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Super massive mega EXCLUSIVE: Zaha storm all guff

Here’s a question posed to Arsene Wenger in Thursday’s pre-Everton press conference by a bloke looking to write a transfer story because it gets hits for his website and is a good headline in the newspaper:

“Talking of young players you’ve been strongly linked with Wilfried Zaha, he’s an England international now, is there interest there?” 

Arsene Wenger, refusing to name check the young Crystal Palace attacker, responds:

“We are looking at every player that could strengthen our squad, but he’s not more on the list than anybody else.”

A selection of the myriad headlines which appeared in the ensuing 48 hours…

Daily Mail: Get Zaha! Wenger confirms Arsenal interest in signing £20m-rated Crystal Palace and England winger in January Wenger confirms Arsenal interest in Zaha

Daily Mirror: He’s on the list: Wenger confirms Arsenal will move for Zaha in January

London24: Zaha is on Wenger’s shopping list Gunners battle for Zaha


Ian Holloway, who presumably doesn’t have an Arsenal Player membership, gets fed a radically twisted version of Wenger’s comments in his press conference on Friday and retorts:

“Why is he talking about my players? I don’t think that’s right and proper, with the greatest respect.

“I don’t think anybody who manages any other club should actually admit who he likes and what he should be doing. I think that’s totally bad etiquette. He can say what he likes but about his players, not mine.”

Selection of headlines which have appeared in the last 24 hours…

Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: Why is Wenger talking about Zaha? Palace boss Holloway with fierce ‘hands off’ warning

The Sun: Holloway Rages at Wenger / Ollie’s not so jolly Wenger’s confirmation of Zaha interest angers Crystal Palace boss Holloway

Sky Sports: Crystal Palace boss Ian Holloway annoyed with Arsene Wenger over talk of Arsenal move for Wilfried Zaha Holloway annoyed with Wenger


Arseblog News isn’t going to criticise Holloway, the bloke has merely been used as a pawn in a game of ‘let’s-write-the-most-extreme-attention-grabbing-headline-ever-fuck-the-consequences-it’ll-be-fun-to-start-a-war.’

We don’t really need to point out where the blame lies, although we do feel it’s worth highlighting the above as a warning ahead of the impending two-month silly season period. Do yourself a favour don’t believe everything you read.

Are we interested in Zaha? Who knows…frankly Arseblog News couldn’t give a flying fuck at the moment.

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Arseblog News is such a good service to the wider community, I am thankful for the day it started and I could delete my bookmark to NewsNow. But you guys must destroy your keyboards at having to go through all the shit written in the media about Arsenal every day. I think I would rather kill myself!


hehehe, I share the same sentiments Carlos. Arseblog News is my number one source of all Arsenal News. I remember the stone age days when we lit fires using rocks and sought Arsenal news through Goal.Com……ohhhhhh, the horror.


Thanks fellas.


I agree with Carlos. Would drive me mad, but then again some of the asinine comments on this page chip away at my will to live.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, but you can thumb asinine comments down on here, in the firm knowledge that the thumbed-down person will understand his mistake and never write garbage again. All praise the Arseblog’s thumbs, the Mightiest weapon in the war against a crooked Press and idiot posters.


Meh… Would still love him at the arsenal, he was a supporter as a child


We need a better reason than that. Some Palace fans who see him regularly say he’s 75% hype and 25% ability. Which seems all too probable. We have zero time to play with and we need a couple of top quality signings in January, who will impact, the moment they walk across the line. Not another teen dreamboat, for whom the jury will still be out in 4 years time. Wenger ain’t got that – whatever he or his fans think otherwise. One of the arguments for keeping Wenger, is that if we ‘lose him’ – if that’s the phrase… Read more »


Sorry but that’s a load of words without any substance. You say we can drop to mid-table mediocrity with Wenger… based on what evidence? Based on the fact that that’s exactly where we were before Wenger took over and that we’ve avoided it every season since?

I can’t stand all of these dramatic statements fans make – “Unless Wenger really is hell bent on self destruction”. Please. Just wait until it happens.


“You say we can drop to mid-table mediocrity with Wenger… based on what evidence? ” Based on the fact that the EPL is a League of 20 teams. Mid table is 10th or thereabouts and we will drop to that if we lose on Saturday. “Based on the fact that that’s exactly where we were before Wenger took over and that we’ve avoided it every season since?” Errr……..Actually…….No ! if you had bothered to associate with this team, any time before 1996 – [when the world began, as I understand !!!] – you would know that we won League Titles… Read more »


And those trophies were won over a span of how many years?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You trust what Palace fans say about their own player?

