Thursday, April 25, 2024

Frimpong eyes loan as he dismisses exit talk

Emmanuel Frimpong has confirmed he is close to sealing a loan move but dismissed suggestions he is on his way out of Arsenal permanently by making clear he’s not in the last year of his contract.

The 20-year-old, who has recently returned from a second prolonged spell on the sidelines, is currently way down the midfield pecking order at the Emirates and has made no bones about wanting to gain first team minutes elsewhere in the second half of the season.

Writing on Twitter Frimpong, responding to a story that was published this afternoon from a source even less reliable than Newsnight, clarified:

“Subject to rumours am not leaving afc I am positive of going on loan this week which am really excited about and I am fully commited to afc.

“And am not in my last year or looking to be sold just to clear matters thank you and going on loan to get games and cum back to arsenal” [SIC]

Arseblog News hasn’t got the foggiest where the Ghanaian will be heading out on loan, but trusts the youngster has a more fruitful spell than he did last January at Wolves when a second cruciate ligament injury forced him back to London.

On a final note, you’ve got to love and their ‘EXCLUSIVE’ stories…and by love we obviously mean loathe.

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big black clock

If you’re one of the people who believe are a reliable source for football news, then you should seriously sit down and evaluate your choices in life


wayne veysey – a man in the know.

Rohan Sood

The force is strong with this one.

More like

Bould's Hair Dresser

On the other hand, is Andre Santos the new Eboue?




They are reliable when they say things I want to hear.


Let him go back to wolves, and next season be our tiote


He’s better than tiote for sure


Really want Frimmers to succeed. I love Arteta but hes a bit of a pussy. Can be barged of the ball by the best and he’s lost half a yard this season which doesn’t help matters. Frimmers has that bit about him, represents the club through and through and is actually a talented lad contrary to what people think


I missed the last couple of games but I wouldn’t call Arteta a pussy based on what I’ve seen before. He’s surprisingly tough when he needs to be, but it’s true that we haven’t looked as solid since Diaby’s injury. We’ve missed his presence in the midfield, and I suppose Song gave us that last season. It’s not a question of anyone replacing Arteta though; he’s the main defensive midfielder but it seems we also need a bit of power in the middle alongside him, and I agree, Frimpong can definitely provide that once he regains his fitness. I don’t… Read more »


I love Arteta but hes a bit of a pussy.



I love pussy but its a bit of an arteta!


Has good hair, is normally located centrally, but is adaptable to a number of positions.


^^_ Lmao!! Some one give this guy a medal!!


Also agree re Frimpong’s talent. He can sidestep opponents pretty well and is generally quite sure with his passing, and he’s got a decent shot on him. His main strength is his physical power, but he’s definitely good enough to play midfield for Arsenal, as opposed to Lansbury who I think was moved on because his 1st touch wasn’t quite good enough, particularly for a more attack-minded player.

5pur2 dr00L

Arteta is small, but he’s no pussy… he’s pretty aggressive and makes a lot of tackles. If you’re referring to Saturday’s game, well — he was tired, and the pass he got caught on was a horrible pass by someone else.


Cheer up about the season, fellow Gooners! We’re only 24 points away from safety.


Let him go pemanantly.He is Song without a brain and Song didnt have a brain


Song was our best midfielder last year and his ridiculous sale over the summer pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with our club. Don’t go being a tit and bad mouthing him now. He was a loyal servant to the club. And if he was still in the side today, we’d have at least a few more points on the tally sheet, arteta, santi and podolski wouldn’t be fatigued and our midfield would be a hell of a lot stronger………… But we wouldn’t have that £16mil doing nothing in the vault.


I agree with this except that Song wasn’t clearly our best midfielder. Arteta was vital in providing the right defensive balance to the midfield, which Song contributed to also, and he also chipped in with a few very important passes. Yes, it highlighted the problem with the wage structure at the club. How Song could be paid practically the same as Denilson and Bendtner is shocking given his enourmous contribution, not just last season but in the 2 previous ones as well. I’m convinced we wouldn’t have finished top4 in at least one of those seasons were it not for… Read more »


That’s a good word for him. “rock”. He was a solid, consistent performer. He also wasn’t afraid to take a risk. How many of our midfielders are taking risks today, not many. And how bad do we need someone to who could step up and play in any of the three spots in our midfield? Song was a perfect fit. Fucking diaby and rosicky? What a joke. Money talks at the arse, that’s for sure.


