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Wilshere to start as Wenger looks for quick response

Arsene Wenger says he’s likely to start Jack Wilshere in Arsenal’s crucial Champions League tie with Schalke tomorrow night, and the Arsenal manager wants to see his team react quickly after Saturday’s disheartening defeat to Manchester United.

Wilshere will serve a one game domestic ban after his red card at Old Trafford, giving him the break he’ll need having just returned from injury.

“I think I will play him,” he said. “Then we have a block of three games and maybe the fact that he gets a period of recovering will be just right for him. He gets better in every game.”

The England midfielder would return for the game against Sp*rs on November 17th. Meanwhile, Wenger says Arsenal’s form is a concern and that his team must get the job done in Germany.

“We had a very promising start and of course we have gone through a difficult spell. We want to respond to that and rectify that very quickly because it is not only the fact we lost the [Manchester United] game but the way we lost it.

“We are still in a strong position in this group but of course we want to come out with a good result.”

He also spoke about his team’s need to rediscover some of their attacking verve.

“I believe that overall if you look at our overall performance we are indeed good, we are still the best defence in the league,” he said.

“If you look at the goals conceded, I believe at the moment we don’t have to focus too much on that. I think what is most important is that we find our game back. Our game is about creating chances, about going forward, about having an offensive drive.

“That at the moment is a bit missing so the most important thing. I believe I have a team of great players and at the moment they have forgotten it a little bit how good they are.

“What is most important is that we play again with our enthusiasm, desire to create chances and enjoy our game, more than about do we concede a goal or not.”

In short, he’s telling his defenders to cut out the individual errors and seeking more directness and bravery from those ahead of them. Sounds simple.

We’ll see.

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Big Chief from Antarctica

I swear, if the team pass more balls in the direction of the back four than in the opposite direction in this “crucial” game..

then we can safely say, that it’s time for some good ol’ bitch slappin’, ass whoopin’, finger waggin’ and a speech from the Queen herself, the top Gooner.


this is what happens when you try to rely on LAN’s coming back from injury

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

He said (as always) we had depth and he is killing the boy already. Where is LANS Diaby, Rosicky, Ramsey, Frimpong, Arsha, Ox, Le Coq to ease Jack slowly without over playing AGAIN???. He said Diaby is coming in 2/3 weeks 6 weeks ago, now it is around end of December with Rosicky. You know, we will be told they will be back end of Jan and then after the window close it will be (just like always with Jack, TV5) another set back and season over. Do you want to know why? Because saying the truth means SPENDING and… Read more »


Well, no. Wilshere is the one player we can say for sure will not be playing on the weekend so it makes sense for him to play here.Where are those players you mentioned? Injured mostly, with Frimpong being in the same situation as Wilshere.
And we do not only need one goal, we need three points. It doesn’t matter if it’s an away game, we lost the home tie so we need to respond. Qualifying second is not good enough if we want to make it past the Round of 16.


Basically he means let’s just score more then we dont have to worry about TV5 and Santos. Sounds good!!!


I’m glad you see this, Wenger. Now make them a winning force. Thanks.


If we had beaten ManUtd we would be feeling great, let’s not let one game get us suicidal. Let’s smash these Germans!


It’s not one game, it’s been every game since the interlull

forget QPR, we were lucky to win
and Reading was not even the first team


its much more than the loss at Manchester. We won the game at QPR because of an offside goal only.

Wengers tactics have been absolutely awful this year. I would say 50% of our games we havent even looked like scoring a goal because we spend the 90 minutes passing between our fullbacks, and because we do that for 90 minutes and have more posession, we think that means were playing well.

But its fucking hopeless. Bring out the play book wenger. 7 goals in 75 minutes when we played 2 up front against reading. time for a change??

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Can no one tell JFP that we will not win the league this season, we already dropped 15 points. And, can no one tell him we have ONLY won 7 top four trophies since 2005 and 3 Emirates cups.

Let the boy dream, don’t wake him up and let him live in his own world.


I’m getting bored of this belief and mental strength bollocks.. He really should stop trying to make them feel all fluffy and positive and give them the hairdryer now and again. I would have fucking thrown my own shit at our skipper if I was in the dressing room at half time on Saturday.

