Thursday, December 2, 2021

Wenger hails Gibbs and eyes reinforcements

Arsene Wenger paid tribute to Kieran Gibbs after the left-back’s swashbuckling goal scoring performance against Swansea.

The England international, who recently committed his long-term future to the club, was an attacking threat throughout the game and looked to have given the Gunners a deserved win when he smashed home a fantastic volley with five minutes remaining.

Speaking after the game about the 23-year-old’s development, Wenger reasserted his belief in the Academy graduate’s bright future.

“I felt that we always created chances from midfield. Their keeper kept them in the game and Kieran Gibbs had an outstanding game. He gets better and better. When you see this kind of game, it’s very positive.

Arsenal have a possible six games left in January including the replay with Swansea on the 16th, the rescheduled Boxing Day clash with West Ham on the 23rd, a potential 4th Round FA Cup trip to Brighton on the 26th and the small matter of Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool in the league.

Asked if his squad will be able to cope with the influx of games and whether he’ll dip into the transfer market for reinforcements, the boss continued:

“Yes, if we have no injuries. Today we had four players at home, and I didn’t bring on Chamberlain, Coquelin [or] Rosicky. Diaby’s coming back and if we find one or two on the transfer market, then why not.

Speaking specifically about the possibility of bringing in new faces, Arsene seemed to temper overt excitement about spending Gazidis’ dry powder maintaining the same line he churned out on Thursday.

“Let’s first keep the players we have and maybe add one or two. We lost Chamakh and Djourou now, so there’s some room.”

It’s a bloody tough three weeks ahead – a real make or break period. Fuck up and we could well find ourselves relying on a miraculous Champions League from February. Perform to their collective capabilities and we could well have an exciting climax to the season.

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Rumor mill says Eduardo Vargas is heading to London Colney for a medical tomorrow.


Don’t believe bullshit rumours


Don’t believe bullshit Wenger


I have arrived at a conclusion that your balls took the place of your brains.

Knitted Character

oh yeh? well at least he has vowels in his name


And wikipedia says he signed for Chelsea today. So…..


lies. i just checked Wikipedia and its doesn’t say any thing of such


Your so right 9jagun – amazing. I had no idea who Vargas was so I Wiki’d him, and there lo and behold was an entry saying he transferred to Chelsea today on the 6th for £20 million. And it’s totally gone now. Someone reedited it. If anyone tells me how to go back and look at cached pages I’d be happy to post a screenshot.

Someone caught it and killed it. Guess you can’t cultivate the rumour mill on Wiki. Well done wiki.


@KWD. You are correct. Someone did edit his wiki page and claimed that he signed a five year contract. Here’s the link to the article in wikipedia’s history:

The entry was created on Jan 6th by an anonymous (i.e. IP Address only) user.



why pweple in here sooo fukinfunneh?


Literally can’t wait for these new shiny “one to two” players to come in! Cmon AW get on with it!


We need the new players bloody quickly too….look at the fixtures just for January, its ridiculous:

This is ridiculous…..

13 Jan – Man City (H)

16 Jan – Swansea in the FA Cup replay (H)

20 Jan – Chelsea (A)

23 Jan – West Ham (H) – Make-up game

26 Jan – FA Cup next round if we make it

30 Jan – Liverpool (H)


Any chance Mr Wenger thinks a FIFA 13 stamina cheat will work during January? Perhaps he’s signing one or two more physios.


“Diaby’s coming back…”


…for a game or two, you mean? I’m so very tired of Wenger using Diaby as an excuse not to buy a midfielder. He seems intent on burning out Arteta, Cazorla, and Wilshere.

I’m already feeling a little nauseous in anticipation of Wenger pulling out the, “Walcott has signed and don’t forget we bought Giroud” line just so he can avoid buying the striker we need.

It’s perverse.

U Zee

AW has lost his edge simple…
He’s got the most comfortable job


If I’m being truly honest, I’m hoping Diaby gets a setback until the end of the month so that Wenger realises he can’t rely on him. Call me evil but hey.

49! eat that

Diaby and arsenal are just like a wet dream much as its fun thinking about him being great for arsenal all you are left is you and the your wet sheets in the morning. Aw Gota get out there and find us a middie that can play a string of games

wengers furrowed brows

@bunburyist your absolutely spot on mate. But its about high time someone from the board pulled the line ” Trophy drought is because of such mentality”. But I highly doubt any of those stupid cunts will ever want to question Wenger or want to see Arsenal win trophies. And I blame those hypocrites, who were the supposed guardians of the club but eventually sold their share to this mute american. Those Glazers milked Manutd good but those fuckers still had the common sense to invest money on the players to win trophies. Eg. £24m for Van Persie, who is banging… Read more »


AW has lost his words alreadeh, so he’ll just goin to lie

Lieeeeeeeee TO US!