Well I think Diaby answered his critics pretty well earlier this season but his injury was predictable, and I think Rosicky can play a part, but he’s certainly not going to provide what’s missing from our midfield at the moment. As you say, Song was a reliable performer and he worked perfectly well with Arteta, and I don’t think we would have suffered this decline in form, at least not to such an embarrassing degree, if Song were still at the club. We’ve lost that bite in midfield that now only Diaby and arguably Frimpong can really offer from the… Read more »

5pur2 dr00L

Song was NOT our best midfielder. I know Arteta’s had a rough patch of games, but don’t let it cloud your judgment.

(Do wish we kept Song, as he’d be providing Arteta/Cazorla/Wilshere with some rest, and that’s vital at the moment.)


@ davi fuck off! If song was our best midfielder then you clearly are deluded. sure he had a decent season last season but for years he was denilson like. a figure of ridicule and nowhere near good enough to oust even the likes of flamini (another one season wonder) the fact is that too many players are placed on a pedestal at arsenal yet mostly when they go elsewhere are found wanting cesc song nasri for example a trio of bench warmers personally i think arteta wilshire cazorla are every bit as good. sure rvp is the one that… Read more »


Sorry that was for frog not davi


This Song you speak of… Have you seen him lately? Where is he?


Not where he should be.

Jim Jimminy

I think Frimpong is seriously under-rated. He’s not just an enforcer, he can go past people and pass. Quite the shot as well. Obviously the way he acts away from the pitch conjures a different opinion from some, but i like his character and hope he has a long and successful career at The Arsenal.


If I had to make a choice between keeping one of him and Coquelin it would be Frimpong. He has more raw talent, power, potential and he is Arsenal through and through, a fan


Id trade both of them for Alex song. Is that sad? Because its true.


It is indeed sad, you sound like a kid crying over spilt milk. Song is gone, coq and frimmers are here. Enjoy! Or whine…….


Coquelin has more raw talent than Frimpong in terms of control, passing ability, forward runs, positioning (as a defensive midfielder), anticipation, and pace. Frimpong on the other hand is immensely strong and is completely fearless, and once he regains his fitness will be giving 100% in every game and won’t be shying away from games as most of the side appeared to do against Norwich and Utd. Apart from simply being an Arsenal fan, he’s just mentally tougher than Coquelin (and most of the other 1st team players) and imposes himself more on games, more often, from what I’ve seen.… Read more »


I am crying over spilt milk. In fact, I’m really angry. Too many good players have been fucked off and replaced with less talented players or kids. We’ve become an embarrassment and I don’t like it. Im in no position to do anything about it, but I will speak my mind and call it how I see it.

We replaced Nasri with gervinho. That sums it up in a nice, tidy package. Pathetic.


No, for the simple reason that Frimpong could be an Arsenal legend, Song never could have been, it just wasn’t in him


Mate, at this point I’m not looking for a legend. I’m looking for a midfielder with enough talent and skill to work in our midfield. Today, we have three midfielders we can say are good enough consistently. Arteta, santi and jack. That is not enough. End of. There is no way that these three guys can play at a competitive level twice a week for the entire season. Diaby and rosicky are both really talented. They are also both perma- crocked. We cannot rely on them. Selling song and counting on these two to do the job was as good… Read more »




@Frog – to be fair, Gervinho wasn’t a bad signing on the face of it. I think he and Moussa Sow were the key players in the Lille attack that won the title – I believe Hazard was a bit more peripheral that season, although his reputation was certainly very good. Anyway, what Lille achieved that year was pretty special, and Gerv was a big part of it, so the signing was understandable, and it’s the sort of gamble I’d encourage. Newcastle seem to have grasped the logic of identifying the key players in suprise championship-winning sides in Europe, with… Read more »


Lol looks like frog still has a soft spot for song. He’s gone mate, it may not have been the wisest decision but it’s clear for everyone to see that he was always gonna choose barca were they ever to come in for him. Barca made an offer, song starts to lazy around in trainning, quite like a kid throwing tantrums. Wouldn’t want to carry a guy through the season whose heart is set elsewhere so he had to go. Counting on ros, diaby was kind of a minus but that’s life!. Coq has huge potential, frimmers too is waiting… Read more »

Master Bates

If I had to choose between Frimpong and Coq , I too would choose Frimpong , you guys can have Coq not me


I believe that the writing was on the wall when he went against wenger over the england v ghana situation. its clear as a squad we just cannot support too many players going to the acon. i really hope that somehow the european leagues can stop for this tournament. even if it were just 4 weeks of it perhqps we could then play some of the internationals during it

1 Chope

@ davi I don’t agree with you, Frimpong have better ball control – can control ball well even if he is surrounded by three players ( checkout Arsenal vs Man City – Carling Cup match last season, Arsenal vs Liverpool – Premier League last season. Read also Riquelme’s comment on him after the per-season match at Emirates Stadium). Le Couqe control works well if he is on the side pitch like full backs and right wing because he uses One Foot side step to beat the players and run into the space he created while doing it.Frimpong dribbles players and… Read more »


We should loan him to Liverpool so he can frimpong suarez in training.


