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Sagna makes comeback in U21s win

Bacary Sagna played for an hour tonight as Arsenal’s U21s beat Reading 2-0 at Barnet.

Although he’s clearly not under 21, it is permitted to play up to three overage players in the U21 side, and the French international saw his first action since a broken leg forced him out of the Norwich game at the end of last season.

On the other side of the defence, Andre Santos also played while Francis Coquelin, Jack Wilshere and Emmanuel Frimpong made it a strong Gunners side.

The goals came from youngsters Serge Gnabry and Chuba Akpom, but, despite his near constant search for the next youngster he can break into the first team, the watching Arsenal Wenger will have had more of an eye on his senior players this evening.

Jack Wilshere played for just over 70 minutes as he continued his search for match fitness ahead of a first team return, while Frimpong, Santos and Coquelin played the full 90 minutes.

Whether or not tonight’s appearance is enough for Arsene Wenger to consider Sagna for the next Premier League game (ironically against Norwich) remains to be seen, but the manager will surely be able to bolster his squad sooner rather than later.

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Looks like Sagna’s hair needs a fresh bleaching. Anyway, excited that he and Jack are so close to being back!

Right Back pundit

it would be a real shame to see Jenkinson dropped just cause Sagna is fit. Let him play I say. He’s been fuckn’ excellent.


I say bring back Sagna! Whilst Jenkinson has been absolutely brilliant and we all love him because he’s a real gooner, he still has plenty to learn and he needs to keep on his toes. Putting him on the bench would keep him grounded much like the Ox was last year. I think the Ox will become one of the best one day because the kid really has his head screwed on right, allowing him to become the player he has the potential to. Too commonly I think we’ve let our youngsters get ahead of themselves ie cough *theo* cough.… Read more »


Get well soon Wilshere and Sagna.


and Frimpong. :/


Can’t believe we still have Wilshere, Sagna, Diaby and Rosicky out of the team due to injuries. Wengers head must be exploding when they’re back and match fit…


Hopefully Rosicky comes back as brightly as he came back last year. When he’s on top of his game he’ll challenge Cazorla more seriously than anyone else in the squad.


Didnt start on Sunday

sagna djourou koscielny santos
wilshire coquelin
chamberlain diaby rosicky

fabianski squillaci miquel frimpong arshavin gnabry.chamakh

this arsenal squad finally has depth


gibbs out too 🙁

Midfield Corporal

Why do all our youngsters names look like someone’s just picked up a load of random scrabble letters.


Yeah… we probably could do with buying a vowel or two.


Yeah i guess u hv 2 hv a name without vowels 2 b admitted at arsenal academy


Just the one.
Two vowels would get you a red card…..


It’ll be interesting to see how the Sagna saga (sounds like a pasta dish) plays out. Here’s hoping he signs.

Lukas' Winning Smile


On a serious note, this is great news, even with Carl’s burgeoning talent there’s no doubt in my mind that Bac’s the best RB in the PL. We suddenly seem to have depth all over the park (bar possibly GK) and this season is looking bright.

Anyone heard any news on Gibbs’ injury or was his substitution just precautionary?


Yes precautionary so that he can be fully fit for the England game that wenger nor I don’t give two shits about. Please, Gibbs had a thigh strain.

Lukas' Winning Smile

Lec, why don’t you suck my Coq?


This is no way for a sane human being to reply. What has the arseblog come to?


Very soon it will happen… Jack, Arteta and Cazorla on at the same time. Honestly, that´s just as good as Xavi, Iniesta and Cesc.

Mach III

It’s different. It is a different dimension of attack. Not the same.

A Denilson Risky Pass

“Arsenal Wenger”
It is awesome that we can make this typo.

Can UTD fans ever make the mistake of writing Manchester Scumface, or Fuckface UTD? No they can’t and that, my friends, is what makes supproting ARSENE FC so special.

Philip kpae

Gud news


U suk at spelin


rosicky should have played to get Match fitness.can’t wait for him to be back


Rosicky hasn’t started training with the first team yet. About 2-3 weeks away so couldn’t have featured in this U21 game.


Imposter sighted. ^^^^^^^^^^^^


Sorry vcc. That was aimed at the turd posting as fatgooner.


Sagnas stats go like this……BEAST!!


Ironically? No, just incidentally.


Fingers crossed, everyone returns from the internationals injury free.


wilshire to come on for ramsey 60min on old trafford.. Scores and assits.. lovely stuff.. Sagna to cross for Giroud, that’s always in the most dangerous spot at the time of any cross..!!


*and a side note.. We shouldn’t change our formation to suite our over-whelming midfield talent we have this season.. Rather use our subs Effectively.. And if all our players we have now are injure free for any amount of time in the season.. We will have 1 of the most enviable teams structured in europe.. Crisis losing players..? What players..? WHAT CRISIS..?


