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Graham confusing, Wilson ‘upset’ over Robson claims

So George Graham, as outlined by Gary Neville in this Mail article, says on Friday that Arsenal will never win the title again.

Then, as part of a BBC 5 panel, says that Arsene Wenger is still the right man for the job. Confused? Yes, so are we.

“Management is about being successful and when you are, you take all the plaudits and the compliments,” said the former Arsenal boss.

“There is a lot of hysterical criticism about Wenger now. If you want to stay in the top four, he is the man without question.

“I think Wenger will stay there. He is very powerful at the club and rightly so. He will make the decision if he leaves or not. I cannot see him leaving at all.

“He enjoys Arsenal, the power and influence he has got throughout the club. I think Arsene will still be there for a few years yet. I just hope they bring in a better quality of player.”

And while nobody will argue about wanting to bring in better players, it’s certainly a mixed message and perhaps speaks to the level of opinion and punditry in the game right now.

Meanwhile, legend Bob Wilson has joined Liam Brady and Ray Parlour in casting doubts over the claims by Stewart Robson that Wenger and Steve Bould have had a major falling out.

Wilson, who worked for years under Wenger as goalkeeping coach, says that suggestions the Arsenal manager only hires ‘yes men’ are insulting.

“The claims of Arsene being a dictator, and from a former player in Stewart Robson, really upsets me.

“I believe if Steve Bould is being sidelined, he is wealthy enough, sensible enough and strong enough to resign if unhappy with his role.

“To say Wenger appoints yes men is an insult to all the people who have worked under him – myself included. I always stood up to Arsene.”

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Hudson Hornet

I guess George meant we will not win title under Arsene and current board structure and lack of investment.

Which is quite a presumption on my part 🙂

Fuck knows and the over riding emotion is MEH – fuck em all.

Pong of the OxCoq

Sigh… Only way we win anything with Wenger is if we have a vastly superior team/squad than the rest.
He has his philosophy how the game should be played, which was revolutionary 10yrs ago but sadly has not evolved since & has led him to habitually using square pegs in round holes… ffs he played Bendtner as a right winger & is now doing the same with Ramsey!!
Hate ManUre but Ol’ Red nose sets his teams up to play to the strengths of his available players and depending on the opponent, adapts his tactics to exploit their weakness.


Is this the same George Graham that illegally took illegal bungs while representing us and went on to take a wage off the enemy. Who gives a fuck what he thinks.

Glory Hunter

Lol the irony! And yet we are supposed to listen to your opinion of him, whoever you might be! He without sin cast the 1st stone!!! Wenger says we should judge him at the end of the season, & I’ll reserve my judgements until then but we are more or less out of the title race! If we can’t beat Bradford, we have no chance of winning Champs lge & FA cup is at best a possibility not a guarantee, so in all likelihood we’ll end season trophyless & make Top 4! And personally I don’t think that’s good enough… Read more »

The Loving Hands of Wenger

Word is bond son.


Robson is a vile cunt.


Only one of Stuart Robson’s claims makes sense. That the fact these players are poorly coached and tactically weak. I am pretty sure many of you have watched Arsenal matches recently and wondered what the fuck do these guys do in training. Rest of the stuff he says is likely to be nonsense in my opinion


“I just hope they bring in a better quality of player.”

The board won’t invest in new quality players, they have already sold our best players.

If they wanted to have an good team with enough quality to win trophys, they wouldn’t have sold our best players.

Fuck the board.


Bracewell smith has got a was her who sold her shares to the greedy yank,now she is slagging him off ?


Er, what would you do if you held shares in a company that had just kicked you off its board? Keep them? Donate them to the board who’d just made it clear to you that your involvement was unwelcome and forced you to resign? She sold to Usmanov, didn’t she?


No. She soled to Kroenke. If she had sold to Usmanov, Arsenal would now be the new Oil Billionaire club on the block.


Presumably George was just ‘thinking out loud’ ? Or perhaps just speaking and not thinking ? This :- “I think Wenger will stay there. He is very powerful at the club and rightly so. He will make the decision if he leaves or not. I cannot see him leaving at all.” is plain idiotic. Wenger is an employee of the Club. “He will make the decision if he leaves or not” Really ? I was under the impression that someone’s employment in any organisation, was down to more than their own inclinations. However he’s on stronger ground when he says… Read more »


Actually Wenger has many times alluded to how he will evaluate his own performance(s) at the end of the season and step down if he found his evaluation lacking. I’m pretty sure he said this last season, after stumbling in at 3rd place I think he was pretty satisfied.

