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Arsenal or Swansea to face Brighton in FA Cup 4th round

Arsenal or Swansea will play Brighton in the 4th round of the FA Cup.

The two sides will meet again at the Emirates after a 2-2 draw today and the winner of that tie will travel to the Amex stadium to face the Championship side.

They wear stripes.

More to follow*


*this is a lie

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Runcorn Gooner

Great incentive to win replay.


You’d have thought that there was already sufficient incentive to win it first time around.

Dr. Silent

I wouldn’t get too excited if we beat Swansea. A cup tie against a lower league team, the only downside it being away from home. Surely, we must win, right? I mean, what an absolute gift! Just like Bradford were!


Incentive? I can’t remember the last time an Arsenal team played with collective incentive. Plenty of individual incentive, sure–as in angling for new contracts before turning to shit / angling for big money moves elsewhere–but nothing collective.

I grow weary of this squad. Do they even look good on paper anymore?


Thank podolski for coming off the bench to make Ramsey look like shit. Hopefully this is the last we see him on the left wing.

Arsene just has to accomodate ramsey in the starting line no matter how out of position it gets……. He might just put in a shift in goal next time…….

Podolski's mutant left foot

Did you watch the match? Ramsey had a really good game in the second half. He was the one creating chances. Walcott on the other side did shit all.


I think you missed the part where theo dud fuck all today. Don’t single out ramsey though it was not his best game (which I think was the city game at the etihad) but he did well, he didn’t ace it but a better job than what gervinho would have done for sure.( there I go bashing another arsenal player)


*Arsenal to face Brighton in fourth round.

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

That’s a good deal.

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

But I do remember they demolished a full strength Chelsea this pre-season by closing down and scoring on the counter. And they fully deserved their win against Newcastle yesterday.

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

So basically this has the potential to be another Bradford


Gotta beat Swansea! Have to! We will. COYG!


With Bergkamp on our side. The heading should be Arsenal to face brighton in the 4th round.


I’ll get the thumbs down police rolling……….

So an embarrassing defeat by Swansea at the Emirshites or in the next round at Brighton……. Mmmmm….. Tough one!

I’ve seen the light.

Wenger invest in the players we so so clearly need, explain why we can’t or leave.


I think I’ll watch the replay on some foreign language stream instead of ESPN. Else I’m going to prison for the murder of Craig Burley… fucking awful commentator. He doesn’t even know the difference between Blue and Purple…


Don’t watch it on Al Jazeera.

Richard Keys made the hilarious joke that he was surprised Arsenal’s 2005 FA Cup win was in colour…oh how we laughed.


Al Jazeera +3? They also hired that cunt Gary Linkner. Better watch it on Al Jazeera +8 (Arabic), so you won’t understand a word.


Anyone else notice John Hartson claim Cazorla should have scored in the first half as the shot was on his left which is his natural shooting side. That’s a basic bit of knowledge that he just presumed and used to criticise Cazorla when he is clearly right footed. So frustrating. And how did Michu get MOTM!?!

Gooner til I die

Sagna needs a prolonged spell in the bench, he was awful today, again. I’m sick and tired of seeing Walcott swan around as if he’s Pele. He’s spineless, isn’t playing for the team and is gonna shaft us anyway. The rest of the boys carried those 2 twats today. Well done to the rest of the players that seem to actually care and at least play with professional pride.


I disagree. I think that Sagna was a lot better today than he was in the last two fixtures. He was fine. I think that wasn’t his fault on the second. Mikel has to get off the post after the cross is backed off with the initial challenge.


Sagna has had a couple bad performances but that is very rare on his part, seems a bit harsh to label him a twat after a couple bad games, everyone knows he’s world class. However perhaps a rest would be good especially as it keeps Jenks on his toes. Agree with you on Walcott though, can’t believe Ramsey got subbed off and not Walcott, Rambo put in a good shift today, good or bad he’s always giving 100% and looking for the ball


Mansfield Town’s executive is freaking hott!!!


