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Jenkinson agrees new 5 year deal

According to various sources, Carl Jenkinson has agreed a contract extension with the club which will extend his current deal to 2018.

The former Charlton youngster showed why Arsene Wenger plucked him from obscurity with some whole-hearted, consistent displays this season and although he’s lost his place to the fit again Bacary Sagna, he’s shown enough for the club to quickly secure his future.

Speaking earlier this year, Arsenal fan Jenkinson spoke of his pride to represent the club he supports, while recent praise from Sagna and Arsene Wenger shows he’s on the right track.

“I am very, very happy and thrilled with what Jenkinson has done,” said the Arsenal manager. “What he has done is extremely promising and he is so young. Two years ago he was playing in League One, and where he is now is fantastic.”

It looks as if Jenkinson will make his England bow this week too, provided international clearance arrives from FIFA, and that Arsenal have tied up a deal with little fuss or fanfare is a sign that when there’s agreement on all sides there’s rarely much in the way of drama.

Clearly it’s at odds with some of the contract issues we’ve had in recent seasons, but in a highly positive way. Let’s hope he continues to make good progress.

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Good for Jenkinson. Hopefully Theo will do the same now

Rohan Sood




Love the bloke. Proper gooner. Probably didn’t even read it like Adams


Of course he didn’t. That’s what agents are for.


Big tone didn’t have an agent.

Runcorn Gooner

5 year contract,play for England this week,sign for Man Citeh at end of season .
Only joking,hopefully.
Should be part of a new young AFC over next few years

Mark G

I had a nice chuckle at this haha Some people have no sense of humour!


I understood the sarcasm, but I can understand why some people didn’t find it funny as it has happened all too often in the past. Add that to the fact we don’t have much to laugh about this weather


Delighted to see a lifelong Gooner’s dreams come true. Carls workrate is unquestionable, he just needs a bit of work but has shown the ability to take constructive criticism and improve his game. Unfortunately I think this spells out the end of Sagna’s tenure with the team, a guy who has been a fantastic servant to the club and an out and out hero more times than I can remember. I wouldn’t begrudge him leaving (to a European side) but will be very sorry if he goes, perhaps a season too early for Jenks to be a starter.

Dr Baptiste

It could also mean that Sagna will start becoming the aging back up (not that he’s old right now but time stops for no man). Used when needed to add experience but more to tutor the younger players. It would be nice to see some players take after someone like Bergkamp and keep playing with Arsenal until they feel they have nothing to offer the team any longer.


or we could play bac on the left and jenks on the right. would make more sense to me than playing the verminator out of position there. he needs to be dropped for a few games so he can get his head together…

Fergie the Gooner

Yeah, looks like Bac’s time is up. It’s a shame, I like him and think he’s still got plenty left in the tank, but that seems to be the nature of the club now. Was Bergkamp the last player to retire with us? That seems a long time ago…

This should be a good news story because Carl’s got bags of potential and I wish all contract negotiations were as easy as this one seems to have been, but the implications of it are a bit disheartening.


Silvestre retired with us

Dr Baptiste

Or Werder Bremen, who he played 27 times for…. either or i supposed

Dr Baptiste

*suppose…. Damn extra letters

Mark G

Fair point but the guy was clearly trying to lighten the mood and credit to him.

Jermaine Pedant

Loving it


saw somewhere Wenger saying we are still in the title race.that Guy has been on coke diet for the last 8 yrs i swear! Carl a mid-table player for a mid-table team:ARSENAL


I love how your mind works:

Wenger makes a claim about Arsenal’s title chances which is (in your opinion) unrealistic
–> Therefore, Wenger has been taking cocaine for the last 8 years.



If man city have a chance to qualify for the knockout stage of the CL,then so does Arsenal in the league


Impeccable logic.


Maybe he meant that title for fourth place he referred to at the AGM


But you hardly expect him to say we have no chance in November when it is still mathematically possible

Goon Goon Goon

A mid-table team that never comes mid table….

Master Bates

Nice one!


Sign da ting Theo!


3 day ban.

Roberto Mancini

No.. This is not done, This is not the way Arsenal behave, Carl’s contract situation should have been blown just like Nasri, Theo and RVP et.all. Where am I gonna find a RB (World Class)now.

Master Bates

you already have 3 top RBs you scarf wearing twat


yeah but there all crap.

Ace McGoldrick

Good on him. Well deserved.


Ha! made me chortle..

gooner odst

+1 rofl

pauly bear

Great news Jenkins is a class act. I would wager Wenger will cash in on Sagna now .. same old story.

5pur2 dr00L

Unfortunately, yes. And unfortunately, all signs point to Sagna wanting to leave ASAP. Sad, because he’s one of the best RBs in the league, and we likely will not replace him. (Jenks will become #1, and some academy player will move in as his understudy. Or we’ll look for another Santos in Turkey.)

Charlie Charlie

As opposed to the Turkey we have in Santos!

A N Other

Well deserved.. He is one for the future. We should give extended contracts to elsfield and Wilshere as well.

Master Bates

Possible Headlines in 2017 ,

“Jenkinson holding out on contract ,until club shows him ambition”

“Jenkinson linked to English Champions QPR”

Dog Eat Arse

Ha ha 🙂

Chu young who?

