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Arsenal officially confirm Walcott deal

Arsenal have confirmed that Theo Walcott has penned a new long-term deal at the club bringing a positive end to the Gunners latest interminable ‘will he, won’t he’ contract saga.

It is believed that the England international has successfully sealed a £100,000-a-week, three-and-a-half-year package with reports suggesting his delegates have also pocketed him a hefty signing on fee in the region of £3 million. The deal makes Walcott one of the club’s highest paid stars.

Having done their utmost to drive a hard bargain over the last 18 months it looks as though the board had little choice but to soften their stance with the player able to leave N5 at the end of the season on a free.

Outflanked on the negotiation front, Ivan Gazidis and Dick Law can at least take heart from the fact that one of the squad’s most marketable faces remains at the club despite obvious interest from rival Premier League clubs. Indeed, given the high-profile departures of Robin van Persie, Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas it represents something of a bitter-sweet feat for the beleaguered duo.

Walcott becomes the sixth British player to sign a contract extension at Arsenal in quick succession with new deals signed last month by Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Kieran Gibbs, Aaron Ramsey and Carl Jenkinson.

Having signed Walcott as a 16-year-old from Southampton in January 2006, Arsene Wenger spoke of his delight at keeping the winger-cum-striker at the Emirates.

“We are all delighted that Theo has signed a new contract. He joined us as a 16-year-old and since then has developed very well to become an extremely important player for both Arsenal Football Club and England.

“Theo is a strong player and also a great person, and the combination of his ability and pace always make him such a valuable asset either from the flanks or down the middle. Theo’s contract extension now gives us a strong nucleus of ambitious young players who have committed to the Club and want to be successful with us as a group.”

Walcott, who has previously spoken not just about playing as a striker but also of emulating the achievements of mentor Thierry Henry, also went on record stating his happiness at committing his long-term future to the Gunners.

“I am very happy to have signed a new contract here at Arsenal. Thanks to everyone for their continued support, especially the manager, everyone at the club and most importantly the fans. I have made it clear from the start that I wanted to stay at Arsenal so I am pleased we have agreed a deal that everyone is happy with. What’s important now is for the team to realise its potential and win trophies.”

Arseblog News is very glad to see a line drawn under the uncertainty, wishes Theo all the best on the wing (just kidding champ…) and urges all Arsenal fans to resist the temptation to use slang in describing how he utilised a pen to sign off on the deal.

Now for some new faces…

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the only sam is nelson

Good. That’s like a new sig…

i’ll get my coat


100 grand a week for 3.5 years, plus 3m signing on fee.
thats 21 million.
21 million!


flying dutchmen

Great! Now we can sell him for about 20 million to man city or liverpool. Since his initial value was around 10 million with 6 months left on his contract we made a profit of 10-3=7 million. Good piece of bussiness

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

I don’t think he’s worth that much but it’s good we’ve kept him till he decides he wants to fuck off in 3 years time.


Or for a fee when WE decide. Good decision to up the offer rather than losing him for nowt.


plus appearence fee goal bonus ect

wengers furrowed brows

now he got what he wanted….million dollar question is

will arsenal get what is expected from him?

i just hope he understands that microscopes are already trained at him, now his every game will be under scrutiny like never before.

But the happy part is, now we can afford to pay players £100Ks and try to lure the so called elusive top top top players.


My question: what’s a cum striker?


Cum Striker = porn actor / actress that won’t sign the film studio’s contract offer.


