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Arsenal’s increased Englishness not by chance

After years of being accused of not developing, or even caring, about English players, Arsenal now have a core of young Englishmen in their team, and Arsene Wenger says it’s quite deliberate.

Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Carl Jenkinson are all full internationals, while Theo Walcott still counts (at least until the end of the season). With Welshman Aaron Ramsey in the mix too there’s a ‘Britishness’ to Wenger’s squad that hasn’t been seen since the halcyon days of the famous back five.

“It is not by coincidence,” said the Arsenal manager. “It is down to the work that we have done that we have more good English players.

“We look first at quality. If the quality is local, it is of course even better because it gives you more guarantee of stability because the players who are English who play for Arsenal are more likely to stay for a longer term than foreign players.

“But we look first at quality, that is the most important thing.”

There has been much speculation surrounding Jack Wilshere and a new contract on offer to him, and while Wenger would like his newly returned midfielder to show his commitment to the club, he says it’s not a pressing issue just yet as he still has two and half years of his current deal to run.

“He has always been very committed to this club and I hope he will show that,” he said. “There is only one way to show it and that is to commit your long-term future to the Club.

“He has two-and-a-half years left – that’s quite a long time. We have built a team [where] we have a lot of young English players, or British players, like Gibbs, Chamberlain, Wilshere. We still have the case of Walcott, Aaron Ramsey. You want them all on long-term contracts.”

Of course modern football being the way it is once you enter the final two years of a contract it becomes a ‘thing’. A player can wait until he has 12 months left, then the spectre of a free transfer raises its head and the ‘thing’ becomes a ‘THING‘, but I don’t think we’ll have that issue with Jack.

In Jack we trust. He’d never hurt us. Would he? WOULD HE?!

*rocks slowly back and forth in the corner*

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North Bank Gooner

there are lots of conditions coming into play with the new squad system that make young english players have a premium value.

the 6 we have are both british AND quality

” he dont know what hes doing! ” 😉

Hudson Hornet

I prefer the days when we had 0 English players.

Fairly recent Gooner

Which would be great, except England haven’t been a good football team for years.


thats why the english players we do have are all under 25. None of them have been corrupted by the crap that was associated with the “golden generation.” While England’s young players are not at the level of Spanish, Brazilian, Argentinian or even French there is quality there. Wilshere, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Walcott, Chamberlain, Sterling and as much as i hate to say it Cleverley, Welbeck, Jones, Walker and Caulker all have great talent. It just needs a manager with the balls to drop the rest of the old lot and give the new ones a chance to develop.


18 – 24 months to contract expiry should ideally be classified as the “red zone” – either the contract is extended or the player is put on sale in the market. If the club wants to have more leverage than the players’ agents then we would need to be more decisive and avoid another walcott scenario.


all this things comes with time…….glad wenger proved them wrong…..YET AGAIN

stonedwasherman all those managers and pundits who questioned the great-man’s track record of developing local talent (with ludicrous accusations of his team ruining the quality of the national team) –

Fuck off you cunts..


Is that why we let go off cesc, nasri, rvp, and now want to fo away with Sagna?. English is the future eh?…….even now Walcott doesn’t think so.


Nobody wants to sell these players unless he is insane. But I assume Arsene was really hurt by Cesc’s leaving because of homesickness. I agree that foreign players are comparatively lack of loyalty.Hope these English players won’t let him down.


Foreign player with real passion. Thierry Henry! The good ol’ days.


Heroes come n go….the passion remains forever. This z y we are ‘d arsenal’! English or all french team…I don’t care. I just wanna see d arsenal play. Coyg!!!


Joey is that you?


also, to be fair to arsene, he has tried with a lot of english players in the past but they havent been good enough and/or self destructed – like pennant, bentley, etc

Master Bates

Sign dat ting Wilshere , I am already prepared for Theo’s departure ,he’s replaceable and has always whined about his position.

I am at a a point where I don’t really get hurt when players leave/want to leave (even Sagna), I am fucking numb , With Wenger managing the club it will always be fuck X we’ve got Y,except for Wilshere.


Naturally the fruits of Wenger’s youth ideals took a generation to produce a better British player, or improve their rate of development. Someone earlier mentioned the glee to be able to revel in the ludicrousy of pundits who claimed the imported talent was diluting the quality of the national team and now we have the crown jewel of English football in Jacky Dub. While most of us knew times like these to be long coming, especially those who actively track the youth teams, it’s, er… Almost like a trophy that everyone else takes notice. Being removed from much of the… Read more »


That was beautiful my Yankee friend.

Mach III

On the one hand, I want Jack to stay forever.
On the other hand I don’t think we can hold onto players. If the big clubs come calling what are going to do?
Even when we weren’t getting Silverware, we were at least playing the best football in Europe.
What incentive does he have to stay?

Pride of London

If Jack Wilshere ever wants to leave Arsenal im going to give myself the lethal injection

ugandan gooner

Contrary to what the English and their press think, there is very limited talent in their country as far as quality is concerned. I keep telling my pals here that the only talented English youngsters are at Arsenal….and who can dispute that. Cant believe someone like Jonjo Shelvey plays for the national team. That is a fuckin joke. For all Wengers stubborness, i think he did the right thing not succumbing to the English press, opting not to introduce mediorce players at the club just because they r English. In all fairness, i think he tried with the likes of… Read more »


He bought Jeffers when he could have got Ibrahimovic, shows what happens when you concentrate on English “talent”


1. No he couldn’t have got Ibrahimovic – because “Zlatan doesn’t audition”.

2. How long do you think that would have lasted? Ibrahimovic would have been the most mercenary player in the history of English football. You know he would have been off as soon as Chelsea or really anyone else with a fat chequebook came calling. We would have had 1 and a half seasons with him, max.

[…] 来源:[arseblog news] […]


No he wouldn’t I hope..

ramseys back pass

Why wouldn’t they be loyal? English talent costs a lot so it’s not easy to transfer. Downing, young, jones, carol, henderson > santi their wages too make them hard to retain or transfer. Theo wanting to be the highest paid player at the club at his age, wonder what he would demand two years from now if he were to renew another in 2014. Young being on double what nani or valencia earn. And closer to home, calls last summer to hand chambo a new deal since he had attained new status as an england international. Don’t get me wrong,… Read more »


No wonder Arsenal is where it is now!!

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