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Houllier pours further cold water on Henry loan

As soon as Olivier Giroud revealed that Thierry Henry was training with Arsenal in late November there was an inevitable flurry of rumours linking our greatest ever goal scorer with a second loan return in quick succession.

Strangely, unlike last year, Arsene Wenger appeared happy to coax the speculation along by refusing to rule out such a move. Alas, since his initial comments the boss and several other parties have played down the prospect of Thierry ruling the Emirates roost for a third time.

Here’s how things have panned out…

20 November

Wenger: “He has been practising with us.  “Will I sign him again in January? I don’t know. I don’t rule it out. He is sharp.

“Last year I did it because we lost Gervinho. It was a good connection. This year we lose Gervinho again as they are playing in the Africa Cup of Nations two years in a row.

“So we will be confronted with a shortage. Particularly if Chamakh should go. I cannot stand in his way. Then we will be short.”

21 November

New York Red Bulls sporting director Andy Roxburgh: “In general terms, I wouldn’t say it would be something we would (favour).

“I think the length of the season we have here, when they get the break over the Christmas, New Year’s period, they need to regenerate themselves. I’d say in general we wouldn’t be too positive about letting them go.’’

22 November

Wenger: “I just spoke about that because people asked me. I said I don’t rule it out because he’s in good shape but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

“I haven’t spoken to Thierry about it. I just answered a question honestly that I have not completely decided how I will sort it out in my head.

“We are maybe looking at a striker because Gervinho is going to the Africa Cup of Nations.”

27 November

Wenger: “At the moment I have not much time to think because we play many games.”

3 December

Wenger: “There is no development at all. I just didn’t want to say no because if I say no when I’m asked the question, I can never do it. At the moment, that’s not envisaged at all.”

7 December

New York Red Bull official tells “No club has made a request for a loan for any of our players.”

14 December

Wenger: “I cannot tell you anything about it because nothing has happened.”


The latest comments from Gerard Houllier, recently installed as New York Red Bull’s Head of Global Soccer, pour further cold water on any suggestion that Henry will be playing in North London this January.

“I find it strange what we hear in the media. If Arsene needed him, he would have called me or Andy Roxburgh, but this is not the case.

“I do not think both parties need to have this second comeback. Moreover he has become a dad again. I think he will appreciate this truce.”

Arseblog News can’t help but think the evidence stacks up against an Henry return in 2013. Granted there was similar scepticism on the part of Wenger this time last year, but the key difference was the fact that New York Red Bulls weren’t against such a temporary arrangement. This year, quite rightly, they’re worried about their star man’s creaking bones.

What is obvious is that Arsenal need a striker (or four). Gervinho and Chamakh may be as incisive as a sponge knife, but with the former called up to play in the African Cup of Nations and the latter barely ever named on the bench we’re down to Giroud, Podolski and players who might need written consent from their parents.

It’s time to act Arsene.

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Xmas Shopping List: Henry, Huntelaar, Falcao, Messi, Hulk and/or Cavani. That’ll do nicely thanks… I wish. *sigh*

Are you nuts

Why the hell do we need Henry in addition to the players you mentioned.


Obviously because an attacking quintet of Huntelaar, Messi, Falcao, Cavani, and Hulk doesn’t give us enough strength in depth. /s

Incidentally not sure if anyone watched the Atletico v Barcelona game last night, but Falcao looked outstanding, he nearly scored 3 goals in the first 20 minutes. I seriously hope that Chelsea doesn’t get their oily, classless, mits on him, if they do then we can kiss goodbye to having any chance of breaking into the top 3.


Why the hell do we need the other players you mentioned in addition to King Henry?


Cus I love Henry? Lets face the facts tho as we’re all being serious, from the list I mentioned, the only 2 real possibilities are Henry and Huntelaar. Money in the bank or not, seriously doubt we’ll offer £30m+ for a player, so you can kiss goodbye to everyone else on that list. Henry will be a cheap temporary solution and will probably appear at max 3-4 games, but you know what you’re gonna get with him so it’s worth it. Huntelaar is being touted as a £6m transfer, good value for a proven goal scorer, his adjustment to the… Read more »


I should also add David Villa, poor guy can’t get a look in at Barca. Quality player again.

Michu would also be a steal for another attacking mid, what a player he’s been for the Swans.

Players, players everywhere, money, money in the bank. Your move Ivan, your move.


”they’re not welsh, they’re just
from people fed up of seeing
people professing to be gooners
slagging off our own players”

so wiere are those sane minds when it comes to bashing gervinho? Oh, almost forgot he wasnt one of ‘our own’ players

the only sam is nelson

you can’t even respond in the right thread. just about says it all


l also like the thought of David Villa. Hope he comes.

Ace McGoldrick

Reckon if we get the first five on your list we can manage without Cavani at the end there.


Hulk can’t play for another club this season.