Let’s be fair, it proves he really wanted to stay at Arsenal, as he could have earned far more by leaving on a free in the summer… so now he must get full support

K. Soze

21 million pound question*

I am ze professeur

Unfortunately I doubt we will get what we expect/hope from him. If there has been much of a progression in his form to date it’s been painfully slow and certainly not worth spending £21m over 3 years. He’s just got a good agent(s) and we’ve caved in to his extortionate demands – personally I now want to see RVP/Cesc/Thierry standard displays on a regular basis from him cos that’s what’ we’re paying him (no you didn’t endear yourself to me at least TW by your actions). If we don’t, and I’m not holding my breath, then (message for you here… Read more »


Keep calm and listen to Leo…


“I can only speak from experience but he was one of the most dangerous players I have ever played against,”

“When we were playing Arsenal at the Emirates we were so in control of the game at 2-0, with all respect Arsenal were not even in the game,”

“Then Theo came on and changed the game. He pretty much single-handedly salvaged a draw that night.”




I love you.

goon nowhere quick

How is it like a new signing he has be
en there years and he is still rubbish


Theo signED the thing!!!


Now his Arsenal career really begins, Gary Neville made some really good comments on the Walcott situation after the Newcastle game.

“The minute he puts that pen to paper, whether it’ll be at Arsenal, or any of the other clubs that are potentially looking to sign him, that’s when his career begins. There will be no forgiveness from that point on.”


Mr. Neville continues to surprise with an unbiased and insightful analysis devoid of any sort of cuntery


Axel & Gary Nev make exactly the right point – im pleased that he has signed, but I think that if you play the game we played with Walcott with RVP, & given him that extra ££, we would be top of the League now

Just saying…..


I would’ve let the little prick walk.
If we weren’t prepared to pay Sicknote Van PurseString more money, then why should we cough up for this little knob who isn’t even half as good!?

We’ve been done here.


Don’t think skunky wanted the money, he wanted the glory.
For whatever reason he did not think he would find it at Arsenal, can say what you want about a lack of respect for the club that stood by him, but I don’t know Arsenal could have kepy him on money alone.

Hugh Honey

You can’t on one hand moan constantly about us selling our big name players and on the other complain about us not selling them. It’s worth the 10 grand a week extra just to be spared the embarrassment of City utd or chelsea taking another one of our best players ,Theo has his flaws but he is improving and is our top scorers and one IS of our best players. So lets give him our full support .


one IS or IS one. Either way we have kept him.


Wrong on all counts, we offered Van Persie 140,000 per week, more than 50% more than Walcott but Manure offered him 250,000, again more than half again more than what we were offering him, and the Manure add ons were significantly better, to the point that the Manure board didn’t want to do the deal and Alex had to go directly to the owners

Dancing Cannon

Finally… Jesus Christ, and I don’t even really think he is as good as everyone would have me believe….I’m just glad it is over

Fergie the Gooner

At last! I wasn’t expecting it, hopefully that will stop the rot of players leaving every summer. Now let’s get on with our season and get that Champions League spot!

Will they run a new batch of 2013 Arsenal calendars with him in it?


There’s a supplement coming with the new calendars apparently. It’s a spot-the-ball from one of Theo’s free kicks. We’ve got no fucking chance.

The Car2n Goon

@Art and in turn Manure had to float their company on the NYSE to afford the purchase… shares which are worth as much as a piece of land on the moon.

Arsenal = Life

No way! Did Theo even read the fine print? You do know … that we’re going to stick you back to the wing.

Gearoid Kelly

With the way we’re playing these days, he’ll probably play as a withdrawn striker, drifting onto the wing, whilst on the other side, we’ll have a winger who also drifts inside, but much deeper. (Cazorla, Ox, Rosicky).

If this is the case, we still need a decent CF.

Absentia Rose

If that is the case as you said, we got Giroud and also Podolski then.


I love that system, especially when we have Diaby mopping up/driving forward.


^if only Wenger had as much faith in them as you do…

LANS calendar

@ Miranda

Yeah but about that decent CF…


yes, the ‘fine print’ also stipulates that “the player shall not be allowed to take any corner kicks or free kick”


I fucking hope so

wengers furrowed brows

amen! (kneeling down…head bowed plus fingers crossed)


There must be something I dont understand. Why Theo Walcott lines up to take the free kicks (over Arteta, Cazorla, Poldi, or anyone else with two legs and an Arsenal shirt on) is something I cannot, in any sense, wrap my head around

Jim Jimminy

About time to start negotiating his next one i reckon.


