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Bartley set for Swansea move

Kyle Bartley has had a medical at Swansea City this evening, with reports suggesting the young defender will move to the Liberty Stadium on a permanent basis.

Bartley revealed via his Twitter account that he’d completed a medical and initially it appeared as if he was going to move on a season long loan. However, a local journalist, also via Twitter, seemed to suggest it was a permanent deal with a fee of £1m being mooted.

We’ll wait for further confirmation of the deal but whether it’s loan or permanent it looks as if Bartley will be leaving Arsenal.

It means that young Spaniard Ignasi Miquel will occupy the 5th choice centre-half position. Unless Sebastian Squillaci remains at the club. Or even if Squillaci remains at the club.

It does seem a bit odd that having just promoted Bartley to the first team we’d sell him, but perhaps pre-season was enough for Arsene Wenger to decide his future was best served elsewhere.

Update: Bartley confirms the permanent transfer via Twitter, “Swansea deal complete. Very happy. Was an extremely tough decision for me to leave arsenal, but felt the time was right. Swansea offered me an opportunity. And I’m extremely excited to start my career here, will always be thankful to arsenal for my education. Was told my chances of game time this year would be limited, and as an ambitious young player I wanted to play in the premiership.

“Now I’m here I will give 100% for Swansea. Thankyou everyone who has been behind me. New chapter for me. And I can’t wait. Kyle”

Good luck to you.

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Bloody hell! That was quick!


could do with him at rangers now! Thanks for the time u gave us.good luck for the new season.


Twitter says that Angel Rangel might be signing for us, now that this deal is done. That is an absolutely brilliant name. Right up there with Hoolahan.


oh shit. I just snorted Oolong tea. Thanks blogs. Hilarious.


“It means that young Spaniard Ignasi Miquel will occupy the 5th choice centre-half position. Unless Sebastian Squillaci remains at the club. Or even if Squillaci remains at the club.”……….

Heh, total disrespect to our most experienced defender. I think he’ll now.leave the club for more money at barcelona.

Merlin's Panini

Nortei Nortey very naughty
e’s are good e’s are good…


The only player who could top that would be Yaya Banana, who plays for Sochaux. He sounds like a superhero. I don’t know how good he is, but we should buy him anyway purely for the income that he would generate in shirt sales.


and this. He owns a stadium?


Rod Fanni always wins it for me.


I’m never able to say Junior Hoilett with a straight face.

Frank de Boer

There was a baseball played called Rusty Kuntz.

Good Omens

The portuguese goalkeeper, Quim, who plays for Braga I think has to be up there in the chuckle stakes.


I’ll call your Yaya Banana and raise you Congolese striker, Bongo Christ.

Good Omens

Wasn’t there supposedly an Algerian striker in the 70’s called, Ars Bandeet. Throws in some chips in stupid game poker.

Good Omens

name*. (Time for bed)

Gunner From Another Mother

Can’t forget Shabalala of South Africa


Club in Crisis!!!!!!!!!

Che Grimandi

He tweeted ‘Love Some…Trust None’ earlier. Reading into it a bit, but maybe he was told he was going to be first team then subsequently told he was off.


Does he actually watch his own games? Miquel was better than him by a country mile. And no-one’s going to come and say he could have given Djourou, Verm, Kos or Mert a run for their money – so what exactly was he expecting.

At least he landed at a premiership side – he should just be thankful he has a job.


More likely he was talking about RVP though.


Said it elsewhere – utility defender required, who can fit in across the back line. That’s why losing out on Vertongen was so annoying. But there must be one out there. Someone who can do full back or CB.

If/When Song goes that will further reduce our options at Centre Half. So it’s a necessity.

What little I saw of Bartley at Rangers hardly inspired confidence although Miquel does inspire – but we need someone else.




Miquel could very well be that utility defender


Capoue. CM, but can play at the back. Also replaces Song….


I would take Cabaye instead. Has EPL experience.


He wasn’t exactly great at Rangers so not surprised that he is moving on.

gooner from bangladesh

Well, that escalated quickly :e


wtf, I thought he was at least worth a shout ahead of Djourou




I think it’s fair to say we think of shite atleast every once in a while.


still sad to see one of the young ungs leave the club. hope we get a new raft of youngsters coming through at the required level

gooner from bangladesh

Nico, Eisfield, Gnabry, Toral, Martinez, Henderson, Ryo.

Yeah I think they’ll make the cut.




Is there any loyalty to us when they do make it ?


