Olivier: I need to bring what I can bring


Olivier Giroud (pictured above looking gorgeous) insists he is ready to take his chance at Arsenal, but has again played down suggestions that he is a direct replacement for Robin van Persie.

The Frenchman made his debut as a second half substitute in the opening game of the season against Sunderland last weekend and was close to opening his Gunners account before a freakish bobble – possibly Uri Geller related – ruined his only clear cut chance. (Yeah, we know that’s not quite what happened…)

Unperturbed by his failure to become an instant Emirates hero, Giroud spoke confidently about his aims for the rest of the season.

“I am not here to replace Van Persie or to make people forget him,” he told The Sun.

“I am here to bring something different. I don’t have the pretension of saying I will replace him because I have every respect for him as he had an enormous season last year.

“I wish him good luck for the future but I need to bring what I can bring without being pretentious to say I am here to replace him. That would be very bad.

“I feel ready. Absolutely ready to assume the responsibility and make people say ‘yes, we have Olivier’. That’s how it is. If I didn’t think that I would never get my chance. If you sign for a big club it’s to replace another striker who leaves or you come and sit on the bench and wait for some game-time or wait until a striker is less efficient, needs a breather or is injured.

“Unfortunately that’s how it is football. Now I have a chance as Robin left. So I will get more time to play and I need to assume the responsibility. In fact, I must.

“Because that is my chance and I have to take it. The ball is in my court and the show must go on.”

The French international, who (as far as Arseblog News is concerned) has made a fine start to his career at the Emirates by being much better looking than the grey-haired Dutch traitor, also reasserted his belief that forging a strong bond on the training ground can help the Gunners push for the title.

“For us to fight for the title we need to have the spirit of a group. It could seem banal but it is important.

“It’s what makes the essence of the team, the solidarity and unity of the group. We all have to be going in the same direction.

“I watched the Premier League a lot. Arsenal are capable of playing great matches but, on the other hand, some games can pass them by. We must gain in consistency.”

Set to dovetail with Lukas Podolski, Giroud also had lovely things to say about his German teammate even taking the time to throw in a fancy word which most footballers would be forced to look up in the dictionary.

“I hope our relationship off the pitch will be transferred on it. He feels the game. He is an altruist and has found the same in me.”

Arseblog News is certainly impressed with Giroud’s way with words and is quite certain that supporters will have no problem hollering, “Yes, we have Olivier” (possibly at inopportune moments) for years to come.

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he will arrive when he wants to arrive.


I think I just ‘arrived’…


Ba Dum Tssssssssssss

That Mills Boy

He arrives when he waaaaants


Oh Olivier, I wish I knew how to quit you…


Good player, good attitude. Just hope the morons in the stands support him

Bobby Pires

The morons in the stands? What you mean the ones that bust a gut to pay for the games?


The ones that bust a gut to pay for the games and then think that gives them the right to sit there for 90 minutes bitching: “Merrghh! This player’s mistimed a kick, so now he is shit!” “Meeerghh! I’m gonna boo this player because he used to play for us but now he doesn’t!” “Meeergh!! Fucking Kroenke – why can’t he just buy us Messi?!”



die barca die

Cum boy – you could always go to a game yourself.

I have no time for plastics


Disclaimer: By “morons”, i refer to those who boo our own players after the slightest mistakes.


Morons is such a strong word……. for strongly brain dead people!. So yeah, let’s get behind giroud shall we. (haha see that?)

Bobby Pires

I dont understand why people are hating on Giroud already? Comparing him to Chamakh? Give me a break…
The differance is that Giroud constantly looks dangerous, the run prior to his miss was fantastic and if we see more of that this season he will notch up the 15-20 goals he needs this season easy.

le grove Gooner

hes had a whole substitution to prove himself, and he didnt score 30!!!!!!!!!

disgusting i say, sack him, sack wenger twice & sack gunnersaurus, he was shite too!!



And you too go out of arsenal your words are poison dangerous for the development of our lovely club, the manager and our gunning solders?


You don’t know what you’re talking about mate. Go onto Arsenal.com and look at his stats – Gunnersaurus has been our best ever mascot by miles!

le grove Gooner

im outraged at your comment!!! how very dare you. if you was a REAL FAN u would agree with ALL of my anti Arsene/Arsenal bile.

and the gunnersaurus point was well made, hes carrying far too much weight, the medical staff should all be sacked too!!

did i say sack Arsene again? no? SACK WENGER!!!!!!!!!!!!


le grove Gooner

@ thereisbearcum, do you honestly expect me to check the facts before I rant?

next you will be expecting me to continue to support the team through thick and thin. meh.

havent said it on here for nearly 24 hrs, SACK ARSENE.

and ‘blog, dont you DARE automatically delete my posts if they get too many thumbs down like they do on every other site. I will not be silenced! ITS A CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!


North Bank Gooner

dma – think it was meant to be ironic mate 😉

Big Dave

Hmm, still not quite Oscar Wilde yet… “I need to bring what I can bring”


I have faith in this cool fella and the rest of the lads this season.




….and by that I mean, he needs to score so that he can pull his shirt over his head, of course.

Andrew Morgan

Sounds like a top bloke. Hungry and ready. Great stuff. I just hope he starts! The way Wenger is talking is that Podolski is going to be up top on his own. I think there’s room for both in the First XI.

Sagna – Koscielny – Vermalen – Gibbs
Arteta – New DM
Walcott – Podolski – Cazorla

That’s a really strong First XI. Happy Days.

