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Russia the last option for Arshavin and Chamakh

The transfer window may have closed for much of Europe last Friday, but for clubs in Russia deals can still be struck. It means that Andrey Arshavin and Marouane Chamakh could still leave the Emirates, but it’s looking increasingly likely they’ll hang around at the Emirates until at least January picking up pay cheques without seeing much on field action.

The evidence clearly suggests that neither man has a future at the Emirates and with Arsene Wenger recruiting the likes of Santi Cazorla, Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski it’s going to take a series of injuries before either man is called upon.

Despite playing an active part in pre-season, Chamakh has not even been on the bench this season, while our tubby Russian friend has had only 13 minutes of playing time in the opening game against Sunderland.

Of the pair, Arshavin looks, on paper, the more likely to seal a last-gasp move. Speculation has been rife throughout the summer that Zenit St Petersburg could seal a permanent deal for their former captain after a successful loan spell last term.

Nevertheless, in light of the Russian champions £64 million outlay on Hulk and Axel Witsel that now looks unlikely, although Anzhi Makhachkala and Dynamo Moscow have also been tipped to offer the 31-year-old a contract. He has one year left on the deal he signed with Arsenal in 2009 meaning Ivan Gazidis could conceivably recoup a fee in the region of £4-5 million, although you wouldn’t be surprised if it were less.

Istanbul had looked like a possible destination for Chamakh, but with the Turkish transfer window closing last night, it appears Besiktas opted against making an official offer for the 28-year-old. It remains to be seen whether he piques the interest of any desperate Russian sides.

If transfers for the duo are to take place in the coming 36 hours, they’ll not be hampered by international duty. Despite facing important World Cup qualification fixtures, the duo have not been selected by their respective countries.

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Tenacious Defence

It’s all a bit sad for the two players. Hope they can find someone to take them, and get back to enjoying playing football again.


Shame how these transfers turned out. When we signed Arshavin it was a real coup and changed our 08-09 season, and bringing in Chamakh on a free looked like a stroke of genius after the start he made. Hopefully if one or both end up staying for this season and get a chance, they’ll find some form and confidence again; if not, good luck to them wherever they end up. On a more positive note I think our recent transfer activity shows that Wenger is placing a lot more importance on players having the right mentality and work ethic as… Read more »


One word: LAD.


I find the title of the article a bit disturbing because, clearly, we can still sell our players to Costa Rica (Deportivo Saprissa anyone?) or New Zealand.

I agree though that our squad isn’t the biggest one. I wouldn’t mind keeping the Arsh.


Arsenal NZ

Mate we’d love Stuart Little at the Wellington Phoenix!
Pity he’s a bit out of the price range…


get some money for them. Reinvest it and bring one quality player to the squad. How about a cheeky bid for Fabregas? We can use the money for Song too. Fabregas-Cazorla-Arteta. An all Spanish midfield to rival Barcelona! Ok I’m just randomly getting my hopes up


and to think the tape recorder would stop on september 1st. *sigh*


According to swedish newspaper Aftonbaldet and the british Metro, Arsenal are prepared to let Arshavin go to CSKA Moscow for free.

Not shure that’s a good thing. But perhaps the least bad thing.


Is that one of those newspapers that pull up stories from their fucking arses?. I think yes.


Yes, it is. Aftonbladet is well known for producing high quality shite.


We should keep one of them. I think we could use the depth.

Mach III

Arshavin is an amazing footballer. He is no Winger though, but with our new system there is a place for him. If we had to rest Podolski, or Santi, I think he would do quite well in the CAM or LM role.

As for Chamakh. He’s behind quite a few. I’d rather play Walcott up front.


But neither is Podolski, but have you seen how he’s working his socks off, drifting infield, being available for short passes from the middle? Arshavin could very well do the same but he’s not very flexible in that regard. Besides that he’s played the same role from the wing for Russia, too. So I don’t really see a problem there in principle.

Mach III

Poldi plays LM, Arshavin would be more adapted in this system as a LM than he was last year as a LW. He does not have the pace that he used to have to play as a Wing.

I think the new system in place is much more structured than it was last year, and he could have a more tactical role in the team.


Cant we just cancel their contract and tell them to bugger off?