You’d do as well to decide if Arsenal players were any good by reading the comments here where we are all Arsenal fans and love our team….

Diaby is shit, Ramsey is shit, Jenkinson is shit, Arshavin is shit, Gervinho is shit, Giroud is shit, Walcott is shit…. need I go on?

Gunsen Gunner

If (When) Feo goes, i think he would be a typical replacement although i think Manure will be interested in this guy as well,that is if they haven’t already got the dutch skunk to convince little Feo to go there to replace Nani.


Theo won’t go to either Manchester club. He wants to play as a striker. And earn money above his ability. Chelsea or Liverpool, probably Liverpool. They have a history of over paying young English hype

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Plus, if he wants to be a legend for Arsenal, how much more would he love to be a legend for Liverpool, the team he supports?

Oh how I hate being so negative, but how easy it is to do it. I feel dirty now… unless he goes to Liverpool, and says he wants to be a Liverpool Legend before we’re even into February.


We all know how ridiculous the mainstream news media is with this kind of crap, but just seeing all of this put together like this….wow. It is almost disturbing to see how desperately these things get twisted around.

“He’s no more on the list than anyone else.”
“Aaaah, so he IS on the list.”

Thank fuck for Arseblog News, so I don’t have to wade through the ocean of shit that is everything else.


“Do you still beat your wife?”

“NO! I nev…”

“AH HAH!! So you used to beat your wife!”


“So you still beat her! You Brute!”

and on an on…

Norfolk Gooner

Ian Holloway is a cock anyway


Ahh come on… He’s brilliant… If you’re ever in a dour mood just watch one of his interviews. Always makes me laugh.

Big Dave

Well said Arse Blog.

The press just loving bashing Wenger. Cunts.


It’s not even that. I don’t think its personal on their part, just business. As shitty as their business is…

The press are just quite prepared to make up or engineer any story they can to shift copies of their rag, and they know that stories about the biggest teams in the UK will always sell well.

stonedwasherman much for free press in the country. bastards..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They are free to be cunts. That’s what freedom is for. We should be grateful for it. In many countries the press do this but if you tried to discuss it like we are you would be jailed or worse. They are free to be cunts. We are free to call them cunts. Everybody wins.


I’m perfectly happy with free press but surely there should be some sort of standards stories have to meet, like a quality standard? I could fill a newspaper with bullshit but I don’t get paid!


Sterling is interesting. No contact yet and turns 18 in about a weeks time. I can see a Theo / sterling… But I’ve learned to never second guess Le Boss.

Angry Gooner

Wait, you’re telling me that the tabloids have made this story up?

It’s a shame Holloway was brought into this. You can’t not like the bloke. I don’t want the tabloids making up shit that will cause me to dislike Holloway.

What really baffles me is why after all these years of Wenger never showing his hand regarding transfers do these muppets still ask him?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They don’t give a fuck what he answers. By asking the question they make the story. If he says “No comment” he can be said to be “secretly planning a move for Zaha”. If he says “Fuck off” he can be said to be angry that his secret plan to move for Zaha has been exposed “by our investigative reporter”. If he says “I am sick of being asked the same question over and over again” he can be said to be angry that his long-term secret plan to move for Zaha has been exposed, and that it is understood… Read more »

Angry Gooner

Also that photo of Zaha you put up makes him look like Andy Peters on drugs

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The photograph is proof that Arseblog is going to make a move for Zaha as a backup comedian for days when he doesn’t feel like writing anything funny.


This made me pee a little…

Borneo Gooner

Wenger interested in Zaha? 5 match ban for Wenger.


Just once I want Wenger to just sit in silence at the press conference, or start responding to questions with questions to said journos just to annoy them.

He must have enough material to throw at them just bring in the weeks stupid hyped stories to press conference and rip them up during press conferences. Just to show them they are the gutter press.


That would be cool. There was an NBA player who refused to say anything but “Both teams played hard” when he was asked about a game, Wenger should do the same 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Wenger in Press Conference: “Both teams played hard” The Headlines: Wenger accuses ref of poor game. “He undermined our hard work” Wenger accuses opposition of cheating Wenger in sex orgy scandal “They made it hard for me” Wenger hides guilt of fixing the result by claiming his team “really did try to win, honest” Wenger accuses his own players of sinking to oppositions level and cheating to gain an advantage. Players in revolt. Board expected to sack him on Monday. Platini looks forward to dancing on his grave. Arseblog’s headline after same Press Conference: Spurs hammered by Arsenal again. Relegation… Read more »


Arseblog is the coolest blogger, that’s why everyone enjoy reading it almost everyday. News is there but with a bit of Humour, Sarcasm, Banter, etc..
Nowadays I read many blogs, but there was a time I only used to read Arseblog, used wait for the blog to be out. Thanks to twitter no more waiting these days. But still its as good as ever.
Cheers 🙂


Gotta point out it was @aallensport who wrote this!


