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Wenger says he hopes fans respect van Persie, knows better

At his press conference today Arsene Wenger spoke about Robin van Persie was asked what kind of  reception he might get from the Arsenal away brigade at Old Trafford on Saturday.

“I don’t know,” he said, “I hope it is a respectful one because he has played for us for eight years, he has done very well for us. I think he will get the reception I hope for.”

Except he won’t. Arsene knows that, Robin van Persie knows that, blind octogenerian men who live in as yet undisocevered tribes deep bneath the crust of the earth know it. It’s just something the manager has to say.

As he did with regards, oh, Samir Nasri. And William Gallas. And Emmanuel Adebayor. And Ashley Cole (time and time again). And any player that has left under contentious circumstances. The reality is that van Persie will find himself on the wrong end of a two-versed chant, the second of which is more than sufficient to let people know how they feel about them.

The moral high ground is a dangerous place to be when it comes to obscene/insensitive chanting, but football fans are football fans the world over and no doubt van Persie will get it with gusto from the travelling supporters.

The manager is more concerned with the game itself than a traitorous, back-stabbing, ungrateful, disrespectful (you guys!), former perma-crock who will never, ever get injured again in his life (see what I’m doing here?), saying, “Saturday’s game is not about Van Persie. Not for us and I don’t think for him, as well.

“For us, what is important is the result at the end of the game, and the quality of our performance. We do not even talk about him.”

Whatever else it certainly adds an edge to this particularly fixture which has been missing for a number of years now. Bring. It. On.

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nae chance

They leave because we don't give them a reason to stay

please don’t boo him. As a football fan, I’m still very much a Van Persie Fan. He is truly a fantastic player. Much better than that shrek fellow United fans keep talking about


lesbian squirrel

Sorry we will boo him. As Arsenal fans, we all very much hate Van Persie. He can truely go fuck himself. Oh and Rooney too, that mongering ogre with newly found hair.

By that logic , John Terry deserves a lot of respect. He’s fairly decent at what he does ( that’s as far as I praise him) . It’s not just about footballing ability, it’s also about the person that you are. He back stabbed us for Manure of all clubs. I see no reason why I have to respect him. I thank him for his 8 years of service.
cunt. boo him to hell.

Football is about passion though, isn’t it? A cunt like him, who shows no respect nor passion for a club after playing for it for 8 years, is someone who does not deserve anything but boo’s from a football fan.

The comment ends quite abruptly cause I couldn’t wait to call him a cunt, which he is. Also, he is a cunt.

We are Arsenal fans first, van Persie fan last.

they because they are massive cunts….

I mean seriously , with all the talent we’ve lost just in the last 2 year ,we could have a had a KILLER team , the only reason they leave is because they pussied out or got greedy.

we lack beasts , we’ve missed beasts

Mental Strength

Piss off!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I don’t hate him. I pity him. He let himself down. He will look back on his career and wish he hadn’t shat in Wenger’s cornflakes, and then he will wonder why he didn’t win many trophies with United, and wonder why he never gained the same adulation from the United fans as he once had with those of Arsenal. This will lead him to deep analysis of the true meaning of the word ambition. Then his wife will say “I told you so”. Every player should have a club that their name is associated with. One that they can… Read more »


Dude are you nordstradamus

100% accurate


Leave your Van Persie Esque chants below people

Mikel Artekkers

To the tune of the old “Rob-in van Per-sie” chant:
“Judas van Pursestrings”

“He goes where he wants,
He goes where he waaaaaants,
The Little Boy Inside
He goes where he wants!”

“Chim chimney, chim chimney, chim chim chimaroo,
Who needs Van Persie when we’ve got Giroud!
Lukas Podolski and Cazorla too,
Fuck off Van Persie we don’t need you!”

Master Bates

if he gets a severe self inflicted injury

‘he breaks when he waaaants ‘ Robin van Persie he breaks when he wants’

I know I am a crappy person


“We wish you were dead
We wish you were deeeaaaaddd
Robin van Persie, we wish you were dead”

Adam, Watford

When he touches the ball . . .

‘ Who the fuck do you think you are ? Who the fuck ? Who the fuck ?
Who the fuck do you think you are ?


Frimpong, get in there, break that twats leg.


This is Arsenal F.C, not Birmingham City or Stoke. We don’t go around breaking legs.


Fair point, I agree, so let me rephrase it.

Frimpong, get in there, please accidentally use mistimed tackles that unintentionally result in, if making contact with the right part of the leg, causes excessive knee cruciate ligament damage, accidentally.