He can atleast promote eisfeld in this half of the season. That will be as good as a new signing.


How is that? How the fuck would you know? We need proven players. Eisfeld looks like a prospect but has started a handful of senior games, never mind PL games. How would you know if he is ready?


That does not mean, we ain’t signing new players. Atleast he could be used as a substitute fot tired legs of cazorla or wilshere.


So we should treat an Eisfeld, a player thats never played a PL game for us, as a new signing and promote him for the second half of the season. On what basis? Sure why not Gnarby and Ansah as well. What have we to lose ffs


Cazorla could well do with a rest. I mean that early season spark he had just seems to have faded away. The swift turns, intelligent skill on the ball e.t.c. After the chelsea, liverpool, chelsea clashes we will have to rest cazorla, atleast allow the little mozart to take his place as the champs league draws closer.
He could also do with a nice little hair cut in, Arteta should help with this though.


No we should promote Eisfeld instead. if he falls flat on his face and we dont qualify for the CL we can turn on him like Ramsay. I cant believe the number of fucking mongoloids who support our club


Ideally, I’d like to see four new signings: two strikers, one ball-winning central midfielder, and one backup RB. Park and Chamakh are gone after this season anyway. Santos, by his nature, is not a defender. Lack of CDM has been well known. Realistically, however, given Wenger’s track record, we all know that won’t happen. During this January, we will probably get one striker and, maybe, a big maybe, we will get a defender. I would love to see more action from the likes of Eisfield and Gnabry with the first team but I don’t think any of them add much… Read more »


In other words, if we have money to spare, I want Wenger to use that money one way or another–prudently, of course–instead of holding on to it. It is time for us to spend in the on-pitch interest of the football club.


Well what insight. I would suggest our inconsistency comes from the mentality within the club. The players seeing captains wanting to leave every season,and the best players leaving, improving and winning things season on season


Does people not think Wenger is tied by the board? I mean when Wenger had to before the Americans, he did spend and get players in. He hasn’t always been unable to respond to squad weakness. Just more so since the new board. Think a corner is about to be turned though. When it actually can be turned. Wasn’t posssible in past seasons due to the sustainable new stadium plan which was always going to affect the Gunners.


For years I’ve thought Wenger was loyally covering up for Kroenke-Gazidis, but in the last couple of days I’ve read two things that say he’s not: 1. the normally truthful Amy Lawrence in the Guardian; 2., because I still found it hard to believe, the AST last financial summary. To summarise: for some time we’ve had between 50 and 70m sitting around and if we don’t spend it pronto on players we’ll have to lower ticket prices or pay share dividends or drop out of the CL for a bit (seems Wenger might be opting for that one) or find… Read more »


I’m simple-minded about money so I’d assumed that, if you’ve got 254m worth of debt and are making an operating loss, there’s not a lot of spare cash sloshing about. But apparantly in the higher echelons of finance things work differently from the way they do for us ordinary beings. As for Wenger’s remarks about Gibbs being terrific – sure he is – and how we’ll be fine playing a crucial and difficult game every 48 hours just so long as we don’t get any injuries, I just hope it hasn’t escaped his memory that Gibbs is almost as injury-prone… Read more »


Arsene is coy about bringing people in. Why should he tell the media. All we, as fans, can do is pray he brings in two players of super quality (Villa for example) who don’t simply add depth to the squad.


Gibbs was good today, he loves the club and wants to do well for us. He was guilty of snoozing a fair bit during the Newcastle match ( Ba sneaking in at the back post was bad, having initially come accross to mark him ) but he did well today. I still think it’s a good idea to get better cover for the 3-4 months of the season he won’t be available.

His blossoming friendship with Theo is quite timely as well.


I like isco and villa. We need a game changer and excellent finisher

Mate Kiddleton

Both affordable as well, and exceptional players.


