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Chamakh rules out January switch

Marouane Chamakh believes he can still contribute to this Arsenal team and has ruled out a move away from the club in January.

The forgotten Moroccan has started just one game this season, making a grand total of 2 in 2012, but scored twice in Arsenal’s remarkable 7-5 win over Reading in the Capital One Cup (his first goals in over a year).

Speaking to RMC Radio he said, “I think I can bring something to the team, but I’m going to have to make a decision in the summer one way or another.

“After van Persie left I thought I would be playing more but the coach makes the choices. It’s very difficult but I try to take my chances when I get them.  I’ve decided to be patient and I will not leave during winter. We’ll see next summer.

“My priority is here in England but if I return to France, it’ll only be for Bordeaux.”

Chamakh has travelled to Germany as the Gunners face Schalke in the Champions League tomorrow but unless the manager changes tack and goes with two forwards is unlikely to start the game.

However, the quality of the two goals against Reading are sure to have lifted his spirits and given the manager a reminder that the player who first arrived from Bordeaux isn’t dead and buried just yet.

He’s not the long-term answer to Arsenal’s striking problems, but you never know when he might be needed … until such time as Bordeaux come calling.

Quotes via @jamiedalton82 and @GrooverBlog

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H. P. Arsecraft

He was good against Reading, fought really hard and topped it of with two goals. Give him the minutes he needs and let`s se if he can reproduce the form he had when he came to us.


Fans chanting the Chamakh song:
Will we see these times again?


He comes from a place quite far from Iraq… nanaanana


Yes, we will see him scoring a screamer in 90+ in COCup final ! I honestly wish ! 🙂


Let’s play a 4-4-2! Start with Chamkah and giroud in striker and sub on theo at the 70th!!!


I agree completely. The only reason he has lost form is because he hasnt played. Give the guy a chance i say. We can’t possibly play any worse or create any less goal scoring opportunities than we already are.

Plus chamakh’s hold up play would be up there with the best in the team. Lets be honest, the only frustrating thing about him was his shooting…… and he certainly showed he is capable of scoring from distance at reading.

the only sam is nelson

a brace tomorrow night wouldn’t go amiss

altho if he returns to his pre-Reading form we’re more likely to see a miss or two from Marouanne

7 year itch needs scratching

The lad was quality when he first came in, that time when RVP was injured, he looked a real player. I dont know what happened after that, maybe his confidence was knocked by getting ousted by RVP.

Lets hope his confidence is back now, we may need his goals if he can hit form again.

Good Luck Chamakh.

Die Hard Gunner

The only logical thing is…he will get his form now that Robin has left us


cant blame him he’s clearly enjoying his wages which he aint going to get anywhere else! Its the sad truth!

Giroud's hard abs


Fucking leave us!


If you can’t be loyal to the players how can you expect players to be loyal to you and the club?


You are kidding right?

As fans , we are nothing but loyal to players but in the main they turn out to be complete turds.


@ chrispy demanding chamakh to leave in january, saying we don’t need theo up until he starts scoring for us recently, booing arshavin when we played united last year, hell i even caught some peopole saying we didn’t need sagna anymore after his “controversial” comments.

yep some of us are so loyal *sarcasm*

p.s. – i understand not all of us do these actions, but enough do it for me to consider it a problem

Proud Gooner NK

What Chamakh needs is a nice hot chocolate to boost his confidence again…! 😉


Frankly, I don’t think we can afford to let him go in January, at least as far as the Cup competitions go. Yikes. Can’t believe I wrote that.


He actually didn’t rule out a move this winter. This is all interpretation by Grooverblog – again. He said his priority is to stay in England but you never know what can happen and that if he doesn’t play, he’ll have to think about it and take a decision when the winter transfer window opens up.

Please, don’t trust Grooverblog. Not reliable.

the only sam is nelson

” I’ve decided to be patient and I will not leave during winter.” <— which part of this direct quote from the player suggests a move to any club at home or abroad in January?

Oh sorry, you're a troll. My mistake!


Well, you just take a sentence from Arseblog, himself taking it from Groover. Well done Sherlock. I am not trolling, here is exactly what he said : « Je me pose toujours la question d’un départ ou non, en pesant le pour et le contre. Pendant la période estivale, je n’ai pas eu de contacts. Mais au mercato hivernal précédent, oui. Ce serait une solution d’y revenir, oui, bien sûr. Comme je l’ai dit, si je me décide à revenir, ça ne me gêne pas. Mais c’est encore trop prématuré. Ma priorité serait de rester en Angleterre mais si je… Read more »


Also, Marouane CLEARLY says that he’ll have to take a decision “within 2-3 months” (exact quote)

You can listen to him here if you like

Cheers buddy


To finish, Chamakh never ever (and I insist) said the sentence you try to emphasize. The closest thing he said to that is “I have been patient, and I know lots of players would have left earlier”

Just listen to the podcast and I dare you to call me a troll again.



the only sam is nelson

thanks for the 15 paragraphs of context that explain why you posted something that looked just like an empty troll

next time around I’ll work harder at my mind reading skills

until then, either take the trouble you did when called out or expect people to misunderstand you until you can be bothered to add a bit of detail



Play 2 strikers, Wenger. Please.


let him have a go at LB, pretty sure he’ll do a better job then santos.


