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Wenger praise for Walcott after Schalke draw

Arsene Wenger has praised the contribution of Theo Walcott, who played through illness, to Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with Schalke last night.

The England man scored Arsenal’s opener and could have won the game at the death, something the manager has ‘regrets’ about, but he was quick to give props to a man whose future is still an issue which clouds everything he does.

“Walcott did very well today and was one of our best players. People forget he was injured and has just come back. We know that he is a great player.”

And when asked of his desire to play as a stiker, Wenger quipped:

“Well, a winger is a striker. Not for you? Giroud has Walcott and Podolski with him. We scored two goals. We had more chances and played with three offensive midfielders as well.

“At some stage, we have to put one or two defenders in the team as well!”

Overall the Arsenal manager was pleased with his team’s reaction to the weekend defeat at Old Trafford and feels they’re in a good position in their group.

“It was a difficult game and a good one as well. Both teams played well and, after the stick we got after Saturday, it was important to show a response, which we did. It was unfortunate to concede that goal before half-time and in the last minute Walcott had a good chance. At 2-0 you have not won the game.

“They have a lot of physical and technical quality and they never give up, so overall I never felt that the game was over.It doesn’t matter too much [about Olympiacos FC’s victory]. What is important is that we win the next game against Montpellier and see what happens.

“It may or may not go to the last game. Football is about performances in every match.”

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Poldi at his best only without the scum that wanted judas’ shirt.


Scum is a little harsh.


Akhhhh….spare me.
Scum he is that fella, he was once top but now scum he is!!


Yea. I’m sorry guys it was harsh. Glad to hear that my fellow gunners stand behind the players!


Walcott on whether he’s not playing coz if his contract situation.

“I dont know, you’ll have to ask the manager that”…hope wenger doesnt take this as a challenge to his “authority”. Play the lad, he’ll find even more reason to stay and add just a little candy to the kids bowl (£10k) and he’ll sign!.


I dont think this is about £10K a week. It wouldnt surprise me if its already he has decided to go to Manure for free at the end of the season to replace Nani and team up with his rat CUNT buddy. Hope I am wrong though


Theo will leave, lets not kid ourselves.


I’ll eat my shoe if he doesn’t.

Whatever the reasons, had he wanted to sign he’d have done so by now. Instead he’ll pick up a large wedge via a Bosman.

Until such time, he remains our player and useful to us, so use him.


Whatever the reasons? You can be sure he’s been tapped up already, along the lines of…’let your contract run down Theo, come sign for us on more money, better chance of winning and team up with your buddy CUNT who you love playing with assisting”


Theo will not leave, let’s convince ourselves of this like we always do……..We are Arsenal fans, destined to be forever fucked by the board. All aboard.

Big Dave

Unfortunately I think you are right Matt. This is of course exactly what happened with RVP last year and we all thought he would sign again.


we all hoped he would…fuck all of us thought he would, blogs didnt allow us to anyway!

Red Cannon

Probably, yes. But he’s been professional about it nonetheless, so he gets credit in my book. And I won’t curse him after he leaves, unlike van Persie, Nasrie, & Adebayor. Even Fabregas was a bit of a wanker in the way he treated us during his transfer struggle, although he’s certainly done nothing unfavorable since then. I hope Theo stays, but if he goes, I’ll wish him well– at least until we meet whatever team he goes to.


Getting bored with the Walcott shit. If he doesn’t want to sign the contract, he can sod off, as there are plenty of players that do want to stay with us.


Oh, joy.

Sebastien Squillaci

I want to stay! I don’t really care about playing, but keep paying me those ridiculous wages and I’ll still be here!


Theo will leave in January. That’s why Wenger is benching him – so he wants to leave in January and we get some money for him rather than losing him on a free in the summer.

I hope this means we have a replacement lined up. Word on the street says Zaha, and I have to say that’d make sense knowing our policies. Think those hoping for Navas will be disappointed.


