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Arsenal draw Blackburn in FA Cup 5th round

Arsenal’s reward for the 3-2 win over Brighton yesterday is a home tie against Championship side Blackburn.

The two sides last met in the cup in the 2006/7 season when Blackburn went through 1-0 with a late Benni McCarthy goal after the orginal game was drawn 0-0.

We also played them in the 2004-5 season when a 3-0 semi-final win brought us on our way to the last major trophy the club has won.

The game will take place on the weekend of 16th-17th of February.

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I’ll take that


So who does everyone want in the quarter finals?!

Runcorn Gooner

Lets not forget Bradford.We will win if we play our best


Lack of optimism it seems Aqeel.


Optimism is hope, thats presumption and cockiness. Good home draw but there is a game to be won


You should know that anything could (and will) happen when we play those cunts. We can’t ignore the fact that Fat Walrus was their boss only 3 years ago so we could see more of this than we would like to:


Right. Up the Arse.

(Inspired by a recent comment on another article.)


It seems that way Deano!

I’ve given up being a pessimist, just gets you more wound up


Good draw. Shame all of the other ‘big’ teams got decent ones as well!

wengers funny transfer window

Arsenal is too fragile a team to take any opposition for granted. Lets just all hope, arsenal dont get tangled with its own feet and fall flat on its face because lately arsenal have the tendency to press self destruct button and then press panic button.


good one.. delighted.with the draw


Finaly a home game

Naija Gunner

What more can we ask for, a championship side and a home game?!

Let’s get mad at them, 8 – 0 won’t be too much. COYG!!!


Hell yeah, can’t wait to smash their faces in. Oh we did that already? 7 -1???? Well let’s do it again!


7-1? Or maybe 3-4? And don’t say that I lack optimism. It’s a good draw, sure, but still I’ll wait with celebrating until we’re through.


We finally get to see david bently….

….. Oops! Whatever happened to him


Plays in Russia I think.

Dial Square

Back in England…looking for a club to take him.


He along with pennant (once arsenal proteges) are club-less.

we should take em, transform them to world class and ship them off to city for a combined £30m.


Good odds on him being the secret footballer.

Diaby's ankles

Is that bold donk still their manager

Simao Segunda

No, they’ve got Appleton.


Leeds fan : “Let’s not get too carried away, it’s only tottenham”


North Bank Gooner

I preferred when the rest of the Leeds fans sang to the Spuddies ” your just a shit club near Arsenal, shit club near Arrsssenal ”

top fellas them leeds fans 🙂

Dial Square

Looking at the draw, there is going to be some massive games in the quater finals.. could be our year…COYG

Gunsen gunner

Jordan Rhodes is going to be a handful.I used to watch him when he was at Huddersfield and he had all the makings of a great striker.I’m surprised we didn’t take a punt given our lack of young strikers coming through.Still,we should win this.

steve boulds hairdresser

could have been much worse… could have been oldham..


A few posts here a bit too cocky. We are at home but Blackburn will not be easy. We seen what can happen today and there are no easy fixtures for us these days.


Bollocks. They’re shit. If we don’t see them off by at least two clear goals then we don’t deserve to call ouselves a Premier League club.

By the way it’s gonna be nice to play against a club which is even more badly managed – at team and board level – than we are. Maybe the Venky’s have been getting advice from Sam Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis.


Are you Piers Morgan in disguise?

89 Anfield..... It's up for grabs now

Piss poor disguise if you ask me!


Nice draw if we get past them. Another home draw would be lovely


That’s why we need to buy this transfer window , we have champions league games coming near that date and alsi the league in general. Squad rotation is a must , a class player for another. Enough with we have 2 options for each postion yidda yadda


Overall a great weekend for cup football. Brighton gave us a run for our money and the results today (Sun) speak for themselves. Long live the FA Cup.


Its great for the smaller teams but ye can see that the big clubs dont really care if they get knocked out. Its all about the league. What id give to see Arsenal lift it though!!


Don’t know if liverpool or spuds think of it that way. Just think they didn’t take it seriously on the day, as opposed to not respecting the competition. Besides, the ‘big teams’ don’t care until they win it and then it becomes something to boast about.


Who have Tottenham got?


No worries Gareth bale tweeted this.

“Sadly we are out, dissapointed! but we now have to concertrate on NOT winning the europa league and hopefully we can slowly but steadily slip out of the top four like we always do” ……


Liverpool I think, in the FA plate


Man city I think


You… don’t get it do ya?


Frrred do you not get irony


I do sorry, Bale is handsome, terry too.


Could be a lot worse COYG


Shame about spuds

fucking hilarious

Here’s hoping they beat the shiekh’s aswell


Good draw. Am eagerly waiting for quarter final


I’m a Blackburn gooner and let me assure you the game will not be easy, it seems like Appleton has made them more defensive, it could be a potential banana skin, but lets hope we can get through and hopefully win the cup!! COYG!!


No worries. We’ve got Giroud


What the hell are you doing there ?

Come back home, man.

a Gooner in Manchester

looking forward to the quarter-final draw.

here’s to a total demolition of Blackburn Rovers in the next round as we warm up for the Bayern game



Too Drunk To Be Offside

Why is this being taken for granted. Remember Bradford. Yes its a relative comfortable game, but I don’t understand why everyone is behaving as if the team got a bye. Having said that delighted with the draw … and a game Arsenal should win. Should we do that, I would really like a home draw again one of the three “big” teams left. The two Manchester Teams and Chelsea (who will beat Brentford in the replay) with the other two big teams playing each other. Lets not forget Everton are a big Banana peel, and I would hate to draw… Read more »


everything else seems right about this draw except that its a bloody february fixture.