We don’t need all those strickers. We have ramsey. He was so poor in central midfield last season, very useless as a winger this season.
People keep on the “he’s played out of position card” so since he has failed across the midfield it’s time we tried him upfront, to see if it is his real position.
Ps a million welsh thumbs down are welcome

the only sam is nelson

they’re not welsh, they’re just from people fed up of seeing people professing to be gooners slagging off our own players

particularly one who had his leg snapped in two by shawcross (well done btw, mrs fellaini!).

that’s why people will give you the thumbs down, apart from other mouth-breathers who think nothing of slagging off a young man who has managed to come back from a career-ending injury with dignity, courage and the kind of hard work you’d not begin to fathom.

St A Gooner

Ba on a permanent deal for a very reasonable £7.5m fee & Henry on loan. Huntelaar on a free in the summer as he’ll be cup-tied for the Champions League this season. Theo is packing his bags as we speak so Nani would be a great replacement. We’d need to get rid of the incapable fringe players that seem to be lingering like bad smells. Just cut our losses and get them off our books! And I’d like to see a replacement for Szczesney if he were to get injured – I’d definitely take the rumours of Reina who has… Read more »


“players who made need written consent from their parents.”

– Priceless 🙂

The Great One

Demba just told Canal+ he would jump at the chancev to play forvus and would consider a January move. Sign him up Arsene ! 7.5 million for a proper goalscoree !!!


Bear in mind this mythical knee injury he has. Surely it’s guaranteed to flair up if he signs for us…

Arsenal Medical team

We’ll make sure of it


lol quality!

Dancing Cannon

Demba Ba is going to be worth way more than 7.5 million. With his buyout clause it is rumored he could cost 30 million. So it probably wont happen, and frankly I don’t think he is worth that. If it is more like 20 million (also rumoured) then that would be interesting. Still i’m not sure how he fits in with Giroud


He’s broken. Pass.


Re: written consent – if you are good enough, you are old enough. The trouble is, I’m not sure they are good enough.

big dawg

Oh. My. God.
Are you being serious?!


Hi Jimmy Saville, welcome to the blog.


@great one.
Demba Ba at £7.5 million sure seems a bargain but the fact that he’s holding out for £90k a week at NUFC makes him expensive to us in the long term. If we sign him for say 4 years then that would amount to near £20milli in the long run and the board can’t have that. I want this to happen to happen though, much more suitable than hunteelar deal and younger plus the obvious knack for goals in the premier league. Get him!


That isn’t much more than Arshavin is on. Plus, if he wants that from Newcastle, then I’m sure he’ll take a slightly reduced amount from us.

When you consider Giroud is probably on 60k or something (on top of the £11m fee) that’s £23m over 4 years. Ba for £7.5 + 90k/pw is only £2-3m more over the same period.


I’d take Henry over Ba. What we need right now is to inspire this lot and some taking command in the dressing room. Plus he he looks sharper than he did last year. People saying we need a permanent solution, bah (or Ba, spare me) what we need right now is someone who has CAN take up responsibility to inspire this lot to show some cojones and prove themselves. Also prove a brilliant plan B option upfront. I don’t see why people have so many issues with this deal. I’ll welcome back the King with both arms open.

Dr. Silent

I don’t see this is too much of a big deal to be honest. We need a long-term option.

Henry’s loan cameo last season was great, but this time around it isn’t the right idea.


I’m sorry, but as much as I would love another Henry spell, there are far too many reasonably priced, quality strikers out there right now for Henry to be the answer.

Actual solutions, are needed, not a signing that just patches over Gervinho’s departure only for him to come back and continue missing from 3 yards.


To be honest this is great news. I love Henry. Next to Bergkamp, best player ever. BUT signing a 35 yr old on loan for 2 months won’t help us. We need to sign a striker permanently. While I would be chuffed to bits for someone like Falcao or Cavani, that’s dream land. The more affordable Demba Ba (7.5) and Huntelaar (8) have to be on our radar.


ba, huntelaar, henry

in that order of preference

Clock End Mike

Huntelaar or Ba (in that order of preference) AND Henry.

TH, though, just for the occasional cameo. He loves London, he loves the Arsenal, and he’s probably going to be here training with us anyway. I can’t see why Houllier should object to his making a couple of appearances, we’re not exactly going to wear him out, are we? Money well spent.


I really hope we a get quick pacy striker. I am not sure whether these Big CF or Target man or whatever you want to call them suit Arsenal well. Bendtner didn’t do well. Chamakh failed miserably. Adebayor did reasonably well but he atleast was quiclk.And i don’t think Arsene is the best manager to get the best out of these type of strikers either. Looks at the strikers he has worked with and did well since his Monaco days..Weah,Djorkaeff,Klinsmann,Wright,Anelka,Henry,Dennis etc. Of course these type of strikers will also cost you a lot more which i think is part of… Read more »


I think it would be nice to have the King back, and his last game (against Milan) really wasn’t a worthy farewell for such a Legend. But regardless whether he comes or not we need 1 or 2 more strikers, as Chamakh and Gervinho shouldn’t really play for the Arsenal (Of course, I’d be open to them changing my mind, I just doubt that they’ll do). I don’t like Huntelaar so much to be honest, he’s not really the type of striker i’d prefer, but it could prove to work out really well for us. And he seems to like… Read more »


Actually he wasnt bad last time around his loan.infact pretty good. When he came onto the Milan game in sansiro he looked the only who would go and charge opponents down+ he has been in great form in MLS. I want henry back as well as more quality additions.