I dont think he will go in January. No team will pay what we are asking in January. He will let his contract run down. I am sure it is planned, if I am proved wrong I will be delighted


Strip TV5 of the armband,make Arteta Captain and improve the offer on the table for Theo Walcott.

Wenger's Glasses

Still hope Arsenal would keep Theo (& Arshavin). These are quality players, ffs. Can’t keep on selling the best players. Come on!


Just watched Dortmund play Madrid. There is so much we could learn from a club like dortmund. Like us they don’t usually spend heavily on transfer either. But what a great job Klopp has done building that team. They struggled in the CL last season but clearly have learned their lesson playing with much more discipline. Their work rate and closing down is phenomenal. Now these are things we could do without spending loads of money. And when necessary they don’t mind taking the odd gamble in the transfer market either. They knew Kagawa was going to leave and they… Read more »


we did spend some money this summer, Poldi, Giroud, and Santi were all costly players. Even though people like to pass judgement early, we’ll only know how good they are after the season is over.

every transfer is a gamble, even a good player can struggle in the wrong team, that’s why what Arsenal is doing right now is so risky. If the new players don’t work out we’re fucked


If Theo had a footballing brain he would have passed to a free Giroud instead of glory hunting and going for the winner himself. We could have (should have) won that match.


In that kind of situation you probably wouldn’t pass. Also, Giroud being offside might cross your mind…I don’t blame him for taking that shot


For the first goal.

Giroud pondered…………Theo pounced.

Saved HFB the blushes really. Chopping off the tough like that?. Redeemed himself with a thundering header later on, can we please play more in this yellow jersey. Purple reign my arse!.


Genuinely think we have to give Santi a rest, bring up Eisfield for a game. Brilliant performance against Reading and just scored a ripper goal for the U21s against Bolton last night. Hopefully Ramsey will be fit for the bench but knowing us, our players’ injuries always take 2-3 weeks longer than players from any other club! Where the hell is Szczesny, Gibbs, Rosicky, Diaby? I think this is almost the end for Diaby in my opinion. Didnt even do himself a bad injury, from a shot on goal. How on earth can he still be out? His body simply… Read more »


watched the dortmund-madrid game too.. Damn those kids are good. Considering not losing to madrid in 2 games. And it wasn’t a weakened madrid neither. They had all their billions on the pitch in both games. It’s just work rate, high tempo and disciplined football, must love it.. Have been a fan of what Jurgen Klopp since following this Dortmund kids.. Want him to be Arsene’s succeccor.. After all, the first time they won the bundesliga their average age at the squad was 23! Arsenal can take some pointers definitely.


Klopp doesn’t speak English. (Hitzfeld-story all over again: people want a manager who actually doesn’t speak the language, how dumb is that.)

Big Dave

Still on the fence about Giroud. Really want him to be the real deal but the more I watch him play the more I think he might be a kind of Bendtner 2.0…. Wenger reminds me a bit of my dad – my old man doesnt like spending money and certainly wouldnt spend a lot of money on things like clothes. He’ll only really buys sale stuff… like his recent purchase of a coat – 50% off, not very fashionable, does the job ok but not exactly very cosy and weather proof. He’ll probably have to go out and buy… Read more »


coats dont get injured!

Big Dave

My analogy has failed!! Well, actually…

….the coat might over time get smelly (general fatigue) or get a sudden splash of mud (injured by a bad tackle) in which case you need to wash them (a spell on the sidelines… or washing lines in this case!)


Pretty good analogy actually. A cheap coat will tear more easily, burst its seams, and as a result have to go to the tailors meaning a period without it when you need it. Rosicky and Diaby are always at the tailor, rendering them fucking useless when its raining. And its always raining in England. So if you cant rely on it when you need it the natural thing to do is bin it and but one you can rely on


I’d be gutted if Theo left….he’s our lad, we’ve watched him grow up, he’s a nice bloke…..and when he scores the crowd cheer that little bit louder.
The best is yet to come from him and it would be agony to see him play elsewhere for the next 12 years. We’ll be cursing Wenger long after he’s retired if Walott leaves.


It”s not the board that is fucking us–it’s the manager.

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