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Wenger talks Abou Coq + French winger linked

Arsene Wenger has praised Francis Coquelin growing stature at Arsenal paying particular tribute to the young Frenchman’s ball-winning qualities.

The 21-year-old, who signed a new deal at the club this time last year, has epitomised what it means to be a squad player at the Emirates making only two starts in the Premier League this term but appearing in some capacity in almost every cup game both domestic and European.

Effectively to be Mikel Arteta’s understudy alongside Emmanuel Frimpong, Wenger underlined how the defensive midfielder has improved since returning from a loan spell at Lorient in 2010/11.

“What Coquelin is doing is quite good,” the boss told Arsenal Player. “His qualities help the team to defend better. He has that ability to fly into people and win the ball back, and that’s something important.

“I believe that there’s an important stage once a player reaches 19 years of age and is not a regular player at Arsenal. [You must] get him somewhere to gain experience.

“It has two advantages. It lifts the potential of the player, gives him experience at the top level and convinces him that he has a chance to be successful.

“When the player comes back, he has experience and knowledge and you don’t have to suffer for the mistakes of a beginner. It gives you more comfort to play him. I never felt that it was finished for him here. I always thought that that’s a learning process of the top level.

“When these players come in, they are always judged on one game. We forget that we have seen Diaby and Song at 20 having difficult games.”

Of course, for Diaby these days it’s not so much the games that have proved difficult but reaching the level of fitness needed to actually get picked. Obviously saddened by the fitness problems suffered by the 26-year-old, Wenger outlined why he’s so compelled to be patient with his compatriot.

“He is a very conscientious guy. You should see how he works, how he is focused every day, because when a guy suffers as much as he did he becomes very professional, very rigorous.

“You have some guys who can drink five beers, come to training, and play and go home and nothing happens to them. And you have other guys who have to look after everything. They become very professional very early in life. And he has always been very conscientious.

“Diaby has a very serious life, he doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t go out, and is very conscientious in training. So you always feel sorry for him, so you always touch wood it will go well for him. Honestly, what he has gone through is unbelievable.”

Having described Diaby on Thursday as ‘an important piece of the puzzle’ at Arsenal, the boss further detailed the lanky midfielder’s qualities.

“He can defend, he can attack, he is strong in the challenge. He can dribble, he can pass players. He is very quick in the transition. He can quickly cross the pitch when you win the ball. And he is good in the air and he is a fighter with great stamina.

“If you love football and you see a player like Abou, you want him to have the career he deserves, especially when he has the attitude that he has. You have to have patience. Because what did he do wrong? Nothing. You have to give him a chance.”

In other news, and much like last year when we signed only Thomas Eisfeld, it’s very quiet on the transfer front. That being said a new name has been thrown into the hat as a possible acquisition. Super, top, awesome, killer quality you ask?

* tumbleweed *

French football correspondents Matt Spiro and Ben Lyttleton relay a report from L’Equipe claiming we’ve bid €5 million for 19-year-old winger, Florian Thauvin, who is currently contracted to French Ligue 2 side Bastia. Newcastle are also reportedly sniffing around. Perhaps he’s actually worth a lot more but we’ve conned them into a swap deal for Squillaci?

Who knows…

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Florian “top top top quality” Thauvin.

wengers furrowed brows

Tony Adams claims board are million miles away from the fans

I say board doesn’t even know fans exist.

true gooner

We can’t really afford fully developed top players, so we have to take a few gambles and get players who may one day reach that level. We have been doing that for years, but what has caused our ‘downfall’ has been our inability to hold onto these players once they reach their potential. Wenger has an eye for such young talent and usually he gets it right. Whether we sign someone or not, let’s just hope that we can have a stable team at the Emirates for a season or two at least. And, I hope that I don’t have… Read more »


The current board got no passion for arsenal.

1. Selling our best players
2. No ambitions
3. No investment
4. Making profits
5. Tickets
6. Huge contracts to average players

Says it all. Greedy Cunt Style Board.

Armchair gooner

Ljungberg was a nobody once…..
and so was wenger…..

If thauvin turns out to be really good capture will you re-post ‘sorry I was abit of a cunt, i take it back’
I doubt it…..