Yeah, when I see players go for 132m euro release clauses or PSG swinging for the Real fences, I can’t fault the Arsenal front office. But when I see Holtby for 1.6m or Isco cheap, I have to question not raising Sp*rs or such out of the race. Also, I’d play the tactic of forcing Citeh or Chelski or PSG to outspend us. Let’s say that Isco is going for 15m. We bid 20m. Chelsea has none of that and bids 25m. We counter, Chelsea counters. As long as we have a secret limit to what we consider ridiculous, we… Read more »


Wenger says if we find one or two players in WENGERISM means……one or none I think. “We have diaby coming back?” Shouldn’t that be “after two games we will have diaby going back”. I’m sorry but this by no means spells intent to secure new signings. Talking about injuries, how players didn’t come off the bench e.t.c. We need new signing regardless of injuries e.t.c. Don’t fuck us over Arsene. I was thinking an LB, a DM, and a CF. Now i’m thinking a CF is as good as it gets. Prove me wrong Arsene, I trust you mayne.

jack jack jack

It’s January. Good business in January is notoriously hard. We’d do very well to make one or maybe two quality signings but more of an overhaul will probably have to wait until the summer.


And so the cycle shall continue……

Next summer, top top signings eh which ones?
January again….reinforcements, which ones?.
I want action now, the summer will be too late.

jack jack jack

I agree, I’m just stating the fact that clubs are less willing to let players go mid-season and so it’s tougher to do business. That’s a fact, whether you like it or not.

Hopefully funds being brought forward from the sponsorship deal will be available this January, we should have some cash lying around anyway so hopefully a couple of quality signings will be possible.


All agreed. But really if not this january then the summer surely has to be the last straw and all that……the team needs one or two signings now then perhaps 2 more in the summer coz we are halfway through the season and the squad is just not good enough to push for fourth place let alone win the f.a cup.


U foolish man spend the money and bring in new players useless man u are


easy there, shakespeare.


Heh he does have a way with words.


He will need to sign players preferably three players or we are going to struggle this season.


he’s already signed three players this season and we’re already struggling.


Three was never enough after selling two of our best players.


We’ve got 3 solid strikers… A versatile defender needed. Coquelin and Eisfield to be promoted.


Yeah Coquelin definetly needs promoting. pfft….U mad? he’s already with the first team. If rosicky even can’t get a chance I dont think eisfeld will just walk into the team. I personally would promote him but Wenger’s a different bloke altogether.


Where were your solid strikers today?


I love and respect what arsene has done for our club but I’m fucking sick of this transfer rubbish! “We will only sign quality” and doesn’t, as if there is none out there!

Howedes, Hummels, M’Villa, Yanga-Mbiwa, Villa, Isco, Hamsik, Cavani, Gotze, Lewandowski, Subotic, Jovetic…. Even Falcao! Jeez there bloody tons of players who would not only get into the team but massively improve it!


You’re definitely right in that plenty of players would improve the first team as well as the squad, but if you think we can afford £40m+ Falcao and the other players there who would command a similar fee, I think you’re having a laugh.


It’s all easy saying “they will improve the team”, but a lot of people thought Torres would immediately improve Chelsea too.

Its Peak Out-Here

Only one person thought Torres would immediately improve Chelsea, lets be real.


Falcao would immediately change arsenal for the better. Neymar would immediately change arsenal for the better. What I would give to take a big money chance on a big player, prove we’re still a big club, create a buzz and excite the fans, we mean some serious fucking business. I think if we had taken a chance on quality such as aguero and paid what it took he would have paid his worth and more by now. We should be aiming higher, falcar win the fa cup and carling cup and massive shirt sales and pay some of his crazy… Read more »


@Its Peak Out-Here

A lot of people thought Torres would improve Chelsea. We shouldn’t rewrite history with hindsight.

Maybe a massive £40million signing might’ve made a difference 3 seasons ago, but this season, I think it’s better to spread that resource to 2-3 players rather than just one.

Not that I think it will happen, of course.

jack jack jack

If you’re under the impression that we having the pulling power or the financial muscle of Barcelona and Real Madrid, you are very wrong. Why not throw Messi and Ronaldo in there while you’re at it!


Copy that!

If you were a half decent Prem player with trophy winning aspirations – would you seriously consider joining us?


Coquelin was our best ayer vs spurs and manure last season. He should be the DM.


I’ve always said it. Ever since he broke through last season he has always looked assured on the ball and tenacious off it. As much as I love Arteta I don’t think he’s disciplined enough at times and is prone to wandering a littel too far upfield.


“As much as I love Arteta I don’t think he’s disciplined enough at times and is prone to wandering a little too far upfield.” lol this by no means true. Arteta’s clearly not the fastest but when he’s in the side we look abit more organised and assured in possesion. He sits well infront of the cbs and carrys on with proper ball distribution. Then we have coq, great movement off the ball this lad. I however feel he’s abit reckless with his tackles, and he’s sometimes all over the place plus he does sometimes take the beyond risky pass… Read more »


Don’t know what all the panic is about this month – we’ve had a cracking January already: Gervinho has buggered off to the African Cup of Nations.


