Monday, August 8, 2022

Sagna and Walcott hail important win

Theo Walcott and Bacary Sagna both believe that Arsenal can take huge confidence from yesterday’s battering of Spurs as the Gunners look to put a consistent run of form together in the crucial pre-Christmas period.

Arsene Wenger’s side have 11 games before the end of the year including an upcoming trio of contests against Montpellier, Everton and Aston Villa which could well dictate the club’s fate both domestically and in Europe.

Speaking to in the aftermath of yesterday’s win, right-back Sagna made clear the 5-2 victory must help kick-start the season:

“It’s very important. We want to stick to the top. From now on, we just need to keep focused, look forward and win game by game.

“It was amazing to play. It’s always a great pleasure to play [in] a derby, especially when you win. It’s just great. We managed to score many goals.”

Theo Walcott, who bagged his ninth goal of the season in injury-time, added that Arsenal’s decisiveness, which has all too often been lacking in recent weeks, was a decisive factor.

“I think the better team won,” said the England winger. “They did have some good patches but in the grand scheme of things I think we deserved to win.

“We were very ruthless going forward and had five different goalscorers, which hasn’t happened for a while.

“It’s funny that it’s the same scoreline as last year – who would have thought that?”

“It has been up and down [this season]. I am starting to get back into the team, and we have people like Santi Cazorla who has shone in his first season in England, Olivier Giroud is starting to show what he can do, Lukas Podolski is getting goals which is very useful and we have Jack [Wilshere] back.

“I think the confidence has always been there. But this was a massive win for us.”

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big black clock

Yo Board, now might be a good time to be useful and give these two what they want. Walcott is becoming a consistent contributor to this team and I wouldn’t mind him earning $100k p/w tbh.

Sigh I think I’ve already silently accepted that Sagna and Theo might not be here this time next year.

Master Bates

Theo is awesome they should give him a blank cheque..or they should just do what’s best for the club and not act like fans

Tattoo Welch

Thank you Master Bates.
That’s the thing isn’t it. We fans are as impulsive as they come. Theo’s got a spot he wants and a wage he wants and is putting in the work to show he deserves it.

If he’s going to bang them in like this over a five-year contract, then give him the 100k. But give it to him and he loses consistency after two games and everyone will be calling for his head.

Anyway. Not the time or place. Revel in the 5-2 instead.


I dont think anyone would have an issue with giving him circa 100K a week, but giving people what they want is another story altogether, especially when you dont know what they want

Remember the invincibles. Because we aren't good anymore

if we lose Sagna and Theo. I don’t think I’ll be renewing my membership next year. Absolute waste. Imagine losing your best players again. It’s not as if we have that many. Make some money on Denilson and Ju-Yung Park ffs. And sell Ramsey if you need cash. Not Sagna. Please not Sagna

sell Denilson and not Sagna , WOW! That’s brilliant mate , I just hope Wenger is smart enough to come up with that

And nobody will give a flying fuck whether you do renew it or not, you will only be depriving yourself of watching Jack Wilshire playing football, he was like a young Chippy Brady yesterday, what a player

Please dont renew your membership even if theo and bac stay. just dont need fans like you.


There was change in our style of play yesterday.
Those early crosses did prove fruitful with having men in the opposition box. I just feel Gervinho when comes in the team does those things too then because thats the most frustrating part of his play.
Saying that sort out Sagna’s contract, i want him to retire with us.

Mikel Artekkers

My main issue with Gervinho is his decision making, or rather lack of it. Even “headless sprinter” Theo knows when to take his man on and when to cross it, and more often than not he crosses, and about half the time it’s a good cross. I can live with that. Forehead on the other hand ALWAYS, without exception, tries to take on his man, and 9 times out of 10 he doesn’t have the skill to pull it off, he ends up falling over and losing the ball. On the very occasional times he does cross, it is always… Read more »


As back up to podolski gervinho is fine. what we need is a new back up to cazorla as rosicky is just never gonna get that fitness back and arshavin is not the man. perhaps eisfeld could be the player but i am certain if wenger thought he was ready he would be in so holtby could be a very good option. sell chamakh bendtner and park and replace with huntelaar so we have 2 top centre forwards.


Ok bac, good good good.

Theo………..sign da ting!


Please sign theo…give hm wateva he


Plz Bac don’t leave 🙁


I agree, we don’t have many ‘big team’ matches till Newcastle after xmas so we really need to maximise and get all these results in if we want any hope of winning the title. If yesterday’s quality is shown consistently then I think we have a great chance to do well this season.