FINALLY! Now he can cap this up with a hat trick on Sunday!

More signings please!



A bit expensive… but hopefully he’ll turn out to be worth it, In any case, it sends a positive message after the last couple of years of us losing some of our best players.

Let’s just hope this is followed with one or two proper signings.


Was his contract running out soon? They kept that quiet.

the only sam is nelson

that’s the hallmark of the arsenal, doing things quietly. true class.


Now maybe he can stop taking all the fucking free kicks


He might as well take them – he’s not going to be heading anything in the backadanet is he?


is he set up to head lots of set pieces is he? he’s not a very good centre back either, the bastard.


….and stop playing as a central striker.


Get the fuck back to the wings mate. And another positive is that he wont hog all the spot kicks.

K. Soze

STFU blad!!


time to shine theo….

Rocket Diary

Cost of preventing a PR disaster = 100k / Week.
We earned money from RVP deal, were forced to cough it on Theo’s.
So much for AW the economist.

the only sam is nelson

good to know that had he gone you’d be saying AW had done the right thing. oh, wait you’d have been negative no matter what wouldn’t you?

Rocket Diary

Of course, you are right Sam. My comment isnt negative because we are struggling for top four or because AW sold our best player to our rivals when he knew he’ll score loads for them or because Arsenal never really make an effort for building a quality squad or because we are paying Theo more than wilshere or Cazorla because of our refusal to learn from Nasri/Flamini contract issues…I made a negative comment because I am an eternal pessimist.

Reality check

If only economics were that simple


Never. Mock. Economists!


sad but true… let’s move on though and try to beat that Dutch cunt at Wembley in the FA Cup final!


Not true, buying a replacement of similar quality + wages would likely cost more. In terms of money, Wenger knows.


CONGRATULATIONS you have attained a whole new level of idiocy previously unknown to man-kind


thats to rocket diary, to avoid any confusion


Good, now sign some bloody players Arsene


Walcott. Diaby. Bendtner.



The Gimp

Now start playing like a 100 grand a week, every week


What like Ashely young?? or prehaps your talking about Floruent Malouda


Fluorescent Malouda? Fluoride Malouda?

chamakh's barber

in hindi fluorescent malouda translates to ” my dick is flourescent”.heh.


…in patches.


Does Podolski plays by the level he receives money from Arsenal? Hmmmm


Poldi has been here half a season and has done ok 10 goals so far if he stays injury free and gets plenty of game time should get over 20 not bad return for first season in Premier League.


And what? Walcott didn t score any ??? I don t think that Podolski was that great transfer for us. How many games he played 90 min?? We are so fucked that we are happy with every transfer and yes he has 100 national caps but I don t see how he will adjust to a game Arsenal wants to play. Very soon Podolski will be on the bench. It is not that I would like that but you will see.


First point how many seasons did it take Theo to score 10 goals. Second point the manager makes the sub calls not Poldi. As i pointed out his first season. He is not doing brilliant but he is doing ok. Who is going to be playing regularly infront of him at the moment? Gervinho when he gets back? Ramsey on the wing?


I just pointed out that he is not playing as paid. And of course that he is miles infront of Gervinho or Ramsey… not just on the wing… everywhere.


Very few players are playing to what they are being paid at the moment. Hence the poor season. Point taken though let us hope they both have great second parts of the season.



I’m not sorry.


Good stuff. Price aside, it is great to see us hold on to one of “our most marketable faces” to get the meme of ‘feeder club’ off our backs.


Good news. Thank fuck for that. LANS
Now lets actually buy someone

Lady Eowyn

Come on Theo! Sign the deal! What is taking so long!? I’m really worried that he could end up going on a free in the Summer.

Glory Hunter

He’s gone lady, it’s been confirmed on
We’ll miss you Theo, George Graham OUT!!!!


