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Jack: Carl would ‘run through a brick wall’ for Arsenal

Jack Wilshere says Carl Jenkinson would ‘run through a brick wall’ for his Arsenal teammates and also paid homage to his teammate’s development in the last 12 months.

The former Charlton defender is understood to have signed a new five-year deal at the Emirates this week and is currently in Stockholm with England for whom he could potentially make his international debut this evening.

Considering that just two years ago Jenkinson was playing on loan for Eastbourne Borough in the Conference South division while intermittently watching the Gunners from the terraces with his dad, his rapid rise to fame is a tale which resonates strongly with supporters and indeed with Wilshere.

“I’m delighted for him,” the midfielder told

“It’s clear for everyone to see how much of an improvement has been made. He came to the Club playing barely any games for Charlton and it was a big step for him. He’s got a great character and he’s a great lad to have around. He’d run through a brick wall for you.

“To have him in your team and even in the dressing room is great and I’m delighted for him and his family. I know his dad will be delighted. It’s a good story and hopefully now he can get his place in the England squad and be a regular.”

It’s yet to be confirmed whether Jenkinson will get playing time in tonight’s England friendly, although speaking yesterday manager Roy Hodgson was confident that he should be allowed to take part:

“Has Jenkinson got international clearance? We think so. I think it is coming tomorrow. We are assured it is coming.”

Let’s hope Carl gets the chance to cap an amazing week with a few minutes on the pitch alongside Wilshere. Who knows with speculation continuing to circle about Bacary Sagna’s future it’s possible he could find himself number one in his position for both club and country in the near future.

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This is just lovely. Two Arsenal boys coming through and both have huge love for the club . We have missed this a lot I believe


Definitely excited… However, RvP and A.C*le were Arsenal fans as well…(

Master Bates

now Don’t be pessimistic , Everyone is innocent until proven a cunt

Dave Gooner

Correction: RvP was *never* an Arsenal fan like you or I. Or like Jenko or Jack.

Great stuff ahead of the visit of the smelly neighbours on Saturday.

Dr Baptiste

Jenkinson supported Arsenal as a kid, while RvP claims to be a fan but that seems to just have been to appease the fans.

Henry managed it as he’s only ever shown respect to us fans and as a club (and has only ever spoken about coming back to coach with us once his playign career is over) but van Persie thought he had earned the same level of legend status but was sadly mistaken


RVP – THAT picture was from an era when we were successful.
I think it’s clear to see that RVP was just a glory hunter Arsenal fan back then.

Kind of like the player he’s become.
Only gone to united to ‘win’ things off the back of ropey referess etc etc

Midfield Corporal

I had an AC Milan shirt in the mid 90’s, it was cheap in JJB sports, didnt make me an AC Milan Fan. I think people underestimate the value of having local lads with Arsenal Blood running through their veins at the club. People through the racist tag around if you think this which is nonsense as I don’t even see its about race, it’s locality. An English lad from Newcastle won’t get what it means to pull on the red and white like an islington boy does. Vieira, Dennis and co were lucky they had the old guard teaching… Read more »

Bould's Hair Dresser

A true gunner would never have parked in a handicap spot.


Jack is West Ham through and through.


Afobe scored for the U-21’s last night too and played well, he looks like a beast. Reminded me of Kevin Campbell physically. Hope that brings some of ye some fond memories, I always smile when I think about the rottweiler in action, an Arsenal legend.


Heh……this is so inspiring.
Jenko found it absolutely effortless to put that pen to paper and now this. We need more of this arsene. Such a great lad.


Not to belittle him in any way, but it would be absolutely mental of him not to sign a £32k p/w contract.

Entre Dans La

LOL – yea right. They could’ve promised Carl free kits and tickets for life and he would’ve signed

Im lilwayne bitch!

Absolute jackcarls these two!!!!!!. Bring on the prey (spuds).


This is the attitute we need.


Compare his reaction to Chamakh’s to the missed pen at the weekend. Tells you everything.

And 100% his Grandad would be proud.

Midfield Corporal

All it needed was Chamakh to lean over to the player next to him and say ‘Can we go home now’.

Dave Gooner

” I know his dad will be delighted.”

Not just his dad Jack. This is why Arsenal is so special. One of the biggest football clubs in the world. But still a club.

How I love Arsenal.

Rad Carrot


Chin up you Gooners. Might be a bit of a shit time for us but good to know we’ve got a few passionate youngsters in the team.