H. P. Arsecraft

Ljungberg was well known in Europe and a proven talent in the national team before he joined Arsenal. A lot of clubs was interested in him. Henry, Pires, Viera, Wiltord… most of Wengers early signings were known talents that lacked the proper guidance, which they got from Wenger so absolutely no disrespect. Wenger is a great developer of talent. The french connection is dead or dying so we should focus our attentions elsewhere. The last thing we need at the moment, especially mentally, is a might be talent for 5 million euros. Thats a lot of money for a maybe… Read more »


We’re closer in points to Stoke below us than we are to Tottenham above us, and Wenger’s only purchase this transfer window will be a young prospect from Ligue 2, if anyone.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so completely infuriating.

Dr Baptiste

Would that have anything to do with having played 2 less games?


Those points aren’t guaranteed, though, are they? Have you seen us play yet this season?


Uh Oh, this does sound like the Eisfeld deal. Maybe he is actually worth 30 million but because Arsenal is giving up the super quality of the Squid… Nevermind. I’ll stop trying.


Another no name.. Hopefully it stays a rumour..!


Yeah! That Thomas Eisfeld lad sure is a flop! No more please!

Just kidding, I’m not a tool.


Eisfled is not a flop, but has he contributed to our PL campaign?

The point of our frustration is that we’re once again linked with a player who can have no impact on our current situation, which is quite desperate, if you ask me.

Master Bates

Now don’t be pessimistic ,he could turn out to be a top top players ,

This is a goal of top top top quality .

everyone knows a youtube video is all you need to judge a player

Dial Square

If you watch the youtube clips of Arsharvin, he looks a fucking world beater!!!

Master Bates

Arshavin USED to be a world beater


We’re so fond of mediocre signings it’s getting stuck in that we can never actually buy what we need here and now. Proven players who can make an impact now not in 2 3 years time.


As long as this signing does not kill ‘insert name of high potential/low chance of being picked youth team player on verge of squad here’.



“You should see how he works, how he is focused every day, because when a guy suffers as much as he did he becomes very professional, very rigorous.”

I think in light of Michael Johnson’s plight this needs to be applauded, people underestimate how being out and unable to practise can tax and exhaust your hunger and positive habits. This is true for all professions that require rigorous self-practice, and I’m testifying from a music, non-sport perspective.


we need a creative attacking midfielder!!




Cazorla? Rosicky? Wilshere? Chamberlain?

Dr Baptiste

Michael Johnson?

Master Bates

It’s abou time Coq got in

A visitor

I wish arsenal bloggers would stop mobbing Diaby, and Wenger for sticking by him. His talent is not in question. Nor his attitude. Perhaps Diaby will be like vP -another crock who came good. that Wenger and arsenal do right by their players or those wjjo make the effort is something for fans to be proud of.


I think arsenal fans have been very patient with both over this issue, all most arsenal fans want is an adequate plan b if and when diaby goes lame again.

Ken Marshall

Absolutely.. especially when Wenger admits that his “power and presence in midfield.. is something we need.. he completes the puzzle..”

Right Arsene, so how many of his type do we have in the squad then? if ur admitting he’s what we need.. and you also know he has injury problem.. HOW ABOUT GETTING A BACKUP?! Kinda like everyone been crying for for years..


Agree, I think Felliani would be ideal. proven box to box PL player with goals who would only improve the squad and offer more options


The Coq i feel is a more than adequate replacement for Diaby. He is a strong, fast box to box player. He needs more game time to start his ascend.


I think TomJ has it right, Fellaini is about the only player I think Arsenal would be well advised to spend 25M on. He would add a dimension to Arsenals midfield that is lacking, he would probably put Diaby on the bench, but Arsenal should not sit back and wait for Diaby to come good, especially after selling Song.

either that or a really top top striker, but they cost too much or are unavailable.


Yep, and as soon as we table a bid for Fellaini, at least two other clubs will table a higher bid with anything up to double the wage offer attached.


This team got much more to give, give them some time. The last thing i want to see is a 10m signing like Adrian Lopez or someone, if we are going to bring in any player it should be a great player.

Dial Square

Are you nuts??? How would Lopez be anything other than a good signing??


Have you seen him played? =) He is not better than Giroud, Podolski or Walcott.


Yeah ain’t he a younger David villa or is the Daily Mail talking shit again

Master Bates

You see our Wingers right now are Cazorla and Walcott . Podolski and Chamberlain as subs . that’s how awesome we are in that area . A signing should only be a top top top quality like Cavani

Dial Square

Squad depth….we have none, we all know that.
How would adding a top quality centre forward be a bad thing??????