He signs when he waaaantttsss he siiiignnns wheeen he wants!


Yes, he said numerous times that it will take time but he wants to stay with the club, so he was named “cunt” too soon.
It is amazing how many haters he has on this forum. More then Ramsey.
Now they will have to turn off!
I hope Sagna signs also asap.


Although first I hope Sagna gets out of his run of poor form


Well, that’s now sorted for the next two years. And then we can do this all over again.


Quick!!! Sell him now before his contract runs down……!!


I can’t do that I’m afraid.


It’s good news – I’ve been one of those urging the club to get it sorted, albeit maybe for wider reasons. But what with the painfully long time it’s taken and the whole centre forwardy/take all the free kicks and corners going thing, it’s just a bit hard to get excited about it in truth. If there’s a noise that would sum it up it’d be ‘pppprrppffffftttt’, which is the sound made by one of those whistle things with the curled up paper you get in a Xmas cracker, when you blow in it, but after ya fat Auntie Reenie… Read more »


Did you ever consider why Fat Auntie Reenie sat on it for an hour in the first place? I take it the tumble dryer wasn’t working.


I don’t dislike Theo but fuck me do I feel sick reading about his earnings. And at the end of next season if we want to keep him longer we’ll have to re-negotiate his contract and give him more money no doubt! He’d better score a minimum of 30 goals every season or I’m going to be angry with him (and he’ll be super bothered by that I’m sure).

Finsbury Park Gooner

He could score 35 a season and there would still be Arsenal fans that picked holes in him every chance they got.


The principle here is probably as important as anything else. Let all of your 1st team players leave, sends a bad message to a) the existing squad b) any potential new signings.

I like Theo, but for me he is still yet to prove himself in an Arsenal shirt against the big boys. Sunday is a good opportunity. Newcastle & Reading don’t count!


You are frustrated man. Leave it. That was all legit. He probably got what he wanted.


Fookin’ hell, took him a long time to figure out how to write his name.
Seriously though, I’m happy we keep him in the club, stopping the bleeding of losing out best players every year. Not happy about the manner Theo signed though. He can’t seriously value himself more valuable than Jack.
Anyway, for now I’m going to be less enthusiastic about him than about Jack, Kieran, Carl, Alex or Aaron.

But well done Arsenal. Let’s move on now and strengthen. COYG!

Finsbury Park Gooner

WELL DONE ARSENAL. Credit where it’s due.



At last. That felt fucking interminable.

Really good news, despite the whole prolonged process leaving a slightly sour taste. Now he has to earn it etc etc etc

Rad Carrot

This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end.

It is, however, the end of the beginning.

Great to have you on-board Theo. Now prove you’re worthy of the No. 14 shirt.


Anyone remember who wore the no 14 shirt before Titi?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Now could we bring in new players pls.


I now dont think Arsene or Arsenal will sign another player. Coz they’ve already spent $3mil on the sign-on fee & will have to spent many more for the next 3.5 yrs paying theo. Damn!! Just to keep one player who is not as good as he think he is for so much money….at the expence of what? Not signing another player? I can just hope theo delivers…but from what Ive seen so far….Im one of the doubters. Money well spend? Well the jury is still out there.


we can absolutely afford signing more players. In fact, we really should, our squad depth is a real problem


I’m half thinking “too little too late” and “thank fuck we’ve convinced one player it’s worth hanging about”. Sagna is next then on that front but right now we should prioritise getting a top-qualitee forward in! We needn’t entertain this Theo down them middle thing anymore.


To be fair, we can put him there in games were it suits him. He DID get a good few goals up front recently. But that call is now 100% Wenger’s to make, and we won’t be held to the whims of a player anymore….for now at least.


Correct, and for that reason we don’t need ANY new signings. Most of the players the majority think we should buy are just popular youtube characters.

We have a team of winners, we just need everyone to click together in one big anti Manchester direction.


