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Cazorla hails Wilshere potential and Arteta status

Santi Cazorla admits he didn’t know much about Jack Wilshere when he arrived at Arsenal but now understands why his teammates spoke in such lofty terms about the young Englishman despite his long-term absence.

The Spanish international had to wait until the late October win over QPR before getting a chance to play alongside Wilshere but firmly believes that the partnership they’ve since struck up with Mikel Arteta bodes well for the rest of the season.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, the former Villarreal and Malaga dynamo reflected:

“He has amazing potential. I did not know him well when I arrived because he was not at the training sessions due to his injury, and everyone was already talking about him, saying that when he returned, the team would improve, and that has been the case.

“Every day he is gaining more confidence, he is forgetting about the injury, and he is a key player that can influence the result in a game, and thus, we are all very happy to see him 100 per cent again.

“He was out for a long time and it was an injury that takes time to heal. It is always hard to come back from injury, especially if it is very long. You always have that fear up until you start getting your confidence back, and you start getting back to your old self, and he has done that quickly.

“Every day that goes by we understand each other better. It is very easy for me to play with them.

“Mikel is more of a tactical player, a very important player in any side. He always has to be well positioned, to cover the open spaces that we leave further up the field.”

Praising Arteta’s standing in the dressing room, Cazorla also paid lip service to the way his compatriot has helped him settle in his new surroundings.

“There is a reason he is the vice-captain of the team: he is a reference player in the dressing room,” he continued. “He has helped me a lot.

“He knew I was a new signing, that it would be a positive experience for me but that I would also need time. He has had a calming effect on me.

“He has shown his confidence in me, and it is clear that Mikel has been key in my adaptation because he has always helped me.”


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santi's panties

<3 Santi

the old chap they call avb

gotta love wilshere the old boy


Love it.


Want to give Santi a big hug

big balls

The Cazorla – Wilshere – Arteta system will never work. Why? , because there is no ball winner in midfield – a fact which was blatantly obvious against Wigan.


Yeah, I guess that’s one reason why Wilshere was always played in a double pivot with Alex Song and swapped roles with him.

Not to mention Mikel Arteta having one of the highest tackle, turnover and interception stats in the whole league. We sure have no ball-winner.

It’s still not even 3 months old. Give it a rest. See how it goes in 3 – 6 months then we will see. Everyone was whining this exact “NO BALLWINNER SOB” line over and over again when Song left Barca, and look at Mikel Arteta now.

big balls

Arteta is old and slow. He is definitely not a ball winner.


Sorry, old and slow is not a definition of a ball winner. You should try to define what a ball winner is and then come up with a better arguments.


My bad, I mean a young and fast person can’t be a definitive quality of a ball winner. A ball winner could also be an old and slow person. What matter is what Anon said, tackles and interceptions.
The real problem is what type of ball winner do we need or can be a compliment to the rest of our midfield.


Ignore him, he’s with the scum.

big balls

Ok Nikki, this is my definition of a ball winner.

A man in his early 20’s, at least 6 feet tall, physically strong and fast. A strong tackler and header of the ball with extreme stamina.


One would have thought that ball winner was about winning the ball and then playing it fast and creative.

But i see now thats not the case clearly. Are you sure there are not any hair-cut requirements? or maybe the colour of the boots changes things?

It must be rough, being the best ball winner in the game, turning from early 20s into late 20s, becoming nobody. Ey boy sorry, you can win the ball and everythin but you just turned to your late 20s better look for another job.


Nigel de Jong, Anthony Annan and so many others will be very sad they are not ball-winners in the eyes of legendary manager Mr. big balls…

It’s ok you guys, we don’t have ball-winners either despite having a midfield player who excels at ‘ball-winner stats’, so we can cuddle up and express our feelings together, then we won’t feel so bad that Mr. big balls hates us…


WANT TO EDIT: I forgot what TURNOVER meant, I meant the stat for stealing the ball from an opponent (which causes the opponent to get ‘turnovered’)

As I myself can spot this mistake, it’s appalling big balls couldn’t spot such a fatal mistake and carry on like nothing happened (when in fact a high turnover stat is very, very bad), so we can all see that big balls either does not read, cannot read and is guessing what we are all saying, mentally challenged, below 16 years of age and/or a Tottenham Hotspurs fan.