Scoring 8 goals on 46 games for atletico in __La Liga__, he is not a younger David Villa.


He is not top quality, so spending a lot of money on a player like that is a huge risk.

Dial Square

Hey anyone who keeps Jose Antonio Reyes out of the team can’t be all bad…


Dial square,
Lopez is a decent player mate but that’s it , he really isn’t better than we have, we need a top proven goal scorer. We won’t get one but that’s what we need.
We have too many average players as it.

Dial Square

Vold, i get that mate, but just because we won’t buy a world class centre forward doesn’t mean we shouldn’t buy a centre forward at all, what if Giroud broke his leg tomorrow? What are we left with??


Fair point mate.

Dial Square

Saying that, if it came to it i’d like to see the BFG playing centre forward, people can spout all the stats they like, but when we signed him i was soooo exited, but now,,,meh,,,,there is no way we’ve seen the best of him and i can’t understand why Arsene keeps sticking him out wide where a lot of the game passes him by!!! Play him more centrally, he’s a fucking beast..

LANS calendar

fucking hell, I really can’t believe a 1-0 win against Swansea where a midfielder scored the winning goal has suddenly made everyone happy with our striking situation.


If we are going to bring in a player it should be a proven goal scorer in PL, or a great player like Cavani. There is no reason to do a 10m signing when we got Giroud and Walcott playing as strikers.


At least he’s good in fifa heh


Still waiting for that korean chap Fack Nou Wan


you sir just made my day

A Yank

I’ve got it from sources inside the club that we’re in for both Portugal’s Zi Rao and the Hungarian Bup Kisz.


About two weeks late on that joke mate. Nice try though. Putz.


Bup Kisz? It’s not a hungarien name…
Check your sources or don’t try to be funny!

Dial Square

Check your spelling, or don’t try to be clever!

Dial Square

Be nice to see the Coq play tomorrow, in front of the back four,marking Oscar out of the game,a big test but i’m sure he’s up for it,,,and time for our new LANS superstar striker to make JT look like the cunt he is….


Wenger was out here selling dreams…he’s talking about buying Cavani you know, he must think he’s playing fifa 13 career mode.

Florian thauvin seems more like it….*rolls eyes to back of fucking head.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

What you think happened…

Wenger: I really want to buy Cavani and I have a lot of money to spend.
*Exits with a cheeky, knows something you don’t, wink, whilst fanning himself with a wad of cash.

What really happened…

Journo scum: Do you like Edinson Cavani?

Wenger: Yes i like him, he would cost a lot though.

See the difference there buddy?

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Also, Wenger no likey FIFA

And FIFA no likey him


Get your wenger tinted glasses off then repeat that again. “wenger: cavani is player that I like but a player like him would cost arsenal alot of money” I.e He is interested in him but money is the only stumbling block. Something we’re sick of hearing if we want to ever compete at highest level again. But hey, thauvin seems more like it. Diame at 3.5 would also be nice just like remy at £8milli..but I guess this is well off but take heart we’re still in the transfer market…ppfffft. Anyway today if we somehow beat chelsea (doubt it) then… Read more »


Lets just hope Diaby stays fit, he really is the missing link!


Right after we sell cazorla, rosicky, eisfeld..etc


1 like = 1 prayer for diaby

And yes I just did that 🙁


re diably i remember a few years back the PLASTIC arsenal fans saying the same shit about RVP that he should be sold and would never be a top striker and deriding Wenger for sticking by him. then last year lambasting wenger because he left. cant win with the new generation of PLASTIC Arsenal fans. Diaby imo is one of the best midfielders I have seen in an Arsenal shirt and I have been a season ticket holder since 1976.as well as a Arsenal FC shareholder since 1998. the injury that Diaby suffered when that sunderland thug broke his ankle… Read more »


well fukin said


So your a shareholder, you should have mentioned it, that’s changes everything.


he did…


Must be like the red arrows flying over your head davi, sarcasm button still needed it seems.


@ thenry Most of us fully realise Diaby is potentially one of the best midfielders we have seen in long time, fully support him and want him to do well as much as you, but it does not negate the fact that he is rarely available to play and we need a similar back up for when he is not. Most Arsenal fans you know are behind Wenger, thats because most Arsenal fans ARE behind Wenger, but it is not just keyboard warriors on the internet who have never been to Arsenal FC that are becoming frustrated. If you believe… Read more »


You have just made my day sir.


