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Wenger credits fans after remarkable comeback

Arsene Wenger has paid tribute to Arsenal’s awesome away fans who stuck with the team through the hard, frustrating and hair-pullingly annoying times last night and we rewarded with probably the most incredible comeback in the club’s history.

4-1 down at half-time, the travelling fans stuck behind their team and there’s no doubt it had some effect on the players who looked so turgid and off the pace in the first half.

“I just felt sorry for our fans,” said Wenger, “because at 2-0, they stayed behind the team. At 3-0, they stayed behind the team. At 4-0, they stayed behind the team. I would like to give them credit tonight.

“The big part of the fans stayed behind the team and I’m happy we paid them back in the second half. ”

The boss said a rather unique 4-1-5 formation was behind the turnaround in the 2nd period which, he admitted, couldn’t get much worse than the first, and suggested Reading fell victim to nerves.

“In the second half we played 4-2-4, basically 4-1-5 because Eisfeld is an offensive midfielder. We created many chances and from then on, I always had hope we could come back. We had some free-kicks around the box [but] we couldn’t score. With 15 minutes to go, I thought that’s the moment to score the 4-3. We didn’t.

“Seven minutes to go, we had a great chance [to score]. We didn’t [take it] so I thought it will be short now. It’s strange to explain. At 4-0, you think you have won the game. At 4-1 you still think you have won the game. At 4-2, you suddenly realise that it’s not over – and then the panic kicks in and no matter how good a player you are, that goes through the team.”

And although Reading finally sucumbed to the Arsenal, Wenger said they should take heart from their performance.

“I know what it is to be pulled back when you’re 4-0 up. It happened to me as well. They should take credit from that performance and not be too disappointed.”

Managed by former Gunner Brian McDermott, the Royals showed their class with a post-game Tweet from their official account:

It’s hard to imagine certain other clubs doing that in such circumstances. One in particular would probably have accused the referee of being a child abusing, racist 9/11 conspirator, so fair play to Reading.

The cold light of day won’t make this any easier but they’ve been involved in one of the most extraordinary games anyone has ever seen.

Cup football and this Arsenal team, eh?

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its the mental strength!!


I didn’t care..for that!


The away fans were amazing! I want recordings of their best-of so I can listen to some Arsenal luv in my pregame and workouts.


Without doubt the greatest comeback ever in english football. And unlike fucking newcastle we didn’t need any dodgy refereeing decisions to help us.


I wonder if any reading fans would not think that scoring in the 95th after 4 minutes added time is a bit dodgy. I know they had a sub and wasted a bit of time on some throw-ins, but I expected the ref to call full time before we scored.

Dr Baptiste

4 minutes is the minimum, not how much time he has to add on exactly. It’s up to the referee’s discretion how long play continues. The same can be said in ET when the second half continued past the 2 minutes of added time


I think the referee was right to award the extra. However i can understand if the reading fans are disappointed that Koscienly didn’t get sent off


the ref was pretty lenient to both sides evenly, the foul on chamahk for their 3rd(?) goal for example

i’m glad he was because it helped make such an amazing exciting game

and it was all just ‘football’ fouls, there was nothing nasty in any of them

Gillespie Road

Kos was lucky to stay on.


The extra added time was actually Reading’s fault ironically. Four minutes is only the minimum the ref can add for a start, but they kept trying to soak up more seconds – which the ref just added on again.


Oh but the ref wasn’t perfect by any means. He could’ve and probably should’ve sent off Koscielny for 2 yellows. He was lenient and of course I’m grateful but to say the ref didn’t make wrong decisions last night is to be stupid or blind. The ref was poor. Made some wrong decisions for both clubs. We were lucky. Reading got tired in the 2nd half. and panicked after we got back to 4 – 2. Plus they weren’t looking to sit back and park the bus. Which they’ll regret now. And obviously we’ll thank them for. We should. Who… Read more »

steve boulds hairdresser

lets hope the united game isnt as nerve shattering.. but then again, this is the arsenal. would we have it any other way?


just hope they’ll show the same fighting spirit on Saturday! i believe we can do wonders over the red devils


love this team..! COYG!!! manure is next


Coquelin- Thought he raised his game during extra time. But the first 90 minutes he was pretty poor. After his recent talk about wanting more playing i expected a better performance from him. Djourou and Koscielny- Powderpuff. Both got bullied far too easily. But improved as the game went on. Arshavin- Frustrating and brilliant at the same time. Created 8 chances and had 3 assists. In our current he is one player who can make the best use of theo’s pace. Hoping Wenger will use him more in the coming weeks. Eisfeld- Brilliant. really composed performance and drove the team… Read more »


I really like Koscielny, but he has a knack for an own goal doesn’t he?

Eisfeld should be an impact sub, great performance.

First time Giroud really impressed me.

all things considered, Martinez did pretty well.


Martinez has potential. But the manner in which the third goal was conceded was pretty poor. Martinez’s technique was ridiculous. He has really impressed for the reserves. Hopefully he will be able to make the step up.