What worries me is that Wenger might decide to resign and the club will have no plan in place to replace him, kind of like with Fabregas.

Glory Hunter

That’s the worst part, things are bad with Arsene at the moment but it’ll probably get worse if he leaves!

Cos we’ll still most probably sell our best players, still have the same board & a new manager who’ll need time to adjust & build his own team.

We are literally stuck between a rock & a hard place!!!


Bob Wilson-Arsenal double winning legend & all round top bloke.
Stewart Robson-Bitter,Arsene & Arsenal hating West Ham twat,whoring his bullshit to the highest bidder.Fuck off slaphead!


tl;dr Robson is a cunt and Graham contradicted himself assuming that Graham wants Arsenal to win trophies


George and Arsene both had ‘winning’ streaks of 7 years before tailing off…time for a change.
Mourinho?…..George Graham with money!…got results with powerful sides, fuck what anyone thought of playing style.
I can see good points in all our ex players comments…we’ve all called Wenger a cunt down the pub!


I wish Robson and Piers Morgan would fuck right off !


bit off-topic, but if you had told me 2 years ago that gary neville would be one of the most level-headed and insightful pundits i would have called you a mentalist. but credit where credit’s due, he’s become a real voice of reason as things get exponentially more histrionic in the media.


well i think graham makes perfect sense. he said wenger’s the man to keep us in the top four, he’s powerful at the club, its up to him to decide when he leaves, he doesn’t think he would decide to leave. how does that contradict with “arsenal will not win another premier league title”?

we might be in or around the top four but i don’t think anyone realistically sees us mounting a title challenge anytime soon let alone winning it.

steve boulds hairdresser

for as much as i hate neville for being united scum, must say i have surprised myself in that i have grown to like him as a pundit.

Gunsen gunner

Yeah but it still feels…unnatural.


Robson is entitled to his opinion, he’s entitled to stupidity.


Stuart Robson’s a wanker. Don’t give that oaf any more web space.


Gary neville seems nice and reasonable. Leave aside his footballing years where he and scholes locked lips, I think he’s a sane pundit. Something very rare this days.

Eric Irish gunner

Agree he never seems to slate us and is not biased with his utd past unlike that redknapp cunt


sooner or later wanger quit and we will see..


gg is right, we will be in and around the top 4 but we wont win it with him. after all that is success for aw. he clearly has too much power within the club, he wants all the credit for the good news but distances himself from the bad. does he really expect us to believe its not him who decides the amount of money being offered to walcott? righty theo wants more than gervinho, and god anybody deserves double what djourou is paid! why does aw not answer for the amount of money paid to very average players.… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

i’m still surprised that people still cling to this “playing out of position” idiocy it’s pretty obvious that wenger sets out his team on the basis that he believes they are technically and phyisically superior to the opposition, and that where they are playing is as fluid as the game dictates. once upon a time we had players who responded to the responsibility that placed upon them, and thrived on being able to dictate the game. now, less so. we’ve a glass jaw. because the players aren’t so confident. but arshavin, to take an obvious lightning rod for this weird… Read more »


arteta a dm? lacks mobility, cant recover and can be caught in possession in dangerous positions the ox a winger? what is his position? surely an att cm ramsey a winger? ability in cm certainly lacks the skill as a winger look at vertonghen the other day, he said he chose spurs because wenger wanted to play him in cm in the petit role! bizarre aa is a great example, superb for russia playing centrally but when his job is on the flank hes poor. so if you know hes good centrally and poor out wide, i know just persist… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

of course, that will be why cesc fabregas played all over the midfield and in the whole and why barca courted him for years

if you’re good enough you’re good enough, the idea that fans know more than allardyce is bullshit, the idea that fans know more than wenger? come on. you cite vertonghen as being better at managing a football team than wenger?




Pffffft. Why would you play gervinho at all? Arshavin played wide for Russia the past few years.

Dick Swiveller

Seriously? Vertonghen would be fucking perfect in our midfield, I don’t understand how you can take what is a great idea from Arsene and claim that shows how stupid he is.

Incidentally, Arshavin has played out wide plenty of times for Russia and a bit at Zenit iirc.

Runcorn Gooner

Off topic but just shows you how fickle football is.Schalke manager wins our group and has just been sacked plus Chelsea lose World championship and fans say its a “nothing trophy” Just guess what they would have said if they won it. Soccer is fickle and when we beat Reading and Wigan next week most AFC fans will be happy and looking forward to a bright New Year. Pundits like Robson and Savage are just retired middle of the road players who spout garbage to get a reaction.Best ignore them and they will go away just like Abrahamovich will if… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

that’s about this size of it

although chelsea fans’ reaction to winning or losing the world club bollocks would surely be “rafa out” whichever the result


shalke are 7th and have lost 4/6 with the other 2 draws.

so what if we do beat reading and wigan? we wll know there are major problems at our club and not just with the playing squad which aw himself has stated is the best he has had. its papering over the cracks yet again as we try to do everything on the cheap

Glory Hunter

Can you honestly say you would be surprised if we don’t win either of those games?!?