If suarez tripped himself (all alone) in the forest would he dive then stand up asking for a penalty?. He probably would.


Who asks for a penalty In a forest?


Apparently Suarez.

Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle


Anyone playing at the City ground (in Nottingham) who has been fouled in the box 😉


No need. He can Frimpong in London Colney and Suarez will fall over somewhere on Merseyside.


Arsenal vs sp*ds.

Jan vertonghen in (78th minute) and just in time to assist Girouds goal with a wonderful flick on past his own grandpa keeper….


Vertonghen looked absolutely fucked for the last half hour against City with Maicon running at him, could be targeted Saturday. Anyone know if Walcott has a chance of making it?


nice move frimpong.let the mid-table team die are welcomed to Manchester united brother


Don’t feed the troll.

89 Anfield... It's up for grabs now!!!

Unless its a pie filled with anthrax!

Dennis Bergkamp

whats with all this posting with a popular players name?

its really irritating!!!

thierry henry

yes its is isnt it

vava voom!

Sir Stanley Matthews

it cant be me, im dead!!


Imagine one of us going to a manure site posting as Mikel Silverstre!

Mikel Silvestre

I’ll add that to my list of things I don’t understand, just after “Defending”.

Philippe Senderos

You defend, ha don’t make me laugh.


You brought me out of the woodwork

Pride of London

haha its quite pathetic that he downloaded the app just to make that comment. moron


its not the first time

and some of use things called computers, that do not require apps


[…] 来源:[arseblog news] […]


Under Wenger his future at the club is limited because of his confrontational attitude. Aggression is not wanted at the club. Put your hands up and surrender boys.

Dr Baptiste

Unlike the players of Arsene’s Arsenal history who have always got stuck in. Worst offenders weren’t we? We haven’t had a player that really put the boot in for a few years, so it’s a welcome addition.

Wilshere, Coquelin and Frimpong, may be a midfield we can rely on if they continue to improve


Cunt, cunt, cunt cunt cunt.

It better not be true about Wilshere!


I love Frimmers but he’s still a couple years away. Physically he’s definitely got the goods but he really needs to work on the mental aspect of his game and mature as a player. The only way he’s gonna do that is on the pitch and a loan is the best thing for him right now. I hope he goes somewhere good that will enable a lot of playing time. Only good things can come from him being loaned out. I have no doubts he will come back stronger and better than he left. He loves AFC and doesn’t want… Read more »


Off Topic I was flicking the blog archives when I read this : “One young player who has never really made the grade is Alex Song and yesterday Arsene Wenger took his revenge on Alan Pardew by sending him on loan to Charlton until the end of the season. I know it’s not his fault when he gets picked but one performance against Liverpool aside he has looked completely out of his depth at Arsenal. You compare his first games to those of Denilson and it’s like chalk and cheese. With the Brazilian obviously a better player and with Diaby,… Read more »


ok saturday can come now..


That should be a mandatory read for every Gooner!


Dear Arsene Wenger,
Fu*K off!!!!!
Yours Sicerely,
Arsenal Fan Forever.

typical tantrums!

look wat i found going through the arseblog archives, rvp after signing a five year deal till 2011
quote: “Arsenal is a
formidable club. We have found the
ideal house and with my new
contract I don’t have to worry about
anything but football. That is
exactly what I want – to focus only
on training and playing matches and
to become an even better player.”

typical tantrums!

don’t care for the present right now! took the option to work from home today,drinkin’ beer, watchin the unbeaten season on dvd reading up some archives on arseblog from 2004-05 getting a bit good ol’ arsenal feelin’ miss those days! reyes’ home sickness(real’s link;)) cashely’s chelsea mess, gilberto’s injury, henry, berkamp, oh! how we used to be the envy of other clubs!

quite frankly i’m enjoying this bubble i’m living in!:-D


Give Frimpong a chance with the first team. From what I have seen of him he is physical, plays with passion and actually has good technique in distributing the ball. The type of player that spuds would shit themselves to face. Him and Wilshire could be the spark we need in the middle. He shouldnt go on loan he should be playing Saturday.

Dr Baptiste

Ah, but can he do this… *proceeds to pat head and rub stomach*

[…] other news, Emmanuel Frimpong has quashed recent rumors that he could be on his way out of the Emirates, after some reports that the club is unhappy over his progress. He has however […]

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