I heard Santos might be leaving? please Tell to take with him: Wenger, Squillachi, Djourou, Chamak,Bendtner (news is he might be heading back) Park, Ramsey, Diaby and Rosicky (as they never really play),Fabiansky,Miquel,Gervinho,Frimpong,Denilson. JUST Imagine if we could free up these salaries?


Who do you support again??

Angry Gooner

Can I have your employers number so I can ask him to free up your salary?


Papers… Media… The British media… Heh


I don’t want to read all this transfer speculation, but with several weak links in the side, it’s hard not to….

Some of it, like the Falcao story, it’s like having someone say to you, ‘you know that Georgia Salpa, she’s well up for a bit of you’. You know it’s bollocks, but for a fleeting moment, you catch yourself dreaming.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, but can she play as a false 9 ?


Ian holloway.
Yes that head of his, it’s hollow!


So its a done deal!! 😉


Couldn’t the 2 managers pick up a phone FFS?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Once the accusation is made you have to be seen to be batting for the team.


Journalism is dead, it was killed by Murdoch.


I’d like to propose a new acronym to rival the WengerOUT/anti-AKB brigade that a I shall call ALL – Arsene Laughs Last. Brigade. Union. Flock. Whatever. The sole purpose of the ALL brigade would be to remind Le Grovers/Piers Morganers/’arry Redknappers/Black Scarvers/Chelsea-fans-looking-for-refuge that Arsenal is not a democratically elected political party, it is a business and run as such. Therefore no amount of protests/tweets/scummy shit stirring journalism can effect the club unless the Board choose so, and that only happens if there’s no top 4 or Arsene bottles it and we pay £150mil for a 14 year old barefoot starlet… Read more »

Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle

Like it! Especially the comment Arsene is “hoing nowhere”. Although I’m sure it was him dressed up in a short skirt and a load of rouge down Kings Cross. Mind you any crack whore could look like Wenger in drag haha!

(Please note this is not an anti-Wenger bash – I love him and cannot think of anyone who could do a better job in the circumstances….. although I am frustrated with certain aspects of his work in recent years.)


Brilliant article.I use an RSS feed to subscribe to my favorite gooner blogs, I don’t bother reading any other media about Arsenal anymore, might as well waste my time reading fairytale books.


Giroud should have crossed a ground ball to gervinho he instead chose to airbone it.

Gervinho would have probably ran it right off the pitch anyway, so giroud did us all a favour.

Santi's Sack

Yeh, Giroud is such a slut he just airbones everything.


I too am tired of his airborning ways. He could easily daisy cutter or grass skim a few, but NO, he has to sky launch or cloud tickle them.

the only sam is nelson

Giroud = karma for all the times gooners looked in despair at TH14, saying “he’s no fucking good in the air, though, is he?”

Now we get to say “he’s no good at slotting them past the keeper at the far post, is he?” for a few years


Unfortunately, the “most read” stories on my kick news (arsenal news) app are always sensationalistic, outrageous, mostly made up “articles” with not a single quote to substantiate them. Yet people get fooled, click on them, don’t learn from their mistakes, and the cycle goes on forever. Verdict? Arsenal fans (and football fans in general) are a little stupid. The latest trend seems to be adding a question mark at the end of a hilariously sensationalistic headline : Fabregas to return to Emirates next season ? Gunners in sensational swoop for Brazil superstar? Is Guardiola really about to replace Wenger at… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

john terry is only the next stage of evolution if we are all going to have labia where our bodies used to be, and a clitoris for a face.

Agent 419 ITK

I for one LOVE pussies (with inner labia). This whole hatred towards cunts (the female genitalia) is something I don’t get.

I had some of the best moments of my life inside a pussy.

The Loving Hands of Wenger

I fucking love this website.

This is one of the greatest posts in memory.

And it’s so necessary to make people realise they shouldn’t be reading old-style media like those listed. This is the future and this is now.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…and there’s the danger. the old-style media is not to be trusted…. Thank goodness we educated folks use trustworthy new-style media.