Not sure what my point is, but I know I’m right.


That’s icky!


Frustratingly, even if (and that’s quite a big if at this stage) we produce a solid performance in Germany, the bitter, bitter taste of Saturday’s match will be at the forefront of our collective palette.

It’ll be interesting to see if we can come up with any sort of creative, cutting edge in the final third…and let’s face it, the middle of the park, as well…and…errr..not producing gaffe after gaffe at the back would be quite nice.

Been desperately poor recently – here’s hoping, if at all foolishly, that things will get better starting tomorrow.

Dick Swiveller

Frankly, its gonna take a trophy to wash the taste of that performance away. I was willing to give this team a chance to show it didn’t have the glass chin of it’s predecessor but it looks like the glass chin comes from the top so we’re screwed.

Arsene's Nose

Make Us proud boys….


Shalke is going to try to run riot over us, if they win then they have won the group.

We need to show some character.


Overall I believe that our character and mental strength is like a new signing




Also, it’s the ref’s fault and the pitch’s fault, don’t forget…


If santos scores in the next game then the rvp shirt will most certainly be classifiefld like a new signing……..


I hope to see Arshavin/Walcott tomorrow, whenever one of those two play, Giroud looks 1000 times better up front. Those tow can actually feed him the ball properly. Come on you Gunners!


They will need a good start tomorrow, i hope we will see a different arsenal tomorrow.

Class of 71

Sadly we’re a cup team again, back to the good old days of 70s when we cherished fa cup success and only dreamt of beating Liverpool to win the league!


Yeah, but now Liverpool’s basically a bottom-dwelling side.

Le sausage

Vermaelen has been shocking in the past few games. He should be dropped or put at left back. He may have the mean face but I don’t think he has that captain attitude where he can muster the Gunners and send them forth to attack whilst he watched the keep.


Look on the bright side. Gervinho’s injured and now Ramsey too. That’s two of our worst players unavailable … Result!!

With luck, Wenger will blow a gasket on the sidelines, and he’ll be out for the season. What a result that would be!


By which you mean our two highest performing players this term?


Pete59 = Spu*s fan.


Spurs fan, my arse.
I’m just not an Arsene fan. I once was but no more. He and his cadres in the boardroom are fucking up our club.
And if it’s true that Wenger really DOES have 70 million quid to spend and he has not spent it because he’s too stubborn, then the man is a complete prat.


to call someone a spurs fan just because he’s got a different view on things seems a bit stupid, you see. That said, this talk about Ramsey and Gerv is indeed bullshit and don’t you think there’s just a bit more about Arsenal’s financial policies than Arsene’s stubborness?


£70. Show your working?


We made an operating loss of 18m last year, so talk of 70m swilling about doing nothing is wide of the mark. It’s only our transfer surplus that’s been keeping us going years, and that’s especially true now the property sales have come to an end and the stadium debt remains a noose round our necks. Without the CL revenue (35m last year) we’d be fucked.

Lord Teddy Ears

Its time for the team to pull their collective fingers out stop feeling sorry for themselves and get back to winning ways. We are a little threadbare again with the team which happens every bloody year so lets hope we can smash a few past the germans.

Also Arsene we dont need anymore left footed mid-fielders we need a goal keeper and a bloody striker.



I don’t think we need more midfielders, either…

I want at least a new defender and at least a new winger/striker.


We do need more midfielders but not bloody Yoann Gourcuff unless Gourcuff can do an Arteta. No one can replace Arteta’s role in midfield for us.
The fact is we do need another midfielder in the Abou Diaby role (box-to-box, physically imposing). Diaby looks like he’s going to be chronically injured again and it’s not good to overuse Wilshere when he’s just come back from a long term illness.
Additionally, yeah I agree we need a new defender and another winger/striker.
Whether that defender position is CB and we sell Djourou or LB and we sell Santos I’m not sure.


Which midfielder in the world is the most similar to Arteta? Serious question.


Have you lot read Wenger’s comments above?
our defence is the best in the league??
What drugs is the man on and where can I get some???


