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Arsenal 3-3 Fulham: By the Numbers

Snatching Mediocrity from the Jaws of Victory

11 – Minute in which Arsenal score their first goal
23 – Minute which Arsenal scored their second
29 – Minute which Fulham scored their first
31 – Minute in which Fulham have a shot
40 – Minute in which Fulham score their second goal
42 – Minute, shot giroud
45 (+2) – Minute, shot Fulham
51 – Minute, shot Fulham
55 – Minute, shot Theo
56 – Minute Ramsey is introduced
57 – Minute Ramsey is first dispossessed
3 – Number of times Ramsey is dispossessed in 38 minutes³
2 – Number of times Santi Cazorla is dispossessed in 90 minutes
14 – Shots Arsenal take in the game
9 – Shots Arsenal take after the 55th minute
5 – Shots Fulham take after the 55th minute
1 – Shots Fulham take after the 75th Minute
4 – Shots Arsenal take after the 75th minute
7 – Shots by Olivier Giroud in 90 minutes²
3 – Shots on goal by Olivier Giroud²
2 – Goals by Giroud
1 – Headed goals by Giroud in Ligue Un last season (courtesy Orbinho)
2 – Headed goals by Giroud in the Premier League this season

4 – Shots by Dimitar Berbatov³
2 – Shots on goal by Bervatov³
2 – Pints of blood Berbatov drank before the match²
3 – Goals that Berbatov either scored or created for Fulham²
14 – Passes attempted by Theo Walcott
2 – Key passes by Walcott
2 – Assists by Walcott
18 – Crosses attempted by Theo Walcott²
39 – Season high number of crosses attempted by Arsenal today
26 – Crosses attempted per game average by Arsenal
5 – Crosses successful for Arsenal
2 – Assists off crosses for Arsenal
2 – Number of those crossed assists that were completed by Theo Walcott
12 – Crosses attempted by Arsenal in the first half
1 – Successful cross in the first half
27 – Crosses attempted by Arsenal in the second half
4 – Successful crosses by Arsenal in the second half
16 – Crosses attempted by Fulham
4 – Successful crosses Fulham
2 – Assists off crosses for Fulham

1982last season in which Arsenal had fewer than 17 points in their first 11 games
14 – Points Arsenal had after 11 games in 1982-83
22 – Points league leaders Man U had after 11 games in 1982-83
-1 – Goal difference Arsenal had after 11 games in 1982-83
+9 – Goal difference Man U had after 11 games in 1982-83
10 – Place that Arsenal finished out of 22 teams in 1982-83
16 – Points Arsenal have this season
27 – Points Man U have this season
+7 – Arsenal goal difference this season
+13 – Man U goal difference this season


88 – Passes attempted²
83 – Passes completed²
27 – Passes completed in the Fulham final third²
27 – Passes completed backward
26 – Passes completed to either Mertesacker or Koscielny
22 – Passes completed to Sagna
3 – Passes completed to Arshavin
2 – Passes completed to Vermaelen
2 – Passes completed to Podolski
3 – Key passes²
2.1 – Key passes per game average last season when he played further forward
1.2 – Key passes per game average this season in the “holding” role
1 – Assist
1 – Error leading to a goal
1 – Missed penalty
1 – Penalty conceded

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¹Best in the League in this category
²Lead both teams in this category
³Lead just his team in this category

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Arsenal = mid-table team.fullstop.


You = cunt


Hear Hear!


Fuck off on over to Manchester then you twat!


Does anyone know where to find out the stats about dribbles attempted by a player in a game. Wanted to know Podolski’s stats. He rarely takes on a players. Lost count of the number of times he passed it back to Vermaelen yesterday.


then you must have noticed the so called “lego haired” arteta back passing with every oppurtuntiy….just couple of years back denilson was christened as “crab” for his sideways passing now just wondering what will our fans will christen him as …


1 – Headed goals by Giroud in Ligue Un last season – now that is surprising. He could’ve had a couple of non-headed goals today. His workrate was exceptional – in fact without Giroud we might well have lost that game.

Arteta had a bit of a shocker, but he’s been worked very hard in a demanding position. No wonder that he’s a little tired. I don’t think he ‘missed’ that penalty either, it was an excellent save. He shouldn’t shoulder the blame for the draw – our defence was very poor today. Zonal marking from corners clearly doesn’t work.

gnarly charlie

it was too close to the keeper, it hit that aussie bloke in the chest. Not the corner of the net.


Keeper guessed right, got lucky. It wasn’t an exceptional pelanty for sure, but not a bad one either. Mannone didn’t even attempt a dive for theirs.

