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Wilshere: I owe Wenger

Jack Wilshere says part of the reason he signed his new deal at the club was to repay the faith showed in him by Arsene Wenger.

The Frenchman made Wilshere an integral part of his team from an early age – after an educational loan spell at Bolton – and despite missing so long through injury he’s come straight back into the team. Of course that has a lot to do with his quality, but the England international is grateful all the same.

“He’s always been there for me,” he said in this month’s Arsenal Magazine. “He showed faith in me when I was 18, and he stuck with me throughout the whole time I was injured.

“He knew the only thing that would get me better is games, and he stood by me. I need to thank him for that, and yes, he was a big part of why I signed.”

And Wilshere is backing the British core – all of whom bar one high profile exception have signed new contracts with the club – to bring more successful times back.

“I’m very happy here. I’ve signed a long-term deal, I’m not 21 yet and I see my future here. We have got a good crop of young players, and good young English players as well. We’ve got Coquelin, Ramsey too – we are all coming through together and we are all improving as we get more experience.

“Chambo’s 19, I’m 20, Jenko is 20, Gibbs too. When you get to 25 or 26 that’s when you hit your peak and we all want to be here for that. We want to create something and we want to win things for Arsenal together.”

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remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

he’s awesome. Wilshere I mean. Wenger? well. Debatable at this moment

some people talk as if they are better than the coach.

Brian Mendoza

Well, I won the quad three years running in FIFA after signing Messi and Ronaldo, so you could say I am.


Yeap, ushering the most successful era in Arsenal’s history clearly makes it debatable how, in your terms, ‘awesome’ Arsene Wenger is.

What is clear is that Arsenal did not prosper ‘in spite of’ Arsene Wenger, credit where it’s due please.

Wenger gave us the Invincibles (as your name suggests), he gave a world class stadium and training ground. He has got us into the champions league, year in, year out. He has produced the highest of the highs that AFC have seen. So why don’t you crawl back under your rock Absolute C U Next Tuesday. Wenger is Arsenal. Oh and not to forget, he has given us the worlds best footballers.




Yes. But, in the past. What he’s given us now is Gervinho, Chamakh, Squillaci, Santos, Park etc. Only one ‘great’ signing was Cazorla.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore



Jack is making Theo look a bit of a tool this Christmas

wengers furrowed brows

he is playing mind games with theo…but theo is already a goner!


If or when Theo goes, I just hope he goes to Liverpool, although with Sturridge signing it is looking unlikely. I will be just as respectful of him for moving to the club he supported as a boy. Just anywhere but Chelsea and the Mancs, holy shit do these clubs need anymore cash, absolute abomination to see so much money from oil drilling and illicit Russian businesses paid to repulsive characters like Samir Nasri and his agents, instead of funding, say, projects in developing countries. Paid to characters like John Terry, who proceed to lead such a bohemian lifestyle as… Read more »




All hail future captain Jack!


Love this guy. Can’t wait to see him with an armband.

“Chambo’s 19, I’m 20, Jenko is 20, Gibbs too.”

Gibbs is actually 23, lest anyone forgets.


Perhaps Wilshere was referring to his age in Rosicky years.



I wonder how old Diaby would be in Rosicky years.


I guess, in rosicky years diaby might be 8 years approx. *sigh* miss him a lot.


Note to Six Season Sicknote Van Persie : that’s how you do ‘classy’.


Wilshere,ox, gibbo, jenko, rambo and obviously one for giroud♥♥♥♥♥♥.


When jack said ‘Gibbs too’, i don’t think he meant he was ‘also 20’, he just meant he was another young english player. Just not v well phrased.


“when you hit your peak and we all want to be here for that. We want to create something and we want to win things for Arsenal together.”

Rvp can’t understand what Wilshere is saying here. He knows nothing of such.

big balls

RVP will be lifting the Premier League Trophy above his head in May.


Do you really have nothing better to do?


It’s true – we all know it, even if it hurts to admit it. United lifting that title will be as a direct result of wenger/boards decision to sell him for “footballing reasons” – pathetic that such a decision was agreed upon


seriously balls, how pathetic is your life that you spend hours bitching about any random topic.


Maybe he will lift the trophy… but he has sold his soul to do so! This was a kid that loved Arsenal, had the wallpaper and the rest. Every Man Utd fan knows he wants glory, so no better place than the home of the glory hunters. 90% of their supporters only support them because they win everything. Same was starting to happen with us, this is why we got fans like “big balls” and “remember the invincibles, because we aren’t good anymore”…


To be honest I am just angry that he didn’t call them Gibbo, Rambo and… Coquelinbo?


Szczo, Sagno, Vermo, Merto, Gibbo, Arto, Wilsho, Cazzo, Ox-Chambo, Podolsko, Giroubo, Coquo, Wallbo, Mannobo, Kosco, Rosbo, Rambo, Arshabo…cant recall any more players now


gnabro, eisfeldo, dencho

The Alsacien

Maybe Podo and Giro


Chamo? Giro?


Wilshere definjtely has the potential to be the nxt Mr. Arsenal…a Dutch striker certainly lost tht rkght to be a cult hero…a true arsenal legend…..


Wengo. And Arseno.


Arseno in! Wengo out!

The Alsacien

Ok, a bit off the subject but please insert interesting Harry Rednapp tagline after this:


that explains their spectacular “fall” last year.


I know people cant trust a footballer. But I’ll trust Wilshere on this one. Good lad.

£oyalty for $ale

One guy’s loyalty that is not up for sale 🙂


We shall see.


Let’s see how jack feels after two or three more seasons of failure. And let’s see how the club feels about him when City/United/Chelsea/Barcelona/Real Madrid come in and offer us 30 million quid for him.

Football now is just about big business. Sad, but true. Loyalty is worthless.

Brian Mendoza

Not even Christmas can get you in a happy mood then fats?


Why would we even contemplate selling a homegrown Arsenal loving football genius!? He is quite possibly the best young English midfielder the Premiership has ever seen. What pee’d you off, get coal for xmas of something?…


Why would the club even contemplate selling the best young Spanish player in the world to Barcelona? Or a top ten striker to Man United? Or the best left-back in the world to Chelsea?

Fuck me! Wake up and smell the coffee!


Correction. We sold the best striker in the world to united, and the best midfielder in the prem to barca. And if you can’t see jack at Madrid in five years, you should seem an eye doctor.


If the Dutch cunt had stayed, he would also have been lifting the PL trophy next may. His move is the main difference this season. Should never have let him go. The fecker.

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