That or I don’t mind watching the twat fall on his own leg.

Take your pick


In this case we do. I can’t believe you lot, you’re too bloody nice. What he did is inexcusable and I hope he gets injured. Yes I’m aware of how that sounds but he didn’t just break our hearts he shredded it into little pieces and kicked us in the balls when we were down. He was Arsenal, more than any other player he typified what we stand for. You Judas cunt.


You’re far to generous, I want him to be injury free, now and for the rest of his career. I want him to lose form, lose confidence, be benched, have some of Fergies hair dryer treatment and be sold for a pittance to Stoke. Much more satisfactory than being out with an injury.


As long as its from the Dench sorry bench

big black clock

Wenger, I worship you man. But fuck that, I’m gonna boo the fuck out of that dutch cunt and enjoy every minute of it. Heck if I could I’d throw a bowling ball at his ugly face.

P.S. I really hope people don’t sing that “She said No” chant. It’s classless and we’ll only be disgracing ourselves by singing that.

I know that if I was a rape victim/survivor, I wouldn’t want to hear thousands of people singing a chant like that in a match being broadcasted worldwide, to millions of people, implying that singing about rape is okay.


Agree. Fuck van Persie, he’s a cunt, but that song is something I hate associated with us.


What I hate is the idea that Arsenal fans don’t have any sense of irony.

“This is disgraceful! How can Chelsea fans sing that shit about Van Persie? AND he was totally exonerated. Just goes to show, the fucking chavs have no class at all.”

[Van Persie transfers to Man U]

“R.V.P. When the girl says no, moleeest her…”



Replacing girl with little boy, would that help ?

ramseys back pass

wouldn’t be bad though to bring frimpong on. So that the ‘kick rapists out of football’ can take off.

Ace McGoldrick

Ahh that “you guys” thing really pissed me off. Looking forward to this game!


“Hey you guys, yah, I just wanted to let you know yah, that err, that I love playing for Arsenal yah, except when they don’t give me enough dollar and stuff yah, then I’m quite happy to fuck you all up the arse and go to Manchester. Apparently some little boy told me they’re the best yah, but y’know, fuck you!”
At least I could have given him credit if he’d been honest. What a wanker.


Fuck that. Give him hell i say

gooner odst

i don’t hate the guy… but on the Saturday i am going to metaphorically slap his face with a fish, spit on his grave and curse him for all eternity.


The Photoshop skills are brilliant… looool. That cunt doesn’t deserve that much detailing.


Definitely our team will be up for this, hopefully they won’t let RvPussy distract them from the gameplan and that they channel their anger by focussing on the match. Winning is the priority here.


When I play against United online in FIFA i usually lose because I concentrate all of my energy on trying to slide tackle RVP lol.
Need to focus on the game not the enemy


I just want us to win this game, would show some real intent.
RVP is a choker anyway.

Pride of London

I just want us to win the match. I dont give a fuck about the other judas little prick. Our support is better voiced to the unners


RvP, R.I.P.
RvP, R.I.P.

Relax, sensitive people. I’m not doing a chant of death, Im just saying he’s as good as dead to the club.

Pride of London


lesbian squirrel

You’re a cunt Robin, fucking cunt
You’re a cunt Robin, fucking cunt
You’re a cunt Robin, fucking cunt
Ohhh Robin you’re a cunt


Robin, you’re a cunt, Robin Robin you’re a cunt

nice and simple.


he shags who he wants
he shags who he wants
Robin van persie
he shags who he wants


You really are a twat.


AW is right! We should not abuse him, for it’s classless to speak ill of the dead! Which is why AW says “We do not even talk about him.” He’s dead to us!


Wouldn’t despise him so much if he didn’t leave in the manner he did. Makes me ill watching him in another uniform. He’s a twat and gets everything he deserves.

ramseys back pass

The hardest part will be watching the Arsenal players hugging that twat before and after the game.


Last I checked, Alex Song plays for Barcelona now.


Correction: Alex Song warms the bench at Barça now.


I really hope our lot don’t laugh and joke with him in the tunnel before kick off or god forbid in the game. Make him feel like a mega cunt, give him the cold shoulder and show him what it’s like to actually be a gunner and play for the shirt.

Win, draw or lose, that would give me a huge amount of pride in the players. We are the Arsenal, go out there on Saturday and make us proud!


The sad thing is our captain will be chatting with him, hug him and smiling with him.


Well they are probably still mates, I just hope he plays it down and gets on with it. This is the biggest game of the season so far, they should all be 100% focused.