Merde Bag

They sent him on a mission and set him up to fail. But they made one mistake. They forgot they were dealing with Dick Fucking Law.

Davey Boy

Theo’s best asset was his unselfishness (apart from the fact he’s lightning quick) – unfortunately through his determination to develop a steely confidence in his play he has become slightly arrogant in and out of possession (not passing with players in better positions and when he lost the ball against swansea he just stood still for an age) Hopefully he can get the balance right over the next few years. This will be the most difficult season for us, all Arsenal Fans should be very excited about the coming years, and more so that we have all claimed to be… Read more »

LANS calendar

bollocks I’m more excited about this shower than a young squad that included Fabregas, Adebayor, Van Persie and Nasri.

Our squad’s not even that young on the whole. Curb your enthusiasm guys, let’s remember this is not a squad improvement and that we’re still the 4th or possibly 5th best team in England


Agent earned every penny on his paycheck, they demanded 100k p/w at the beginning and they got it.


Within your statement lies the truth of (one of) modern football’s biggest problems.
Modern player agents = leeches bleeding an obscene amount of capital out of the game and into their offshore accounts.


As you know his pay please would you confirm to us all the terms of his contract and how you came by this information.

Goon Tarbh

To be fair, if TW wasn’t as effective this season as his stats suggest, they wouldn’t have got the €100k.

You will note that I did not say his performances were anything amazing, but 14 goals and 10 assists in 24 games, lots as a sub, is as good a bargainning chip as it gets.

Lets just hope that isn’t the pre-contract effort that disspates once the damn thing is signed.

Lady Eowyn

I don’t want to alarm anyone but doesn’t Squillaci’s contract run out this Summer? Can we risk him going on a free?


Good point. We want a fiver at least.


How did this happen sack everyone the manager the board and the tea lady Fu#k how has Arsenal come to this.


Online football talk is a very fake and depressing by-product of the EPL and we are the prime victims of it.

The PR battle has become so much more important than the one on the pitch, and so called narrative is not dictated by quality like it used to be [See Sp*rs ridiculous ascension circa Arry years]. It is the explanation of why Man City get found out in Europe, where only quality counts.


How can the BBC support the Kompany tackle which was centimetres from being another Eduardo or Ramsey? Cunning pomposity. How can they all collude in fury at £62 tickets? Have they no shame at the real cause of inflation? A disgustingly managed club that can’t progress to the latter stages of UCL? An old one that sticks out is the criticism we received for not having a shot on target, therefore fully deserving defeat after that fucking ridiculous red card our cunt got at Barcelona. We perpetuate the problem by calling out for new signings and even calling for our… Read more »


This is great news for the club, had we lost Theo it would have been a big blow, another key member of the team gone, no thanks! Delighted we have kept him, I know he has his faults but he has proved very important over the last two seasons with assists and this season with goals, he should break 20 goals a season for the first time, let’s remember he is only 23 years of age! Some people will say he held the club to Ransom (not me) but it could also be a watershed in negotiations, with the club… Read more »


I was on the fence about Theo but ultimately glad he signed.

With that being said, let’s not crucify him if he has a stretch of bad games (it’s inevitable). A lot of people wanted him to sign – and he did, but the minute he has a crap game, he/Arsene are going to be lambasted by some, I almost guarantee.

Now score da ting (terrible)


A bit to much money,he better work for it!


Theo Walcott isn’t quite worth that much yet. But I am glad he signed. Losing another key (and marketable/star) player would have been a disaster. Losing both Cesc and Nasri was a disaster as well and RVP and Song but I digress…. He is just 23 turning 24 and he is finally beginning to realize his potential. We put in too much to lose him now. NOW THAT THAT’s DONE……. according to Wenger the entire Arsenal staff is free to focus on new signings. 2-3 good players, gems like the ones you used to sign Arsene. But if you want… Read more »


Hmmm…you’re right about marketability.