Can you honestly say you would be surprised if we don’t win either of those games?!?

That’s what’s so depressing about the decline of Arsenal.
No I wouldn’t.


your a money grabbing cunt robin


As a proud American I have to say when Kroenke got the majority shares of Arsenal FC, I became slightly less of a proud American. The guy is a complete zero. I believe questions are fair in terms of Wenger and whether or not there is cash and whether or not it is down to him that it is not spent on quality and keeping the quality. Same for Gazidis and his constant malarkey rubbish message to the fans about how he is so frustrated like us….f that. It’s great to come out and say this isn’t good enough and… Read more »


He is rhetorically retarded for being an american, and greedy as fuck. Kroenke out Usmanov in plz..

Can’t say that i trust Usmanov but everything seems better than Kroenke…


Sure Usmanov’s a risk but all single ownership is a risk. Apart from anything else, you don’t know how the owner’s heirs are going to behave. Snag is, the ideal situation, imo fan ownership and/or a board who see themselves as custodians of the club for future generations, isn’t an option for us any longer. We’ve been sold, and sold, like extinct, is for good. Of the two available models of ownership, profiteer or train-set/prestige, it’s pretty clear which has done best for the clubs. Profiteer: United (still doing OK but from which the Glazers have pilfered 700m – imagine… Read more »


I don’t think Kroenke admires the leveraged buy-out, rather United incredible perfomance in regards to commercial partnerships and global branding. What Kroenke maybe does not undrstand is that success on the pitch and super-star players are essential to the commercial success.


Kroenke certainly isn’t critical of the Glazers’ leveraged buy-out. In one of his rare interviews – I think there have only been two – he was critical of United fans and the media here for protesting at the pilfering of the 700m. Nobody in the US, he asserted, would ask that sort of question. Owners, in his view, are fully entitled to take money out of the club and the protests are ridiculous, indeed thoroughly ungrateful, so long as that club continues to thrive. Asked by the AST to give a written undertaken that he wouldn’t himself be doing a… Read more »


Most of the Kroenke critcism is misplaced, and I would not believe Bracewell-Smith, whose probably got her own interests to protect. The flat wage structure means we can’t get rid of the deadwood, that was in place long before Kroenke. Kroenle does not buy the players, and for the money spent, these players should perform better. Arsenal is at about 0 interms of transfer spend, but they’ve made a lot fo money on some players, that money has mostly been reinvested. But in who? We are carrying players such as Gervinho, Arshavin (who could have predicted his loss of form?),… Read more »


Kroenke have taken selling our best players to a new level..


Regardless of whether you think Kroenke is the best (richest? least parasitic? most competent? most ambitious?) owner for us, there’s no doubt that having two owners at loggerheads, one totally excluded from involvement in the running of the club, is a bad thing. Owners at loggerheads; manager at loggerheads with his assistants – John Cross (who’s normally pretty reliable) says that Wenger’s relationship not just with Bould but also with Liam Brady is strained at the moment; fans at loggerheads – for the first time in decades there’s now massive fan disaffection with perhaps 50 percent questioning whether Wenger is… Read more »


I hate the media making headlines out of nothing,
Also, there is something seriously wrong with this


except hes f’ing gash


if we are not going to change managers then wenger himself needs to change.
bring in some striking and attacking coaches. its way more cheaper than buying players, i thought wenger loved value for money.


the quality of players is the crucial point . even me, if i had the right players could challenge for the title . all the most successful managers have done it by choosing the right players to sign . top players do not need coaching ! thats the area where wenger is failing . his advisers need to be replaced , for all the good buys there is the same amount of bad buys , and eventually we end up playing the bad buys , leading to the type of team we have now


I honestly don’t think we are going to win the title under Wenger because we did not arrive where we are overnight. I have given some reasons below. Reasons: It took him too long realise that he was tactically wrong with his youth policy and blatant disdain for mature players. This sent the wrong message to the likes of RVP, and older players. Ironically, the older players, rescued Arsenal in the form of Arteta and RVP after the team imploded. He still blindly believes in his youth policy but tries to mislead everyone. Arteta could have led the team well… Read more »


