahin is a great player. He was player of the year in germany at… Read more »

Captain H2k

Sad to see Song go. £15m is too cheap.

BUT very happy Darren Dein has gone, and I think that that is worth a financial hit so overall a good deal.

Would love to see Bilbao sell Javi Martinez to us for £15m, rather than the £30m they wanted from Barca, so we can laugh at the catalans


I’m happy to trust Wenger and the club on this one. He had three years left on his Arsenal contract and probably would have stayed without making too much of a fuss if the club had insisted: this wasn’t a forced move in the way that the RVP sale was, and if Arsenal FC wanted to veto any talk of a move, it could have done so. Clearly Wenger and those around him weighed up the various considerations and decided we didn’t need him: so be it. Song improved substantially during his time at the club and made some valuable… Read more »


No problem, I say with a melancholic vanity


im excited to see arteta+wilshire+cazorla together. even if we kept song, i dont think wenger had plans for him in the starting xi. arteta might not be a natural dm, but he can do the job and i actually think he likes it. he’s like the supervisor and im glad he got the vice-captain


I agree, but why we can not afford to have Song on the bench? Why? Cos we have to earn some every year and we are not aiming to the highest places.
Although I think this looks very good and interesting:


Arteta’s the man. For a little guy, he’s not afraid to put himself in harm’s way and get physical with stupid Sunderland players. Also, his passing is way superior to Song’s. (Not to mention he actually goes back to help our defense.)


At what point do we stop saying that we have got a good price and keep our better players. It’s not about the price but the ambition and the reason so many players want to leave every year.

The Board

Well done Arsene…thats the books balanced to the right now, with RVP, Song and Vela gone we are in profit, Walcott next and we will top up your £6 million a year. Dont worry about the sheep, they LOVE the club and you so much they will believe anything you tell them, I mean half of these guys believe in God. So tell them for now that we “MAY” bring in another midfielder, they will still follow and the ones that speak out will be drowned out by the blind faith of the sheep, and we will continue to sell… Read more »



The Board

And Peter, the first line of your post “I’m happy to trust Wenger and the club on this one” spells out EXACTLY why we have you

Boris Pimple

Don’t think we will miss Song that much.

Restraining order on Darren Dein now though please


Have to say I disagree that this is good business. Whether we signed him for £500k is irrelevant, what is relevant is his price relative to the market. Why sell him for less than £16m with three years left? I know he wanted to leave and Wenger was sick of him, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t play hardball to make the most money possible! Where Joe Allen goes for 15m (British, I know), I still feel like we’ve been taken for a ride. Can anyone see us getting M’vila or another top quality replacement for less than that fee?… Read more »


Couldn’t agree more DB, these plebs saying this is “good business” are some of the same fantasists thinking “now a RB, DM and striker” when in reality we might bring in a player on loan with no option of a permanent deal. Another shambles of a summer masked by the fact we brought in 3 players early to cover 3 that they knew were going, despite the fact that we needed to add those 3 quality players to the squad we already had while getting rid of the deadwood. Not getting rid of 3 of our top performers, one to… Read more »

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