I’d go with that.

Nothing excites me quite like a Diaby in full flow.

Absentia Rose

Well said about Diaby. Otherwise it’s good that you’re only a shareholder. In a way it’s the same disrespectful attitude against the fans that Hill-Wood took on AGM last year. You’re right that if you scroll down the comment section, lets say in facebook during the Arsenal game, there is a lot of stupid comments from people who doesn’t even watch the game. But if you mean by boo boys audience in emirates or travelling fans in away games I think you got really bad attitude. Without critisism from boo boys or even citeh fans against our ticket prices there… Read more »


Also the shareholder quotes rules governing spending, which I have no idea is true or not but as he’s so high up in the club il take his word for it, also somewhere in the rules is the fact that we don’t pay dividends, I would bet one of his shares that stan will change that rule within the next two financial years.


So all the people who don’t own shares are plastic, right.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Here here

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Those heres are for thenry…


Your post is perfect if you replace share with cock every time you speak about being a shareholder.


I seriously don’t understand, 7 million to spend, where is the other money going?
If it’s true then Wenger really is a miracle worker!

H. P. Arsecraft

thenry Without this “plastic keyboard generation” Arsenal would be like Newcastle. Without the millions of people around the world that are buying the merchandise, watching the games on TV, makes companies like the Emirates interested in sponsoring us and are supporting the club, you wouldnt be sitting in a new stadium. Most of them cant afford to watch the Arsenal live, ever. Show some respect for the fans and dont alienate them because their opinion differ from yours. What if all the keyboard fans left? Think on that. I have some questions for you thenry: from where comes the information… Read more »


Hear fucking hear! Well said sir.


I just wanna know this : If Francis is Mikels’ understudy, who’s Abous?


Wilshere. Both of them players can play anywhere on the pitch but when diaby’s not playin then with wilshere, it should be someone strong like song like 2 seasons ago. People asking to buy a midfielder but true gunners wanna see coq and frimmy make it to first team. Coq is raw but decent and frimmy is raw too but strong and most importantly a gunner also so better givin them a chance than bring somebody else in. What we REALLY need is a class winger so we can play poldi in the middle sometimes and if we do then… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

Plastic fans out, Thenry in!

[…] Read More Here: Wenger talks Abou Coq + French winger linked […]


We have shareholders that cant spell “than”, these super intelligent Wenger fans do my head in.




Actually it’s *cunt. As in blahblah is one.


Although, speaking of grammar and mechanics, just to be clear, this is also a shareholder who (assuming he first became a season ticket holder at the age of 16–would you say that’s the earliest you would do that?) at the age now of 52 or 53 doesn’t use the shift key and does use the word “peeps.” This probably shouldn’t affect thenry’s credibility, but it does seem to, just a little.


A person that still uses a slang term, which was common when they were younger, isn’t that unusual – ‘Peeps’ goes back at least to the late 80’s.

Dial Square

“Twat” goes back even further…


…as does ‘cum bucket’.

Yankee Gooner

** shareholders WHO CAN’T spell

K. Soze

lol from this mornings blog about diaby.

“When you hear it like that it’s very difficult to counter without sounding like a heartless bastard (but Ill have a go anyway)”

Dial Square

It’s true, anyone who counters the Diaby argument risks the wrath of all gooners, and i love the bloke, but there is the argument that he takes up a valuable squad place to only play 5-10 games a season..just saying!!!


That’s not an argument, but a fact. And it’s why Diaby should be treated as a potential bonus, and not someone who we should expect to see week in week out.

Dial Square

The argument is whether he is worth a squad place or not!!!!!


I’d say no- never enough games.

K. Soze

I’d say a pay as you play deal should be sorted out as a compromise for his next contract or, if he accepts, as soon as possible. Although that would be essentially telling him we don’t trust his body.

Dial Square

How would that deal with the squad place dilema????


Hey it’s they who should have add 5 million into the deal if they want a swap deal…(cough)….

Gunner from asian village

Chelsea will get the taste of abous coq when they get banged !


Diaby gave us one of the all time great moments against Chelsea, let’s hope he can stay fit to give us plenty more.


The first comment is brilliant.