“while intermittently watching the Gunners from the terraces with his dad” … what terraces? I wish we still had terraces!!!!


carl: mid-table player for a mid-table team.The door to Manchester united is wide open.

Master Bates

do NOT feed the troll

Dr Baptiste

Sorry, I couldn’t help it….

Dr Baptiste

So according to you, Man Utd just want to sign mid-table players. Is that because your team is actually only good enough for mid-table but for the help from referee’s? Pleb


Ok, I did say that it was a bit soon to give him a pay rise but what the hell, he’s a good lad and works hard, can’t fault that.
Hopefully we are going to have a long lasting spine that will drive us forward. We still have a lot of gems in the youth set up but I would just love Wenger to do a little nut stomping when needed.


Giving new contracts to youngsters who haven proven nothing only for potential, while denying contracts from seniors who carried Arsenal for the last few years. Only at Arsenal! 🙂

Dr Baptiste

He hasn’t just proven potential though, he proved that he can contribute in a big way to the team on a consistent basis. After last season, he’s obviously learnt a lot from it and has carried that knowledge forward.

Also, how do you know Arsenal haven’t offered Sagna a new contract? No one knows except the manager and those in the background at the club. I don’t trust anything that comes out of a players mouth these days and the media are always shit stirring when it comes to Arsenal.


With him, wilshere and frimpong around we will again have men in our team who will die for the shirt, there are only a hand full of these players left in the league and I think we have a couple of them. Combine that with Gibbs, AOC and walcott (Subject to sign) and money is the only thing im left concerned with.

Rad Carrot

While I love Frimpong’s attitude and his fanaticism for the club (and that hilarious video of him mocking the Sp*ds for once again not making the CL) I still have some doubts as to his actual quality. Passion and drive are brilliant attributes to have, but he hasn’t shown he can play a truly top level yet.

Hope I’m wrong there, would love to see him and Jack as our future centre midfielders, but time will tell.

Dr Baptiste

Future captain (Wilshere) and vice-captain (The Corporal) right there. I reckon you could probably attribute that headline to both players, as they both seem to just want to play for Arsenal

Up the Arse

My favourite thing about the Jenks is how he runs. So uncomfortable looking, yet so effective. I can’t remember who it was that he stripped for speed the other week,but I was up off my sofa cheering.


Think it’s Javi Garcia you’re referring to, when he torched him and Garcia had to haul him down with pretty much a rugby horse collar.

Mikel Silvestre

Possibly the most obvious professional foul ever seen that.


This sort of passion is exactly what we need. i want see frimpong at least on the bench on saturday. i think players like him jack jenko afobe aneke and one or two others should be.given more opportunity. i even think that watt and eastmond would have eventually improved enough to become decent squad players. i seem them as players like mcdermott vaessen gatting price kelly george nelson whyte meade powling ross selley of years gone by some were never going to be great players but when they got playing time they run their bloody socks off and truly loved… Read more »


Wilshire jenkinson gibbs walcott afobe aneke akpom meade eastmond watt frimpong ramsey shea jebb lipman ormonde-ottewill jeffrey rees wynter yennaris hayden charles-cook henderson roberts boateng fagan. There is a decent batch of “british” youngsters coming through our squad. sure many wont make it especially not at arsenal with two thirds of the squad being not british and imported on better salaries but i still think we could see 6+ of the above in the first team squad by next season.

Dr Baptiste

But the media say that we don’t produce any British players, so none of those can actually be British….


The media hate us because we have a French manager and has had success with French players.


If Sagna doesn’t leave in the summer it’ll kill Jenks! …but Sagna is gone anyway so it doesn’t matter.


Don’t understand the reaction at Chamak’s response (or lack of) last weekend. Whatever you may think of him, he’s been practically frozen out and is detached from the team – no doubt much to his disappointment. Give him a run and a stake in the team and you’d see a different reaction – whether we want to do that or not is an entirely different question, but his detachment is completely understandable IMO.
Back to the article at hand – Jenks is everything that’s good about football, no doubt.

Midfield Corporal

That’s exactly the problem Krispy, he’s not bothered if he’s not involved, it’s all about him. He had the choice whether to work harder on the pitch to get his place back but seemed to just give up. Now he’s happy to sit on his backside and collect his wages while certain fans commend him for not making a fuss and being professional. I’d rather him show some backbone and fight for his place or go elsewhere.


A great story. I just wish, you know, he was good.