Can your work cancel your contract and tell you to bugger off?

Dr Baptiste

Maybe his can


he probably doesnt work


Mine can.

Dr Baptiste

Your work can’t cancel your contract and tell you to bugger off without leaving themselves open for legal action.

Dr Baptiste

No, you can only terminate the contract if the decision is mutual.

Mach III

Yes, but they would have to pay a hefty fee. Better to just keep them at the club.. At least they make our other players look good 🙂


Slap yourself in the face.


A round of ironical applause for that.


Wow no one can take a joke on this site… if id gone into detail what I meant was one option could be to cancel their contract and give them a pay off maybe saving £1/2m in wages and not upsetting the dressing room through discontent.


Please. No.

The benches, they look soo cold in Russia.

Dr Baptiste

Go on now go
Walk out the door
Just turn around now
’cause you’re not scoring anymore


Would it make sense to sell either, even if both aren’t really automatic starters? Chamakh is the only recognized CF apart from Giroud in the squad, and although Podolski can play there, it’s evident he’s yet to get accustomed to the position. For our wide positions, we currently have Podolski, Walcott, Ox, Gervinho, and maybe Cazorla (to accommodate Jack or Tomas in midfield). Needless to say, most of them are pretty direct attackers and not really crafty in their build up play. Wenger said after the Sunderland game that playing three forwards didn’t work out (Giroud Walcott Gervinho). If that’s… Read more »

Yeah right

Giroud, Podolski, Walcott. Three strikers for 50 games? No, I really do think we need Chamakh. Am i missing something?

Mach III

I’d rather play Akpom than Chamakh


I would rather play a pom-pom than chamakh


Akpom plays really good this season but I haven’t seen his name at the official list for PL. I know he is only 16 but is he allowed to play in the League?


Players under the age of 21 do not have to be registered on the PL squad list, but can still play.

arsene's bottle of water

Arshavin is still quite good on the ball. With the form Gervinho has shown lately, I’d pick the Russian any time.
His problem is defending. You will never see him do what Podolski did last weekend, covering the left back.


“Arshavin is still quite good on the ball.”

Yes, if only we could rely on the opposition’s ‘keeper to throw it to him in every game…..


already short on players i dont see us selling them.
just curious how come zenit spend so much on hulk and witsel and not ready to shell out on andrei, he is a idol in zenit.


I’m in support of keeping them. WHen we get to February – April and we’ve been hit by injuries/suspensions(inevitable for all clubs) and we are in the Champion’s League, we’ll need all the extra legs we can get. Remember the loss at Barca after the 2-2 draw at home? We lost because of a lack of squad depth. Our almost comeback against AC Milan last season? Same thing. It’s something that we need to do as a big club, a player might be unhappy but he may be needed during the season and Arshavin looks like he may be able… Read more »


we should have got rid of Chamakh and signed another better backup striker


er …. yes ….


Insight. Foresight. The clock on the wall reads a quarter past midnight.

big black clock

If Arshavin leaves, then this will be a breakout year for Gnabry.

If Chamakh leaves, then Walcott will finally realize his childhood dreams of playing in the centre. At least until we (presumably) buy another striker in January.

There you go, positives.


not great fan of Chamakh but it would be crazy to have only Giroud and Poldi as striking options..

Igor Stepanov

Keep arshavin


My hairy arse.

Dave Gooner

I must say I would wish both well if they found a club where they could get more time on the pitch.

But I’d certainly be happy to see AA stay, and come on from the bench regularly. He has something special, and we have all seen it many times. Just not enough of it, and not recently.

Marouane I think has lost his confidence with us, so I’d say a move would be the best thing for him and us.

big black clock

Still think we should keep Chamakh though. In case the Walcott experiment takes long to produce results.

Arshavin is not in Wenger’s plans it seems, so he is prolly off to be reunited with his favourite Russian delicacies.

Park's left bollock

the chamakh experiment also seems to be taking its time.

gooner from bangladesh

Chamakh scored loads when he played regularly. Its just he’s sucks as an impact sub. I say we keep him till January and give him a run in the cup games, and if he still sucks, we offload him.

gooner from bangladesh

he sucks*


Our squad just isn’t deep enough to be able to
Let both go.

big black clock

Our new system requires our wingers to do a lot more defending in our end of the pitch, like how we saw Poldi and the Ox becoming temporary full backs against the mudmashers.