Shame that it sometimes / often (delete according to player in question) seems to be more important than footballing ability.

Rectum Spectrum

relief. he either performs and we benefit, or we can sell him to liverpool for £20m anyway


Well thank fuck that’s over!


So far so good in terms of Arsene’s
1-2-3, dead weight out, signing Theo and bring in a top class player. 2/3, waiting for the third!


The signing of theo extended contract really leaves me a bitter after taste.
If they could bow to one player’s demands….what’s next?
They didnt with RVP…why now? Why with Theo?
In my opinion, RVP is so much better than Theo in many footballing ways!!
Im totally bewildered by all these mess!!


Better to look forward mate.


Because RvP was offered deals of 200K pw and had no resale value.

There’s no way we can (or should for that matter) pay that kind of money for anybody.

Walcott at 23 could easily be sold for 20+ M is he comes good in a cpl years time.


So it’s true, peeps are already speculating on his future sale.
Is that a reflection of our true thoughts on the value, or otherwise, of Teeeo’s new contract, or a reflection of the club’s business model? Possibly both.


Theo didn’t put up a letter on his website giving lecture to the board about how to run the club like RVP. Theo is 23 and more likely to get better. He is British so could command a premium if the club decide to sell him. RVP had one great injury free season and then got too big for his boots. A new contract would have been a massive gamble for the club given his injury record. Despite not wanting to sell him to Man U, Wenger had no choice but to bite the bullet as RVP did not want… Read more »


well said mate. spot on


RVP est une cuuuuunte. That’s why we didn’t bow to his demands. He never wanted to stay in the first place. He kept acting like the greatest Gooner, relishing the love the fans poured out for him whenever he scored, soaking in all the worship, ALL THE WHILE he had already decided to fuck with Arsene, and the fans. That’s really the most disgusting thing.

Arsene was right to sell him off, as good as RVP might be as a footballer, there simply was no way he could have stayed.


Glad he signed on to stop the rot of players leaving but 100K pw for 3.5 year extension. I know it’s jumping the gun but his 100K pw contract ends in 2017, we have to re-negotiate with around 2 years left to stop the vultures circling. In theory in 2017 he’ll be in his ‘prime’ so where would we go from here? He’d want another payrise after all and would Arsenal pay it?… The guys hit our wage ceiling at 23 years old. We may have him now but I fear we will lose him when (if.. it’s still debatabe)… Read more »


As a fan I don’t care two hoots whether Walcott gets 50k or 100k. All that matters is that he performs on the pitch. As long as he scores goals, creates chances, gives assists he is worth every penny. This contract is a perfect one for both the player and the club. Theo gets his sign on fees, club gets to make a statement that they can keep their exciting young talent. If Theo does well, he can renegotiate in 18 months. If he is not so good, club can think of moving him by then without being burdened by… Read more »

Arteta's perfect hair

Honestly never thought I would see him sign da ting. I love you theo x


I dont care what anybody says.. it was absolutely crucial to keep the clubs top goal scorer here. Theo Walcott has endless potential his burst of speed alone scares the shite out of defenders whether its Bradford city or bayern Munich. I am absolutely pumped after such negativity the arsenal have copped, one of the brit boys has said Fuck you all. This is the arsenal. And I am going to guide this club to success beyond belief. If that fucking donkey Michael Owen won ballon d’or why can’t theo…

LANS calendar

Arjen Robben once said Joe Cole was one of the best players in the world. Players don’t know their arse from their elbow in assessing other players.




Is Theo the secret £30M striker? with wages ans signing on fee hes probably not far off…lets hope this starts off our shopping spree…

Goon Goon Goon

Thank fuck for that lol


Also, now that’s happened does this mean we can stop devoting the entirety of our clubs billion pound operation to getting some speedy dude to be our friend? An you know, go out there and get some quality to be next to the £100,000 man? TheofuckingWalcott 100k a week this is a weird place to have reached. Well there is going to be a ton of preasure on him now. If he keeps Walcotting the ball our of play cause he can’t control on the run the terraces are not going to be impressed, I remember being there for a… Read more »


That pressure is already coming from all the Stewart Robsons and Craig Burleys in this hellish media bukkake.