A. Usmanov

You see!? I f you sold share me in summer I would buy falcao.. Now you reap!

donal doherty

So,what to do with Ramsey,terrible when he starts,terrible when he


I’ve been a big supporter of Ramsey, not once criticised him and thought he’d come through his bad patch – but the fact is, he’s not playing well enough to be in the team at the moment.


Why did Coquelin come off? I missed the first half, did he play badly? Get a knock?


No he was good. Wenger must’ve pre decided.


The score was 2-2 at the time and I think Wenger though we could do with a more attack minded midfielder than le Coq.

gnarly charlie

Wenger thought we weren’t turning the ball over often enough.


Ramsey is an attack-minded midfielder in theory, rather than in practice.

Gunner From Another Mother

I know Coquelin is widely regarded as a defensive mid, but i have to say i feel he is fully capable of contributing to the attack as well when playing with someone who can cover for his moving forward. And going on recent form, surely he could have helped us get back into the game more than Ramsey

steve boulds hairdresser

1-arsenal side that need a good kick up the arse before the next game…


Steve Bould’s hairdresser…. heh… when was your last job? You must be skint!


“2 – Pints of blood Berbatov drank before the match²”

1 – coffin he arrived in.

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

8 – number of wise guys Martin Jol sent to sleep with the fishes.

5pur2 dr00L

Wouldn’t mind him biting some of our players and infecting them with his Bulgarian vampiristic powers…

Fairly recent Gooner

Millions – Souls of Gooners worldwide he fed on by showing off a footballing master class today. Without him they would’ve been nowhere.


“Without him they would’ve been nowhere” – agreed, they would’ve been toothless up front without him, although they played some nice possession football.

“showing off a footballing master class” … come on now, it was hardly a masterclass! He just prayed on our defensive weakness.

Gunner From Another Mother

Really? Because I feel Ruiz was just as important for them. He had a field day in the middle of the park, seeming to dribble past our players at will.


Sprock …you failed to mention the most important detail

6- number of arsenal players he hypnotised
1- goalkeeper who will sleep with a cross under his pillow…should I name him?

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

To use a Wengerism Ramsey is a bit ‘Junior’. He gets muscled of the ball to easily, Nasri may have been small but he had big glutes to help him shield the ball, with Ramsey you get the sense that the seconds are ticking for him to either pass the ball or get dispossed. It’s a shame because he’s really not that bad with the ball at his feet, he just needs use his upper body more when shielding it and don’t be afraid to go down when somebody scythes him. He’s nice guy in the midfield world of baddies.


Fuck Nasri. He’s average at best.


Bullshit. He’s just another really good player we sold off and never replaced. Fucking gervinho ha.


True. Gervinho’s for nasri is a bit difficult to take. But then Rvp for podolski is too


How about the best one yet:: song for…….. Nobody?


@Frog – Nasri has hardly shone at City. He’s done what he did for us, the occasional good performance but he’s not a great player by any stretch of the imagination. I’d much rather have Santi Cazorla, a truly gifted midfielder. You seem to forget how that chinless cunt went missing for half a season.

As for replacing RvP with Podolski & Giroud… Well, hmmm. No comment.

Sol Goodman

Anybody else but Arteta and i would still be cursing their name,it was a pretty crap penalty tho, I expected Giroud to take it, being in line for a hat trick and all. Disappointing result but Giroud is looking like the real deal and the team looked a bit more dangerous in attack.


What about all those millions in the coffers. Atleast the money is safe in the bank…oh wait!


At least today we scored goals. Arteta and Cazorla need some rest. Arteta should play as a CM-CAM, not as the main holding player (even though he is very good at that also). We are missing the physicality and drive in middle. It is frustrating but Giroud has found form and proven that he will score when provided with decent service, Walcott is playing well, and hopefully with Chamberlain and Gibbs coming back, Podolski will be more effective also. But the lack of organization at the back really pisses everyone off. I honestly think that part of our problem could… Read more »


1- Alex song. Enough said. Hollywood passes my ass. We lack not only bodies in midfield, but strength. I think he’s worth a bit more than £16mil to us rite now. Worst bit of transfer business we’ve done in awhile. Well, except that whole Park thing.


is that your theme for today?


you’ve said it about 20 or 30 times now, in answer to every single post you just repeat the same thing over and over


Ramsey is not a premiership player. He struggled in the championship whilst on loan with Forest and Cardiff, yet he gets playing time consistently at Arsenal. It’s got so bad that I want Arshavin to start. At least be tries to create, this is the worst Arsenal team of Wenger’s tenure and its his fault, he bought and sold players, refused to buy a decent keeper for over six years, insists on sticking by the permi crocked Diaby, Gibbs and Rosicky. It’s really starting to get to the stage that I don’t even enjoy watching them, the same stupid mistakes… Read more »


I would say that the quality of our team improved comparing to the times when we had silsvtre, manu, and deni! However, other teams have improved more than is.