This team would need some signings EVEN if Gervinho and Chamakh didn’t go to the ACON. I’m confused that he keeps mentioning Chamakh , that guy can’t even make the bench so even if he would go to the moon no one would even notice he was gone.


Having Henry back isn’t such a bad idea, Giroud might learn a thing or two from him (Theo became a much better player after Henry’s spell last season).
Ba and Huntelaar? Nice idea, having both of em won’t hurt.


Couldn’t we just play Walcott through the middle? haha

LANS for 30k a week 😉


There’s more chance of re-signing Van Persie than getting Falcao in January, in the summer or at any other date until the end of time.


don’t even mention that cunt..


Why would you call falcao a cunt?


falcao? i was talking about van p…..


Henry is my favourite player of all time – just watch that jaw-dropping Arsenal DVD of all his goals – he makes football into an art. I was surprised to see on other lesser Arsenal forums ;0) what I presume to be younger Arsenal fans slagging off Henry saying he’s past it. Clearly they’ve only been supporting Arsenal since the start of this season as they would recall that as soon as he came on the pitch on his first match when he returned he scored and he also won the match in another game. However, getting Henry back is… Read more »


Wasn’t Wenger talking up El Shaawary the other day?


They won’t spend a single penny, probably will save the money and waste it on another Gervinho


I’m somewhat a pessimist when it comes to the effect of a January transfer, especially this year’s, given our situation. January buys are supposed to be impact purchases: one or two buys that bring an immediate positional impact to the second-half of the season. We are rather in a situation that needs almost an overhaul of the squad, and that’s the problem because our current squad is that much short in quality and depth everywhere to make a serious run for anything (aka: trophies) realistically. Football, at the end of the day, is played by 11 players. We can bring… Read more »

Agent 419 ITK

It may be for the best. Let him enjoy his legendary status.

the only sam is nelson

Drogba on loan. That’d do the trick. *runs away and hides* On the atlernatives: Ba – singing a player who is off to the ACN to cover for a player who is off to the ACN… er… Hulk – really? When he played at the Grove for Porto he looked like a less mobile version of Chamakh. Perhaps he has improved. Wasn’t even green IIRC Obviously Falcao is a no-no becuase he is both excellent and expensive Huntleaar – isn’t he meant to be an absolutle fucking nightmare in the dressing room? Nasty, cheap – has to be him, then.… Read more »


Huntelaar, fits our criteria for a striker perfectly. He’s reasonably cheap!
and that’s what’s going to decide who or if we buy come January.


Falcao would cost 45m but at the end of the season. I know we dont have the policy to spend so much on a player but I really – really WISH that we do it for once! It benefit is more than 45m! It improves the team morale and everything, scares the hell out of opponents, sends a serious message to the Rivals, Makes the supporters HAPPYY! Saw his goal yesterday against Shittylona? Maybe for once and for good we should change our policy on bargain buys. For Jan! I think we’ll get any of Huntelaar or BA and Henry!… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Nah, getting rid of a guy like Theo who’s just coming into his prime for an inconsistent (and pretty damn annoying) youngster would be an awful idea, the Ox has more potential anyway..

Bring in Marco Reus for Theo and everybody’s happy.

Except for Dortmund.


Senegal didn’t qualify for the ACN so Ba won’t go anywhere in January

the only sam is nelson

pah! you can prove *anything* with “facts”


Oh how I would love to sign Falcao or Cavani. Too bad neither will ever happen.


can anyone tell me whats happend to the video’s page? nothing has been coming up on there for a couple of months now..

the only sam is nelson



Hmmmmm…. I actually think I’d quite like that

And given we’d be able to fine him two weeks wages pretty much every month, we’d be able to afford his wages as well! That at least ought to make him attractive to Ivan and the board

Dick Swiveller

Wenger’s got a pretty good record of calming down ‘badboys’ so I wouldn’t be against it but as your final sentence bears witness to, there’s no way in hell we’d pay out the money for him.

Surely, Huntelaar is the guy? Big, experienced, a poacher and wouldn’t kill any of the youngsters as he’s 29 now, not to mention the price. There’s any number of mid-ranged strikers that would do a job for us imo and with a midfielder almost as necessary, I doubt we’d spend bigger than 10/15m.


whatever striker we buy,if we buy-we would need to make more chances for them.Not gelling at all upfront,even though it looks at times as if giroud and podolski have a chemistry between them.

[…] 来源:[Arseblognews] […]

the only sam is nelson

this is interesting

look at all those glazerhawks players already into the last 2 years of their contracts

Fergie out! heh

[…] board can hold, the talks of Thierry Henry returning to the club for an unprecedented 3rd spell have been played down by newly appointed New York Red Bulls Head of Global Soccer, and former Liverpool manager Gerard […]

Die Hard Gunner

We need to send out a statement, Break the banlk and bring in Falcao, even the thought of him in our team will make opposition tremble, just please sign him on…and we’ll need another midfielder please….

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