North Bank Gooner

is it just me, or was it an attempted hollywood dive that went particularly pear shaped 🙂


I thought Coquelin was decent


Yeah I have to say the fans were something else yesterday, awesome. Example: the guy who went for his heart medicine was greeted by a multitude of death stares from the arsenal fans……….(*why you leave arsenal in this bleak times, sit the fuck back down!!!!!!.)



Them fans were fucking amazing last nite makes me proud to be a gooner

Missing Gibbs

Fantastic away fans! It boggles the mind how the home fans can’t replicate that passion and atmosphere.

P.S. Eisfeld for president.

big black clock

I particularly loved the way Giroud was interacting with the fans. He loves being loved, and kept coming back for more, and crowd never stopped chanting his name either. Top lad.


I’m proud of the away mates! Good to be a gooner.
Reduce ticket prices, more “away ” fans to the library!
I feel with the poor man who left the stadium after 4-0. 🙂 He is The Useless Fan.
Get behind the team, even behind Chamakh and that support can make something from nothing. And this team capable of produce nothing, so badly needs us.


He was actually there the whole game. Sky just caught him going for a piss or something and assumed he was leaving.

Ridiculous tweets before the comeback.

@ Mgh_PS3GamingHD
If Arsenal win this match, I will upload a
video of me eating my own balls. I actually
mean that.

When fans chant ‘We want our Arsenal back’,
it’s time for a new manager. Wenger’s been
brilliant, but he’s lost his competitive edge.

@ jackiepower4
Oh my days can life get any better Reading 4 goals up # crymeariver #coys

@ BillyBishop01
If Arsenal win and Chamakh scores I will get his name tattooed across my forehead!

more ridiculous tweets before the comeback

If Arsenal Win this match or even see 3 goals, Dear God pls Let me carry over 7 of my 7
school courses.”

“@slimvessel: If Arsenal win I’ll rape a dog”



I will sponsor a bill in Parliament: Let’s hunt and kill Piers Morgan. On the grounds that he is the universe’s densest and most massive twat.

gooner odst

hahahahaahhahaahahahahahahaaahaha. I’m sorry but these kind of forfeits are so funny, its just one level short of praying to the Devil (and God at the same time to increase chances by 50%).

I know i’ve made my fair share of ridiculous, astronomical forfeits but wow.


If it’s any consolation, I gave my cat a dutch-rub when we went 6-5 up. Feel guilty about it now, but what the hell was I supposed to do? Had already done the jumping-arund-the-livingroom-like-an-idiot routine five times!


Weren’t the fans singing “Give us our Arsenal back!” at one point in the first half?


They were, but credit them for not staying on the backs of the team. The fans got back on side once the team showed up, even though the scoreline was still frightening.


They were and they got it. wenger must have assumed they were demanding the arsenal that played under him the most successful manager in the history of arsenal. yet fans were probably wanting the boring arsenal from the george graham era. funny how fickle we are that you demand one thing but will accept better!


Oh, oo-o-oh, come on, ooh, yeah Well I tried to tell you so (yes, I did) But I guess you didn’t know, as I said the story goes Baby, now I got the goals ‘Cos I knew it in my heart Arsene, when you didn’t give me a start That I had to come on again, and cause Reading some pain (You lied to me) all those times you said that I was crap (You lied to me) yes, I tried, yes, I tried (You lied to me) even though I only scored once last year (You lied to me)… Read more »


Have you been up all night writing that?!


“return of the chamakh” ruins the rhythm with the extra syllable, it should be “return of chamakh”


I was too busy celebrating my 2 amazing goals to worry about my metre.

Ca$hley Cole

you sir, are a legend


Not good enough. 4 goals down ? how embarrassing.
excellent comeback but we should never have been in that position in the 1st place. i’m dreading saturday

Up The Arsenal


This group of players have never played in the same team,so of course it was going to take 40mins before we scored the first of our seven goals.


i will be delighted to conceded 4 or 5 goals on saturday if we are going to score 7


Both full backs and the entire midfield were all kids. The whole team were swapped out from the regular XI. Slack: Cut some.


True story. The first half was lost in midfield. Gnabry, and then Arshavin, Coquelin and Frimpong played as if they had never met before. Very suprising, still, that an Arsenal XI could ship four goals inside a half hour. But considering the individual errors that directly led to them, I have to allow that any team can have a shocker on a given day. Truly amazing that the same squad can run out 7-1 winners over the following 90+ minutes (emphasis on the “+”).


I have a sneaky suspicion that Mint was there and that he left early…


Theos goal just before the break was the most important. Gave the lads, fans and the manager some hope. Going 4-0 into the break would have been disastrous and would have proven a tough mountain to climb if we were to claw back the four goals in the 2nd half with ofcourse the possibility of letting in another.

Sign this theo up. He completes this arsenal team.