I’d feel a little more comfortable if I knew he’d only got a one-way ticket though…………


Arsene said he will only sign if we have any injury before the winter transfer close so don’t expect any new signing. Period


He’s also said (on Saturday) that he’ll have to enter the market if we’re going to make it through the fixture pile-up.

Seems like he’s got a bag of quips like these that he pulls out at random during press conferences!

paulie gooner

Don’t know what game everyone else was watching but I thought we were pretty bad today. It shows how far we have fallen when we go into a game against Swansea as underdogs,we are 6-7 players short of a decent squad,and ever since the Socialist cat has been let out of the bag,we now know who is to blame,not nearly good enough,our defence is a total shambles and we are pretty tedious to watch.


arsenal the once premiership chalengers,you must all se now that spurs are the new 4th place team,we are a way of them,we have 1 world class player in santi,what have you done mr wenger,go get villa and a few more,lets get back to where we belong,if not then fu-k of and leave it to someone else to have a go,you are rapping this clug for profit,remember if you lose the fans you lose everything,dembe ba would have been perfect and cheap,so go get villa and shut us all up


Bla bla bla. Does anyone even really listen to what Arsene says in these interviews. He’s so full of shit, and I don’t mean that as an insult or in a bad way. I understand the media are a bunch of retarded bloodsuckers, why would Arsene give them anything? And why do we read this shit and comment as if what he says has any bearing on what he’s actually thinking? I bet he’s laughing his arse off at the fact that the media thinks he may actually buy a few players. Hahahah


This ain’t Football Manager. Arsene”s Messi comment the other day was aimed at fans like you. Be realistic.

Some of those players would cost 30m, and the rest.

Its Peak Out-Here

Unless we improve drastically this season i’m not sure were gonna get that 4th spot ‘trophy’. Sorry to be pessimistic here, i’m not even talking about transfers, i’m saying the team is lacking some things, cohesion, a solid back line/backbone, creativity in attack. We’ve played some great games already, and are on a good run in the league, but it still worries me, the lack of ‘steel’ in this team. We we’re almost played of the park by Swansea, i was never comfortable at any point in the game, and this happens all too often. I hope Wenger can pull… Read more »


A left might just wait till summer bringing in shaw maybe swap him with santos?Despite what people might say in here I also think cashley would be a great signing despite his past disloyalty would add a lot to the squad if we can stretch our wage structure/ discard of the fat (arshavin, squillaci, diaby( to an extent))

I’d like to see a top quality forward in, can’t believe Arsene had the chance to buy Ba or Giroud in the summer and he chose Giroud though??

Fellaini, M’vila, or Diame as defensive midfielders would also be good to see.

Gunsen gunner

I think the perennial “2-3 players away from challenging for the title” has now become 5-6.Wenger is not a stupid man.He knows the current squad will struggle to get in the top four and is in desperate need of re-inforcements.A Striker,a DM and a tricky winger are a must just to balance the squad,never mind strengthening.


For fuck sake!……what about the abysmal defending!!! What about the complete lack of competence in coaching our back four!!! Will someone fucking do something!!! Fucking shambles….Wenger, there is an elephant in the room!


“It’s a bloody tough three weeks ahead – a real make or break period. Fuck up and we could well find ourselves relying on a miraculous Champions League from February. Perform to their collective capabilities and we could well have an exciting climax to the season”.

Thank f*ck we don’t have two Capital One cup semis as well this month…..


In a perfect FM-themed world, we keep Walcott if he’s willing to fucking follow instructions and keep to the right wing, bring in villa to rotate with Giroud up front, and pick up mbiwa and mvila whose contracts are soon to run out.

Seems reasonable right? Right? …


Reasonable -yes. Possible? No.


I can be the midfielder you want baby I can take away the pain,


I don’t see the appeal in buying david villa, as a 31 year old we can’t rely on his past statistics to predict success in the prem. If in fact we do buy him (highly unlikely in my opinion) a max price of ten mill pounds should be set.


I am just so tired of promises… please stop arséning me!!!


“We LOST Chamakh”.
Ican take it..

49! eat that

If there is anything chamak can give me rigth now is. To tell me wat gel he uses in his. Ha ha ha….


It’s just so frustrating as an arsenal fan to read Wengers transfer window comments.

damien joyce

Please can someone inform me as to why we gave Rosicky a new contract last year. my personal view was that he had earned it by producing some very good displays in a row and becoming an integral part of us finishing 3rd, I thought he thoroughly deserved it too. So he started this season injured….really???? Rosicky?? Anyway, so did JW10 and he came straight back into the team and hasn’t been rested since, Cazorla looks shattered, his national team actually hang around for the final weeks of International Tournaments, and also has never had a season without a winter… Read more »

Chris Dangerfield

Well done Arsenal, enjoyable match.