Disagree that the Arsenal players shouldn’t joke with RvP – looking forward to the twat reacting and getting sent off when Podolski tells him how much he looked forward to playing with him until he realised that he was a two faced, bottling cunt who didn’t know anything about loyalty to those who stood by him in his hours of need.

Hope everyone who has bought a poppy considers whether that cowardly dutch wanker would have shot his comrades in the back in order to save his own skin.


Over absolutely everything else, I would LOVE an Arsenal win on Saturday. Van Persie can score a hat trick against us, as long as we win.

Dark Stein

I’m taking the moral highground, no need to draw attention to the fact he used to play for us, now he’s just another cunt in a Man U shirt. Treat them all the same – throw pizza at them and jump and shove them when we celebrate scoring.

Mills N7

Or in fact when we celebrate them not scoring a last minute penalty that means that we successfully go through a season unbeaten. Those Vans are all fucking bottlers.


Blogs – that Tag on the article is inspired.. as is the pic. Well done!!


Hey guys… come on guys… just a message for you guys, the fans.

He’s a cunt

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards


Stevo Goono

Is it more powerful to just ignore the horrible cunt and just sing Arsenal songs? Probably….thrown in with a few boos of course, but would rather it be epic Arse supporting then epic Dutch cunt bashing.


No booing but fans doing the Poznan with slogans on their backs such as “Robin, you’re a disrespectful cunt”, you know, one letter per fan. Would be great to do this every time he touched the ball.
Okay, unlikely to happen, but I can dream.

New Guy

Totally agree. We should just ignore him completely. He is dead to us. Not even worth the effort to hate.


“U have a pussie we have a coq” that would be a fantastic chant


I still find it very weird that he’s playing for them. He was a classy intelligent guy. You can’t blame him for wanting more money, but you would have that he would at least show some respect and go abroad. It looked like he loved Arsenal. His comments after joining Man Utd really destroyed all the memories I have of him. He was a real talent and scored wonderful goals. Now I can’t enjoy any of them anymore. That is what hurts me most. I know deep down RVP regrets this move, but FUCK him now. Come on Arsenal, lets… Read more »

gooner odst

I would have preferred if he didn’t release that ridiculous ‘cum and get me’ letter obviously directed at Manure. Or if he was going to release a letter anyway, at least have the balls to say that he wants more money and wants to be Manure and he was fed up.

Glory Hunter

I think that’s the part that hurts the most! Half of my time on you tube was spent watching various RVP compilations, imagining how successful we would be if he wasn’t so injury prone!
Well the cunt threw all that adulation & love in our faces & for that I wish him the worst!

I honestly hope he breaks a leg, it’ll hurt me but it’ll be deserved.




Classy cunt.

steve boulds hairdresser

i just hope that van persie scores a hattrick of own goals. and then gets frimponged. and then dropped by the medics as they strecher him off. repeatedly. but not for the rape allegations to come back.


Like that scene in the Simpsons when Homer tries to jump the gorge on a skateboard and doesn’t make it. Then the paramedics bash his head on every rock on the way up, then he falls our the back of the ambulance and back down the gorge!

Or maybe as he’s walking off for half time he stands on a rake left by the groundsman, and it smacks him in the face.. Sideshow Bob style!




Sure can’t ignore you when you SHOUT EVERYTHING

Sol Goodman


Mikel Artekkers

Upon clicking the “cunt” tag on this article, I was very surprised to see that no stories involving John Terry turned up.

This concludes the obligatory “John Terry is a cunt” post.

Touraine Gooner

Er, while we’re on the subject of cunts
Let’s not forget Luis Suarez…
Undoubtably most loathsome footballer on the planet.

I thank you…

Touraine Gooner

*the* most loathsome… Pfffff !

Mikel Artekkers

Also, *undoubtedly or *indubitably.


I thought that was Joey Barton but Suarez will do.


You know he’s a cunt
You know he’s a cunt
Robin Van Pursie
You know he’s a cunt


7 words explain why hell should be unleashed on him – ‘Whatever happens I’ll always be a Gunner”.

Really Robin? If you had any fuckin clue about ‘being a Gunner’, you would’ve gone anywhere, literally anywhere, other than those cunts.

Deserves everything he gets.

David O'Leary's Dad

Fuck him he’s a cunt. Best thing we can do though is beat the Manc scum – as well as give him the reception he deserves.

Come on you Gooners !


I remember your son being quite a cunt too!!