I don’t think Wenger’s to blame for everything that’s gone wrong – much of it is out of his control – but I agree he’s untouchable and that’s a bad thing. His recent press-conference assertion that the only important thing was that he loved the club struck me as ill-judged because it’s so contemptuously dismissive of the fans’ concern at the way the team has been playing all season. Only a manager who felt totally safe in the job could have said anything so arrogant-sounding and thoughtless. No, Wenger, love of the club is not the only thing required in… Read more »


As it turns out Wenger has backed the club blocking Usmanov from a position on the board. I honestly wonder why a manager should be involved in such club politics? There is no way this is not a distraction from him doing his job as a manager. While a trench warfare breaks out in the boardroom with the manager caught in the middle the fans are the ones left dealing with the fall-out and out of pocket. Assuming Usmanov somehow manages to take over the club. What are the chances that he’ll be allowed to carry on as manager? This… Read more »


Eltee – where did you read that Wenger has backed Kroenke-Gazidis in the exclusion of Usmanov from a seat on the board? Could you give us your source? If he has – and it sounds horribly plausible – yes, it’s a worrying sign as he’s putting loyalty to his current employer above what many people would see as the long-term best interests of the club. Two owners at loggerheads, rather than cooperating and pooling their resources, can’t be beneficial by anyone’s definition, and you have to ask why Kroenke is so unwilling to allow Usmanov any involvement. Since Usmanov’s money… Read more »


The Premier League has been won by either Chelsea, Man U or Man C during our seven years of total abject failure. Chelsea and Man C have won five of the FA Cup finals in that period with combined expenditure of £2bn. The two other winners being Portsmouth and Liverpool. Most rational people would rather be in our position than those two clubs. Four of the League Cups were won by Chelsea and Man U; the other three winners being Spurs, Liverpool and Birmingham. You cannot seriously argue that those victories have led on to greater success for those clubs.


In contrast to the other cup winners, bar the high rollers, we actually had players that were good enough to win the cups at least. And we all know that we are more than a match for even the high rollers on a good day. I argue that winning one of those cups would have made the players even hungrier. I also agree with Miranda that citing your love for the club alone is not a good enough reason to remain as manager.


Wenger is probably still the right man. But now I believes Wenger is not the only man for Arsenal.


I mean, I believe Wenger is not the only option for.Arsenal.


Check out this clip of the Dutch skunk turncoat!!
Makes my stomach turn!!! What a wankbag!!


what’s disgusting me most is the gloryhunting manure supporters comments.

“He deserves more respect” fuck off

I can remember that the manure supporters threatend rooney to his life when he said he wanted to leave.

Dave Gooner

Robin sucking on JamU dick – who’s surprised?. Who’s surprised when a prossie tries their best to please their client?


Is what Graham said actually confusing? Doesn’t;t believe we can win the league if the Prem continues as it does, doesn’t think anyone could do any better than Wenger as it stands. Fairly simple and not some weird opinion really.

Or is everyone being incredibly defensive and whiny because we’re currently not very good?

You want confusing? I’ll give you confusing;

“Our results are quite consistent and good away from home,”

Glory Hunter

Regardless of our results in December, if Arsene doesn’t strengthen the squad in January, then I really can’t see why anyone would still have faith in him!!
And after his comments about the squad Pre-Reading, I honestly don’t expect any signings apart from maybe Henry!!!


Good luck with that. It’s not spectacular enough a move, and it’ll mean he’s having the leftover of the likes of Pardew.

[…] 来源:[arseblog news] […]


He’s a jealous, selfish brat, Stewart Robson

[…] the perfect example of why most punditry is hot-air comes from George Graham. Quoted on Friday as saying Arsenal will never win the league again, he then took part in an […]

[…] the perfect example of why most punditry is hot-air comes from George Graham. Quoted on Friday as saying Arsenal will never win the league again, he then took part in an […]

[…] 咱们再聊点比赛之外的,给大家介绍下格拉汉姆同志,这位同志给我等普罗众生生动演绎了为什么权威如此不靠谱的生动案例。他在周五还说什么阿森纳在温格治下再也无法夺得英超冠军,结果转眼间,他在参加BBC 5 的现场辩论节目时,又一脸赤诚的表达了对温格的支持:  “现在有很多对温格歇斯底里般的指责。如果你想留在前四行列,毫无疑问,温格是最适合的人选。我认为温格会留任。他在俱乐部举足轻重。无论是离开还是留下他都会做出决定。我无法接受他的离去。” […]


Very zealous from Eltee and Miranda, you are earning your bonuses.


Eltee and Miranda and their ilk can take their snide comments and crawl back into their holes until the next poor performance.

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