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Police charge Santos with dangerous driving

While the jokes came thick and fast in the aftermath of Andre Santos’ arrest for dangerous driving, it looks as though the player’s sunny disposition will be seriously tested now that charges have been brought against him.

Arrested on Friday 17 September August, the day before Arsenal’s first game of the season against Sunderland, the story of his escapades subsequently made the front page of The Sun. While the tabloids’ allegations were initially thought to be exaggerated, it looks as though the Brazilian may well have some tough questions to answer after all.

Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt confirmed the news via Twitter:

“Arsenal player Andre Santos charged with dangerous driving after allegedly being caught doing 130mph in his Maserati .

“Santos, £5.5m Brazilian international, appears in court later this month. Faces max 2 years jail if convicted.

“Santos was stopped by police near the Arsenal training ground a month ago ahead of club’s opening game with Sunderland.

“It is alleged Santos was weaving in and out of rush-hour traffic in his Maserati, one of several cars he owns.”

Santos hasn’t started a game yet for Arsenal this season having seen Kieran Gibbs overtake him (boom boom) in the pecking order. It’s mere speculation that his off-field problems have played a part in his lack of playing time, but it’s unlikely that Arsene Wenger will look too kindly on this severe distraction.

The 29-year-old will appear at Hendon Magistrates’ Court on September 27.

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Right, everyone get the ‘good gay’ posts out of the way please


I read “santos charged with being too cute a cuddle maverick”.

Damn this glasses.


Arrested on the 17th September?!? These time traveling cops bust you even before you’ve committed the crime? What kind of Minority Report sci-fi bizniz is this!?


Did he do the samba dance and let rip his chubby smile?. If he did they would have forgotten all about the charges. Poor santos.


The veracity of these reports have already been heavily questioned – hinging around the fact that it’s likely to be impossible to weave through rush-hour traffic at 130mph. It seems more plausible to be one or the other, according to Santos himself he was simply pulled over for speeding but I guess we’ll find out.


Right? When I’m stuck in rush-hour traffic, there’s no way I’ll even make it to 60 mph.


He drives how he wants.


True Zinc. Being that the car is capable of 130mph, the papers will just say that’s how fast he was going anyway, doubt that he was able to get to those speeds where he was alleged to have committed the offence. time will tell


No injuries or damage to property caused. It’s highly unlikely that he’ll get jail time. Probably a fine and a ban.


…and first-time offender, presumably.

I really can’t see jail time for Santos, but it’s good for the headlines, I suppose, to mention the maximum penalty…

Runcorn Gooner

If AS could get up to 2 years what should Monsieur Joseph Barton have received for his numerous crimes. c’est la vie as Joey would tweet if he knew what it meant

a gunner

Just dont fucking understand y these stories are being reported just for some clicks…i mean does this mean Santos cant play for Arsenal this season ? We dont know do we ? So until then shut the fucking urge to report on fucking gossip !


and yet you clicked on it, read it and even posted a reply.



You’re on fire Chris

a gunner

thts bcos some 1 hs to drive home the point to idiotic gossip mongers and stupid readers like u who jst feed on gossip…

the least i ws expectin frm this article ws how it will affect Santos as a player for Arsenal Football Club this season – not hunting for some female gossip like u

Mikel Anon

“how it will affect Santos as a player for Arsenal Football Club this season”

Are news sites supposed to spoonfeed you with conclusions that they themselves have not deduced? I thought news sites were supposed to report pressing matters (with or without bias is up to them).

You can read from the comments it was probably a first-time offence, and no property of any sort was damaged so the chances are a fine and a driving ban.

Getting angry this illogically makes you look very bad.

Mikel Anon

The problem is this wasn’t gossip, Andre Santos is being charged in a very factual way (by actually being factual) and we hear this from much more valid sources than The Sun, and so this has become much more worthy to report. You might as well bash Arseblog News for writing about Chamakh smoking shisha, which was also FACT. This isn’t mere tabloid fact, this pertains to the well-being of the player himself which I think a lot of Arsenal fans are concerned with. And anything crime / court-related in football is always going to be pretty big news. Examples:… Read more »


Since he’s an Arsenal player and a foreign player we’d better be prepared for them to throw the book at loveable Andre. If it were Rooney he’d never have been stopped.


this all because the away boys sang “he drives how he wants” at anfield.

worth it though


Not quite sure how he can have been weaving in and out of rush-hour traffic before the Sunderland game, which was on a Saturday


It was the day before, the Friday. But still, 130 through any traffic is ludicrously difficult – believe me



Love him as a player, but driving 130MPh is just not cool.
Hope for a suspended sentence and a proper fine, though…


It’s clear to me you don’t own a maserati. The ride comes brings in a needs for speed. Too bad he did it infront of a spud cop and around colney.