Jenko signd 5 new year deal, Sagna’s contract talks hits snag, Theo hasn’t signed yet. But Wenger is still the most positive of the bunch; “we can still win the title”


Master Bates

you don’t need contracts to win THIS year’s title

Dr Baptiste

This is true. I reckon Wenger is giving everyone a head start and Arsenal will now gone on to win all 27 of the remaining games. It’s a bit like one of the challenges in FM 2013….


Big thumbs up for Jenko. Top banana.

maduforo uche

So sad gunners we r going to lose sagna at the endof the season…but we hv another RB in the making.


He’ll be club captain one day.

Dr Baptiste

vice-captain as Wilshere will be captain and between them, they’ll drag the team through the difficult games with their no-nonsense style and driving play.


you read it here first!


im glad hes signed contract. Id be a lot happier if Theo and Bak sign on too.

This club is so up and down at the minute i really dont know what the fuck is going on lol. Honestly…….i dont wanna moan….AGAIN…but thats all i seem to do. I love the Arsenal, always will, but fuck me do they make it difficult. This is what it must of been like for John Merricks parents. Looks fucking ugly from the outside but……no. No buts.


I misread that as John McCririck and sagely agreed, while thinking “he’s right, but that’s a bit random”. Then googled John Merrick and now I understand.


Also what sense is there in selling sagna. we will then only have one RB. Guys if its one thats hindered us this decade pretty much is lack of squad depth. Keep him at club for career!


Good fucking news. Top quality fucking defender. Well fucking done


I know he’ll make me proud. New haircut next week

Midfield Corporal

We need to fill the club with guy like jenkinson who will bleed for The Arsenal. It said it all on Saturday when the MOTD cameras focussed on the bench after Artetas penalty miss. Chamakh just sat there showing absolutely no emotion or concern while Jenks buried his anguished face in his hands like the rest of us. The spirit of Rocastle lives on in Corporal Jenkinson.


That’s a bit unfair. Different people have their own ways of expressing emotions. There are people who feel wrecked inside but look emotionless. Just like those who kiss badges doesn’t mean they will stay at a club forever.


Not totally sure how to react to this. He has come on leaps and bounds but is this not the same thing that we all complain about? Should he have not produced at least a full season before getting a pay rise? I know I don’t get a pay raise ever few months when I have just shown potential to do my job well. I have to produce at least for a year (minimum) before I can pipe up and ask for a raise. Different world I suppose.

Gearoid Kelly

True, but football is a different horse, so I wish people would stop making that comparison.
If another company offers you a job tomorrow, will your employers be entitled to a compensation package? Say worth 5 years of your pay? Or one which is unset and just needs to be agreeable to your current employer before they allow you to leave?


I agree but to further your argument then why do Football players feel that they should have the same rights as regular employees one way but not the other? Riddle me that one (not meant in a twattish tone)


Not to worry. Usual suspects will harp on this new contract if Jenkinson suffers poor form, as evidence that the club spent loads on rubbish and so cannot move them on. Which in turn prevents the club from signing world class players on ultra-extravagant salaries. But if they do sign, the process begins again.


Wenger out Board out


Most greedy members of the board out. Probably at home counting there cash right now

Lord Teddy Ears

Brilliant news for us that will be Wenger selling Bac to add a few million to the pot he will never be able to spend while Ivan goes on a FFP.

We started so well and now I wonder where we will end up and how bad the fall out will be.

[…] 来源:[Arseblognews] […]


Great! Finally some good news!

Bould's Hair dryer

Hail Arsenal’s Cafu !


Don’t forget how brilliant Yennaris was against manu on his debut


Chill out about Sagna leaving guys, he’s 30 at the end of the season, and as great a player he is he will be on his way down (likewise I can guarantee RVP will be a disappointment for manure next season onwards). So even if we keep him it would only be for the sake of continuity, though admittedly that is still an important factor. In any case Jenks is progressing incredibly quickly, in the Reading game I saw him do something I’ve never seen from him (nor many right-backs) before- move into the middle and dictate play, almost a… Read more »


Now I love Corporal Jenkinson but I don’t think he’s ready to be first choice yet which makes stalling Sagna’s contract talks even more frustrating. This seems to spell the end of sagnas time at arsenal, he’s the best right back in the league for god sake! What’s wrong with having strength in depth, plus Bac seems to be the only player on the pitch who cares at the moment, would’ve been my choice as captain. Let’s hope for another thumping header from him next Saturday


Good good, well need him next year after we sell Sagna.


Sorry, but what has Jenkinson done to EARN a pay rise? We’ve only just bought him for fuck sake. What’s he ACHIEVED? Nothing. I’m not saying he’s done badly, he’s done OK, nothing great. But this is just an example of more money being thrown away for no good reason.


Oh good at least Peter Hill Wood & co will get lots and lots of lovely money when he is sold at his peak.

[…] Carl Jenkinson has agreed a new 5 year deal with the club. In another dimension, on whatever Facebook is there, because they are a much angrier […]


It’s a fairytale story, really. The guy loves playing for his club and the fans love that he’s a proper gunner. I’d love to see him wearing the captain’s armband one day – not sure if he’s a leader but it would be nice

[…] Carl Jenkinson has agreed a new 5 year deal with the club. In another dimension, on whatever Facebook is there, because they are a much angrier […]


hoping this is not followed by sagna walking out on us…got a lot of reasons to believe jenkinson will be a real player for us. but we can’t cash in on sagna too

[…] Jenkinson, meanwhile has been doing some steady progress himself, and he has been rewarded with a 5 year contract , which was signed with no hassles. A time when loyalty matter little in football these days, […]

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