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Wenger dismisses Nani move talk

Arsene Wenger has dismissed suggestions he could try and buy Portuguese international Nani in the January transfer window and seen his words backed up by Sir Alex Ferguson who made clear the Manchester United player is not for sale.

Ever since Thriller-era Michael Jackson was spotted at Watford’s training ground (which is…erm…across the road from Arsenal’s base) spurious rumours have circulated that the Gunners might be interested in the winger as a replacement for contract-rebel (is that the correct backpage terminology?) Theo Walcott.

Speaking about the tabloid tittle-tattle, the boss drew a very obvious line under the issue.

“Nani? No. We don’t look at any player from United because players are under contract and I don’t think they would sell a player during the course of the season. They don’t need money.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the whiskey-soaked gum-masticating steward of Manchester added:

“His contract isn’t up for a year and a half.  We need Nani. He offers something different from the other players. He’s an incredible talent, the boy.

“Unfortunately, he’s injured at the moment. We have sent him over to Dubai for a break, to help him in his recovery.

“He’s not far away (from a return to full fitness) but he’s far enough away. I don’t think I will get him until the middle of January.

“He’s got a future here. Why would I want to let him go?”

Another winger who Arsenal have been heavily linked with is Crystal Palace’s England international Wilfried Zaha. The 20-year-old, who is a self-confessed Gooner, has again been quizzed on his future and admits a move to the Premier League is very much on his agenda.

“I’m not a teenager any more,” Zaha told the Mail on Sunday.

“I’ve played more than 100 first-team games and this year is crucial to develop my football career. I want to establish myself in the Premier League and in international football.

“I’ve played a lot in the Championship so having that new challenge in the Premier League, where everyone wants to be, would be great.

“To be honest, if I had the chance in January and Palace agreed, it’s something I’d want to go for.

“Some of my friends, who play in the Premier League, joke around and ask me what is taking me so long. I just tell them I will be there at some stage.

“I’ve done a lot of learning in the Championship. Now I’m ready for the Premier League.”



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Regarding Nani, no thanks, Fergie can keep the three year old to himself. I have no desire to cheer for that primadonna and diver.


He’s a horrible character, that’s for sure, but if Walcott is off, we could do a lot worse than signing a player who was tearing up the league a year or two ago.

I’d rather we signed someone else of similar quality though, the thought of cheering one of Nani’s goals does make me feel a little bit nauseous.


No, no, no. Sylvester was bad enough, I don’t want to see another Manure scum put on the red a white shirt.


So after the worst bit of business last summer (selling RVP to united) We expect a favour from Manu scums. Why on earth didn’t we insist that Nani would be part of any deal at that time since Wenger must have had it in mind?! Schoolboy error!
And who says he’s not interested in nani?. All our new signings, when Wenger has been quizzed about them all he says is the same. “he’s under contract, it’s not right to speak about such things etc..etc”


David beckham?


I’ll assume this is a joke. A very funny one at that.


We need to get Mbiwa who can play CB and CDM like song but wont go too forward and leave gaps. We need to rest Arteta so he doesnt get injured during end of season.

Fergie the Gooner

Agreed, he’s just a shit Michael Jackson anyway.




Thank Fuck. That first line about not looking at any players from Manchester united would of been all the more sweeter if it weren’t for mikel Silvestre.. hahaha


That was my first thought too, but I think he was talking in the present tense in the context of all their players being reasonably distant from the end of their contracts.


Arsene Wenger: dismissing transfer talks since 1994.
This time, however, I’m glad. Buying former United players is just wrong.


I have to disagree on this one. Silvester was absolutely brilliant! BRILLIANT!


i dont get it


Zaha, would welcome him with open arms so long as he performs!


If Arsene spends 20M on Zaha ahead of Villa / Lopez / Isco / Lorente who are all available, then he is most certainly off his face.

A Yank

Isco… that’s the guy I want. Not that anyone in the front office is asking me.


Who wouldnt you want as long as they performed?


John terry.

Eric Irish gunner

Any spurs cunt


Honestly Zaha is like Oxlade in terms of speed and dribbling, but Alex got so much more than him. Alex can play inside, got an eye for pass, dribble past players, two footed player, and his shot is like wow, especially long shots. Zaha is a good young player but he plays same position as Theo and Alex and we do have Miyachi who can pretty much do same thing as Zaha.


Good to hear this as he might be a tad better than gervinho but his selfishnes makes him what we just do NOT need. Plus we must try and refrain from buying united scum, let’s stop at silvestre.


I wouldn’t sell Squillaci to united.


I would..and personally drive him there


If only Wenger said that to Fergie when he called up for Van pussy


Please let it go. Time to move on.


That’s what my ex told me.