Yes but you’d need two cocks just to keep her quiet


and a serious salary

Adam Watford

Heh, so you played ‘ Spot The Millionaire ‘ as well, did you ?

steve boulds hairdresser

arsenal, if we get through, please dont take brighton lightly. show us that lessons have been learnt from bradford.

Cygan's Middle Foot

arsenal players were lazy most of the time, rubbish


Not a bad effort today lacking the decisive pass and lacking good leadership. Other than that we were quite good. Need to start playing with a bit of anger and aggression then we might get going on a good run


2-2 is not such a bad result, we just need to win the next game at home, should not be that hard. But i can’t understand why Wenger don’t bring in new players, because this is the worst squad we have had in many years.

It’s a lot of good players in this squad, but we can’t rotate properly.

Lagos Gunner

Thank God I wasn’t the only one who noticed Theo being a waste of space. The hype around him has him wandering around like an absolute idiot trying to prove a point. I blame him for Sagna’s performance, as Sagna was essentially all we had on the right side. Which is not to excuse Sagna at all, who needs to be better at his level. And what the hell is going on with team selection? Ramsey played “alright”, but that doesn’t acquit the decision to start him ahead of an experienced international with a scoring record on the wing, You… Read more »


Agree with the last point in particular. I’ve accepted our current level of mediocrity and I’m more saner for it.

We might get a nice day out at Wembley one day and we might turnover one of the top teams occasionally. The odd tanking of the spuds would be nice once in while. I no longer care if we qualify for the CL as we’re never gonna win it and we don’t need the money it generates because we don’t invest in the team to take us to the next level where we could challenge anyway.

jack jack jack

I don’t know about you but for me it would be inexplicably depressing to no longer qualify for the Champion’s League. Not only would be less well positioned to attract quality players and lose out financially, but we would be missing out on the magic of big European games. Milan at home last year, although we were knocked out in the end, was a game I’ll remember for the rest of my life – for the drama, the hope and the pride I felt in our lads for giving them a real fucking scare when it looked like there was… Read more »


We can’t attract the best players because Wenger offer them _not good enough for them_ salaries. And the best players are playing football to win trophys, at the moment this clubs policy seems to be making profits and spend as little as possible. There is no ambitions, just qualifying for champions league, not to win it, just to earn money on tickets. We are more like an football academy than a top club at the moment. The club is being destroyed from inside ffs, when will the board and Wenger stop pretending that there is no money?! Something is rotten… Read more »


Agree with you about the misery of no more CL – they’re the games I live for and I’m pretty sure all the players do too. There’s also the small problem of how we will manage without the 35m we’ve become accustomed to getting, plus the extra from the Premiership pot for being third/fourth. With that money not just forfeited but filling the coffers of our rivals (Spurs, Everton, even Liverpool have a chance), it’s going to be very, very hard to climb back. A sixth-placed team? Be prepared for worse than that in the longer term. We’re self-sustaining, remember,… Read more »

Clock End Mike

But our 2nd choice goalkeeper (Fabianski) is injured.

jack jack jack

I agree that at the moment we are a probably about a 4-6th place team and I am adjusting my expectations according (I’m sadly satisfied with 4th place for now). But as we have one of the highest turnovers in world football, astronomical ticket prices, talented internationals, a great manager and just signed a huge commercial deal, I’m expecting our stock to rise over the next few seasons. Gradual or dramatic slides in quality happen to teams all the time, but given our current situation we look more poised to come fighting back into the top tier than to slip… Read more »


Jack Jack Jack

Dont Dont Dont
Torture Torture Torture
Yourself Yourself Yourself


Palace/Stoke vs city …..

An away game for city at the brittania seems nice. Eliminate the strongest teams, that’s what we rely upon at arsenal right now.