Take the league table, look at the ‘goals against’-column and compare with the other teams.

Dr Baptiste

But that would mean that Pete’s rant was bollocks…..


It’s an anomaly, how can we be tight at the back when we keep getting fucked up the arse?


because we don’t bother teams offensively


Just wondering if SAF or Mou had been our manager what treatment would those clowns Vermalean and Santos be subjected to. Hope to see some attitude changed in drastic way in germany. If wenger still plays santos as LB then lads its about time we pack wenger’s bags for him. If manager is not ambitious enough dont expect the team to have any kind of fight in them. I still favour replacing TV5 with Arteta as captain. That would be a super statement and instill some fear and respect for the jersey they are wearing. I used to believe ‘Wenger… Read more »


amount of goals conceded.. Technically we are the best defence in the league.. Funny though.. but ii get what the man above is saying.. We concede.. But not as much to kill a game off.. We just need to get fucking shots on target.. Work the keeper.. Beat him..!! Not wait for a 17 year old to come on and shoot our 1st shot on target in the 90th minute..! just make fucking chances.. C.O.Y.G..!

Jim Jimminy

I hope that’s how Wenger has been looking at the players since Saturday. Looks like he means business. Let’s hope the players finally wake up.


We need a solid 1 nil to the arsenal. We need to control the tempo, consistently move the ball FORWARD and keep it right at the back. We are not going to destroy this shalke side in Germany. Even hoping for that would be foolish.

If we can keep vermaelin and santos the fuck off the pitch and giroud can poach one we should be ok. No stupid mistakes.


*tight at the back. Not right at the back, that’s the last thing we need to do.


And if vermaelin starts over koscielny, I will change my name on this site to ” wenger out now”.


Prepare yourself…


Ye you should can’t be any worse than frog.


Mate, if you’re going to talk shit, please at yeast write your sentences in English so we understand what the fuck you’re on about.


“Yeast” does not help your case.


It’s 50 50. Arsene is a stubborn old goat, but vermaelin has been pure shit.


the schalke game doesnt matter all we are hoping for is to qualify for next year champions league. its already a trophy to be in champions league, why bother winning it and wasting our time while we can just concerntrate on 4th place.


“Wilshere to start”…… How about the whole Arsenal team actually turn up first and try to play to win.

N/b if santos goes for hunteelars shirt (seems he likes them dutch) i’ll go bonkers in a bad way and kill a fly or two!!!!. (Yeah thats how mad I can get). Coyg tomorrow.


As we head into the Schalke game Wenger should lay down the gauntlet to his players with this caption here.

“We either win or they lose”


10/1 probability of santos going for hunteelars shirt at half time, he’ll do one better this time, he’ll snatch it from hunteelar and run down the tunnel like a motherfucker. Coyg!


Farfan will rape santos once again, and just like the first game against schalke the management will do nothing to correct it, but will instead comment on how he had such a hard time for the whole game,. very odd indeed.


Move aside Wenger….I’m coming to save the day.

Peter Hill-Wood

Shut up you Catalan cunt.

A N Other

Santos is a joke. He hasn’t got clue about what arsenal fans are going through.

You only swap a shirt at the end of an epic game and not at half time of the game in which you getting spanked at the hands of fiercest rival.

Wenger has made a big mistake by not selling him on and buying a credible LB knowing very well that absence of full backs derailed us last year.

As bad as TV5 has been, he would be better left back than santos.

I can’t see much improvement tomorrow by him or the team.


Whatever about the shirt. Santos is not the reason we pass the ball to the defense every other pass. Gibbs is better yes, but scapegoating Santos is silly when our offense can’t put together a series of successful passes to threaten goal. I don’t know why we play like that. We looked better when Diaby was in the team of course, but we still are playing below the level of the individual players’ talent offensively. Why?


Beats me. But then again, I’m not paid seven million punds a year to find out. If I were, I bet I would be pretty damned motivated to find a solution, and fast.


jenk mert djor sagna
arteta coq jack
santi giroud arsh
4-3-3 when have the ball, when we loose the ball santi tucks into a 4-4-2 sub jack with wallcot when he gets tired and get in amongst them. None of this backline has screwed up this season so they play in my book and five players who can nick one. 1-0 to the Arsenal.