Red and White Stripey Socks

The best way to stick it to RVP is to win!


i would absolutely love it if all our players refused to shake his hand, that would be better than all the booing in the world


Eboue would be the only one not to shake his hand. 🙂


Anyone shit scared he’s going to score a few? I fuckin am!!

Glory Hunter

No point being scared of the inevitable, embrace it!!!


If anyone can prevent him from scoring a knows all about his play and his intelligent movment of the box is wenger, honestly I don’t think he will score tomorrow but I can’t thing the same about the shrek he always has his luck in him to score against us.But a trully believe we will win 1-2 if the ref don’t fuck this one and the scorers will be shrek for scum utd, and for us podolski and walcott.

Dr Baptiste

I always wonder if booing is actually counter-productive and just motivates the villain to play better. If we just ignore him, surely we’re saying “we’re over you and you’re not even worth our boos”

David O'Leary's Dad

God I fucking HATE Manure


I was one of the few on this forum who was not so hard on van persie after his statement cos I was thinking he will go to Juventus or Real. He knew more then we do, and he understood where our Board is taking us. But moving to United was the worst thing he could do. Even if nobody else gave a decent offer still Arsenal player should never go to fuckn Ferguson. That was direct punch in the face to Wenger and after that he is dead for any real fan of Arsenal FC.


Man U were the only ones who wanted him though.

David O'Leary's Dad

Nope Citeh offered £300k a week


Uh, no.

City’s board banned Mancini from buying any luxury players at all over the summer. And Mancini came out about six times to say that he had no intention of bidding for Van Persie even if they could afford him, so where you get that stuff, I don’t know.

Mills N7

How about Arsene Wenger’s press conference. City offered and he chose Man U. The internet is a wonderful place, I’d check it out before you shoot your mouth off. Unless you think Arsene is pointlessly lying, or something…

New Guy

More than own goals, Frimponging or anything else, I’d like to see the petulant rvp who played for us many years ago return… and get sent off. Preferably in the first minute.


Oh yeah, he’ll come out trolling hard!

David O'Leary's Dad

LAPID – completely agree mate. If he’d gone to ANY other club (well apart from the obvious) I could have accepted it, whether for the money, new country or whatever. But think back to Pizzagate, Viera vs Keane, all that history added to the fact that they really are the most arrogant, smug just horrible bunch of counts ever. If Skunk had ever had even a shred of being a Gooner in his heart he would never have joined them. That’s why we hate him, he treated us like a bunch of idiots and repaid the years of patience, faith… Read more »

David O'Leary's Dad

When I say “counts” I think you know what I meant to say.

Fucking auto spell


No, it is right… by the end of the day it is all about (ac)counts

Wengers Trench Coat

Adding to an earlier post…

“You have a pussy,
We have a coq,
An now we will fuck you,
United fucking rot!!!”


If only everyone in the stadium could collectively turn their backs when he has the ball… No chants, no boo’s… silence… or is that ridiculous? It would never happen, but if everyone did it, it’d be a good way to let him know what we think of him… The bastarding whore clit faced cunt.


Thing is, if you turn your back when he got the ball, how do you know when to look back?


“Robin,you gay,we don’t lime the direction you’re going:the goal is the other way”

Mental Strength

Fuck that shit. Whoever doesn’t chant “Cunt” whenever he gets the ball is a cunt!!!


this is Wenger’s way of giving us a greenlight to call him a cunt.


I really thing this is a Wenger’s greenlight !
But I am also sad cos he said he wants to keep Walcott at the club. So he will be sold. Bad.


You’re dead to us
You’re dead to us
Robin Van Perstrings
You’re dead to us

Curtis Harris

ATTENTION ALL GOONERS, PREPARE TO BE INSPIRED!!! (All credit to TheVladVideo) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjyitIwgOnY


What i dread the most about this weekends game is the fact i have to watch the cunt kick a ball. I have purposely not watched any of his games this season, despite people hyping about his form this season. Guys you guys If the fans dont boo him in the stadium guys i will boo him in my living room you guys.

Sign da ting!!!!!!

Lol people in here really hate van pussy. He’s such a wanker that cunt.

I imagine him and rooney share the same locker that rooney-junk-grabbing twat.


Personally hate where “That GUY” went to… but on a more serious and even more important note… ARSENAL fans need to support the team and forget about those who don’t have the cannon on their chest.

Cheer the boys on the pitch fighting for our pride and show them the backing needed to get one over those of the Devil breed.

Gunners for life and if u ain’t a gunner you don’t exist!!! SIMPLE!!!!

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