Andrew Morgan


Mach III

Swap Podolskis position with Cazorlas.

Take Walcott out and put Gervinho in and it’s perfection.

Andrew Morgan

I think Walcott is a better player than Gervinho, but the good thing about that three is that they are all interchangable. They don’t need to stick to their positions rigidly! I think in full flow, those front 4 could be devastating!

Bob Smith

I’d agree with you there, my fear is that DM position could well be taken up by Diaby, *Shudders.
I’d like to see le Coq there, he seems and intelligent lad and Arteta would help him along.


diaby needs time to get back, he’s more or less in the same boat ramsey was in last season and wilshere will be in when comes back, that said we do need the three points, so maybe we should line up like this,


I don’t see us getting a new signing ready for a game by sunday …

damien joyce

take walcott out and insert Ox/Rosicky or (Navas???) wld be better than Gervinho, I’m not attacking Gerv but until he starts making strides I think he’s a great impact sub to make at moment as is Walcott, other than that I’d almost agree wiv u on Pod and Caz swap but maybe they could alternate that role.

I know there are a lot of pessimists around at moment but most of the loudest ones are on tv and not what i’d call fans, rather they are media bias associates of The Arsenal. Fuck them, we support whoever plays for us


Yep, you know it’s all fucked up when the only pundit you have seen that’s been positive about Arsenal is Gary Neville.

Dave Gooner

Where’s the Ox in your line up?

Anyone know how did Song do last night against RM ? (snigger)

Andrew Morgan

Ox isn’t a starter yet. But he would be on the bench.



Er, Jack Andrew Garry Wilshere anyone?

Corona X

Song didn’t play last night… He wasn’t even on the bench!

Andrew Morgan

Jack is still injured to my knowledge. Just type in Jack Wilshere into google and you’ll get a ton of articles about him being injured. Ok, Dick?


‘New DM’ might be shit.


Let’s hope it doesn’t take 1 year to arrive like it did with gervinho.


Im french too… can i be be the new gunnersaur now? i dont want to leave :'(

North Bank Gooner

proven goalscorer and a winner, will take a while to get used to the changes, but i have every faith he will come good.


yes, we have hot Olivier


As the Rock would say…JUST BRING IT!


And as the miz would say….
Giroud, he’s awesome!


He Scores when He Scores


He’s Giroud when He Scores


he seems like a very smart individual. on and off the pitch


“Giroud, Giroud Quote Him When You Can”


He does seem like a top-notch and very humble guy compared to most players. I also think he and podolski should both be in the starting 11 too, and if anyone should make way to the bench it’s Walcott. I’m sure there’s gonna be hating for this but he’s far too non-chalant and his touch and decision making too poor to be stalling on contracts and playing for us.

Pat Rice

@admin, not a homophobe or anything. I understand Giroud is Handsome, but to be stated it in every post about him leaves me rather perplexed about your sexuality….

gooner odst

its quite clear to me, we are all admirers of nice things here and that there is one damn sexy beast of a man.
Sort of in the same way that a kebab after a night out is one damn sexy kebab of a kebab.

Pat Rice

you are absolutely hilarious……

gooner odst

i try my best 🙂

big black clock

“i’m not a homophobe”

cue homophobic comment.


I wasn’t actually homophobic was it though, homophobic would have been to say

“Mention it in every post leaves me questioning your sexuality, I might not be able to read this blog anymore”

Its confusion not hate. Get it?

gooner odst

he’s not the fastest, but neither was van persie. All Giroud needs is a touch of guile and hat full of luck.

gunnersaurus rex

coz ‘looks’ he has.. 🙂

A N Other

If his goals are as interesting as his words then we are in for season long treat..

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Mikel Anon

make people say ‘yes, we have Olivier’

Lovely cheeky bastard


I can confirm that Scotland hasn’t forgiven Uri Geller.

This situation is unlikely change in the foreseeable future.


Is Uri Geller the one that put that Harry Potter scar on Alan Hansen forehead?


i make that face wen getting blown

Simao Segunda

How do you know? What kind of vain bastard must you be to look at your own facial expression in a mirror while you’re getting blown?


Top man! He’s already one of my favorite players and every time there’s an interview with him I like him more. Seems like he’s got a great attitude & is humble and realistic. Exactly the type of able player with the positivity and unselfish (Definition: Altruism is the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others) play who can help improve the play of his teammates.


I can see Ramsey or OX starting of 1 of the 3, who starts will be interesting will Poldo or The French stick be up front whats everyones thoughts?


I think oliver will start aheard of podoski against stoke because of his phisical nature of the game,and i believe he will match those stoke defenders posibly get on the score sheet.

Gillespie Road

Love how so many of our guys are super intelligent and come with a degree in philosophy, (as well as being gorgeous).
Particularly the European contingent.
Arteta, Giroud, Mertersacker, Vermaelen and Arsene himself – what a great team for ‘Eggheads’, ‘Countdown’, ‘Pointless’ and ‘University Challenge’ – four trophies right there!
Most home-grown players, (Theo and Jenks???) when interviewed, seem to start every answer with ‘Yes, no….’
Hope we kick the shit out of Stoke bigtime.


Freddie retires….a true legend!


(Swedish link)


My wife found VP to be gorgeous. So did some of her friends. It would be nice if I could just slough it off as her having terrible taste in men but……..


Yes, we have Olivier.

Die Hard Gunner

Oliver Twist: as for more goals when he wants