Friday, January 27, 2023

Arsenal 7-3 Newcastle – player ratings (normal opinion special)

Time to take out our ratings stick to beat our players with after a 7-3 mauling of Newcastle.

Wojciech Szczesny: 6/10 – Let in 3.

Bacary Sagna: 6/10 – Not his best day.

Laurent Koscielny: 6/10 – Grand.

Thomas Vermaelen: 6/10 – All right.

Kieran Gibbs: 6.5/10 – Good going forward, bit shaky defensively at times.

Mikel Arteta: 6/10 – He played.

Jack Wilshere: 6/10 – Made one, won’t be happy with his defensive work

Santi Cazorla: 6/10 – Quiet.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: 7/10 – Off the mark

Lukas Podolski: 7/10 – Solid

Theo Walcott: 8.5/10 – Scintillating at times, not so much at others


Francis Coquelin: 6/10 – Yes

Aaron Ramsey: 6/10 – See above

Olivier Giroud: 8/10 – Storming cameo, got 2, could have had a hat-trick

Feel free to discuss and post your own ratings, but normal comment policy applies. If you’re not familiar with it, please read.

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Theo too low, Sagna too high. He may have messed up a couple of times, but you can’t really argue with 3 goals and 2 assists. Sagna was somewhat responsible for the first 2 goals – gave away a free kick in a poor area, didn’t stop the cross for the 2nd. Other than that, fair.


And girouds second lol


Other sources are crediting him with 2 assists. to be fair the ball went from his possession to Girouds, and he carried the ball into that position. Seems a bit nit-picking to deny him the 2 assists.

Both the bbc and give him 2 assists, but not Arseblog



You might want to watch the 2nd assist again blogs et al, he passed it as he fell. That’s no an excuse but I watched it in slow mo earlier and it looked intentional.

H. P. Arsecraft

Get a grip Blogs. Walcott was outstanding last night and you know it. Three goals and one assist is Henry class, and if it was him you would never have focused on a couple of misplaced passes. Your Walcott hatred is getting ridiculous.
Why not turn your attention to men in charge at the Arsenal, Wenger, Gazidis, Silent Cunt, PHW… They have created this “all should have the same wages so no one feels sad and less important” mess. Thats why we cant extend with our best players, theres no money left after we pay the deadwood!


not ungracious just completely bias against theo as per usual, so boring now, just hope he signs just to got on this sites tits


as good a reason as any blogs, that and the fact he’s young, our leading scorer despite not playing early season and last seasons second, the manager seems to rate him as do his team mates, he’s an england international, he never given us any problems off the pitch despite being so young and it seems he is courted by many of the top clubs if reports are to be believed, and he has always said that his preffered postion is down the middle, yet when we play certain other players out of thier “preffered position” that is then used… Read more »


Have to say I agree with blogs. Theo was excellent no doubt but its not as though he hasnt had outstanding games before. Lets not forget how poor he was in the two games preceding Newcastle. At the end of the day he just isnt a good, consistent enough player for me tocompletely forgive his off field dicking around with the club. I, like everyone else, would rather he stayed but if he doesn’t, I’ll just take every goal/assist he contributes and let him be on his way happily enough. Finally, since when is 8.5/10 some sort of dmning indictment?… Read more »


blogs a know what your saying and i agree in most part,but i just think its more about theo’s worth to us as much as anything, last few weeks apart we have been a team struggling to score goals and despite his obvious failings theo gives us goals. my biggest worry is that we sell him and sign another poor player like gervinho or park and begin to struggle again. had we kept rvp or had better back up than gervinho, arshavin et al then yeah sell theo and he woudnt be missed but the fact is our team is… Read more »


@ Nobody That is what gets my worked up, he was not poor in the two games before Newcastle, people have built up a pretty strong expectation bias that is affecting their judgement. At Reading he scored a fine goal and had some strong shots on goal, other credited his movement with opening up space for Santis hat trick. At Wigan he won the game for an Arsenal side that was otherwise struggling. That said he had some pretty bad moments in the game against Newcastle, he is not perfect and can be quite frustrating, however he is still young… Read more »


A mate if mine said that it’s a done deal. We’ve signed David Beckham.


I find it interesting to see how players celebrate their goals. I’d look at Theo as he wheels away, arms spread wide and he jogs around the place looking incredibly pleased with himself. I’d almost say smug. Compare this with Giroud, Podolski, Wilshere after Poldi’s goal, Arteta the last couple of weeks…they all went mental, seemed to show loads more passion than Walcott did. I can’t quite explain what I feel about this, I know Henry in his day did the whole casual celebration thing but he wasn’t above a crazy shouty sprint around the place once in a while,… Read more »


I think Koscielny should have has more, he won every single header, great performance by him !


Nike: 2/10 – needs to work on those zippers, too many gaps

Fever Pitch

i think that AW was thinking about ADIDAS deal at the moment!!!!


The was outstanding last night and imho it was a statement to Wenger those behind him & those interested.

Theo’s lap at the end of the match says it all for me ….