Have you ever noticed that the “lol” symbol looks like a drowning man? I bet he’s not laughing out loud.

Great discovery there, We should sign players though, Arsene?


Walcott did not improve, Arsenal
dropped their standards to his level #FACT


Should we buy, yes.
Will we ? unlikely
Does any of this surprise me anymore, sadly no.
Fucken annoying


I see Wenger’s come out again with the usual quote about bringing 1/2 players in, followed by how injured payers are coming back.

I wonder how many fans will be left disappointed come 1st of Feb.

Quite a few I expect.

Rad Carrot

Nah, we won’t sign anyone. No-one of note, anyway.

If we did, it’s only because we’re about to sell Walcott. We’re not going to “strengthen” (have we managed to ever strengthen in recent years?) until the Summer.


Whats with this zonal marking Mr Bould, It clearly doesn’t work for us, or for most other teams that have tried it, so give up on it an lets start defending the way we used to when you were playing. Please!


One mistake does not invalidate a tactic. Keown was certainly agreeable to zonal marking. The stats bear out its effectiveness as well.

We can’t make too many conclusions on a few memorable mistakes.

Mohd Isa

I know these are only rumours but if Wenger follows thru and signs promising guys,he is wasting more time and resources.The problem is he thinks he can do wrong but in the eyes of the fans a lot of damage has been done by him. He is a one dimensional exponent.Only one style will do. After leading 2-1,he can’t close down the game to win.Against BM the gunners would have been ruthlessly exposed by a swift counter..Imho,the speed of the gunners attack leaves much to be desired. It’ s too laboured ,ponderous and predictable. As for the defence,I still believe… Read more »


We closed down the match against Wigan, even playing with three centre-backs by the end of the match.

Also, Arsene’s preferred method of playing has changed over the last 14 years.

So who’s really one-dimensional here? I think when we speak in sweeping generalisations, our views tend to merge into a one-dimensional one and obscures all nuances.

It’s never that simple, is it?


Mr Wenger… please shut up about Diaby. You are not fooling anyone!


To be honest I don’t think we need a new striker. Only if Walcott doesn’t sign a contract but I think he will. Giroud up front with Walcott just behind would be a good partnership and would get us the goals we need. What we really need in my opinion is another centre back (M’Biwa) and a midfield enforcer (M’Vila). Zaha would be a very good signing as in a couple if years we could have him on the right and chamberlain on the left. If we got those 3 if be happy and they’d only cost around 20m!


People keep expecting Mr Wenger to sign M’Bergkamp out of nowhere. I think we need some steel to allow for the attacking MF to get on with business. We have little passers but Diaby brought size and muscle, which has sadly returned to the eternal medical center. I respectfully disagree on a striker. We do need someone or perhaps to better fit our current crop. I see Walcott as a right sided threat, and I think Podolski is more suited to trail in and poach Giroud’s rebounds. What we need is someone to offer a true change from Giroud or… Read more »


…one or two reinforcments? was i the only one with my heart in mouth when Giroud was writhing in agony? what would happen if he’s out for 3-4 weeks for instance with citeh, chavs n liverpool coming up? . I shudder.


Why are we always fu8king around on the edge of disaster … Ffs we’re not good enough to compete… Spend some fu8king money bring in villa and m’vila and another centre back and let’s challenge for something… Is it gone that bad we no longer possess any competitive spirt, has arsene just excepted mediocrity.


And stop with this fu8king zonal marking SHITE


Time for AWol to go!

The Loving Hands of Wenger

This makes me sick. Look — it’s obvious Wenger doesn’t give a fuck about the media. The guy, in my opinion, is a genius and he is just tired of all these hacks with lower intelligence levels and their agendas grilling him. He trots out the same lines constantly. He probably knows how the fans will react. He shouldn’t give these lines again and again, but he just gets his head down and works and just shoulders all the pressure that comes towards our football club. That said — in Wenger’s defence — I have to say that as a… Read more »


Spot on mate spot fucking on.
Sign m’Villa and David Villa

Rectum Spectrum

Wenger said giroud was to work with van persie, not replace him. Then van persie left. So we still have to replace van persie. Theo signing obviously would have nothing to do with that.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Who’s Wenger going to sign? A couple of 19 year olds from League 1?


I hope Gervinho gets some seriously bad news today and never plays football again.

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