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Santos: we’ve lost a lot but we’ll cope

Andre Santos has reacted to the departure of Robin van Persie just as you would expect him to; in a positive manner.

The Brazilian, who can make leaves grow on trees in winter simply by tittering gently at them, told ESPN that he believes the team is more grown up and that competition for places will ensure the players achieve something this season.

“We lost a lot”, he chuckled. “Van Persie is a high quality player, a big idol of the fans and he had a great championship season in 2011/12, but I’m sure the team is much more mature”, he smiled.

“Today we have experienced players and also the arrival of some new players, like Santi Cazorla and Podolski, who are excellent. We are well focused”, he guffawed.

The team is well prepared and well motivated,” he grinned. “I’m sure we’ll have a totally different season from last year. We’ve brought in some top quality players and I’m sure that Arsenal will have a great campaign in the English league”, he beamed.

Santos will battle it out with Kieran Gibbs for the left back position at Arsenal and he believes that healthy competition within the squad will bring rewards.

“We have two or three players for each position”, he chortled. “This is important also for the growth of the team, because everyone wants to play.”

“It creates healthy competition within the group,” he sniggered. “This only strengthens the team and I have no doubt that we are well prepared to start the season”, he said with a straight face.

Before breaking his hole laughing.

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He renews my faith in the Arsenal players that remain, thank you

Mikel Anon

Andre Santos shirt sales need to rise.

Dean '67

Why yes….yes we do.
I’l buy two, one for me then the other I’ll have it customized for my pet dog.

An arsenal family. I bet santos would be proud!.


Finally Santos spoken.
Now I’m calm.

fucking brilliant

what a fun man.

A. Usmanov

No! he’s wrong arsenal no go on like this, I will be chairman, please sell me your shares to get me there, I love wenger, I love arsenal way.

A red devil cant outrun a speding bullet from a gunner cannon.”


Gotta love Andre 2 Saints.

bRyan Shawcross

I went to school with Santos.


So It’s like that huh?.
Well I’m his stylist. Fun times with him I must say.

A. Usmanov

Really?… You have…. er….Arsenal shares? I give good price.


Usmanov, ever thought of buying shares at the K.F.C or the McDonalds?
Good prices there.


Have you seen the size of him? I’m pretty sure he’s already a regular at both establishments.


No word about Giroud…it must be love!!!


He makes us all happy gays


Well Said Santos!


santos is eboue when he goes super sayan . legend

gooner from bangladesh

What a gay :’)


Just gotta love the Santos!



I chortled my head off


You forgot to mention that the entire interview Santos did: no pants on.

archibong joseph

santos is a funny guy…n a creative player indeed…nid to see more of him in d defence…


We “nid” to see him n “d” defence do we?



That name… hilarious


Everybody is going on about new signings and here is Santos saying we have 2-3 players for each position, let’s see how it looks szcz (fab) Sagna (Jenks/coq) Kos (Dju/Bartley) Verm (BFG/Bartley) Santos (Gibbs/Verm) Song? (Coq/Wilshere/Pong/Diaby) Arteta (Ramsey/Diaby/Wilshere) Cazorla (Arshavin/Rosicky/Diaby/Wilshere) Walcott (Gerv/Ox/Cazorla) Podolski (Gerv/Arshavin/Rosicky) Giroud (Podolski/Walcott/Chamakh/Young/Bendtner/…) I am worried about Song’s position and right back if Bac stays injured. We could also use a striker as backup or direct competition for Giroud, possibly Poldi plays in the center and Giroud as backup, which might work considering we have so many wingers where do we really need strengthening? I’d go for… Read more »

Nico Yennaris

Where’s my name on your list, mate??

Slot me in at fullback. Thx!


Hard to remeber everyone, I knew I would miss someone (or more…)

Not to sound Dempsey-obsessed but I was checking his stats on wikipedia and found this gem

“in 2007, Dempsey accidentally broke the cheekbone of Chelsea defender John Terry in an aerial challenge but was not penalized.[”

Wenger, sign him up


I always said Dempsey would be an excellent pick,but I was afraid he was going to where they don’t walk alone. Maybe it’s still possible for us, and in that case I’ll be the first to get his shirt!

Merlin's Panini

You could’ve put Santos in brackets for pretty much every position.

Eric Irish gunner

Bartley just signed for Swansea mate


@neutral: perhaps you are worried about Song’s position because you have forgot to include Frimpong?

d man

brilliant writing


Arsene says he had no choice but to sell rvp, I think most of us despite who he went to can understand that.
But he has a choice with song, let’s see what happens and what choice the club makes. We are 2 days from our first game and it’s no time to be messing with the team yet again.
And also worrying is the Walcott situation has gone completely quiet. Having been through the rvp situation yet again I think we deserve some good news and honesty on his position.


Sell song, buy Fellani from everton. Job done.

Gillespie Road

Brilliant article, god I love that Santos. Make him Skipper I say – no more doom and gloom then!


A little positive news…..