I mean why didn’t we buy Ruiz? He is an outstanding footballer. He is the Wenger’s type. But we let him go to fullham, while we stick with injury prones and average player. Then during the transfer window, Wenger claims he will only buy if he finds someone who can add quality to the team.

Seriously Wenger? Seriously????????????


Yeah, Podolski was abysmal. Particularly his goal, that was shithouse.


“In England, you have Wayne Rooney, who works his socks off … you have everybody who works hard. There is no room for anybody to work less or you don’t exist.” – Arsene Wenger

Could you then explain, Arsene, why Ramsey, Bendtner, Squillaci, Denilson, Arshavin and Santos have room at Arsenal then?

5pur2 dr00L

(They don’t exist, is the obvious answer.)


well, some of those signings were mistakes, and others just didnt work out.

there are also all the signings who have been very good.

and you can say the same for every club.


to put in layman’s term…

when you go hunting for bargain …you end up with park and squillaci 8/10 times…

5pur2 dr00L

Well, last season Chelsea seemed completely doomed (despite their $$$) and managed to fire AVB and salvage their season with CL…

Arsene’s gotta go sometime, and I hope he’ll be able to exit on a dignified note, but things seem to be declining fast at Arsenal, and I don’t know what will happen.

Not a major “Wenger Out” shouter, but something’s gotta give.


Another culprit is Vito Manone. Lousy keeper. Get rid of Wenger.

5pur2 dr00L

He’s our third choice keeper, and this was easily his worst game all season.


Scz was also our third choice keeper 1 year back and now manone is getting the chance to show his talent…he cant always hide behind the 3rd choice keeper tag forever and why the hell is fabianski always the 2nd choice keeper who hardly plays…we need keeper like that werewolf in manutd

and FFS we need a good left back to deputise and keep gibbs on his toes


afraid i have to agree. he has had a couple of good games recently and is a decent shot stopper but he is way too indecisive on high balls and his positioning is very poor. if scz was playing today we would have won that game easy. once he is back i think we will see the defence as a whole playing with more confidence. imho, we urgently need to buy an experienced, reliable backup keeper and let fabianski and mannone go. given looks like he is available from villa and might be a good option if he is prepared… Read more »

gnarly charlie

I wouldn’t mind keeping mannone, but he needs a loan at somewhere at a higher level than hull. He’s a decent player, and still young in gk terms. We do need someone experienced to add some depth to the position though.


Any possible stat on passing speed by the teams? I thought Fulham passed the ball much faster than us while we were considerably slow in possession. I had also read that even last season Fulham had outpaced us in their passing.


Approx 800k pounds wasted this week of AFC budget on these average players…oh, add 130k or so for the esteemed wenger, plus his clueless coaches.

In short, fans and supporters flushed a shed load of our hard earned money down the toilet.

You may keep lying to yourselves but…

7 years ago …how long wenger should have gone with at least some dignity!!!


Boycott Boycott Boycott I have said this on more than one board, they don’t listen and they don’t care what we say, they piss down our backs and tell us it is raining. If we continue to be scammed by this board and don’t make our voices heard when will it ever change??? I know it is often said that we should stop spending money to boost share values, well we really should. Boycott a game entirely, leave the stands empty, it is the only weapon we as fans have and we should use it! Forums, online posts, petitions and… Read more »

The Loving Hands of Wenger

I love the way there is this flavour of the month that the ignorant and – sorry to call you this – stupid fans foolishly lap up that somehow our board are the equivalent of Darth Vader and The Emperor. The board are just fine. They’re running a business sensibly against the tide of infinite money clubs like City and Chelsea, and mad debt monsters Man U. They’re not withdrawing massive cuts from our profits. Just please look in the mirror and ask yourself what you really know. I think you’ll come to find the answer is nothing, and that… Read more »


If you want an empty stadium on that date you may have to convince 30 thousand villa fans.


it was simply the same game for arsenal against shcalke. but yesterday was a little bit different. Their fighting spirit is awesome buttt arteta was unlucky. Maybe chamberlain should be started often with walcott as a winger


on paper we did look pretty decent really against Fulham.
we got our arse handed to us by Shalke.


I remember this sickening feeling a year ago, then we played Spurs. Nothing to worry about lads, if our boys ever re-find form it’s against that lot.