Can you twats please stop feeding this troll. Plus, the best ball winners of recent times have been, in no particular order: Gilberto silva, Claude makalele, Edgar Davids and Marcia senna. None of them fit the spuds definition, so please just ignore him.


*marcos senna. Edit button Please bloggs.

Jim Jimminy

Big Balls – i dont think Song was 6′, particularly fast or a very good header of the ball. Your move Sherlock…


Blogs, have you considered banning IP addresses known to be spud trolls?


Arteta has big balls.


It worked so awfully vs Reading I must say!


Why the fuck is he trolling in an Arsenal site? Go back to your scum site, you chicken shit

Arsene wenger's sleeping bag

Ah santi. You make me question my sexuality


Jesus, I’d hate to think what effect Giroud has on you

Arsene wenger's sleeping bag

fap fap fap


JESUS guys can we PLEASE get back to the football…


is it me or does that not sound like someone reading instructions for a flat pack wardrobe from ikea?

E9 Gunner

Its just you

Rishabh Sethi

I still believe the beautiful football of Arteta-wilshere-cazorla wont work against more Physical teams who press the ball. Teams who Allow Arsenal to play the Beautiful game will be royally Fcked though.

Solution- Buy a Strong CDM, Bring Physicality in Midfield.


Empirical evidence suggests that the role of such a player is fading amongst teams that try to play with the tactics and style seen in most EPL and UCL sides that are aiming for the top. Then again, the empirical evidence would have been strongly on your side 10 years ago, and now look how it’s shifted. So perhaps you’re a visionary who is predicting a return to this style, or perhaps you’re too focused on outdated tactics… I don’t know. More importantly, I think we should consider that the problem often requires solutions with far more sophistication than “bring… Read more »


It’s not like Wilshere is Gareth Bale wearing a tutu. Our method of playing causes us to invite pressure and invite opposition teams to press us to death, so that we cannot play our football, and their small gaps won’t be exploited as much because right now Arsenal aren’t such silky passers as before, with wingers much less technical than ever before. Compare Walcott, Ox, Gerv, Podolski to past wingers like Na$ri, and our midfielders to someone like Cesc and Rosicky who can drive the game so well. Barcelona weren’t particularly physically strong in their 4 years with Pep Guardiola,… Read more »


Cant wait to see Cazorla – Rosicky partnership. One can play as CAM and other as RM and both switching positions. Rosicky’s work rate is magnificent, so I think he can play as RM in big games.

Wengers Trench Coat

I really wanted us to sign Alexandre Pato for the bargain price of 12mil. Gutted we missed that. Coulda got santos to talk him into it


Pato has apparently requested a transfer. However I think hes a bit too injury prone…


Robin van Stapleton too.


Mikel is a BOSS!
It seems that every player without exception has something good to say about him


Go fuck yourselves CUNTS

c Norn Iron Gooner

Isn’t that monkey boy Bales motto? “losing? DenCHEAT”

Oh sorry, its because of his pace he ‘falls over’.

Now fuck off under your rock. euuuwew.


Yes we will fuck you. Anywhere, anytime. Now go ballance on a beach ball you cock.


Up the SPURS


don’t you mean 5pur2?


I think you mean f*’ck the spurs!


DENCHEAT, what time is is? It 5 past 2, now f*ck off.


Sorry guys I had to give him thumbs up, just for support. It isn’t easy when you’re battling mental illness…


We are not powerful enough in centre mid….Fellaini, Tiote, M’vila, Schwiensteiger, Wanyama ( Celtic) …..Wenger must buy in this mould.