Exactly. The Theo from last night certainly has a case for wanting an improved contract, since he could be a nailed on starter. The “consistent in patches” Theo can fuck off 😉


To the two people above who said the home fans should be more like that and quoted ‘ the library’ it doesnt really work like that i’m afraid. By their very nature ALL away fans of any club tend to be louder than the home lot because they are the hardcore who have in the most part gone soley to drink, sing and shout supporting their team. Home fans are made up of a wider variety of young and old with less cohesion. Its like that in all the top grounds nowadays, united, liverpool, chelsea are all libraries


Thank you for the detailed explanation. You got a point. I’m a home fan – supporting the team at home with my boys and we are really loud. without any beer (drinking wine)


Don’t want to choke on that prawn sandwich either. 😉

Just joking, I just wish the home fans would get on the oppositions back and make a huge noise for The Arsenal. It’s embarrassing to be an Arsenal supporter sometimes


Wenger should throw 3-4 attackers every game in the second half and go for broke. We’ll have the times of our lives watching the most entertaining football on the planet and will probably finish with more wins / points at the end of the season. If we win something we’ll go down the anals of history as one of the great footballing sides of all time. Come on Wenger, what have you got to lose?


Subconsciously it plays a huge role to know that even if we are 4-0 down we can fight back. This kind of mentality will come handy down the season, especially considering how inconsistent we have been.


Yet to recover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How many times has Kos scored for both teams whist playing for Arsenal? I’m sure that it’s at least 3 times maybe 4…..


And your right about Reading having a bit of class with their post match tweet. It’s a well run club (until that Russian bloke gets both his nads on it) and living near Reading, most of their supporters would prefer us to win the league than any of the other top 4 clubs, from what i can tell. I attend a lot of networking events and business conferences at Mad Stad and the staff are always excellent and polite and helpful. I really hope they stay up this year.
Unlike those gits at Stamford Bridge…..

Goon Goon Goon

It was a proper roller coaster ride, yesterday’s game. Absolutely mental! I still can’t believe chamakh scored scored 2 goals lol theo played outstandingly though and caused so many problems for reading in the 2nd half. 3 more goals on to his tally as well. We need to include him more no matter of he will sign a contract or not, it’ll be stupid to not play someone who is scoring goals IMO. The states get a once in a generation super storm and we get a once in a life team game like that. Talk about ying and yang.… Read more »

robbie kahlow

Feck me.
Minus points – Koscielny, first half midfield, first half Chamakh, Arshavins decision making
Plus points – Koscielny, Walcott, Eisfeld, Chamakhs finishing, Arshavins skill, the fabulous support, Giroud (class)


Wow, what a game for the neutral, incredible stuff.

A word on Arshavin, he had good moments and bad, but still think he can offer us something this season – had a decent game last night. Gets into dangerous positions and can thread a ball.


I must clarify, I’m not a neutral. Although I didn’t enjoy second half, the 4 goals came early enough I kinda thought we might comeback.

Not enough to stick a fiver on it sadly.


Looks like we played without any footbreak or handbreak in this game.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I do not even know whr to start. Arsenal are the only team in history (how can they not be} to both throw away a 4 goal lead and to have also won from being 4 down. (this is y the Arsenal drive fans mad). Yesterday’s game lets sum it up. Negatives – Arshavin’s decision making, Chamakh’s finishing (for the 90 mins he was invisible), Playing youth, Our GK (third goal) Positives – Arshavin’s decision making (how can a player drive you up the wall with those ridiculous back heels and then dish out all those opportunities in the same… Read more »


I happened to watch the game last night with a Man U fan who ironically convinced me to continue watching the game after we conceded the 4 goals. I was pissed with all the player. I wonder if the wanna be there in the first place so why should I waste my time watching them. We definitely should give them credit for fighting back. After the dust is settled we need to look into the situation we’re in as a club. Last night shows that many of the players that started that game are just not Arsenal standard. They managed… Read more »


That’s harsh on the kids. Roberts is exactly the type of player that can give any squad trouble. He’s a professional in every sense. He knows how to maximize what skill he has, and how to get away with a bit of extra against a ref who is not on top of things. Roberts was going to play well. The key is to stop his teammates from playing because he generally can’t hurt you by himself–he’s no Maradona. The complexion of the game improved when the kids stopped making Liegertwood look like a world-beater. That said… why neither Koscielny nor… Read more »


Saturday can’t come quick enough. Training ground must be buzzing today and I hope Wenger gives the stars from last night their chance on Saturday. Walcott and Giroud must start, Arshavin is knocking on a spot left forward too, but think Podolski will hold onto his place. If last night was an audition for Miquel to play left back on Saturday, he definitely should not. But I dont think Santos should either. For me, regardless of the fact he is a right back, Jenkinson should play there, his desire and ability, both attacking and defending makes him a much better… Read more »


You have Jenkinson out of position.

Dog Eat Arse

I think you ahould have Sagna on the left and Jenks on the right.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Greenwich Gooner

Think what’s clear from last night’s insane feast at the Mad Stad is that we need to up the tempo of the 1st team’s play. Theo and Arshavin ran at Reading in the 2nd half, no more of that slow sideways and back possession at all costs passing, static stuff of the last 2 games. Cazorla’s a great player but is still dictating a slower, la Liga style rhythm – he’s easily good enough to change it though. Giroud has to play and someone has to bang in the crosses. He’s far stronger in the air than on the ground… Read more »

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