Theo needs to put pen to paper, mentioned again how he ho


bollocks. iPhone cock up.

was just saying how theo mentioned something hopefully will be sorted, only annoying bit was his smugness.. I mean the club obviously wants you to say, the manager definitely does, and so do the fans, so really it’s entirely down to what amount of money satisfies his footballing talent, and to some extent his greed. Come on theo just fucking sign it!


if he only wants 100k that is not greedy he may be actually underselling himself this season he is starting to look world class not the real deal yet but when he is I want him to be playing for us not against us


I want him to stay, I hope he will, but in the meantime I’m not going to condemn him for trying to get the best deal he can. I’m currently doing much the same between my current employer and another job somewhere else, and I’m sure you would do the same thing too…

Remember the invincibles. Because we aren't good anymore

please he’s not starting to look ‘world-class’. please. Just please. you’re making me laugh. Next thing you know someone will say Aaron Ramsey is world class


@ remember
Get your head out of the past. If he keeps improving at this pace he will become some player. He is 23 ffs I can see him improving for 5 more years and I want him to be playing for AFC. We have lots of kids that don’t make the grade and you want to get rid of someone who is stepping up at the right time.


Brad Friedel might be pleased he was on the bench…….and Lloris got his wish to play…what do they say…’you should be careful of what you wish for’

Master Bates

I like every season some spur fan/ex player says that They are closing the gap to Arsenal , They are cleary admitting we are better than them and they are just getting less shittier


Note to the Board. Start negotiating. Stop laying down the law. Compromise. Build a legacy. Your mission is to fill the stadium with 60,000 deliriously happy people. Profit will surely follow.


Completely agree. New sponsorship deals in 2014 for the kit sponsor, stadium sponsor and kit manufacturer so money really shouldn’t be a problem in the coming years. Invest a little now, and hopefully some prize money will follow too.

Goon Goon Goon

I thought it wouldn’t be that much of a problem if we sold sagna at the end of the season and theo in Jan as we had decent prospects. I don’t think that any more.

The club made money before the season, invest it back into keeping our players. Theo has been completely professional during this whole situation and sagna has already shown his commitment.

Come on arsenal – make them and us happy!

Glory Hunter

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you were wrong, it’s admirable in fact!
All we need is the board to see the light!


They weren’t wrong he probably wasn’t good enough before the start of the season but he has stepped up and matured. 9 goals already and a bunch of assists he is worth it. Yesterday just highlighted it. Fantastic cross for Merts goal, right on the button. Really tested the surgeons skill when he landed on his shoulder he got up and got better and he made a monkey out of Bale late on. Brilliant.


BFG looks like a beast in that pic 😀


Shut up Theo-he’s no huckstable,is he? popping up now and again to remind us all that he knows nothing of the contract situation,thats for arsenal and the agent to deal with,he’s happy to be here blah blah…i really don’t understand where the notion that he’s a “nice boy” comes from,a blank boring canvas for advertisers yeah,but he’s an arrogant little twat with sooo much to learn-santi cazorla,thats a fucking nice man,refusing real madrid in o7/o8 as it wouldn’t be right on villareal,putting 700g’s of his own cash into recreativo huelve(i think),and being A FUCKING ACE FOOTBALLER.

Paulo Vitor Dama da Rosa

There’s 52 comments at the moment in the one word review article.


Bendtner is surely smiling down from heaven at this.

RIP big guy.


Why do u lot call Bale monkey/ ape boy? Why not Defoe? Isn’t that racist?


Have you seen bale? He looks like a monkeys face has been photoshopped onto his shoulders.. And if you think that’s racist then you have the problem, thankfully arsenal fans are far to intelligent to see that as anything but a caricature fault of a ugly spurs muppet.


Bale shall now forever been known as Cesar.

jack jack jack

‘Why not Defoe?’

You fucking racist cunt.


Go away rvp… you are provoking on terms of racism so when something like that can cross your mind (have any?) then very easily we can call you a racist frustrated stupid cunt! Maybe next time you should be banned from arseblog.

North Bank Gooner

Blogs, this MUST be grounds for a trollectomy!!


Theo had another very good game yesterday. Because of the situation we are in re lack of attacking options up front, he is becoming more important to keep than rvp. Not saying he is worth 100k a week or whatever but we really need to keep him now because we have few other options and now because the bloke is playing so well he and the policy of the club have boxed us into a corner to the point that we need him more than he needs us. We can’t afford to replace him in January with yet another player… Read more »


At the end of the day NO footballer should be worth £100k a week. But in this insane crazy world we live in players are getting paid far higher elsewhere by clubs that are operating on far less profit than arsenal. walcott has proved over this and the 2 previous seasons that he is one of the top performers at the club with goal contributions increasing year on year. His best goal tally will surely be this season as he only has to score 5 more and he.cannot be far off his best ever assist tally either. for me our… Read more »


And then I stopped playing FiFa


The board needs to accept that a players market value is dictated by the market. 100k might sound like a lot, but other clubs WILL offer him that much. We cannot afford to continue with this incessant rebuilding, and while I personally dislike the way the Theo contract story has played out, it’s in our best interests to hold on to him.


Mate I agree with all you said, but this is down to our own making because we continually sell our best players and also theo is playing so well.
Is theo worth 100 k no he probably isn’t, but can we afford to lose our top scorer yet again and halfway through a season when we look like we could struggle.
One it just sends out the wrong signal to fans yet again and two he’s now worth 100k a week to us because we little other choices.


In the picture above, it really seemed as if the BFG wants to kill someone and everyone else is trying to calm him down.


