Sunday, April 2, 2023

Wenger plays down talk of new deal

Arsene Wenger has reacted to suggestions that the club are set to offer him a new deal by saying he’s focused on winning the game against Southampton and that the time is not right to discuss such matters.

Earlier, chief exec Ivan Gazidis, spoke about keeping the manager beyond his current contract which expires in 2014, but Arsene was quick to play it down.

At his pre-Southampton press conference, he said, “I have two years to go. What is important for me is Southampton and I think I have shown my commitment to this club in the past.

“At the moment I am not in the mood to think about the long-term future. We want to do well this season, that’s all. I am an Arsenal man. I think I have always shown that. I have to consider if I do well or not. If I don’t do well, I have to consider my future.

“I have been at the club long enough to have confidence in the people I work with, but I will assess my own performances and then make a decision, at the moment we are not there.

“Two years is a long time in my job. I just want to do well for the club as long as I can and accept all the rest. I have to consider that at my age, you always have to assess if you have the fitness, the desire, the commitment that this job demands.”

All of which makes perfect sense and it’s clearly Wenger trying to shift the focus back onto the important stuff, the football, rather than contract talks which aren’t necessary for a good while yet.

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Gazidis sir, are you all talk and no actions?. Make haste on your offer, tie this fine proffesor down asap.

Norn Iron Gooner

hmmmmm, wait until may me thinks. Just an idea….

Norn Iron Gooner

Dont understand the thumbs down!?

I’m just being realistic, dont turn into (a parallel universe) le grove, ffs.


Chances of Arsene Wenger leaving arsenal anytime soon are probably same as ones of gazidis waking up to comb his hair tommorow morning.

Cygan's Left Foot

Ivan has more chance to comb him hair more than us wining ANYTHING as long as this man managing our great club.

But for you it is fine as long as Arsene still the manager.

Cygan's Left Foot



CLF – we all know your stance. You want Wenger out. You’ve made your point. That’s fine, it’s your opinion. Now let everyone else have an adult discussion.

Cygan's Left Foot


Let me talk to you with your logic….

Paddymac, we all know your stance. You are a happy loser, we established that and love Arsene a lot. You have made your point now can you let us people who KNOW football and can challenge with our football KNOWLEDGE this man and point out to someone like YOU why we haven’t won ANYTHING for 7 years!!!!.

Gooner Al

Cygan, You seem to be very good at calling everyone on here “Losers” and that you are a “Winner”. To be frank everyone is bored of your “Get Wenger Out” comments. He is here to stay…for now anyway. So far the season has started better than most of us expected considering RIP and Song fucked off. So why don’t you bore off into your negative hole. Part of me thinks you weren’t around to remember the days when we weren’t competing in the top for each year. Wenger changed our footballing style and gave us some of the greatest moments… Read more »

Hudson Hornet

Arsene is wise to wait. He knows 3 or 4 bad results can lead to ugly scenes very quickly. I think of Man Utd at home last season…

No rush, especially as I cant see him taking another job at this stage of his life.

the only sam is nelson

at least he’s not going to fuck off to manchester, wibbling about his inner fucking child or what have you

he’ll either quit, citing his inability to deliver the success he feels arsenal can achieve, or he’ll extend, and continue to win trophies

i hope it’s the latter, very much

Norn Iron Gooner

“he’ll either quit, citing his inability to deliver the success he feels arsenal can achieve, or he’ll extend”



What don’t you quit mate?


I desperately want Arsenal to be successful not just because I am a fan, but also for Arsene Wenger. Yes we should be doing more with our with our resources but don’t be ungrateful. Wenger has managed us through the craziest period in the game’s history. No other manager could have accomplished all that he has with heavy financial restrictions. Success is just around the corner. We need to keep faith in the team. And the manager. Arsene and Arsenal. I am glad we have him as our manager.


hear hear!


I already think he’s a legend but if he can build this team and prove the doubters wrong… what a legend. I’d name my first child after him.

Cygan's Left Foot

I think Arsene can only described as a fool, no other way around it. I will explain here and see if I have points or not…. If you have to fight a man that is bigger than you and you have the experience of fighting but he hasn’t!. Surely you would use all your tools to fight this big monster not go into the ring with him with your hand tied behind your back. That is exactly what Arsene is doing by not spending ALL THE MONEY AVAILABLE TO HIM. If he was wining trophies I would have excused him,… Read more »


Did your mom disown you for not getting first in class for 7 years?


“If you have to fight a man that is bigger than you and you have the experience of fighting but he hasn’t!”

Worst analogy ever?


It is obvious who is a fool here. Not Arsene!

Pong of the OxCoq

CLF… You should read Paddymac’s comment…. We know your stance…you are more than welcome to join in on an adult conversation however if you insist on swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool, you should check out LeGrove & Miles of shite Palmer…

Cygan's Left Foot

AP, What are you doing in a football forum??? Don’t you have to go on line and pick up those mummy jokes to impress your school friends??? Paddymac, Again, lets talk football and answer one question, shut me up boy. What do you think of Arsene not spending all the money that available to him??? Do you think our squad big/good enough to compete in four competitions????. Funny name, you are not worthy of an answer. Pong of the OxCuq, Did you come up with this name by yourself or did you win it in a competition, it is soooo… Read more »


I understand that you are frustrated. But don’t you think Arsene Wenger is too? Questions have to be asked about why we keep letting our best players go. I am sure it pisses off Arsene as well, not just us fans. But if you look at the 7 year drought as a whole, you can see that it is not as bad as people think it is. In 05-06 and 06-07 we were rebuilding the club and had moved into a new stadium. 07-08 Henry left and Arsenal’s young guns missed out on the title by only 4 points. And… Read more »


Cygan, You do know that even with all of our cash on hand, we are still £98 million in net debt (Cash-Gross Debt)? Also that our wage bill has grown every year since 2005 and is 55% of our total turnover? Yes, part of that is we have players on board who we could probably do without, and that goes along the lines of spending our resources more wisely-but not spending ALL of them. Seeing as how you seem to know much more than anyone else here about the finances of the club, you surely also know, as Arseblog has… Read more »


Oooh I feel a rasist in you Cygan, but even if you are one you are wrong. But stupid for sure!

roh top gun

Why don’t you block this moron, blogs??? this shit is getting really tired!!!