Naija Gunner

Crystal palace coach is kinda dumb!

Gooner til I die

Just seen our next 6 league fixtures: Swansea (h), West Brom (h), Reading (a), Wigan (a), West Ham (h), Newcastle (h).
I reckon we could get on a serious run. Call me mad but I really fancy us to get 6 wins here. Come on you GUNNERS!!!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Swansea only a point behind us, West Brom well ahead of us, all of them parking the bus and using high energy hassling of our midfield in 4-5-1 formation. I reckon we will need to take this more seriously than you do.
But yeah, six wins would be good. Come on you GUNNERS!!!!!!


What i love about one of the football forums im on is the rule is “don’t believe it til it is on” so we talk about all manner of things, but until someone links with a pic on with a signing you don’t believe it.


Thankfully not the only media outlet to pick up on this bullshit:

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They’ve been doing this for years, but it hasn’t made any difference. We know the Press lie but we fall for their bullshit every time.

Daft Aider

Sources today “confirmed” that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is in the race to steal word renowned winger from the grasp of Barcelona “We are looking at every player that could strengthen our squad, but he’s not more on the list than anybody else, except Stewart Downing, oh and Roy Race.”
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodger had this to say “Please god, make this true.”

Daft Aider


to steal world renowned winger “Stewart Downing” from the grasp of Barcelona


Darren BENT to Arsenal please. Uh oh hope no one quotes this for their news stories and it gets out of control.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Will never happen. We already know from an earlier report that we’re getting Georgia Salpa in, with Giroud playing close up behind her in a false 69 position.


Same kept happening with Barca-Cesc, and people hated them. Journalists put up directed questions at the Barca players all the time, and people were fuming.

Journalism is getting more disgusting every day.

Daft Aider

It’s a bit different when the club in question have the board, the players and the media all doing it on purpose, bear in mind that almost all the Cesc-Barca crap originated in catalan based media

[…]  来源:[arseblog news] […]

U Zee

arseblog reminds me of squealer in animal farm, doing the “dirty” PR stunts for arsenal


Yep, thats me. PR guy for a club with 12,000,000 Facebook fans and 8m Twitter followers.

arsenal not wenger

We who want wenger out are arsenal supporters others are wenger supporters,this blog is shit.

Daft Aider

We who want punctuation, are confused by your semi-literate twaddle

Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle

Sorry mate, whilst I agree that ‘arsenal not Wenger’ is certainly talking twaddle, if you’re going to choose someone of being semi-literate due to poor punctuation, you should really get yours right first!

A comma after the ‘We’ is needed and a full stop at the end is missing.

Those in glass houses……

Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle

I’m not sure whether I got autocorrected or if i just messed up, but ‘choose’ should be ‘accuse’.

Fail. Taxi for one please.

Brian Mendoza

So if we are to support a club we must want the manager sacked?

Roman, is that you?

The Chip on AVB's Shoulder

We are still gonna sign him though…right?

Maybe with the proposed cash injection our priority is Gotze or other higher value targets. Who knows?

Personally, I’d still like us to buy him if we have the chance but more than that I’d love to see Wenger simply go nuts in january,bring in all sorts of exciting talent and show the world what he can achieve unrestricted. I think he deserves it

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, one exciting year when we splash 500 million and still only come second because we haven’t done it three years in succession and the new guys haven’t gelled, and then we go Gloriously Bust. But what a great plan.


im more interested in the jan klassick huntelaar than a upgraded louis zaha.


I must admit sometimes you just have to sit back and marvel at the amount of bullshit the press can manufacture.

Holloway is a joke anyway, he has certainly changed his tune from 8 weeks ago when he gave a press conference as Blackpool manager basically begging a big club to sign thomas ince as it was his job “to get [his plaYers] to a United or an Arsenal”:

ramseys back pass

it was an arranged marriage! So i beat her a lot… Live with it.

Ahh so ‘Arsene hates home grown talent’

‘evil arsene won’t sign henderson for just 25m’

‘Arsene says no to the next messi, zahar for just 30m’

[…] example of how the media can create a story out of nothing much at all, I heartily recommend this post on Arseblog News by @aallensport. Wenger is asked about Wilfried Zaha, says little about it and never names him, […]

[…] example of how the media can create a story out of nothing much at all, I heartily recommend this post on Arseblog News by @aallensport. Wenger is asked about Wilfried Zaha, says little about it and never names him, […]


Great article and agree with the comments commending your journalistic efforts.

But you should no-follow the links to shitty sites / article like!

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