Sagna looked so poor today because he had a whole bloody flank to take care of because theo decided to just give wenger a screw you and play down the middle anyway, thus also taking out our only recognized center forward. Theo can go, I’ve lost patience. Who the actual fuck does he think he is??? Henry when he takes free kicks, ronaldinho when he’s on the wings and tries to nutmeg two players and arshavin with his work rate? No wonder he rates himself so highly, and at least when gervinho has a bad game he still TRIES to… Read more »


Sagna looked so poor today because he had a whole bloody flank to take care of because theo decided to just give wenger a screw you and play down the middle anyway, thus also taking out our only recognized center forward. Theo can go, I’ve lost patience. Who the actual fuck does he think he is??? Henry when he takes free kicks, ronaldinho when he’s on the wings and tries to nutmeg two players and arshavin with his work rate? No wonder he rates himself so highly, and at least when gervinho has a bad game he still TRIES to… Read more »


anyone know what our allocation will be if we get through ?

Jim Jimminy

Brighton havent lost a game at home in the fa cup since they move to the Amex….

Runcorn Gooner

But how many have they played?


Guess that records gonna get broken when the arsenal shit all over them 😉

Dog Eat Arse

Who said we need strikers? We need a new fucking defence and learn how to defend set pieces. We score the goals and immediately give them back by horrendous defending. It’s been going on for years and no one seems to give a fuck or know how to manage a defence. Certainly not “zonal” Wenger. I’m not even surprised or angry anymore. We are complete shit when it comes to defending. Adress that before signing any more forwards. Not that Wenger will buy anyway but this team needs a defence minded, big, strong, tough, leader in midfield and a new… Read more »


Hah, that last sentence cracked me up.


I thought the absolutely god sent Steve Bould was taking care of defense with his zonal marking? But you can have all the zones mapped out but if your defender has grown up defending man to man, he will never be comfortable with zonal marking. Fact is that our defenders are not comfortable with it as it requires thousands of drills to master the system and who in Arsenal have the patience to do such drills!


Podolski had a really, really poor defensive header on that second goal. Don’t blame the system, blame the execution.


The system is a problem when everyone just stand still as if they are in cement wellies. No one again no one goes to try and close Graham down. There was a set piece just before 2 swansea players completely unmarked should have done better. Its a confidence problem we get infront with not long left and we just look shaky. .

Dog Eat Arse

No one knows what to do at set pieces. Not one player knows how to defend in a zonal system. It is down to Wenger to sort it out but how many years has it looked like this?
We changed from man-mark to zonal because no one new who to mark at man-mark. And now no one knows how to play zonal. It`s all down to Wenger. He is the man in charge! He is not capable to sort it and he has proved that for a long time.


Theo plays for Theo Fc not for Arsenal Fc.


Flog him In this window in my opinion. He’s screwing our whole chance to strengthen. If we sign a striker he won’t sign or will want more ‘assurances’ . Get shot and it ends the whole saga.


Yes mate Arsenal have to end this Theo saga either way. If we have to sell him is there any takers?


Wenger after the match on

On if the squad can cope with so many games…:

”Yes, if we have no injuries. Today we had four players at home, and I didn’t bring on Chamberlain, Coquelin [or] Rosicky. Diaby’s coming back and if we find one or two on the transfer market, then why not.”

petits handbag

To all the Ramsey haters….did you see him trip himself up? Genius at Work


And then he appealed for a penalty. Smart move.


I didn’t say ramsey playee like shit. I was reffering to a clear goal scoring opportunity ramsey had wasted it. Poldi came off the bench and this time he finished his perfectly. In other words, podolski is a goal scorer, ramsey is far off it.


er did you not see podolski miss a chance inside the box….people just love to hate on ramsey


He was offside.


I like poldi more, there I admit it. Through his play and goals he jas given me enough reason to do so….


Had to watch it on the internet because my foxtel was down . I honestly didn’t relise Walcott was still playing , like literally , found out when he hogged the free kicks . Sometimes we say this guy is brilliant , sign the ting and etc etc . And days like these and cant be bothered. He doesn’t deserve to be our highest paid player fooo surre


Not bad considering we played with 10 men…


…or should I make that 9?

Billy Mac

I can’t take all this whinging and moaning, it’s doing my head in. Fact is that Swansea are playing well and are difficult to beat. If I remember correctly, Manure (even with RVP), couldn’t beat them at their place either.

Billy Mac

…and while we’re on the subject, Manure could only draw with WHU yesterday (thanks to an admittedly well-taken goal by RVP). Are they beginning to turn into the one man team Arsenal were last season?