Can’t just be sittin there, gotta hit that shit 130 mph atleast once!

And b.t.w this is a problem for most footballers with their so called flashy sports cars.

Ear Lobe

Just not cool?… Bollox… Big swing… Driving at 130MPH on a motorway in a car like that, built for speed, with massive brakes, could have been and probably was perfectly safe. It was just at speeds “up to” that I’m sure… I bet most of us have done 100mph in our 12 year old Seat Toledo’s, with shite tyres and crap brakes on the motorway and been in complete control… Besides… He’s cool.


I think santos took what THE ROCK says a little bit too seriously.

Mr. Step off the brakes put your foot on the gas?

Midfield Corporal

Justice for the London Colney 1 !!!!!!!!!

Dolgion Ch.

How real is the possibility of him going to jail? Am I the only gay that’s actually worried we might lose our left wing backup player?


lets hope he doesnt drop the soap accidentally on purpose

Merlin's Panini

should have done the truffle shuffle. That would’ve got him out of it.


Reporting based on tweets? Why has arseblog news sunk to this?

Mikel Anon

Was Arseblog News even aiming to be the greatest Arsenal news website in the world?


Does it change the fact that Andre Santos was charged for dangerous driving and that other established sports news websites cover this story?'s-andre-santos-charged-with-dangerous-driving?cc=4716


Do you realize that stories that end up with the words ‘charging’ (or charge), ‘jail’, ‘football’, ‘player’ and ‘court’ breeds instant must-write status for so many sports news websites? Barton, Terry, Andre Santos off the top of my head.

Get off your high horse mate.

Mikel Anon

Also the problem with underestimating ‘tweets’ is that it will eventually sink out the valid sources on twitter. A crime correspondent for Sky on twitter is a decent source, and the charge is already official. Just because Twitter looks informal, doesn’t mean it contains shit news. I was fully convinced Pep Guardiola was not extending his contract a few hours before his press conference from a few trustworthy twitter accounts. They can be wrong, but then you just have to know their track record well. Just because Twitter is quick, and snappy does not mean it will always be a… Read more »


And RVP should be relieved of his driving licence, he’s a little boy now.


Let’s just hope to god he doesn’t go to jail, because who’ll be the cuddly fuck-up then? And we will have to sack him. Protocol really…


He drives how he wants.





You are now about to witness the strength of Santos:

Straight outta Colney! A crazy gay named Santos! From the gang named Gooners With Attitude!

Midfield Corporal

Good effort Parker, that showed some guts! Imagine if Dennis and Leslie Compton had be playing for us in the early 90’s, or Straight Outta Compton had been released in the 1930’s, they’d have had a ready made song for them.


Is it too soon to get some T-shirts made to show our support?


Make it with a cuddly bear driving a maserati in full speed, Looking all fuzzy. Santos wud appreciate that

Mikel Anon

Just get a plain shirt with a caption in the middle, in all caps, saying:

Andre Santos
He drives how he wants

Arsene's bottle of water

How can they sentence him when all he did was listen to the little boy within? He had to fucking well step on it, surely he wouldn’t want to disappoint the little boy?


He’s Brazilian so he’s extremely lucky the old bill didn’t just shoot him…..


what on earth does his player value and owning several vehicles have to do with ANYTHING!

Mikel Anon

It’s called informing the masses who might be ignorant of who this man, Andre Santos, is and what his significance is.

I think that’s really, really basic stuff that will always come up in articles.

i.e. “26-year-old hitman Blabla Bla” indicates he is 26 (nearing ‘peak age’, thus most valuable at this moment probably, hitman indicates how he plays)

Cygan's Anal Beads

I have it on good authority from someone quite high up in the boardroom that the reason Santos was speeding was because he realised Maccas was about to stop serving breakfast.


Well my pal was found guilty of an offence (drinking a minature bottle of brandy whilst sitting in his seat a drink that he bought at the emirates) he had his season ticket taken away by arsenal. i wonder how the club will deal with a player earning in excess of £2.5m a year committing an offence that could have easily killed others.

Glenn Helder

Big fine and ban.

Rest assured he won’t be going down for this. The silly sausage.


I like to imagine that as he was speeding along the road his face looked like it does in that photo at the top…


The last time we had a player go to prison we won the league. good omen I say!

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