Me So Hornsey

The shareholder’s comment made some valid points, however, one glaringly suspect point he made was that INLY SHAREHOLDERS have been told the remarkable fact that ARSENAL CAN ONLY SPEND 7 MILLION QUID A YEAR INCLUDING WAGES!! So let me get this straight; Are you saying that all the media, PHW, AW, the rest of the board and every other AFC shareholder have kept this sensational piece of information to themselves? Really? This is quite extraordinary! @arseblog, are you going to run this as a first on Arsenal News and give props to ‘Thenry’ for this incredible and obviously genuine insider… Read more »




Now I look silly.

paulie gooner

Definitely think he should give Coquelin more game time ,actually think he balances our team better than Arteta in certain circumstances. Agree with the Lopez statements as well, what we need is a marquee signing to lift everybody at the club.


Eisfield is one for the future but we need players that can make an immediate impact to our season!


I will still be taking your free kicks

Hefty Dave

I love the kid long may he be part of our team


Team full of kids and were intending to sign more,no wonder we haven’t won a trophie in 7 years. No ambition,a washed up manager,and stupid duluded fans on blogs sites don’t help matters either!


God bless freedom of speech


Or blog bless freedom of speech


Think diaby’s great…. If he stays fit, a big if… If he does then he and the coq will do just fine but when, not if he’s injured again, who’s gonna be back up to the coq….?




Two players I like a lot, but have concerns about. Coquelin is a great talent but I worry he isn’t getting enough gametime to develop. Diaby’s problems are obvious.


For fucks sake. Can we please buy a proper striker. I don’t even want to be hearing about some second division French league guy rite now. When did we forget that we are THE ARSENAL? Aren’t we supposed to be one of the tip ten clubs in the world? Why are we fucking about in the second tier of French football, looking at some wanker, when we should be trying to hammer out a deal for one of either David villa, falcao, cavani, ballotelli or Higuian.

QPR and Newcastle are making us look like clowns rite now.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

I think it wise you put down the White Lighting now sweety.

Buhbyes for you


Buhbyes? Heh


So why 2014 thenry? Is this because it coincides with the new tv deals and the Emirates deal,which noone could possibly have known about when the bond was taken out?I am not a shareholder but i know a few who are,and they say you are talking crap.Now if you have some secret inside info not available to the ordinary shareholder maybe you should tell the papers so they see what a great job Wenger has been doing with such restrictions.Yawn. If we only have 7 mill to spend,why is Wenger paid so much money? Why do we keep making profits?… Read more »


Thank you D-El
I’m sorry to all those who I offended so highly by not typing “can’t”
but I’m not pretending to be an authority,
pretending to be a ITK shareholder, or like R18 pretending (successfully i may add) being a cunt.


You attacked his intelligence due to a spelling mistake and, whilst doing so, spelt a word incorrectly yourself.

Buying a share in a company doesn’t require a spelling test, so your insult was completely unnecessary.


I ain’t no cunt sir. The board are the cunts, if you are indeed a shareholder I suggest you invest a lil bit more so you can sit in the boardroom with all those other cunts.

Dial Square

Come on Arsenal, let’s give Chelski a kicking in their own backyard. I’ve got a good feeling about today. We are going to have to be really focused at the back, and where’s fucking Wally had better stay out wide and give Sagna some protection, not strutt around the the pitch like a big time charlie.
With JW bossing the midfield and driving the team forward, and if we tear into them from the off i can see it happening 0-2 to the mighty reds..COYG


I was a nobody once.
But, then, I’m special.

Dial Square

Who tells you you’re special, your mum?


Yeah! Your mom…..
Your mom… Your mom…
Now, that was a not inappropriate, pardon me.


*bit. Lol. Swype.

Dial Square

Let me guess, no where to go today, got no friends to meet, sitting in your bedroom grinning to yourself !!!!
By the way, mom ????? Twat..


Lol. That sounds more like you.
Anyway, my point was how can fans be so cynical over wenger trying to sign an unproven winger.
But, then… lost my train of thoughts there…..


Oh right!
See my name!


Realistic tarrgets. Either taken or still available.

Bryan ruiz.
Yanga mbiwa.
Edu vargas.
Ben arfa.

Wenger “if we find the RIGHT players. We will do something”
Out of all these ain’t there any right players in.there?. We are being taken for a ride my fellow gooners and I fear we might plunge into the Yet another place of uncertainity…………WHERE WE KNOW WENGER IS THE RIGHT MANAGER BUT HIS RELUCTANCE ON BUYING THE RIGHT PLAYERS COULD BE HIS AND ARSENALS UNDOING!

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