My only fear is a future statue of him might have the ugly long puffy coat. Never leave, boss!


I love the slug coat!! Mmm…winter


You know how wenger says I will buy someone next season then ends up buying no one.

I want him to say the same about his contract. “I will leave next summer, next summer comes and he still stays and so on and so forth till forever”

Do not keep your word regarding your leaving date, just keep on postponding it like rednose does!!


Can you imagine if Arsene was our next high profile departure…

Gillespie Road

Arsene Wenger is the best thing that’s ever happened to Arsenal FC. The day he leaves the club will be the saddest day in Arsenal history. The man is a genius and absolute class. And I’m speaking as a supporter since the late 1950’s. Those who blame him for the recent lack of trophies need to wake up and realise we are battling against clubs funded by those with limitless supplies of money. Now that the visionary move to the Emirates is beginning to pay off, we will be better able to compete, and to do so with pride in… Read more »

Nigerian gunner

Wenger ‘CAN’T’ leave arsenal! I can bet ma sper…… Well you know the rest…


as a representative of all CUNTS.can I announce wenger is bound to join us soon.


hurrah! !!


welcome home le professor


told you nasri.does Toure and Clichy know about this?

robbie kahlow

The man is class and Arsenal through and through. When we lose, its cuts him as much as the most ardent Gooner. He is right to hold off now and see how good this team becomes.


Good news about frimpong coming back to full training too. I’d love to see him get regular game time. He looked fantastic at the short stint at wolves

Borneo Gooner

A very wise reply from Le Boss. To take all the unnecessary attention on his contract issue which could affect the team morale. I’m glad that he said he’ll assess his own performance. I hope he’ll win few more trophies with us before he step down particularly the 1 he crave the most, Champions League. Then only we’ll have a great introduction and superb conclusion with him.


You cant after all spell Arsenal without Arsen-


Don’t let the door hit you on the arsen on the way out Wenger. they call him the professor but he’s no tactition or motivator. same shit week in week out, season in season out. the odds are he’ll be the first manager to get fired this season. three games in and some fans and some are saying Steve bould could replace him. ha ha ha : )

Merlin's Panini

by some fans do you mean you?


Doubt it, he’s clearly not a fan.


He’s a fuckn 5pur2. 🙂


Mmmmmmm…..the butterflies in my stomach are fluttering……the same pattern appears……..Pls Arsene, don’t do an RVP….

Little boys inside RVP

hey that’s my name!! i’ve never met anyone with the same name as me?!


Well hello then fellow zia_gooner!


It’s hilarious to see him talking like a player about his contract 😉 top man, I’d take him over any other manager every day of the week.


I have no doubt that without wenger we would be we’re liverpool are or worse. What manager can keep you top 4 with out a net spend. Most managers I see would spunk £60 mill+ and don’t even improve or saddle the club with shitter players and unable to afford anyone else ( see Liverpool again) Villa, spurs, Liverpool have spent alot more than we have and where are they? Tell me a manager who can do something on our budget? You could get Mourhino but he needs hundreds of millions he’s not a budget manager. At this moment in… Read more »


Sounds like rvp last season

Finsbury Park Gooner

Don’t get your knickers in a twist boys, Wenger’s been coy about every contract extension he’s signed at The Arsenal.


It warms my heart to see the majority of people realize what a great manager we have. He’s Billy Beane with titles, he’s one of the top top Premier League managers without the Scrooge McDuck money pile to bail him out. If I’m building a new club, he is the first name on my lineup. Some may say Ferguson, but I’d rather an astute measurer of talent AND a economist and scientist over drunken blowhard any day. Mr Wenger runs AFC with a business sense, but honestly- he is putting affairs in order. If anyone comes in to take over… Read more »

Dial Square

I get as frustrated as the rest of you gooners with Arsene, but, in the cold light of day (what ever that means) we should never let him go until he packs in the game. We will never be able to replace him and all he has done for the club and the day he clears his desk and leaves, Arsenal Football Club will be weaker for it.
On a similar note, i have no doubt that Arsene already knows who should replace him, a certain former Arsenal legend, dutch, played number 10….no not that cunt

Nuck Fasri

Spot on DS, to borrow Blog’s phrase “yes sometimes Arsene feels like a stubborn old goat, but he is our own goat”. Love you Arsene, please sign up!


Probably a little bit late to the conversation, but I’m in Japan so kinda expected really. Gooners from abroad can’t say the classic reasons why they support the club, like family, locality, watched them first etc, but many are just as dedicated and will passionately watch the games at stupid o’clock. For many (particularly in Japan) it is because of Arsene, and the way he runs the club. The values, the way we play for each other, no preening prima donnas. It’s inspiring. We all want the club to win and it is so intensely painful sometimes, but it’s the philosophy… Read more »


As another foreign supporter, I completely agree sir. Some of may have come for the cool name, or Bergkamp, or even Overmars; but we stay because of the class and style with which AFC is associated with.


Clearly Wenger is over 29, so he should only be offered a one year extension.

In all seriousness, though, this isn’t important until the season is up, and if Arsene wants to draw a line under his career and retire, we should let him. He’s earned some time off if he desires.

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