Give it 3 weeks before Vias Boas is outta there.


and how is avb being sacked gonna help arsenal …please explain this theory of yours

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Guys I love Arsenal and i will till I die. But before I die of a broken heart and stress, let me just say this. Before Arsene Wenger there was Arsenal. Before Kroenke, Gazidiz, Hillwood, there was Arsenal. This team is legendary and it is us the supporters and some fantastic managers and players that made it legendary. I have decided that i will not watch another game as long as the board, Wenger and the AKB’s Are f&^king up our club. Yes you heard right, all those Arsene Knows Best brigadiers. Just tell us what does he know. Does… Read more »


Oh my lord, what’s going on with us??? The way were defending it could be another heart attack game against spurs.if the unthinkable happens and we loose that game I sense the ice under winger will crack .this could be wengers biggest game at arsenal…….

Graham Gooch

I have said it before regarding our mediocrity

Nothing, but nothing, will change at Arsenal until Wenger goes. The players don’t play for him, he buys good players and makes them look average, his tactics are wrong, his team selection is wrong, he blames the refs, injuries,, state of the pitch, anyone but himself and his inept management.

We have fine, talented players in the squad. Maybe we could do with and addition or two.

Give this squad to, say, David Moyes for a month and they’ll be playing out of their skins.
Wenger is THE problem

5pur2 dr00L

Everton has shown a lot more heart with its squad this season than we have. They came from behind to win yesterday, too.


everton has fellaini who single handedly bullied manutd into submission and thats doesnt happen everyday or week or even month. So what arsenal, manutd, mancity, chelsea, liverpool …need is fellaini or his clone for each team . he is the real difference maker. But if I know wenger from my past 12 years of watching arsenal, he rather buy some mediocre punk and try to make him into a superstar who will eventually spit on wenger’s face and leave for some rich club looking for trophies. It has happened and will continue to happen till the end of wenger’s time


We need Szcz back. Badly.

Mannone has done an okay job but he’s no where near #1 calibre. He has no command of the area Szczesny does, which ultimately impacts upon how our defenders play and react to situations. I am sure we’ll see some solidity at the back return once he does.

5pur2 dr00L

Honestly wish we had an experienced keeper right now. Szsz may be a bit better than Mannone (especially at the things you mentioned), but he’s a liability in some ways as well.

steve boulds hairdresser

@paddymac, you don’t know the half of it… i still remember the days when he requested mohicans!


poor we!!!


That Ganeshole at the top putting Arshavin in the same lot as Squillachi,Denilson,Santos and Bendtner needs to know that he is a million times better than any of these players,when he was purchased he was a hot shot,and still is quality,it’s just a pathetic manager with no sense at all that has completely fucked up his career,I hope Arshavin leaves,for he deserves better than what 7-8 minutes of playtime he is getting despite showing his early days form.Why Ramsey must play ahead of Coq,why not Arshavin–is he not attack minded,is he less talented.Wenger is a real son of *&%, you… Read more »


Is Carzola any better than Arshavin–How many goals have we conceeded directly from Carzola loosing the ball;I can remember twice in last 4 games.All this Carzola hype the guy seems average a best.Or it is perhaps the fact that he is being overworked by a French arsene-hole.

Absentia Rose

Misspell Cazorlas name for three times. You’re a true gooner..


Plenty of cretins on these pages today.. I am less annoyed about this game than others. At least it was value for money (6 goals / £42), as opposed to Chelsea which cost me £250 for the day, and which we lost owing to schoolboy errors.

It’s not fun to speculate where we might finish this year though, it’s an even bigger rabbit that we have to pull from the hat this time.

typical tantrums!

the team is suffering from loss of confidence, all of a sudden on the sidelines ramsey is warming up! i could’nt control my anger! the last thing we need is a player who cant attack, defend, poor decider of the pass, who’s always caught in possession. everytime i think of ramsey, images of him losing the ball to players either tracking back or being musceled out easily comes to mind! and thats excately wat he did the next min! we had only the defensive errors to think about before he came after he came on fulham found another weak link… Read more »


Boycott Boycott Boycott I have said this on more than one board, they don’t listen and they don’t care what we say, they piss down our backs and tell us it is raining. If we continue to be scammed by this board and don’t make our voices heard when will it ever change??? I know it is often said that we should stop spending money to boost share values, well we really should. Boycott a game entirely, leave the stands empty, it is the only weapon we as fans have and we should use it! Forums, online posts, petitions and… Read more »

[…] has been struggling to get service at Arsenal and yesterday’s match was no different. Arteta made just two passes to Podolski all game and it feels weird to see this player who is Arsenal’s most clinical finisher being denied […]

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