I hate that fucking coat.


I would definitely give Podolski an 8.0 or 8.5. Probably his best game in an Arsenal shirt.

I live in the USA and it would be fantastic if the home or away fans started singing this for Podolski.


We sang it a few times at Schalke away, but it seems like it has never really caught on. A shame though, it’s an awesome song


I would have voted Podolski MOM before Theo’s contribution to the last three goals. Poldi started quietly but was immense overall. His work ethic and hussle is superb and he delivered. Despite some shaky defensive moments from Gibbs as of late, I’m loving how well they link up offensively.


The Arsenal 11/10 – Awesome


The rating do not seem to make much sense this week


I usually read them drunk so that could be the problem…


Why does theo fall while on the run with the ball so he can get up and score again.
Nice trick we know where the batman was.


It his trademark move, fall over, get up, score.

Last night he was clattered by the defender and had it not been 6-3 it would have been a “stonewall” penalty. Don’t know what the ref was thinking, maybe he just let play carry on since Walcott squirmed through.

Goon Goon Goon

I to am surprised by the ratings. Concentrating on the frailties as supposed to the positives. Santi was quiet but some of the skills he pulled out the bag were sublime and Wilshere was a class apart as well.

I suppose it’s all down to opinion though.


I was impressed to see Wilshere, Podolski, and Theo all rob players of the ball and remain strong to wrestle possession away, triggering some good opportunities.

Much better than the usual standing off and watching the other team knock it about


I wouldn’t say contrating on it, when he looked at both good and bad.

I think a key issue here is… We let three goals in! We did exceedingly well to take the lead and own in the end, but mistakes were made that, if fixed, would turn us from 7-3 to a 9-0 kinda team for that game.

We were in a spot of bother defensively… And it’s not simply due to Newcastle’s good work.

That said, i’m still buzzing after that scintilating game.


Frankly, I’m not. To be truthful, I felt that Arsenal’s overall attacking play was a little disappointing outside of the goals. Their passing wasn’t great, and they didn’t create that many chances…aside from the goals.
Meanwhile, the defending was pretty good…aside from the goals.
The fact that we scored 7 lends a lot of gloss to the victory, but we didn’t create all that many chances, outside of the last 20 minutes. We did take our changes at a ridiculously good rate, though.
TL;DR Thoughts of an ungrateful bastard after a victory in which we scored 7


Why does Gibbs get the highest rating of the back five after being at fault for two goals?

matt senior

Because he was a beast going forward and dserved a goal. Sort of evened it up. If Newcastle can pop 3 past united and we (fans) want the guy who scored 2 against us… can we really be that harsh?


He was extraordinary up front.

You can’t have seen the game to not have notoced this.

Samir Nasri

I want to come back to Emirates. Bench will be fine.

matt senior

Fuck off and buy a season ticket you can afford 20


Get a chin while you’re at it.

Samir Nasri

But i have chin! Look, there it is, just under nose.

Arshavin's Moobs

Even though the boys looked sloppy on two and Jack was terribly unlucky to have Ba’s free kick go in off his head, I give Arsenal as a team a solid 9. That match was fucking epic and was an absolute pleasure to watch.

P.S. Na$ri saw red! Haha.

One Arsenal

You sound very subdued, blogs. I guess its the whole Walcott thing

Wenger Burger

Sign Theo….Signnn ffs….


In good times and bad, you are my Arsenal and i love you 🙂


We beat Newcastle 7-3 yet most players got a 6/10 rating… what would have happened had they all played at 7/10…

Der Springer

It wasn’t until the Arsenal’s fifth goal eighty odd minutes into the game that I (and I am guessing most of us) had any real confidence that we were on our way to a win. I think the topsy-turvy inconsistency of the the majority of the game lends credence to lower ratings. If we just look at the scoreline, then 8 or 9 out of 10 across the board seems reasonable – but based on 95 minutes…

[…] report – By the numbers – Player ratings – […]


Gibbs was awful, he had a shocker of a game, our defence was once again caught with their pants down, do this against the Chavs and the oil rags and we will be thrashed, Wenger’s failure to address the defensive problems is the reason we will win nothing under the madman


Get a life


Cheer up mate,we won,Walcott is signing de ting!


So where was your defending midfielder during the build up to Newcastles goal?


Bit harsh on some of the marks. Both fullbacks were poor in defence but outstanding going forward. Gibbs and Podolski combination getting better all the time really need gibbs to stay injury free. Poldi put a great shift in outsanding. Offer theo his 100 thousand then if he dont sign we cant be blamed. Giroud what a performance great in the air and makes fantastic runs. Again three points lets keep the run going.

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

Arsene said he didn’t want to talk about issues around Walcotts contract including the attitude of his agent. Which is funny because none of the journos asked about the agent. A bit obvious I know but I think it’s a clear acknowledgement from Wenger that Theo’s agent is being a right cunt in all of this.