DC Gooner

I think Coquellin will be as good or better than nearly any other holding midfielder we may find. Arteta may not appear to fit the mold of an “enforcer” midfielder but he performs the most important duties of that player. Efficient tackling, positioning for cover and balance plus he’s a superior distributor of the ball. Best of all, he provides leadership on the pitch — a quality we often seem to have lacked in recent years. I wonder how many times Song killed our buildup and created a counter-attack for our opposition last season. Arteta and Coquellin are less likely… Read more »


While I agree that Arteta is exceptional at intercepting, tackling and what not, I am a bit worried he does not have enough strength. Once someone is put on him he finds it difficult to play his game, which is frustrating, for us and for him (you can tell by his work rate he really tries to get things going when this is the case). I’m not saying we need a midfield overhaul but in the more physical games i wouldn’t say we ‘need’ bulk, but i would like to see some. Either way I’m happy as long as things… Read more »

Wengers Trench Coat

Dencheat is a spud loving cock snot guzzler!


Don’t think you needed the last bit, predefined in being a spud I believe, but at least there will be no confusion


1. VORM, MIGNOLET or BEGOVIC We need a goalkeeper to rival Szczesny for his position. With 50-60 games a season we can rotate 2 quality keepers. Most clubs have 3. Spurs have 4. 2. LEIGHTON BAINES No brainer for me. He is absolute quality, defensively and going forward. Proven premiership quality. 3. MIDFIELD We’re ok for now! We dominate possession in most matches especially if we play our 5 most technical midfielders: OX, CAZORLA, ARTETA, WILSHERE, ROSICKY. And with Coquelin, Diaby and Podolski thats not bad back up at all!! Sell Gervinho – Please!!!! Loan out Ramsey – he’s not… Read more »

Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle

Can you name the reserve goalkeepers at Man City? Chelsea? Liverpool? Ok Utd have 2 keepers and 5pur2 like collecting them (which has caused unrest and problems). Gibbs has been one of our best players so why bring in Baines? I know Gibbs is injury prone but bringing Baines in would mean Gibbs stops playing. We also have Santos on a fairly long term contract and some think we have to accept it is either him or Vermaelen as 2nd choice LB. My feeling is we need a physical midfield player to replace Diaby (sigh, such a shame) and a… Read more »


City’s reserve keeper is very good, i personally think hart is overrated. I seem to remember in the carling cup last year when we lost 1-0 to those cunts their reserve keeper was the reason we didn’t score. Made some wonderful saves, and he’s like 6’8″, reaching the bloody corners arr it was frustrating haha


If you want us to win trophys we must have a stronger squad!

Is Szcsesny + Vorm/Mignolet/Begovic
Better than Szczesny + Flappyhandski/Mannone?

I love Gibbs, I’m not saying get rid of him at all but for now Leighton Baines would be a big improvement in that position, especially if you assume Gibbs gets injured again and we have Andre Santos there…
Then Gibbs could cover left back or even get some playing time in midfield. Imagine Gibbs and Baines together covering the left wing when we’re defending a lead.


We have meade coming up too! I know he would take a season more or so. but let it be I am sure santos will improve and we can handle LB this season and save 10 – 15 million on Baines. Thats my personal feeling and I dont see wenger signing him anyways. On the midfield front we have Wilshere, Rosicky, Arteta, Ramsey, Diaby ( I am just positive on him, yeah still ) , Cazorla, Coquelin, Eisfield, Frimmy! If you notice all these players are long terms players for sure. Makes our midfield the best in league for me!… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Could it be that Wenger only buys replacements for players that leave instead of going out and genuinely searching for better players than those we have already, because he wants to engender loyalty and team spirit in his young players and if they think they’ll be replaced at the drop of a hat then they’ll not feel any loyalty to us?


Luke Shaw as a new fresh faced understudy for Kieran Gibbs is probably more likely…


I would prefer to give meade and ormonde-ottewill their chance than persist with santos or bring in shaw. however leighton baines is a different story he would be snapped up by me given half a.chance and wenger should too.


just what i was thinking……..instead of buying sum1 to displace gibbs we should buy a backup for him……….