Even if we play 2 strikers, I don’t think we can play giroud nd chamakh both up top, if u think we lack pace nw then..


People forget that he was top scorer in a league when benzema was scoring for fun for Lyon. You don’t become a bad player over night, but you certainly can lose confidence


can you tell me when eactly was he a leagues top scorer???… i doubt if he has ever scored 20 goals in one season….


Chamack was ousted for RVP after keeping us in the mix back then. Where’s RVP now? Give the lad a chance cos he’s never given up on us


Have to agree. He’s a confidence player. Then RVP took his spot and Bendtner started moaning, so Chamakh ended up as third choice. Both those two have now gone, and Chamakh still finds himself third choice behind Le Wow! and Curtainhead.


I think it’s very remarkable how much Chamakh is banking his future on his Arsenal career right now. Massive respect in his patience, you don’t see that every day, or any day.


Loan him to Liverpool 😉 ..heh


Chamakh is a good player if we play 2 strikers up front.. so is theo.. so is Nikki b… so is Podolski and so is Giroud… why cant wenger just try 442 for once…. why does he always have to prove he is a fagget.

Absentia Rose

No coincidence your name is terry.


You didn’t even spell faggot correctly. What a cunt.


He foggot!


Chamakh is reborn. I’m pleasantly suprised that he was on the end of some of the creative display at the madjeski. Held up play well, took care of his marker with swift turns and then proceeded to lay off the ball to the wings for arshavin and co. I know he still needs to prove against “top opposition” but that right there is something to be positive about in this uncertain times. Scored two quality goals and I hope for him to feature against Schalke.

To the -ve stuff, we played really really badly against the glazers. Really badly!!!!.


We don’t play to his strengths….that’s why he looks shite. This is why Giroud looks shite as well. As if fuckin Podolski or Ramsey are going to knock in great crosses every game! Wenger is clueless with this type of player. He would have made Alan Smith look shite too. Wenger out.


Just exactly whose strengths do we play to?


Arguably, no one’s.

Dial Square

If we needed a goal and had to bring someone on off the bench, can you honestly tell me that Chamakh is any better than Bentner…..


You forget that we are THE ARSENAL. So both of them no matter how mediocre they are…….are still good for us.


I herd some time ago that chamakh has never scored more than 13 goals in one season b4? Not that I don’t believe he can, because he scored 10 goals in half a season when he 1st arrived and he’s now, hopefully, approaching his peak years 4 us, like Arteta.

7 year itch needs scratching

I think the 13 goal thing is true pal….In the league anyway.

7 year itch needs scratching

I would be surprised if the boss played Chamakh in any starting line up other than the league cup. Who knows, he may get a run out tomorrow from the bench and take advantage of the chance.


Lol at Terry , u r 1 funny gooner. R u talking about nikki B from that music video? What a funny guy


Can’t believe a ‘top club’ like arsenal is looking up to a player like chamakh to save them! And we wanna win the UCL in the presence of villa, sanchez, messi, benzema, ronaldo, higuain? And we wanna win the EPL in the presence of aguero, balloteli, rvp, rooney, tevez? And we’r saying ‘save us chamakh’ of all people. Cool!!!


Reckon very few people think he’s The Savour, but there is a possibility that he might not be as shite as poo.

Give the man some cred for not whining and bitching, he’s obviously got a desire to get on with things and try to pick up some kind of form.

Must say I was really happy for him to get those goals last week. If he can kick on from here (I know, but there is a slight chance…) and score some more then fucking bring it on I say.


We can’t afford to allow either Chamakh or Walcott to leave before the end of the season. We’re not exactly overflowing with striking options.


Just wish we’d start playing them rather than Ramsey up top. Useless!

Jim Jimminy

I hope he scores a hat-trick. Then he can wow us with his lovely wing play.


An Arsenal fan group, Where Has Our Arsenal Gone? are planning a demonstration before the Gunners’ clash with Swansea City on December 1, against a perceived lack of action from the club’s board. Supporters will demand that minority shareholder Alisher Usmanov be given a seat on the board and a change Arsenal’s ticketing policy which sees them offer the most expensive season ticket in the country at £1,955. Other issues to be raised include player wages and contracts, while they are also set to demand to know who decides which players are brought into the club. “We’ve been sold the… Read more »


I get questions over spending even a lil more on players, ticket prices, etc.