Maybe but how big is their lead in the prem at the moment?

Billy Mac

Must admit he scored a beauty against West Ham but if anything happens to him, I think another team will win the PL this year. Quite possible Man U will trip up anyway as they are really no great shakes this season and they can’t keep making comebacks all season


I have been championing keeping Theo for months despite his up and down form. But today when he brushed his Captain aside to take another shit set-piece I gave up. He is so full of himself now and has stopped playing for the team. So Theo fuck off. You are a snide little cunt. Everyone is bending over backwards to sort you out and you just do what you want. Its all about Theo. Just fuck off. Wanker.


In fairness to him, we evened it up at 1-1 from the corner when he took the ball from Arteta.

I think Walcott has become the designated corner taker on the team. Arteta was considering playing a quick corner, but it wasn’t on and backed up.

But, yes, I will agree that the free kick in the first half wasn’t particularly stellar.

Biggest Arsenal Fan Ever...

Ramsey had a pretty good second half today..and worked his socks off defensively…Walcott was just poor, roaming around thepitch, often he was seen on the left wing with ramsey and gibbswhilesagnaplyed like a frickin’ right winger. Sagna luked a lot better today..while Wilshere was just amazing. Giroud sparked into life at the stt of the second half, before his hamstring pull…

Biggest Arsenal Fan Ever...

And i am confused as to why Wenger isrefusing to play Rosicky…. Is he injured? Or simply nt match fit… Or are Arsenal moving him on…


Im beginning to believe he must be really good company on the bench.

Biggest Arsenal Fan Ever...

Wht is the mystery behind Walcott taking all our free kicks, corners, and delivering such shit ones that the opposite teams are thinking of tactics of nt to keep a wall, and all ten men be ahead..waiting for the goalkeeper to pass the ball when walcott rolls it into him…


Liverpool fans singing “Your support is fucking
shit” to the same club who have left 96 seats empty to honour the Hillsborough dead. You class-less bunch of twats.


Wow, glad I didn’t watch the match (was playing the bootiful game at same time) today as it looks like there would’ve been a 50/50 chance of becoming a moaning twatbuket! Will always love the Arsenal but crikey some of our fans are freaking losing it, let’s just be a tad more rational about our analysis people rather than just saying he’s a cunt, he’s a cunt and oh he’s a cunt too. Let’s spread some gooner love and take our heads out of our bottoms please, at least we support a team that is nearly always guaranteed to entertain… Read more »


If u paying for most expensive season ticket u know why so many people upset .


Well, all the season ticket holders have a choice. They can vote with their feet and walkout. Once you as a fan have decided to support your team by buying a season ticket then show respect to the manager, players and the club. Nobody put a gun on their heads to buy season tickets. I can’t fathom this sense of entitlement just because someone is a season ticket holder as if that gives them a right abuse their own players


Is it me or Theo morphed into THAT guy- the over confident guy who doesn’t know this is a team game and doesn’t have the skills for a direct free kick?

Dial Square

Off topic i know (but on a brighter note) Nuri Sahin, Liverpool trying to cancel his loan contract, lucky escape for us being as he cant get in their midfield !!!On the Walcott situation, can you honestly see Arsene saying “pleeeease stay Theo, i’ll let you take all the free kicks from now on ??? Steve Bould should grab the little twat by his face, lift him clean off the floor, open the door and kick him down the fucking road.
How must Carzorla and Podolski feel taking orders from that little wanker!!!!!


I remember the amount of abuse which was piled on Wenger when we didn’t sign him and he went to Liverpool. God forbid, if he had done well there. We would have had all LEGROVE wankers out here harping on and on about him. It just shows, no matter how good a player one is, buying / loaning a player is always a gamble. Some may work while others may be a success. Just look at Yossi at West Ham. He has been sent back to Chelsea. I remember everyone wanted him signed in the summer. Let us not lose… Read more »

Biggest Arsenal Fan Ever...

Probably because of the music he plays…(little mozart) If you dint get wht i meant….

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