And she was right as well


….Theo! Theo! Theo! Theo!!!!!


sign da ting, sign da ting, sign da ting, sign da ting

Wenger's Zipper

No Zaha please, we want Iscoooooo


Zaha AND Isco !!
Honestly Arsene, if you sign Isco, all is forgiven. That would be an amazing signing.


When Wenger routinely uses Ramsey as our back left & right winger, our priority must be to get a specialist backup winger. A backup player should probably be young, skilful but still full of untapped potential.
Wenger often provides carefully worded responses that allows him to do the exact opposite of what we think he is actually saying. Thankfully, in this case, Nani doesn’t fit the bill and will never be a Gooner. Amen


You mean like Miyaichi?

Or Ger-nabbree?

…anyway, Ramsey hasn’t ever really been used as a backup winger. When Wenger puts him and Rosicky in that position the formation goes lopsided: the tactic is always for them to take the ball infield or distribute to a rushing fullback. Meanwhile, the wing play goes on on the other side of the pitch.

Even Wilshere’s been played in that position before, not to mention Cazorla has been playing that way almost his whole career.


United need no money but Malaga do.


Seen some clips of this Zaha guy, he good…but damnn he looks selfish as heck in those clips. Not pulling any conclusion here, just what i noticed. His vision would be the nr. 1 priority improvement. Looks big and strong, fast paced, technically sound and can finish very well. Would be a diff type of winger comparing to Walcott or Gervinho & maybe Arsha. But seriously will need to improve his passing game and his vision. I think he lacks that alot. But still young, and as i pointed out he does have some great qualities. So one day Wenger… Read more »


Ba? No thank you, he’s CAN bound and injury prone. Plus he wants big wages around 100k I’ve heard ( not that we couldn’t afford it, but I just don’t think he should be paid that much ) . Priority: keep Walcott, Zaha looks promising and Wenger is a specialist into turning promising young talents into class world players, so yes, even for 10million that is good investment. A good natural DM ( strong and physical ) , but I really don’t know who. And Isco! We know Malaga are having financial issues, they also would be banned for the… Read more »

Limpar's Wand

Senegal didn’t qualify.

And I can’t see Isco coming either. He’s just establishing himself. I think Malaga fans would assassinate the owners if they sold him as well!

Podolski's left leg

Nop, Senegal did not qualify for CAN, Gervinho took their place and presently, Senegal is facing the prospect of a long suspension following crowd violence during their match with Gervinho and co. Ba, Isco and Fellaini please. I’m I dreaming?


OK, so it’s Zaha in for Walcott, then.


Nope. It’s gervinho in for Walcott. It’s not my first rodeo. We aren’t goin to sign anyone. We have all the quality we need to crash land into fourth.


Seems zaha deal is done. (if this is to be believed)

Tom Soares @TomSoares8 1h
all the best at #afc @wilfriedzaha this kid will boss it with arsenal.

After being confronted by people he tweeted…….’i might be a tinpot footballer but i dont bullshit’.


Fake account, and not a very skilful one: I’m amazed that anyone’s fallen for it. Fairly obvious if you look at past tweets. Not only is it filled with off-colour remarks that no club would tolerate from one of its players, but this “Tom Soares” actually got his “own” transfer rumours wrong: in July 2011 he claimed he was moving to Leeds, then in September he claimed he was being loaned to Liverpool, “99% done”.


(That last bit should read “being loaned to Leeds”.)


Just get theo sorted first fuck sake wish they would get their head out of their asses


I say lock walcott and peirs morgan in a room together, fews hours of that mind rotting torture will force him to sign, and if he doesn’t, well, he will be left a bit mentally retarded to play properly anyway. Come on peirs do it for us!


Or……. He would just kill Morgan. Would happily support Arsenal in the lower leagues if this cunt didn’t support my first and continued love.


Well thank goodness for that. I do not want a player like Nani in our team. He is just disgusting, and not even good anymore.

About Zaha, though, I haven’t watched him so I don’t know very much about him. I just hope that if he comes, it is as an addition and not as a replacement for Walcott.

Rad Carrot

Thank fuck, wouldn’t want Nani at the club.

Zaha? No thanks, not for £10m. If we could have got him a few years back for a bag of sherbert lemons, then maybe. Would rather keep Walcott and strengthen elsewhere.

I still say go for Micah Richards, who I’m sure we could get for peanuts – he’d be better than Djourou, whose time at the club looks pretty much over.

Ah, the transfer window. It’s good to be optimistic, isn’t it fellow Gooners? No way that could end badly, eh? EH?


Micah richards injury record is horrendous no thanks


Wouldn’t that make him an excellant arsenal signing? Heh.


