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Giroud reveals goal target to French press

Olivier Giroud says he’s pleased to have bagged his first Premier League goal and hinted that he’s set himself a target of twelve goals for the season.

The French international led the fightback against West Ham United with a clinical first half volley from inside the six yard box and a late assist for Theo Walcott to cap off his best performance in an Arsenal shirt so far.

Speaking after the game Giroud told Canal + that he was pleased to have broken his duck, while outlining his desire to match the goal tally he achieved in his first year at former club Montpellier.

“Seeing the ball in the net is something I expected. I am now baptized and I hope there will be many more.

“I expected it to be difficult at first because the Premier League is a level higher and I’ve had to adapt.

“Against Chelsea, I did the right thing, but [Petr] Cech did well and I was not far away; ‘close’ as they say here. It’s nice to have scored my first goal, that will give me a lot of confidence for the future.

“I feel good about this team and I am confident that I will score more goals. Why not a dozen like in my first season at Montpellier?”

While twelve goals may sound a conservative total for a striker at Arsenal, the way the attacking duties are being shared around the team at the moment suggests that several others will also be looking to match such a feat. Of course, if Giroud continues to muscle his way around the pitch like he did at Upton Park there’s a good chance he could score even more.

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2 goals, 4 assists. What’s the issue again?

Per Mertescaker



Rest van peace is histrory.
Giroud is now the real deal.


Infact RVP hit 30 goals after his arrival from feyenood, also that henry bloke on his first season with us from another league hit what? 30 goals. So giroud should too. Clown!

mike lowery

Rvp, scored 30! But after 6.5yrs of injuries

Poliver Girolski

@ Heh

It took RVP 3 season with us to break 12 goals, In his first season he had 41 appearences and 10 goals, Henry hit 26 in his first season with us with 47 appearances.


It took Purse-strings his first three seasons to accumulate 30 goals.
But looks like he will get around that again this season with United.
Still Fuming that we let him go to them!


Van Persie is dead to us!


Save some stories for the interlull. A story a day keeps the interlulliness away!


Read that again people.

Sarcasm alert!!!.


i hope he continues to play like he has already. Reminds me of Malcolm MacDonald in the 70’s. Big strong and takes no shit.
I would love him to emulate Wrighty’s scoring tally.


Only thing SuperMalc was super super fast – and a super striker .


Tbh I do understand him, never really prudent to set a higher than attainable goal target for yourself then perhaps fall short of it. Just gives the media something to bash you about. Aim for the 12 goals then bam 20 goals!.

Girrrrrrouuuud….i need the commentators to say this more often.


It’s pretty arbitrary however you cut it. He could sore 30, with hat-tricks against relegation candidates and then bottle great chances in 0-0 games. If he keeps doing what he’s doing I’ll be happy. If the goals come along alittle more often, I’ll be ecstatic.


Lets also remember that a certain Chamachk set himself a first season goal target too – of 20 goals. Didn’t quite get there, as we all know…

12 seems decent to me.


that’s about what I was thinking… anything between 10-15 goals…


i just love how reasonable he seems. 12 goals would be just fine for me, seeing his goals to assists ratio is 1:2. his biggest asset is seemingly the ability to hold up the play and/or take it down, just before unleashing one of those crucial passes. shows you a modern target man does not necessarily have to be judged on goals.


And his off the ball runs that pull defences out of shape to open up gaps for Podolski, Santi and Theo to exploit


Oh my god, his sexiness is only match by his runs.
Brb, need a cold shower!


…..and what number is on his shirt?


I had 2 dreams last, one was about a cop throwing my dyson handheld hoover over a cliff. The other was a flick on from giroud at old trafford leading to a goal, my delirious celebration after must of meant it was the winning goal. Old red nose was effing and blinding….


It would be great if the winner was in the 11th minute of extra time…


I like to set low expectations and exceed them.

glory hunter

Beauty and Humility!
The guy really has it all, reminds me of me, without the beauty 😉




Recon it only took em 7 minutes to stretcher him off the pitch eh?


Either that or you threw Slur Alex’s Dyson off a cliff


More of the same please


I had 2 dreams last night, one was about a cop throwing my dyson handheld hoover over a cliff. The other was a flick on from giroud at old trafford leading to a goal, my delirious celebration after must of meant it was the winning goal. Old red nose was effing and blinding….


It would be great if the winner was in the 12th minute of extra time…


Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today.


Bill Murray = Legend!


Your beauty is beyond compare
With flaming locks of auburn hair
With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green
Your smile is like a breath of spring
Your voice is soft like summer rain
And I cannot compete with you, Giroud

Giroud, Giroud, Giroud, Giroud
He scores goals and he looks really cool
Giroud, Giroud, Giroud, Giroud
Please don’t hurt them even though you can
Giroud, Giroud


A little overlooked but when Giroud played against Stoke, he absolutely bullied that mong Shawcross and Huth in the air and physically. I think Giroud will get 15-20 goals this year.

Dial Square

I think he’ll score more than twelve, the way we play and the chances we create, but twelve would not be a bad return for his first season in the premier league, plus he has much more to his game than rip van winkle !!!!
On another note, and i know i am going to get thumbed down for this but, i am not convinced by Gervinho, sure he does ok and has scored a few, but i think if we had a real world class player instead we would be a completely different proposistion…just my opinion…


If he does okay and has scored a few, why even continue talking?