Will Arshavin be willing to do that? Depends on his mood.


Our new system doesnt use wingers!

we are now playing 4132. with the full backs providing the width. podolski has now pushed up alongside giroud and arteta has dropped back to the dm role. Theo and gervinho are now the first choice back up strikers with chamakh next in line. i cant wait till we get everyone fit……if we ever get everyone fit.

sagna mertesacker vermaelen gibbs
wilshire diaby cazorla
giroud podolski


I read something like arsenal are ready to release arshavin and let him sign for anyone. Most reasonably if you consider his off the roog wages and the condescending effort he puts in on the pitch.

Would arsenal really do this to arshavin when we have someone like squillaci still on our ranks.


Arshavin could have been what Carzola is now. If he could have been arsed to work hard and keep fit.


Fully agree with you Matt. Arshavin’s issue isn’t one of ability, its just attitude. I would love to have the Arshavin that put 4 past Liverpool but that Arshavin seems long gone. We now have Arshavin 2.0, bloated, and lazy. Even when playing for Russia in the Euro’s, he was a lazy little shite despite a few eye catching assists. He a bit like Berbatov – an asset when you have the ball but a liability when you’re trying to win it back.


Does anyone really think Arsenal are about to get rid of Arshavin and/or Chamakh

(a) When they’ve just had their names cemented in the ’25-man’ squad sheets for the Premier League and UEFA Champions’ League.

and …

(b) When our forward line consists of just three players plus a grumpy Theo plus Alex O-C.

Not a snowflake’s chance in Aruba.

Wenger's troll face

You must be new

Dean '67

In other totally unrelated news, juve tell bendtner he’s too fucking fat to play. I wish him all the best there but this is certainly no way to start.


For sure, we should keep Arshavin. As he showed last season, he is capable of coming off the bench and doing something special.

Chamakh is just a complete waste of space and should be told to fuck off – anywhere will do. And take his pipe with him.


Nah, they both suck. Drop em both now and get on with it. This is the new wenger, no more fuckin about.

Merlin's Panini

I would keep both of them on and let them go in January or at the end of the season.
Sure they have their faults but we’re a little light up top if injuries come in to play.
They could still be used in the cups to keep our A players rested and provide some kind of experience for the youngsters.
Arshavin is still a decent option on the bench, for me. He huffs and puffs when he starts games but can be a good option against tiring opposition.
Chamakh…er…well… he did alright at first didn’t he?

Jim Chimney

Changing the subject slightly (completely), anyone think Wenger is giving Walcott a taste of what it would mean if he was to get his wish and play as CF?


Seriously, the way that Walcott is being treated is strange. Wenger apparently wanted him so much that he was prepared to let him slip into this season without signing a new contract, leaving all the cards in Theo’s hands. But now it looks like Walcott is being showed that he is no longer the first choice for the right side of midfield. And he isn’t even being subbed on. If Wenger now feels that the Ox is a better option then why didn’t he just sell Walcott in the transfer window? How can he justify having just offered 75k a… Read more »


Lolcott won’t even be that much better as a striker.If only we could do a swap deal for Ben Arfa in January

Dean '67

it was theo wallet and now lolcott?


Possibly we need some cover just in case we have injuries. Also, he probably would not want Walcott at Chelsea or Liverpool, enhancing their squad and running rings around our back four. Possibly he will sell Walcott overseas, or to Chelsea/ManC in January when he can no longer play in the Champions League for another team. Another plus is that prices in January are very silly too! The grapevine has it the the impass between Walcott and the club isnt salary and it isnt that he wants to be TGSTEL 2.0 I’ve scratched my head a lot and I cant… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Why pay X amount now when you can get him next summer for free? Wenger may have wanted or even tried to sell him but no club was willing to bid because of this.


Dr Baps (what a name, ehh) there will be many clubs that would link this seasons fortunes upon the January signing of a player like Walcott. Liverpool for example would rather not wait for a free for all next summer and go for Theo in January. The fact that he wouldnt be eleglible for the Champions league wouldnt bother them. Alsio Chelski – they need to finishin the top four. It would be humiliating for their oligarch if they didnt. They would splash the cash. The January tranfser window is not about common sense, its more about wealth. There are… Read more »


Didn’t we buy arshavin in January ?