Some positive news: Jack Wilshere is continuing his rehabilitation with outdoor running. Going really well and in great spirits. #AFC

Jack Wilshere CONFIRMED as Arsenal’s new Number 10! #AFC

TGSTEL's amazing First Touch

This is amazing news. My current shirt has a “V. Persie” on the back, so i bought a more recent one, and I wanted to put Jacks name on it, But I didn’t like the number 17, and number 10 for Jack is PERFECT!

I’m happy again.

TGSTEL's amazing First Touch

Or number 19 even.
I got too excited. Thank you homosexuals 😉


Podolski in tears.

Arsenal’s number 74!


Santos for dm ? look at his stats for tackles and intercepts.


He’s too willing to lunge in, hence his high tackle/intercept stats. He basically defends like a schoolboy.

Tony Pullis

I’m Tony Pullis…. I’ve come to make an offer for Jack (wiltshire) and while we are at it, could you throw in The Ox as part of the deal?
I offer Shawcross in exchange.

AiKhuemelo, Solomon

Arsenal are clearly not ambitious and it is unfortunate that Arsenal fans in the UK are not helping matters, they are unwilling collaborators of every sinful decision taken by the board. It won’t be out of place if they boycott Saturday’s match against Sunderland to register their dissatisfaction in the sale of Van Persie. If Arsene could state that they were looking to sell RVP to PSG,it then means they were not ready to fight to keep RVP. IMO, if they wanted they could have force him to see out his contract,that way we would have gained more respect than… Read more »


Le Grove is missing you, Mr. Solomon.


Hey Sol, find those disapproving UK fans so they can send their jerseys and Gunners paraphernalia over here to Canada for me. Everything Arsenal costs a bloody fortune over here, and 80% of it are knockoffs anyways. my ’09 jersey has said ‘abregas’ since the first washing…..


Bloody expensive in the UK too. Just check out any of those sites on the internet.


they could have forced him to see out his contract but that would leave us with a non comitted player bringing down squad morale and no opportunity to get anything from it. Van Persies posturing left Wenger with no options but to sell him.


Maybe in Nigeria they don’t understand how modern football works mate. When the cunt refused to sign up again, he forced the club to sell him. The club did the rite thing and got the most amount for him. Why the fuck should we boycott the club for making the only reasonable decision?

Robin the cunt is gone. The arse rolls on. Feel free to boycott the next match we play in Nigeria.

Hudson Hornet

Solomon we understand the pain.

Unfortunately some people have been hoodwinked into believing that breaking even by selling our best players is worthy of praise. Something to be “proud” of.

Breaking even by doing good business ala Bayern Munich (self sustained aswell) does not equate to current formula.

On the plus side in Cazorla we have a player who could be as good as RVP.


Enough with the gay “gags”. Here is a line:


How can you not join in with the gaiety?


I love this gay.

van pricey



Got to love the big teddy:)

Biggus Dickus

More chubby happy-go-lucky signings like Andre please Arsene


Santos is right we only lost one gay and bought 3


Am delighted we signed Van persie….
We are gonna win the title….. With both of us on the bench.


I thought you were going to Wigan…or some other equally ridiculous place.



Abou Diaby

Don’t worry guys…
Am like a new signing and am gonna do a Van P when I gat my break out season. Only it won’t be possible, cos wenger just made Squillaci captain and Chamack as vice captain. So am gonna stay stuck here untill it’s my turn to b captain.


@solomon, I’m in Nigeria and I most certainly know the best decision was taken. Next time do speak for yourself and not everyone in Nigeria. Boycott the game (geez can you believe this guy)
RVP is a cunt, end of.


Solomon’s just pissed that Arsenal boycotted Nigeria and sent the newly formed AFC dance troop instead.

It’s ok tho cos he’ll be supporting Chelski when they decide to visit next year!


chuckled….smiled….guffawed…grinned….beamed… chortled… sniggered…. straight face….

I bwahahahahahahahaha’ed. Oh! Blogger.


I really think the gay jokes are getting old now…what do you think gays?


Totall agree with you gay.
It’s even more awkward when a gps tells santos to go straight. 0_o

Der Springer

Thumbs Up!! Wait. Sorry, Thumbs Down,no Up…Down…Down…Down…Up
Does not compute. Mouse explodes

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Ian the CUNT wright mouthing off again-

‘The Londoners’ club skipper is heading to Old Trafford because he must believe playing for United will give him a better chance of winning things.
And this will hurt Arsenal fans like hell.’

I’ve said it once and ill say it again, you can fuck right off cunt!


Aww come on, a little respect for Wrighty please. He’s entitled to his opinion. Just because you disagree with it is no reason to be call him a horrible name.

As Tim said in his column, it hurts but the truth is RvP left to win stuff. Best we can do is move on, and, come Saturday, sing and scream for our team until our throats bleed and our lungs burst.

gooner odst

i don’t wish to sound like a blind optimist but i really feel that koscielny will probably have a great season and will end up being our most prized asset. I don’t know how or why exactly, but something in koscielny will burst and he will ooze it out, hopefully splashing the whole squad with it.

i hope santos is standing close to kosser when it does burst.

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