Stick to the weed, weedwacker!




You said it. Nick one. That’s what we need to do. I disagree about the djourou part though. Koscielny was our best defender last year and he needs a string of games. Plus he couldn’t be worse than our captains been.


I am not sure. One gives away goals while the other scores own goals.




Look at the expression on Wenger’s face above and describe it in one word:






Perhaps he’s thinking, “I am going to play Santos at left back against Schalke and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it”

In Arsene we trust!


he’s looking at you Pete59 and thinking who the fuck are you, and why are you here?


right so koscielny’s in at cb, while vermaelen replaces santos… it’s gonna be a fucking bloodbath


I am a bit afraid of Vermaelen right now. Prove us wrong, captain, or forfeit your armband.

Canberra Gooner

Anyone else think that Vermaelen is struggling BECAUSE of the Captaincy? The burden of responsibility etc…


No, he’s struggling because he’s just not been that good since he came back from that Achilles injury. It’s a shame, he looked the business. Now he looks like senderos.

Red and White Stripey Socks

Give it to the BFG!


I love Wenger and support Arsenal through and through. But it’s galling that once again we are struggling because of shortages that fans decried before the season started. Gambling on Rosicky, Diaby, Frimpong, and others is ridiculous for a club trying to stay in the top four , and now we’re paying for it. And Andre Santos? As for Wilshere, it’s good to see him playing again but he’s clearly not ready. He should be playing his way into fitness in the Carling Cup, not against Man Utd. If supporters are honest with themselves, they’ll admit that he was poor… Read more »


How about some change?

Sagna – Mert – Kos – Verm
Arteta – Jack
Walcott – Cazorla – Arshavin


Think change is needed in the team just so some players can be rested and go and take a look at themselves!! However I think for tonight that line up looks a little bit light, remember they beat us easily at home so keeping it tight and possession at there place is a good start. Maybe play that personnel for Saturdays home game!?

[…] 来源:[arseblog] […]

[…] his press conference last night, Wenger made some interesting comments about the goals we’re conceding and the ones we’re not scoring: If you look at the […]


“I believe that overall if you look at our overall performance we are indeed good, we are still the best defence in the league,” I beleive if you look at our overall performance in the league we are going down fast. 2 wins in the last 6 games, where did you get the “we are indeed good” part from Arsene? This current rot can’t be fixed magically within a few days. Expect to see another disappointing performance tonight against Schalke. The season has barely started and we already have a depleted squad run by a dilusional manager. Well done Arsene… Read more »


So glad that finally someone in the comments pointed out we’ve had shortcomings for that exact period of time. I was getting worried that nobody had noticed.


I think Wenger is putting too much pressure on the lad and that itself shows the lack of depth in the squad. Should play Arshavin/Walcott today. Agreed Arshavin is incosistant irregular but in my opinion i truely feel when hes on song and touches his best he is right up there with the best. Give Arshavin some playing time, let him recover his form and he can truely give back the price that was paid for him.


You think Wenger knows anything about Arshavin? He’s been playing him out of position since he arrived. Would a player like Van Persie ever be told to play on the wing, and expect to see the best from him? Nope. Yet that’s what Wenger has done with Arshavin; play a man in position he’s never played in at previous clubs or for country.


im normally an optimist. but with my realistic head on. Tonight we’ll be lucky to get a draw. This is a good team were against. but i hope to see a better display going forward. Thats where are strength is. So lets some bollocks, relax and play our game. prediction 1-1

[…] his press conference last night, Wenger made some interesting comments about the goals we’re conceding and the ones we’re not scoring: If you look at the […]

Per's Nimble Footwork

We may have dropped 15 points, but we are 9 points behind MUFC. The game against The Red Nose’s Mob was awful, no doubt, but the team will rise from it (I sure hope so) So believe in the team, whether you believe in the Manager or not. It helps when you watch with belief sometimes; it hurts less . 🙂

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