Dr Baptiste

MAllen, surely then the price will be even lower for a player that only has 6 months left on his contract and can leave on a bosman. Even if Liverpool/City/Chelsea did bid for him in January, the amount they pay would be less than the transfer window just gone. Walcott and Wenger may have spoken with Arsene just telling him that no clubs want to pay for him. It’s seems like deja vu from the RvP transfer saga: Agent says to his client not to sign as there will be loads of clubs to choose from, all fighting to sign… Read more »


well, it could be worse
out of the 4 ‘forwards’ we’ve been able to loan out bendtner and park.
i’d rather be stuck with arsh and cham than the other 2


Realistically Bendtner is better than Chamakh. He scored some really important goals in the stretches we’ve relied on him and I’d be willing to keep him as third choice striker if he had the attitude.


Problem is that Bendy has the capacity to be great sometimes and pants when he’s most needed. Combine that with the attitude of a bellend and making his position untenable by sulking.


Of the 2 Chamakh is more likely to stay I think. AA23 at least has the hope that he’s Russian and somewhat of a national hero to them. Even if he doesn’t play much. I can see a club offering us 3-4 million for him. It may not be Zenit but at least he’d play and be back in Mother Russia. Chamakh would obviously be our last choice striker to come on in the even that we needed an attacking threat (and I use that term very very loosely) in the air. Since we let Park and Bendtner go it… Read more »


Let’s all enjoy this laugh.
Operator: “911 please hold.” Me: “Stop
murdering me for a sec, we’re on hold.”
Murderer: “K.”

Dr Baptiste

Can you let us all know when the laugh is coming?


I think I’ll enjoy this tumbleweed instead.

Eric Irish gunner

What the fuck is that all about


Her: breasts or legs? Me: actually I perfer
pussy Her: sir…this is KFC and you’re
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Keep Chamakh, what’s the harm. What if Giroud twangs his hammy for France? Then you need backup even if it is Chamakh,

I still envy Arsenal’s situation when you look at Liverpool for instance and their striking options!


Hmmmm! Just imagine how some of you are dissing Chamack. What is his crime. The guy was doing a good job till the ‘cold hands of bench’ caugth up with him just to allow ‘Judas’ RIP to play. I guess when he finaly leaves he have earn the rigth to call some you guys CUNTS.. Now let the thumb downs rain..

gooner from bangladesh

I know right. it’s the bench issue that has to do with his bad performance. Fans talk about players’ loyalty, where’s yours? Get behind the player and the team goddammit. It could be worse, He could’ve been like Nicky B.


I agree, I’ve always thought he should be given more of a chance. People say “oooh 2 goals in 20 months” but you have to look at the total amount of time he’s played. Last season he came on in the last 10 mins a few times…. What’s he supposed to do with that? Change the game? How many players come on in the last 5-10 mins and make immediate impacts? And how many thought Chamakh was that type of player?


It’s only 3 games into the season and we don’t have a “system”. We’re a fluid team this year that will lineup according to the opposition. Wenger played with that 4-2-3-1 to counter BR’s Liverpool because of how he played with Swansea last season and it worked. You’re not always going to see Gerv & Walcott on the bench, it’s going to depend on who we play – so this conversation about where Arshavin will “fit in” is moot – he’s played with us for three years and he’s a good, talented footballer so he can adapt if he stays.… Read more »


The player in the middle is maybe returning?! Check spanish press!


the duo have not been selected by their respective countries

I do hope you didn’t base this on the rather unreliable international player watch from .con, heh? 😉

Chamakh DID get called up, but pulled out today because of ‘illness’.!/news/2012/09/05/193832_barrada-remplace-chamakh.html


It really is a shame for these two, who were great for us when they were first signed.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Well, at this point don’t we kind of have to hold onto them because we can’t get replacements? Like it or not, they’re our depth and losing both of them might leave us a player short. Maybe someone like Gnabry could take Arshavin’s spot, but Chamakh is our third choice striker still!

Nigerian gunner

Is tom cruise an actor?


Um no, he’s a footballer with F.C kitchee!

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