I don’t get how pushing for Usmanov is a smart idea when we don’t actually know him outside of his press in Russia (good and bad). Also don’t get how caving in to wage increases is productive to the longevity of the club. I don’t want Arsenal to slip down that dodgy path.

I’d rather stronger focus on tactical enhancements when it comes to the games (that’s where myself and most fans I know actually care) and better footballer purchases.

the only sam is nelson

what a horrible piece of proxyism for usmanov that is

arsenal “fan group”? my hairy arse

protest march against a fucking board structure? jesus wept.

just wrong, on so many levels. still, it’ll give the visiting sheep shaggers something to laugh at i suppose, a few dozen idiots parading their desperation for a sugar daddy to make them feel happy. christ on a bike.

North Bank Gooner

lets hope the few hundred protesters give up said season tickets, and unblock the seats for gooners that WILL support their team. through thick and thin.

getting a bit sick of the divisive nature of mr usmanovs methods, dont think i’m the only 1


I like Chamakh. He did a decent job when he first started with us, and although Van Judas took the first team spot, this lad never complained and just worked hard, trying to get back into the team. . If you think about it, his goal to minute ratios aren’t entirely bad either. You can’t bring a player on for 10 minutes every 15 games and expect him to score. It’d be a shame if he left, a bigger shame if a lad like this one doesn’t get the minutes he deserves though. but such is life. Best of luck… Read more »


The reason chamakh will not want to leave is because of how much he gets paid, I might be wrong but I think it’s about 60 grand a week, he won’t get that anywhere else because no one will pay that for a player who can’t play football.


I still think he could produce the kind of form from when he joined us. I’ve always had the feeling that he wasn’t given a chance because he simply was not needed when rvp kept banging them in. No, he may not be as handsome as Giroud, but still…! It’s funny that you tend to not even consider the likes of chamakh and arshavin players of this arsenal squad, but both are actual footballers, who are paid to play football. so given our record so far there is no reason why they couldn’t do better than the lads who did… Read more »


If you offered chamakh on a free to any preimer league club but stated that his wages have to 60,000 per week, you can bet your house no one would sign him…. Maybe Hughes but he’s a proven shit spender.


we paid that much for him for salaries because he was a free transfer – and he was a consistent goal scorer when he played regularly.

If he scored 15-20 goals a season(which he was for Bordeaux) 50 grand a week isn’t all that expensive in this climate,


I wouldn’t leave in Jan either if I was on the wages he was on!

Just another reason why himself, Squillaci etc are still at our club, and also the reason why we can only ever get rid of the likes of Bendtner and Denilson on loan.


Tommid, he’s not good enough for the premier league, wish he was but he’s not, get him out and all the other dross. If he left his drop in wages would probably halved, so of course he wants to stay, use the money on someone who can at least trap a ball or make a challenge without falling over or who at least doesn’t look like he’s been caught masterbating by a member of his own family.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

If Arsenal’s performance at OT is anything to by then it is unsurprising that our forgotten forward believes that he could improve the team. Even a pile of dog turd on the field as the 11th be an improvement and would surely only enhance the performance from the weekend. I mean if nothing else it would atleast ensure that the opposing players go nowhr near the turd part of the field, and leave at least one less part of the field to back pass into, which seems to be the new hobby of the team. Maybe they could then focus… Read more »


Give Chamakh another chance.
Can’t be any worse than Giroud.
Or stick them both up front as they seemed to work alright together against Reading.
We need goals and they are our only 2 traditional centre forwards in the 1st team.
From an offensive point of view, it can’t be any worse than the last few performances bar the Reading game.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I think it was on fifa 11 i usef him as a DM instead of Song, because he was fairly quick, very strong and had good standup tackles.


How come our last 3 striker/forwards bought from Ligue 1 have been shitty for us? Chamakh,Gervinho and now Giroud….wondering why?

Ivan Gazidis

Chamakh – LANS


Chamakh has suffered from the general footballing world sacrificing a striker for a midfielder.

Bendtner is another one who always looked better playing with a partner.

[…] speaking to RMC Radio, the forward also added “I think I can bring something to the team, but I’m going to have to make a decision in the […]


i just think our striker options compared to our main competitors is……well…..inferior. man u- rooney, van p, hernandez and wellbeck, man city- tevez, aguero, ballotelli and dzeko. Think back to when we had Henry, Bergkamp, Van Persie, Kanu. just like our rivals today, we had options then. A striker that could carry a team, that something special. Were not scoring goals because we have half decent mid-upper table strikers. No world beaters. Im sorry but one good season in ligue one dosent equal that status. Unfair to put the pressure on Giroud. Especially when you dont have the wingers of… Read more »

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