Your name… it’s confusing, but potentially a good idea. I wonder through…

Does the Ramsey family have another son that we could loan?? If so, we could even consider buying instead.


A N Other

Good game to look fwd to.. But we need to focus on Liverpool first.. Must win game if we need to claim 4th place this year.


I here G.bale has set aside his special boots for the fifth round……ah ah ryt!



Was going to give a thumbs up, then I saw the hashtag



Dunno why any of us give a flying fuck what Bale thinks or how he feels.



4 more games to far cup final. Go gunners


Three, actually.


5th round, quater final, semi final, final


Key words “to f.a cup final”
That’s 3 games, Now recall back to who were your math and english teachers, I bet they were shit.


Wenger to Madrid?

I think wenger himself doesn’t want to quit but instead wants us fans to force him out. I see this coz he hasn’t bot anyone yet he knows how depleted the squad is.

If we perform badly and end the season on a low. The fans will be calling for his head which is exactly what he wants. No guilty concience on his part, just a guy forced out of his job. When that is not the case. Be patient with him is all I ask.

fel the gooner

Fuck bradford i still havent got over wrexham! As for an earlier comment in regards to beating rovers 7-1 a few yrs back yea that was also arshavins 1st game at emirates what a game he had and what a shame his game is where it is bow only what 3/4 yrs later..


we beat Blackburn 7-1 LAST year. We beat them 4-0 in Arshavin’s 3rd or 4th game, it was when he scored his first Arsenal goal.

A Yank

Didn’t we also lose to Blackburn last year? Two own-goals, and both of their goals were easily offside but no flag went up.

Or was that the year before? Still pissed about that. Shit, still pissed about the home draw to Sunderland from 2 or 3 years ago when Arshavin had a goal disallowed and was brought down by Bramble a couple of minutes later for what should have been an easy penalty.

I should work on getting over things.


It would be an understatement if I said “I would love it if we won the FA Cup.”
Come on Arsenal.


Blackburn? Really?

Mista wenga pls u must sin cris samba his tal.


Who are tottenham playing?;)

Built like an Ox

The more over-confident we are, like some of you guys are showing in these comments, the more likely it is we lose. If we take them on with respect as a solid opponent we’ll play a good, determined game. If players have the mentality that some of these comments reflect we’ll go in lazily hoping for the game to win itself.

Hope we take it seriously.

Ps. LOL sp*rs

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paulie gooner

Really lads how quickly you forget,yes we should be good enough but our bunch are so mentally fragile anything is possible,in fact we have the unfortunate habit to freeze no matter what the occasion, so all this counting of chickens is premature to say the least. Let’s try and play this all down and hope the right Arsenal turn up on the day. COYG!!

your average gooner

no complaints, good home draw. good chance to rest some key players before Bayern which is a few days after I think


Lol this is priceless. Check out f.a cup mascot walking past bale.


good draw, but lil sad that blackburn weren’t home. reason i say this is i live in blackburn and support arsenal. lol #messedup COYG!!!!


With a gravatar like that I bet you can support two cans…..i mean clubs at the same damn time.

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Blackburn has in their books one ShevySingh…an ex football commentator from Malaysia…now their football advisor or something…he is always very biased against Arsenal in all his commentaries…so I really hope the Gunners will turn up in style on that day & giv the blackburn biyz a BIG trashin a team that employs people like ShevySingh deserves!!!

mr cvv



Fuck shebby singh and fuck malaysia. Lucky we wont be going to that piss pot ever again. The poor start was contributed largely by poor transfers, but visiting that humid smelly toilet has got to affect the players i say. Shebbysingh = gazidis?

malaysian gooner

go support chelski, the players are racists too you’ll be at home there

Ninad Kuchekar

I don’t care if it is Chelsea,Manu,City…actually better that way….I don’t want people pointing out that we won the cup because of inferior oppositions. Not that any of these is any superior…
Let’s take our minds off the transfer window, frankly I don’t think anything is happening. FA cup it is…

fel the gooner

Ahh my mistake i thought we beat them 7-1 the season he came. well still wrexham 2-1 92′ always comes to my mind when we draw a lower league club. on more crazy news wat hed snjedier make his debut for galatasaray last night and they announce drogba is coming next wtf!!!

Merlin's Panini

The way we’ve been playing lately, coming on strong in the second half, really gives me hope for the fa cup. I think we have a great chance for it this year. It sort of depends how much further we get in the Champions League. Each competition could disrupt the other.
Let’s push all the way. up the arse.

french rover

That’s you lot out of the cup then……especially if your young lads are as over-confident as you lot on here (which they probably will be). We will either nick it at your place or get a draw and do you up at Ewood. We owe you for that seven from last season and this will be a nice way to get a bit of pride back. Remember the name Jordan Rhodes – he will be the one that scores the goal that puts you out. I am so glad Spurs went out though – they are the most reviled team… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

yeh, good luck with that then…

fel the gooner

Agreed merlin worried that the champs lg will cloud our run here however

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