Which terraces was Jenks watching from two years ago? I must have missed those being installed

Goon Goon Goon

Knowing we had Jenkinson on back up for Sagna is awesome. Sagna obviously wants to stay so we should get him on long term but Jenkinson is the perfect back up and future first 11 if sagna gets a bit shaky.

[…] 来源:[@Arseblognews] […]


Love it as I do that jentkinson has improved greatly this season and clearly Is a Gooner. Sagna is the better player at the moment and for the foreseeable. Don’t get caught in the hype Sagna has been our best defender for past two seasons baring injury he is really the only one you can be confident of putting in a solid performance in our shaky back line. He is also our only defender who would get into the other top three English teams. We Know who they are. That there lies our problem. Like wenger moving on cashley cole… Read more »


Cashley for clichy mistake above!


a player signs a 5 year deal:
reaction from fans: praise the lord

same players can’t produce the level of expected quality
reaction reaction from fans: arsenal hands out lucrative contract to anyone

arsenal can’t win trophies for years and lets their top players go
reaction from fans: all those greedy players and their agents need to be lynched

wow! good luck to us big time!!

Unyoke The Ox

I can imagine his contract signing.

Arsenal: so Carl we’ve prepared thi..

Carl: Where do I sign???

His Agent: Carl, it’s not even a copntract, it’s used toilet paper with a zero on it

Carl: *licking his pen tip* Where do I sign??

Good lad!!!!


Blogs please ban this RVP troll.


Bitch please. you gotta look at the top to see me

RVP's Dad

You have turned into a son I am not proud of anymore.

Journey: Don't stop believing

For all the nay-sayers and doubters out there, it’s not a huge problem if Jenks isn’t “as good as Bac” at the moment. His greatest asset is his passion for the club. If he loses the ball, he does all he can to win it back, he is devastated when he makes a mistake and delighted when he can help the team. He wears his heart on his sleeve and this is evident from afar. His passion takes him to another level now; when he’s a more rounded player, he will definitely be up there with some of the better… Read more »

5pur2 dr00L

Funny, that’s my best asset for the club, too. Where do I sign?

(Kidding; I think Jenks is improving and is a pretty steady option. Just wouldn’t want to lose Sagna now, since it’s obvious we’re hemorrhaging players left and right without buying new ones, thanks to LANS and all that.)


That wasn’t the point above. Bac is best at the mo why not keep them both. Competition for places good “bac up” players. It’s obvious we sign potential the fans aren’t buying into foreign youngsters and selling on the better players so now new stance is get English youngsters on less wages as they will get accepted better. The ox jentkinson etc etc probably Saha. All the players on low wages future stars who when they reach there obvious potential after we have given them the platform they will move on for big money. It’s called a selling club the… Read more »

Journey: Don't stop believing

I understood some of the words you used, but not really anything else. Unless I’m mistaken, you’re basically saying that we are a selling club now and need to keep hold of Bac and Theo to prove the opposite to the fans? That wasn’t the point I was making either. I was just merely commenting and agreeing with most of the people on here that it’s good for the club to have a player who is totally committed to the cause and it’s even better for the fans to see this passion coming through in what could be described as… Read more »

Dial Square

You gotta love Jenks, but we need to keep them both, he’s not the finished article yet and Sagna is the best RB in the league, we need serious competition for places in every position. If Sagna leaves and Jenks gets a serious injury, what then?


I would run through a brick wall for the corporal. He’s a throwback, but so am I.


It’s official, Sagna is a goner. Today he expressed his love for Arsenal, and Jenks will get his first cap for England tonight. It is done.


Something must be explained : where is the article quoting (magic) Bac against Sp** ??? It disappeared…


We are in love! Bac and Jenk

Gunsen Gunner
A N Other

Jack is so well spoken for his age. He has terrific approach to football and life in general. A role model already.

89 Anfield..... It's up for grabs now

May the maggots of 1000 flies infest your arsehole!

89 Anfield..... It's up for grabs now

Sorry that was directed towards that rvp troll cunt

so many bitches out here. shut the fuck off.look at the top of the table

Dr Baptiste

They keep spelling the name wrong though, it’s supposed to say Howard Webb and Co. at the top of the table

[…] to the start and Jack Wilshere says that Carl Jenkinson would run through brick walls for Arsenal. A bit cliched, for sure, but […]

[…] to the start and Jack Wilshere says that Carl Jenkinson would run through brick walls for Arsenal. A bit cliched, for sure, but […]

Quack Ops

Really excited about this but Theo’s contract couldn’t be sorted?

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