Mills N7

If you listen to the version of the press conference on, you can hear a question about Theo’s agent and his performance, because Wenger says that his own “intensity” hasn’t changed, and someone counters that maybe Theo’s agent might have changes as a result of the performance (i.e. asking for even more…)


Arseblog news , on your rating system , has anyone ever got 10/10? If so please tell me when and who via Australia mate

big black clock

Sagna: 5/5 for attacking + 1/5 for defending.
Gibbs: 6/5 for attacking + 0.5/5 for defending.

Only way I could justify their ratings.


Pretty sure both of those are greater than one, 5/5 = 10/10 = 1 … But other than that, probably the rational I would have gone with

big black clock

I absolutely LOVE Arteta but for the past few games I’ve seen myself screaming at him to press more. He always backs off midfield players who dribble into our half with him just continuously backing off.

Idk how many people have noticed this but unless we get a top notch DM there’s no way we can beat Bayern.


He committed a bunch of fouls earlier in the season, maybe he got a little shy of getting stuck in and giving away free kicks.

A really good DM would improve this side, in my opinion


agree with all ratings except Wilshere. I thought he worked his knackers off. His assist started with an aggressive winning of the ball. I don’t think Walcott had a clue what he was doing for his third. He’s at his best when not thinking.


Admitted he was heavily responsible for their first equalizer, but he was alright otherwise, and some of that tight footwork for Poldi’s goal was, for lack of a better word, Spanish.


It’s kinda alarming very few got the irony behind the ratings

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

Maybe they should’ve been titled: “meh” special.

Van Persie

No! I forbade Arsenal to score without me! At least I can score after my team play some of the dullest football on earth.


Ramsey was far better than that

Gunsen gunner

You can’t “forbade”anyone.You’re not Dennis

Bacary's right leg

People keep saying offer theo the money but didn’t he say it wasn’t about the money? Hes playing central isn’t that what he wanted?
Anyhows said before Gibbs and Bacs worst games in terms of defending but going forward they were great. Put it down to an off day


Having a bit of an off day blogs? That rating is kinda harsh


Yep you got that right Walcott clearly a 9.5/10 Ramsey at least 7/10 for his cameo(and good to see him determined and confident again) while Sagna was lucky to get that high ratings. Well Jack is amazing but wasn’t as determined while defending and Arteta just made passes,I would really like Ramsey to play in that position after he gains confidence by making many sub appearances. As he has both the vision and the the defensive determination and as he showed previously that he can score goals before shitcross destroyed his legs 🙁


The last part was a bit out off topic,sorry for that 😛


To be fair,Szczesny and Poldi deserve better ratings.There’s nothing he can do about the deflected free kick.Perhaps he could wish his defends to do much better on the 2nd and 3rd ,otherwise,calm and reliable.

Best game for Poldi in the arsenal shirt in my view.Hardworking,very keen on attack but reliable in defensive part too.Hope he’ll be more consistent as he tend to blow hot and cold,but when he’s hot,he’s unplayable.


Am i the only one who notice how well Theo and Giroud play together?


hey, I was thinking exactly the same at the end of the game. Why not try to tweak a little bit our formation and have them played both up front? Like maybe a 4 1 3 2, or whatever. Giroud AND Walcott as a striking partnership would be lethal in my opinion. No need for Ba ( this also implied Walcott sign da ting !, I still hope he will )


4132 NEEDS a big strong smart defensive genius dm to hold it together


Christmas tree would suit us perfect now. 4321
sagna mertesacker vermalen gibbs
wilshire arteta cazorla
walcott podolski

sell and replace fabianski djourou squillaci santos denilson arshavin park chamakh bendtner


Why does every football manager douche always feel the need to tell everyone reading the thread that we should “sell and replace squid, Deniison, park and arshavin”. No shit. Everybody knows that. Who do you guys get to buy these guys on your FM game? Because in the real world, there just aren’t any takers.


I’m starting to believe walcott gets up immediately from fouls in the box on purpose. Everyone freezes in the box for a split second cause they think penalty. A certain welsh monkey (who was booked AGAIN for diving) could learn a thing or two.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Play Giroud behind Walcott, with Walcott being the number 9.

Or asymmetrical formation with Walcott running in from the right, being the most forward player.


Hey! You want me back now eh?


Remember when Flamini cunted the spurs ast. manager and then said it was because he was still an Arsenal fan? Why not.

If we’re going to kiss Theo’s arse despite the fact he’ll be off on a free we may as well forgive Flamini


It was Gattuso that cunted the Sp*rs assistant manager wasn’t it, with a headbutt.

Flamini cunted Vedran Corluka, with a two footed tackle right in the cunt , and said he was fired up as an ex-gunner to play sp*rs.


I love player ratings because everybody has a different opinion, but how does a player get a 10 on your rating system


By giving a good performance duhh


Theo will not sign “the thing” of a contract. His body language after he scored the goals & at the end of the match showed very clearly that he is obviously not interested in “the thing” !!!
He will be gone & I wont be surprised by the first 2 weeks of Jan.




2 goals from giroud > theo hat trick….

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