Your job is to support him.


@Manninger my job? Supporting Arsenal is my passion, it ain’t a duty. Within that the support for the club is unconditional, but for the way the club is run? It’s certainly not unconditional for players like Walcott who have taken the club for absolutely everything he can get this early in his career. He’s hardly delivered on our investment so far and now your telling me it’s my job to support him against everything, and be able to attend maybe three matches a season if i’m lucky cause we’re giving the man £25million over 4 and a bit years? That’s… Read more »


And it is a job mon frere, although I can understand why Sky subscribers don’t see it that way.


Shouldn’t talk like that bro. It’s not your place to define my relationship to my club. I can’t afford sky, if I’m lucky I get to maybe 3 games a season, an I live in Holloway. Arsenal are literally my local team, I grew up surrounded by gooners with gooners in the family. If I think it’s a fucking joke that someone like Theo Walcott gets 100k a week and I voice that opinion it’s out of line to tell me how I should be reacting.


Have read that back and I didn’t realize Theo signing would make me so angry. Partly it’s the short nature of the contract that just says to me he’s gonna be holding us to ransom again in no time, I hope they got some extensions in there. Also, who here thinks Walcott is our best player? I don’t anyone could make a genuine case to say he’s either our best, most vital, hardest working or most enjoyable to watch. I mean his pace is useful on the wing, and the goals are nice, but he’s still not close to consistent,… Read more »


Everything you’ve said there has merit, whether I agree with it or not, except for one small matter….I can’t honestly say that I thought of Song as a vital player. Impressive in patches, for sure.


Think Song was a bit of a fool believing his own hype. I also think he was a victim of the circumstances in midfield. I mean we had almost no creativity from midfield and we supposedly play possession football.

If ya listen to the Arse2Mouse podcast YankeeGunner puts it best. The man had to do something, and in patches he did it brilliantly. As a player Song improved every season. An when you see how vital Diaby looks when he plays well selling Song starts to look like criminal negligence.


Can we all just remember how much we expect from Kieran Gibbs, who is the same age?

I know he is on less money – but there are tariffs for experienced internationals [see Podolski].

You should feel good as we have not strengthened our rivals, maintained our British core and secured the future of a player who still has potential.


Scribe, by no means did I think that Song was a waster or a write – off, but at no stage did I feel secure with him playing the supposed holding midfield role. I’m probably biased because of the standard set by Gilberto.


Pressure on Gibbs ain’t half what it’s going to be for Walcott. An there are a lot of positives in keeping Walcott. I just wish we hadn’t stopped the rot at Walcott, wish he’d signed on after we’d kept a more important player. The whole thing leaves me with a bad taste in the mouth. Especially when you consider we’ve effectively spent arguably the worlds best strikers transfer fee on this boys wages. We need a Cf and a robust midfielder, two absolutely vital positions in when you look at the way we play and consider the extent of the… Read more »


That’s a nice popular view you are taking, but I like what we have emerging in DM and CF.

Coquelin has bags of potential.
I also think Frimpong looked promising until his injuries and deserves a second chance.
Aneke is having a fantastic loan spell at Crewe, and is not far behind Wilshere for me.
There is always Diaby aswell, who I sincerely hope can overcome that cruel tackle.

As for CF, we can play Walcott there for a certain type of game and we can survive with what we have until the summer when there is more value.


I agree totally agree Gary. I just don’t think he was really a defensive midfielder anyway by the end. DM’s tend not to get 18 assists.

The Boy

Top dollar for average player.

Football stinks.


See below–I think you’ll find that Theo is one of only two players in the Premiership in the top 10 in both goals and assists. How this equates to an “average player” in the minds of so many just boggles my mind.

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