Wow we are going to have 4 fullbacks fit for the first time in how long? fingers crossed! And a midfield packed with quality, what is going on how has Mr.Wenger done this without us noteicing. Dont you just love all these LANS before January.

Fairly recent Gooner

Sorry, LANS? What does this stand for?


Like A New Signing, you may experiences more of it since you are recent arse.


Get Sagna and Gibbs to work on their cross delivery and this will only work to girouds and eventually arsenals benefit. Chamberlains crosses, I think he tries to hard, walcott just crosses un way too early for everyone. Santos never comes off the bench so I dont know. Our best crosser jenks seeing as sagna is back will have much time to interact with the bench. So Sagna better improve.


I’m a PLAN(player left at nowwhere)


I’m just curious as to how long you intend to carry on with this charade? I mean, I guess at first it was slightly funny, but now…. Meh, it’s gone the way of the santos gay jokes.


As long as I’m in these colours ribbit boy


You may want to see someone about these delusions mate. It’s not healthy.


It would be harsh to replace a very solid Carl Jenkinson lets give sagna time to get fully macth fit, then see where we are


Correct. We are in the unaccustomedly luxurious position of not needing to rush a top player back into action and we should exploit that.


Isn’t it odd that the the human mind doesn’t register the the fact that “the” was used twice each time in this sentence?


What the fuck fuck is this comment doing here?


It’s just sitting there I believe.


We need him back in the team asap, just to boost his transfer fee when he gets sold at the end of this season

Lagos Gunners

Oh wow. Who peed in YOUR cereal this morning?


Sad but true.


Sad but true……seems like wenger has got a new adviser in transfers, pat rice OUT, kermit the frog IN!

Gunsen Gunner

It’ll be interesting to see Sagna’s role in our team these coming months.Especially with his recent critical comments about our transfer policy and publicly standing by them when asked by the club.Isn’t he another who will have only a year to go at the end of the season? Although I’d like to think better of Bac, we’ve been bitten too many times and i for one don’t have the patience for any stalling(IF it occurs because it’s happened before) and i’m glad Arsene feels the same with his new-found ruthlessness. I’d love for Bac to sign for the next 5… Read more »


Was at the game.Arsenal really pushed on in the 2nd half,after a mediocre 1st half.Gnabry really stood out.


Our team is deep enough. Don’t think to sell Sagna. When Carl get injured, right wing will be vurnerable when Bacman get the same.

Hahhahaaa.. I love this sight!! And the banta!! Anyways hope we get all our players fit and contending for 1st team action!! #AFC4Life



Dictionary for the kid please.

Team Spirit

Haha. I’d also like to add- hashtags don’t work on this site. You twit.


Arsenal mid field .. Arteta ,wilshere cazorla ,podolski,Rosciky.


You really can’t put the sword against Wenger’s neck for not being overactive in the transfer window. With Sagna, Diaby, Wilshere, Rocisky, Frimpong all making the return trip from InjuryTopia; the team can only be better


Unfortunately it seems that Diaby still has his season ticket for the return journey to InjuryTopia.


Maybe bould has had a word. Right wenger sell this waste of space or else. That’s why song was gone before we blinked

Absentia Rose

I think Wenger should give a chance for Gnabry at champions league. Could be as effective as the Ox last year. Just a thought.

[…] on his way back is Bacary Sagna who played for an hour for the U21s last night as they beat Reading 2-0 at Barnet. The U21s name has confused people but […]


Ever have sex while camping? It’s fucking
in tents!



i dont know what foot i use

Really…… come on buddy you can do better than this……..or maybe you can’t *food for thought*


Complete off topic but check this out.. Cracked me up. Especially the last two paragraphs

[…]  来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Team Spirit

Not really post-related this, but has anyone else stopped to realize that the future of the England national team will be based on the Arsenal’s youth?

I mean… Theo, Chamberlain, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Gibbs…

Jekns and Gibbs will eventually be 1st team starters, Wilshere is the best midfielder England have… With Theo and the Ox both being quite versatile.

Exciting times.


some former liverpool bloke will be coaching those players at international level.. So sad..

i dont know what foot i use

what exactly is exciting about that?………… simply means we’ll have a lot of players to worry about in meaningless friendlies. and don’t tell me it means they are very good (arteta and carzola).

[…] 昨晚U21青年队2-0击败雷丁的比赛在巴内特主场举行,正在恢复的队花上场踢了一个小时。其实,U21这个名字是忽悠人的,每场比赛最多允许三名超龄球员参赛。而U21其实是预备队的另一个名字,很多俱乐部都会派上刚刚伤愈的球员练练。萨尼亚要找找比赛的状态,因此登场。吉布斯上周六对阵铁锤帮的时候大腿肌肉拉伤,随后又被招入英格兰国家队,所以我很高兴看到如花安安稳稳地踢下了一整场比赛。 […]

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