When you’re in love with a Bacary Sagna,
It’s hard
When you’re in love with a Bacary Sagna,
You know it’s hard
Everybody wants him
Everybody loves him
Everybody wants to take your baccy home.

Glen Helders Hair Gel

to what theme is that sung?


Sorry – It’s to: Dr Hook – When you’re in love with a beautiful woman


This made me lol. The last line is top drawer stuff.

and to that rvp troll up there, I think he’s been around long enough. Can blogs please make him disappear?.


Hey guys, did you notice the position Andre Santos was played in? Seems to me Le Prof is thinking of playing him as cover for Diaby’s role. Just an observation though…..


No, Ramsey made a full circle all over our team except playing a goalkeeper or CF position, and now it is time for so called Santos Experiment. 🙂
We are always lacking one or two real players to fight for the Top!


Harry Redknapp obviously believes that wearing
things inside out is good luck. Usually it’s a shirt
though harry, not your fucking face.


Fox is saying that Arsenal and Pool are planning a swap. Sterling for Feo.


Maybe miracle can happen… and they will extend… but there is The Board and there is what we need to fight for the top! Two different things I’m afraid.


I’m still important than the win.I didn’t score yesterday and it’s bigger news than your mid-table clash win


Hopefully you’ll get injured soon. Your due a nasty one any time now…


Can you guys stop commenting on this trolling cunts posts? It’s an old saying. Don’t feed the troll.


why is that you are always bothered by my presence.? I have never wanted to talk to a frog #kingRVP

David O'Leary's Dad

Rumour in the Sun (yeah I know but whatever) that we might do a swap of Theo for Sterling in January. What do people think?

I say sign Theo up but Sterling is good…..

Simao Segunda

Sterling is overrated. Plus, he’s played for Dalglish, and even hugged that disgraceful fucker Suarez. I don’t want him anywhere near our club, thanks.

David O'Leary's Dad

Mate I didn’t say sign him I asked what people think. As said above I think we should sign up Theo. Jesus it’s easy to get a few red thumbs here isn’t it?!


All hail the KingRVP eh? I’m not racist but i was just wondering what would happen if you called one of the spurs black players ape boy then? So stop using the term “monkey” or ape…. Its not nice….bale is a terrific player…. If we had him feeding me all those lovely crosses, we would not have lost at Norwich..

Dial Square

The Wankchester Utd blog must be as shit as the team were yesterday, otherwise why would you spend your time on here???? Looking for the personality you’ve misplaced???


I don’t think he is a Wankchester Utd fan… He’s even worse – He is a 5pur2 ! 🙂


Don’t feed the troll.

Gunsen gunner

That’s rich coming from a Dutch Skunk. Blogs,have you banned this cunt or is he one of those sad fuckers who keeps making a new email to post his drivel?


Great win, necessary win…

Very concerning that two years after the left flank shakeup we could be going thru the same on the right. Needless to say Sagna and Walcott need to be extended, the cost of capital and time to replace them would be high. Based on past actions seems probable that at least one is leaving, when will reducing turnover of quality talent in the squad become a priority.


Off topic. Mikel Arteta is on twitter – @m8arteta.


Twitter is for 16 year old girls.


adebayor = tiny unstable rottweiler

good game


pfft as if you’d thumb down jackie boy pushing monkey man. get a life


Regarding theo, I think if a fella has skill and has that much confidence in himself that he believes he can be the striker we all know we need, then sign him up. If he fails we can say ah well. But how can we justify giving almunia a wage for a year and not playing him or offering RVP a rumoured 300k to stay and not give theo 100k. There are so many things wrong with the scenario that it has become obvious.. From the board down they just don’t care enough to keep him and are convinced if… Read more »


The board should look at it that if they fork out the extra money for an improved 4 year deal and things go wrong they’ll still be able to get a transfer fee for him a year or two down the line. Letting him go for a free at the end of the season seems ridiculous to me, with the club, the team and the board gaining absolutely nothing from it. Whether Theo’s form is to do with impressing possible suitors, or down to genuine hard graft and willingness to do well for the team, he’s changed my mind from… Read more »


Perhaps Theo is not actually interested in signing on at all. I think there will be no shortage of suitors for his signature – Man City and Chelsea could both afford him, and he could do a job there. United are always looking for wingers. Perhaps this ‘striker’ thing is a red herring. Maybe, like some of us fans, he’s given up on ever believing Arsenal will challenge for trophies because the board/Wenger (who knows who’s to blame) won’t put the money in, won’t fix the flaws that have plagued our team for years. Sorry to be negative, just saying… Read more »


I agree with you, what I said only applies if the problem is not giving him a rise. If he doesn’t want to stay then it’s already decided I would imagine.
I may be a sucker, after all I did think rvp genuinely loved our club until he fucked us, but Theo does seem quite convincing when he speaks about wanting to stay and how he describes himself as part of the teams future. As we all know though money talks, and I would think his agent is making sure the money’s calls are going straight through to Theo’s mobile

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