Fellaini and Ba. Proven Premier League pedigree


I was just on the Arsenal site and saw the top pictures pages and it totally made my festive season. Pers and Jacks faces when they scored made me so fucking happy to be a gooner, they looked so amped to score, especially Jack. I thought both him and Per were each gonna get a battle Ki. And that goal celebration against Shitty was the best, with Giroud making the picture for me. Gooner till some new secret Mayan Calender is discovered and the planet explodes.

Goon Goon Goon

Seriously think we only need an attacking winger and a striker. I think we’ve got enough options everywhere else. No need or an Henry loan (if that’s still on the cards?) as we are not in the capital one any more.

Left back might be something to look at but I don’t think Leighton is the answer. Meade, ignassi and even vermalen can fill in.

Notice how I didn’t mention santos? He’s a good player but he just don’t fit our tactics. Roll on The Toon. COYG


I could not agree more with Nialli… Barcelona rotate their two goalies. One gets la liga and champs league then the other the two cup competitions then if one gets injured its no biggie you have back up And we’ve just been told we are in a strong financial position now compared to previous years. Why buy a young back up just like we have for the last 8 years. Buy someone who would improve our team. Baines would improve our team. You could even play him left wing in front of Gibbs. Healthy competition doesnt seem to be an… Read more »

Biggest Arsenal Fan Ever...

Hope Luke Shaw comes in…


is it just me or do the next two transfer window periods seem like they are some of the most exciting with so many big names and young talent players set to move?


Need Arsenal nerd help.

Can any of you lot sort me out with a list of games in which Chamakh came on as a sub? Cheers.


When – this year or ever?
You should probably check the extended performance statistics at


Any games really.

Thanks for the link.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Whoop, Arsenal website says that Diaby should be in training next week. Even though Diaby would probably make a fortune teller slap the eyebrows of a giraffe (don’t ask why), I hope the best for him.


He needs to come back. Even if we only get him for 3 week stretches, the team looks 10 times better when he’s on the pitch.

I was watching that Liverpool game again just the other day and rubbing myself…


Arteta and Cazorla are our best players, lets just hope our strikers and wingers starts to produce more goals 🙂


Every rumour links us with more midfielders? Why? We are so strong in midfield! At the momemt our strongest team is …………………….Szczesny Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs ……………….Arteta, Wilshere ………..Rosicky, Cazorla, The Ox ……………………….Podolski I think Podolski’s problem on the left wing is his work rate drops as the match moves into the latter stages. Hence, why he is our most substituted player. We know he is a natural finisher and as the central striker wouldn’t have to work back as much. He scored 18 in 29 games as a CF for FC Koln last year. Imagine what he could do… Read more »


“Mertesacker: can do a job”.. I’m not sure if you actually watch the Arsenal but he’s been by far our best centre half this season. Perhaps he’s not a typical Arsenal centre half but he hasn’t stuck a foot wrong. Arguably our worst defensive performance (against Chelsea at home) came without him.


Exactly! Metersacker is not a substitute player. For me he is our best player this season. I know defenders dont get much credit in today’s world its always Santi or Arteta getting the spot-light but if we look Metersacker has so many passes, one of the best passing percentage in the league, and hasnt had a poor game all season.


agreed on the podolski bit


Well I’m not sure whose going to win the champions league or the prem, but I know whose got the football manager thing locked up.


our previous performances show that the Cazorla-Wilshere-Areteta doesn’t always work. It’s a real shame that DIaby is injury prone!


Lol kops
Can do a job is a good thing
He didnt say slow or bad at his job


I didnt say**

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

[…] Santi Cazorla has been singing the praises of Jack Wilshere and Tomas Rosicky. On Jack he says: He has amazing potential. I did not know him well when I arrived because he was not at the […]

[…] Santi Cazorla has been singing the praises of Jack Wilshere and Tomas Rosicky. On Jack he says: He has amazing potential. I did not know him well when I arrived because he was not at the […]

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