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Bordeaux offer Chamakh return option

He may not be returning the phone calls of his national team boss, but if Marouane Chamakh gets round to turning on his phone he may well find he has a few text messages from Bordeaux president Jean-Louis Triaud.

Despite leaving the Stade Chaban Delmas a couple of years ago on a free transfer, the Moroccan striker, having helped Les Girondins to the Ligue 1 title in 2008/09, appears to have a free pass to return to the club whenever he feels…presumably if he takes a pay cut.

Chatting to the French media about the 28-year-old, Triaud, who is often quizzed about Chamakh as if he were the father of a prodigal son, responded:

“Chamakh knows he can return to Bordeaux whenever he wants. But he is happy in London.

“Even when he’s on the score sheet the media don’t speak to him. He asks nothing. They are both things that escape me.

“In December last year, I sent a message to him [Chamakh] and told him if it’s shit in London, he can come back. That message still stands.

Triaud and Chamakh obviously have a close relationship and for the latter’s sake it’s good that there are still figures in the game who firmly believe in his footballing ability. Given that he failed to secure a loan move in the summer and now barely makes the bench at the Emirates you can’t help but think a return ‘home’ would help kick-start his career.

Of course, as Manuel Almunia admitted recently it’s not always easy to walk away from a lucrative contract, even if that means twiddling thumbs for a couple of years.


Cheers to @SiuFay for the heads up on this. Always worth a follow.

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I’d stay if I was on that kind of money :/


Gotta report this Triad guy to FIFA. This is a serious case of tapping up.


Cue Bordeaux’s captain saying in the locals “Marian has Bordeaux DNA”.

big dawg

Marian? Who’s she?

Riberys Studs

He doesn’t even look a shadow of what he once was…

Why can he not regain this?

Bob Smith

He really ought to take the offer if it’s there on the table, sometimes it doesn’t work out when you move clubs, he wouldn’t be first to head back to his old club after a bad spell.




Since Giroud found his feet, let’s start him for the cup games? I still have some little hope that he might start scoring.

I suppose I’m being too optimistic. Err..well, he’s still our player, and I’m always behind the team 😀


Start who? Giroud or Chamakh?




Isn’t Theo getting a run up front in the cup games? He does want to be a striker after all.


How I would love to sign the Chamakh song again. Its a silly song but is it really fun!


Arsenal should consider sharing his wages to move him on and create space for a more productive striker.


honestly if we could’ve gotten a work permit for Joel Campbell I think Chamakh would be given permission to leave free.

Some players are just happy to have a huge paycheck to do nothing. He obviously isn’t worried about a spot on his national team or he’d have tried like hell to leave in the summer.

Sol Goodman

As Samuel L Jackson said in Jackie Brown

“smokin that shit gonna rob you of yo ambition”


Chamakh is a beast, when infront of goal nothing can stop this fella from finding the back of the net. After his goal against wolverhampton, oh boy I can’t wait for next weekend. I’m sure he’ll definetly hit another………. ..oops wrong season!


Why can’t we just offer him a payoff to leave? It saves us money in the long run if we don’t have to pay his full wages for more years while he sits idle wasting time and smoking hookahs. We seriously need to cut our losses on this one.

Podolski's left leg

He could be used in the cup and under 21 league. That way our real players get to rest. Isn’t that strength-in-depth is all about?

Dave Gooner

I hope he goes, and I wish him well if he does.


Good luck 2 him

Dr Baptiste

The link is an email path rather than an actual website

Dr Baptiste

Unless I copy and paste it into the address bar myself (maybe it’s just me and my old crappy laptop….)


You’re the old one.

Dr Baptiste

Well that’s not very nice is it?


His first goal against AC Milan in the emirates cup made us thought we had a real striker here where he just let the ball roll and slide it past the keeper and did well at the start then came moments missing the goal from six yard box i dont how many time have i seen him miss from six yard.
Anyways why did he turn down his national team?


Do we have a reserve striker? I believe Chams said he’ll stay and fight for his place if v.pussy leaves…nw he’s gone so I’ll rather Chams stays as back up on the bench!

Midfield Corporal

The morality tale here is not to get involved in Las Vegas orgies with Swedish blokes who then try and blackmail you. I used to think that was gel making his hair look like that, but if the rumours are true it’s probably something more ‘natural’.


Betcha a million francs that he doesn’t go. Why actually play football when you can get a fortune for smoking a shisha pipe and shagging your way through the best talent in west London?


Amen to that. Can you really. Lame him though? I mean, you only live once and it’s not like he’s pele. I’d be cashing the checks if I was him. It’s not his fault. He didn’t offer himself that fat contract. We should have bought a real striker for actual money, instead of a freebee


In other news, apparently Mikael Silvestre is training with his “old pals” at United and looking for a club.

Any chance we could buy him again? I’d think we should probably pay more this time because he’s more experienced now, obviously.


The next morning headlines “Chamakh shines then smokes”. Refeering to the sheesha session he had after the game!





Oh i’m sorry are we doing voices now?

Arty's Art

When he’s on the scoresheet?


Any one of the kids from the photo of the 99 kids with Booby Moore would be a better option than Silvestre. (regardless of those kids’ current age, which is somehow probably a younger age than what Silvestre is)


Off topic. Mr Arseblog himself wrote a paragraph in the London Evening Standard this evening about his views on international football. I agree with your views blogs that were very politely written against the international game as generally it is much inferior to club football and especially champions league football. Plus the fear of top players getting injured whilst playing for their clubs. In summary I love football in general but international football is mostly very fucking boring and a definite nuisance during the regular season but me airing my views isn’t going to change anything so I guess we… Read more »

frank emerson

I feel a it sorry for him to be honest. Wenger has shattered his confidence. He was never a prolific scorer anyway. Should he leave for game time ? Yes. Would most of us do an Almunia and sit on a fat contract ? Damn right. And that’s Wengers fault.


Blogs, the 1st link opens up microsoft outlook for me.


I feel a little sorry for the guy as he was discarded before he had a chance to adapt. But life isn’t always fair is it. The bottom line is we are Arsenal and we want the best and he ain’t it.

Naija Gunner

It’s better he leaves, even if he’s cashing the cheques for doing nothing.

Imaging a whole club still wanting his services after leaving them?!


England is playing like shiiiiiit. But gladly chambo is standing out. Talented OX!


Chambo just chipped in a brilliant goal. I love this kid and he’s the only reason i’m even watching this game.

Die Hard Gunner

Check out what Wenger has to say about the text here




It would be good to get his wages off the wage bill. The one thing I will say, however, is if a) Giroud starts tearing it up and we start building the team with him in mind and b) Chamakh finds some sort of form, then Chamakh is a good backup for Giroud in that scenario. Rather than putting Poldi, Gervinho or someone into a role that does not suit them (because the team needs the Giroud-type player there). It’s a big “if” and I really don’t see Wenger building this team around one player. But never write a player… Read more »

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[…] story that Bordeaux would welcome back Marouane Chamakh if he had a mind to leave London. Which, according to their president, he […]


A man entered a local paper’s pun contest. He sent in ten puns hoping one of the puns would win but unfortunately, no pun in ten did.


you should be punished


Arsene Wenger has a history of destroying strikers–next on the list is Giroud,beware!Why Carlos Vela was sold is something beyond reason,he is far better than Giroud and Chamakh combined.Henry Lansburry was sold while we drag Ramsey liability.This manager is sh*t!

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