Why are you comparing Richards to Djourou? He’s a fullback.


this is the Arse….positions dont matter

Rad Carrot

He can play centre back and full back, I think you’ll find.


Richards is about as good a centre mid as Djourou is a fullback.


Zaha would be a decent signing but we need a defensive midfielder before anything else. lets ship some of these squad players that aint good enough and get two or preferbly three quality signings


Ship them where? Who’ll take them? Im sure the club have tried to offload them in the previous few transfer windows…


It’s not that they are shit, it’s the ridiculous wages they are on.

“Chamakh to westham?…..sure!, he’s shit enough for them…wait a minute?, he’s on what ridiculous amount a week?…… No thankyou!”


Sell them all to QPR!

They pay stupid wages for shit players.


is it possible to transfer players on a free and we still pay a portion of their weekly wages just to get them off the books at a less expensive rate? if we could pay 20 instead of 40-65 thousand a wk and the player gets to play regularly, the new club gets a player/backup that they may not have been able to afford before and we save money we could pay to sagna, Walcott, or any other signing who deserves it more. I would hope we could do this for transfers and not just loans


Thats basically what did with Vela, are doing with Bendtner and Denilson etc…Vela we actually ended up getting some money for in the end.


Well, Vela is tearing up the Spanish league at the moment. So cant really say that he is shit(better than walcott in my opinion).

Glory Hunter

Unfortunately Andr, your opinion is wrong! Vela might be technically better than Theo, but couldn’t cut in the premiership.

It’s like Reyes was better technically than Ljungberg but we all know who player better in an Arsenal shirt.

Rad Carrot

Mmm, it’s pretty hard to do on a permanent basis. We can either buy out the rest of their contract, which means paying them up front, or wait for a club to pick up a player who isn’t playing much.

Either way, I think that Andrei, Maroune, Sebastien, Johan and Andre are still with us for a while. They need to settle in.


squids deal ends this year though & I think johan will be shipped out this window


The cunt belongs in a cuntish club. It would have been a great feeling to see him leave manure, but not to arsenal.


I mentioned six months ago that if Arsenal sign Walcott to a 100k per week deal in five years it will look like a bargain. This is starting to playout now. Sign him up and let him move between right wing (Messi’s position) and striker (Henry’s) for the next five years. Everyone will be happy. Pay for the salary by offloading Squillaci, Chamakh, Arshavin, Bendtner, and Fabianski.


Wenger should do three things in the winter break 1) Sign Walcott 2) Get an incredible talent like Zaha from Crystal Palace (worth 12 – 15) and 3) buy a holding midfielder who is big and powerful. I think Arteta has done well but some games we need an enforcer. Coquelin seems to be good but he only plays 10 minutes per game. Maybe more rotation is needed.


Im not sure zaha is worth 12-15m yet, however with the right nurturing he could be. training day in day out with better players should improve him. staistically nani is right up there with theo bale and mata. if theo stays then its really a matter of replacing gervinho arshavin and ryo in order to improve the squad. however with 63 goals from 28 matches this season and being the highest creators of goal scoring chances its difficult to say the we lack strikers or creativity. we also have the 4th best defence in the league having conceeded less games… Read more »


I’d like to see a FIFA match between texasgooner6 and Etid. the winner gets to be the honorary fm manager of the year.


Did the media REALLY need confirmation from Arsene (or Sir Alex) that Arsenal weren’t buying Nani? Idiots.


a well thought out article which should be read by most people here who seem to always blame the club for mishandling contract negotiations. This would apply to RVP(C) too.


Sign up walcott, buy isco, ba and defensive midfield who is as bullish as song and talented as well with the passing game. Then buy zaha for future. Then you can seat and watch us tear apart bayern. I think we can beat bayern. But we have to buy quality to compete.


Zaha will be here in this window. Typical Wenger signing. Would be a real shame if he is our only forward signing though from all accounts the kid is a superstar!

Podolski's left leg

If we sign a player for say £10mil. And give him 50k a week, in the course of a 5year contract, the total cost would be approximately same as giving Theo a 90k five year contract. Do the Arsenal board reason at all? Give him what he wants. The next big thing might turn into another Chamarck, Gervinho, AA23 or Squid. Keep Theo at all cost, if not for anything, the message it will send to us all will be worth it.

Pride of London

Wouldnt want the United scum castaway anyway

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this is why we cannot have this cunt at our beloved club/


That was bad ass. Sign him up.


How about me I’m still an Arsenal player lol! Happy New Year Gooners, wishing you and your loved ones all the best in the best in the coming year!

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia 🙂


I must be one of the few ppl who wouldn’t mind Nani playing for us. The guy is a experienced winger and wants to play on the wing. Far superior than Gervinho!

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