Don’t we say that every time we have a batch of promising youth? Then don’t they either fail to make it or betray us the first chance they get?

Alex Song's Chipped Through Ball


damien joyce

if it was that quick for wenger to realise, then does that mean he is untold amount shitter than Chamakh and Park Who Dung? how long was alliadiere with us?

gooner from bangladesh

I know I keep defending Chamakh. I just don’t understand what happened to him, he was SO good. Maybe it’s the sheesha. I still remember that goal he scored from the Wilshere assist.


In a career spanning a decade, Chamakh has once – once – broken ten league goals in a season. He’s shit.


He’s still our shit. And our shit isn’t shit. Except when we shit on all other teams and John Terry. Then it’s dinosaur shit!


I know it’s not thread related, but your username: Goonerhaea? Bravo, Sir. Bravo.

Dean '67

Heh this has happened so damn quick, just yesterday he was promoted to the first team and now kapish! He’s off to swansea?.

Should I give a fuck?, I most certainly will not.

Dean '67

Stop deviating away from the topic.
The topic clearly reads “robin van persie is a cunt” or us it just me?

Naija Gunner

Nice and smart graphics, lovely fonts blogs am so impress.

And I wish Bartley good luck in his footballing carer.

max stirner

Ignasi Miquel retained, Bartley sold, this is a smack in the face for Steve Bould who rates the young Englishman. Miquel if he proves to be half decent (I have my doubts) will be angling for a move back to Barca, and why not, thats where his loyalties really lie.


Which i presume is why he turned down Barca to sign for us?

Dick Swiveller

Yeah, I thought Bartley would be worth a shot as 5th choice this season too but if you’ watch all the pre-season games it’s quite obvious which one is ready for first team backup and which one isn’t; I like the guy and wish him well at Swansea where I’m sure he’ll scare the shit out of a few CFs that think they’re a little harder than they are but Miquel over Bartley is the right call.


kinda sad that he doesn’t make the grade footballwise cause he makes the grade with his heart which I forsee with frimpong n lansbury too
….there are some clubs producing great talents in more numbers. I acknowledge we have Wilshire,ox n Gibbs n Santos…hehehehe

wish more academy players could make the grade…


Kyle Bartley bought on 31-07-2007 from Bolton for £500,000


Good luck to him. I’m relieved he appears happy in his new home because pre-season of this year and last, convinced me he wasn’t good enough for us, sadly.


Seems like a good kid, but I’ve never believed he had the potential to have an Arsenal career. Think people rated him largely because he was big and English.


Re: chamakh, it’s worth remembering that in 2010/11 when RVP was injured and chamakh was a regular for half a season we were flying…back came RVP, look at the goals he scored, but at the same time the teams form went downhill since then. There’s more a a forwards play than goals, and I fancy Giroud. To be a good frontman, that is.


I hope we have some sell on clause or buy back option for Kyle. Though there is traffic in front of him at the moment, I think he will come god.

Good Omens

From reserve center back to supposed omnipotent Creator of the universe, thats some jump..his agent must be having palpitations.


Typo* 🙂


A classy exit, I had forgotten what they felt like, you deserve respect for that at the very least.

Good luck Kyle, all the best (except when you have got the arse to face).

H. P. Arsecraft

A bit of a surprise but I hope he does well with the Swans.

Good luck Kyle!!


In other news. Frimpong has plans for RVP. The Denchmeister is working hard to get fit to play against United before the end of the year. As he said, ‘God forgives, I don’t. He has retaliation on his mind.

Reporting from Dench Arena.


Fucking twat. Money grabbing cunt.:D


Yeah, We don’t need robin, we’ve got villain frimmers, he will do him.

Abdulai Mohammed Amin

Pls my fellow gunners educate me on the fitness levels of Mikel Arteta, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Tomas Rosicky, Theo Walkot, Bacary Sagna and Jack Wilshere via my email address [email protected]. I will be greatful for that infor because eveer since i heard van persie had left n alex song is close to also going out my football maniac has gone down. I even believe am suffering of goonerholism. Thanks.


I’m guessing you like receiving lots of spam.


Well, he sure as hell will now.

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Good bye Kyle, and good luck with the Swans!


So he was promoted to the first team to hike up his selling price. Another business strategy by Wenger and the board.

North Bank Ned

At least Bartley knows how to write a farewell note. Honest and generous. Hard not to wish an ambitious young man well.

Rad Carrot

Good luck, Mr. Bartley.

Merlin's Panini

Oh well, good luck Kyle Bartley. I guess he just couldn’t quite cut it. Shame.

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