Dial Square

Because i think as usual we will just come up short as far as winning the title is concerned, and i dont think Gervinho has the real quality to help us make that final push…thats why !!!

Dick Swiveller

I tell you something that will make you feel better, every time the ball goes wide, watch his run and see where he goes; Gervinho is going to score a fair few more imo.

gooner odst

Alot of the goal giroud scored for monty pellier were scrappy, hardfought or tight efforts (like his WHAM goal) but there were SO MANY of them. This lad knows where the net is instinctively and hopefully all the nervousness about breaking his premier duck have lifted.

12 goals? pfft with the crosses being buzzed in by Poldi and Jenks he should be gunning above 15 not to mention his proficiency in providing assists and excellent hold up play.

indian gooner

I think he wnats to not set the expectations too high coz he knows most gooners shall be complaining and whining if he doesnt get 30 goals in the first season.FFS many started complaining after 7 games…He has an eye for the goals and his hold up play is excellent.he needs to link up better with the others in the front and then hell be need to worry, he has the skill and strength to be our target man.just needs a run of games and well be talking abt him like weve been talking abt cazorla…


He will score between 12-16 goals this season for us (domestically). I’m quite sure in cup competitions he’ll have a fair share as well. What impresses me most is his attitude! The man *swoon* is humble, confident and a team player. What more can you want from the handsome Frenchman? I admire a player with realistic expectations and clear goals in mind. I don’t want some douchebag like NB52 changing his number because that’s how many goals he wants to score in a season. He’s in his first season with us. If he gets 15 this season next season he… Read more »

Mrs rambo

He’s got nothing on Aaron!


how about a dozen in the league, and half dozen in europe, hehe


That explains the choice of shirt number.


GREAT to see him off the mark, I feel as through he has been SO unlucky so far.. has anyone else realised that he also has an absolutely BANGING left foot?

Yao Gervais

No one noticed me in the picture? *sad*


As long as Giroud continues to contribute the way he has been (an asset defensively at set pieces, solid link-up play and handy for the odd assist), I don´t really care how many goals he gets (the more the merrier, though, obviously). He adds another dimension to the squad and whilst he may not have as many goals this season as, say, the Dutch Pestilence or even the little twerp who has a cock tattoo, I know which I prefer. Off topic, this weekend helped establish that “Bale” is actually Welsh for “Suarez”, which in turn is Uruguayan for “an… Read more »

Big Dave

Cant wait to hear how David Pleat pronounces Giroud. Expecting something like “Gee-rod”.


Giroud will score the ‘killing’ goal @ OT. We’ll be 2-1 up by then,a corner kick is swung in from the right by Santiago & BAM, Giroud slams it home in front of van pussy!

big dawg



when i see giroud with the ball i can feel something good top quality.


Since he’s still an Arsenal guy, thought I’d share Denilson scored a marvellous goal yesterday in a brazilian derby:


Is Le coq okay? After that injury scare, can he even stand on his own!.


Are you saying he has erectile dysfunction?


Twelve is not a big enough target. If he is our number-one striker then he should be looking to score at least 25 goals in all competitions if he stays fit all season. Bearing in mind that he has already scored two, that shouldn’t be too much to ask. To be fair to him, if Wenger keeps starting him on the bench then he will struggle to get to double figures. I am still not sure about him. He scored an excellent striker’s goal againt West Ham, but I will reserve my judgement until he has had at least 20… Read more »


What?!?!?!??!? That makes way to much sense!! You have to immediately declare him to be as great as Henry here, or risk being thumbed the fuck down a called a cunt. I don’t care If he gets 12 or 50. I just want the arse to win. With that being the ultimate goal, it seems clear to me that a January striker coming in is a must. I’m sure I’ll get it for that, but the fact is, you need more than one proper striker to win something. Shitty barely won the league with THREE proper strikers, plus aguero. The… Read more »


Heh, heh!

You’re right about the third striker, Frog. But I can see us signing one


That should be CAN’T


I don’t know. Any of the last 5 years or so, I’d say no way we’d sign a striker in January. However, this seems to be a bit of a new, no more bullshit, Arsene wenger. If we’re within 9 points come January, I could see him going all in. Let’s be honest, there’s blood in the water. Shitty doesn’t have the balls to defend there title, united has no midfield and Chelsea will inevitably self destruct. If we could sell theo and arshavin in January, we could buy a real striker from, I don’t know, maybe athletico Madrid? Here’s… Read more »

Naija Gunner

Hmmm…Girioud my am with you all the way 12 goals or more, just continue your good work on and off the pitch.

And let’s hope that we don’t just score goals but score goals and win some silverware this time around.

I believe we can do it COYG!!!


I think Giroud meant 12 goals in the League and if that is the case, then that is a good return as he’ll get hopefully get some more goals in the other competitions. The patience that Arsenal fans are showing this guy is great to see. I wish Gooners would have done the same with our Shisha smoking striker who can still play an important role for us this season if injuries decimate our front line.


Ya, then maybe we can resign silvestre and give him a few more chances to shine. In all seriousness though, we don’t need chamakh, we need a world class striker to come in and push giroud. That’s what clubs that are truly ambitious to win trophies do. It’s not like I’m saying giroud is shit. I think he looks really good and should turn out to be the business. With that said. We still need another striker. Did we learn nothing the last few years with that Dutch cunt? One man is not enough to win things in football. Our… Read more »

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