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Bendtner to return as injury finishes his season

Nicklas Bendtner will return to Arsenal after the groin injury he picked up has turned out to be much more serious than first thought.

The Danish striker, who was due to spend the season on loan at Juventus, tore abductor muscles and had surgery in mid-December. Initially, it was thought that he would return in March but such is the extent of the damage he’s now been ruled out for the rest of the season.

Bendtner spent the season before last on loan at Sunderland, scoring 8 goals and running over 19 cars with Lee Cattermole, before joining Juventus on deadline day last August.

The move was always destined to fail, simply because of the Charles Aznavour turtleneck he sported on his arrival in Turin. Arseblog News would have recommended a casual shirt, perhaps with two buttons undone and, if he was feeling a bit saucy, some kind of understated medallion, but no, he had to go full 70s porn star on it.

Still, at least we’ll have The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived back at the club to offer advice to those less talented. There’s hope for Theo Walcott yet.

Thanks to Mads for the tip-off

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Oh dear God…

Why us?

Bendt it like Bendtner .... 's groin

What are you harping on about?

He’ll be alright within a week or two, allowing him to lead us to nick all trophies in a daring 0-0-1 formation.

Gooner UP

What an embarrassment he is.





Bendt it like Bendtner ... 's groin


Like A New Arsenal
It’s that momentous his coming


That’s right.

For Wenger, it’s perfect timing. He has both Diaby and now Bendtner as excuses not to strengthen the squad. “We have Diaby returning for a game or two, and don’t forget we have Bendtner as well, so only if I find exceptional players blah blah blah…”


Arsenal FC is like a good nursing home for some with The Greatest Medical Team That Ever Lived and social care.
I hope there is The Greatest Psychologist That Ever Lived also.


I’d quite like to see him play again.


So would I. For someone else.


Ha classic pic…someone really should have had a word.

Confident for today. Another rollercoaster would be nice, Provided we stay on track


What a complete prick!

He seems hellbent on matching Adebarndoor for stupidity, I wonder who will take the prize for being the biggest cunt when they retire?

At least Adebarndoor is off our wage bill, we can’ t give this twat away!


I hope Juve continue paying his wages until the end of the loan period.

santi's panties

Like A Nother Salary on payroll


Just to clarify how the loan system works. when a player is loaned abroad a fee is paid up front that includes the players wages. Sometimes the up front fee is larger than the players wages. This is to avoid tax issues. if a player joins a uk club on loan they usually pay the wages however sometimes an arrangement is made for both clubs to pay a % and also a fee can be involved.


Sorry i fell asleep halfway through…


Arsene must be getting a lot of sleep then


Yup. That’s exactly what the FM rule book says. Thanks mate. Now back to you little game.


He’s like an elongated David Bentley.


I assume we get lumbered with paying his wages again?


Can do nothing but boost moral to have a player of his exceptional quality in and around the team……oh…


so is he the Top Top Talent Arsene was refering all along?


Ah so this is why we are not signing a new striker..Can’t blame Arsene..Its difficult task to find a more ‘exceptional’ striker than the greatest striker that ever lived


He never had fire in him now i guess he never would.

Mark the spark

He’s still better than the Mekon even with a season long injury!


He was to good for juve anyway…..


Dresses like porn star.

Gets groin injury.





Is it me or has he aged 15 years during his loan spell? and developed his quirky fashion sense further. Wow pink boots, to branded underwear to that.


This guy is far more frustrating that Theo will ever be, purely because he’s never anonymous. This would be a good thing if 90% of the time, he wasn’t absolute shit, and then 10% of the time score vital goals, like his header against Hull City.


Great..another injured crock on the wage bill..


1. Sorry for caps
2. This isn’t about wheter or not I support Wenger, but…



Falcao is exceptional. Cristiano Ronaldo is exceptional. Messi is exceptional.

Bendtner would never allow anyone to describe him as merely exceptional.


I forgot, to add that this is the greatest striker that ever lived.
(Sarcasm, or honesty, whichever Blogs chooses)

Also, theyre world elite.

Cazorla is exceptional. Say what you will, but there is another class between, e.g Iniesta and Cazorla, albeit a small one.


Bendtner likes to be described as bendtastic or bendtceptional. A word he created when he left the womb of his Virgin mother ( so he says ) when he realised that he was TGHTEL.

He is the greatest human that ever lived and he is back at arsenal!


Bendtner isn’t back at Arsenal…Arsenal is back at Bendtner.


Except for his mum… Oh wait…


Oh noooo

5pur2 dr00L

Soooooooooo any idea when this guy’s contract is over? He’s like a tick that won’t die!


Does this mean the return of the mick Bendtner show?!


Lasagna. That’s the only positive that I can see from him coming back.
Every cloud has a silver lining.


I swear the first thing that sprang to mind when I read this is the possible return of the Mick Bendtner Show.

Also Bloggs: please bring Internet Joe Back.


Well, no need to buy a ned striker now..




You had it right the first time.


Finally, the Raleigh chopper has arrived.



Also bring back Internet Joe. He has had a terrible time this season but still, i miss him. (Internet Joe, not Bendtner)


is it too desperate to call him a new signing for the Summer, ye il get my coat


Gormless waste of wages and squad space.

He is everything that is wrong with the modern footballer.

Nick will you just seriously fuck off for good, take the rest of the overpaid dead wood with you.


When the books are written about the Wenger era, this man’s name will be prominent. He sums up everything that has been wrong with the club over the last seven years.


don’t mind my name but wenger is the biggest CUNT and WANKER in the world.Just incase you didn’t know noone will be signed this January so as to maintain his £7m per year salary


Ok, this is not gonna go down well, but… Did he slag off the arsenal or teammates? If he did, then fair enough to the abuse, but if not, then he’s basically an over-confident footballer without the skills to back up that confidence. He was bought and paid a high salary, and was expected to play with the skills he never had, which made him look far worse than if his limitations had been understood and played to. If he’d played for a Stoke (retches) then he’d be a 15 goal a season player. I want him off the wage… Read more »


Yes, he did slag off Arsenal. I remember him saying he would never, ever come near the club again.


oh – if he did slag off arsenal I didn’t know.

if he did and the quote wasn’t taken out of context (ie “I ain’t gonna play for them because they actually don’t want to play me, and have even taken away my locker keys, because I’m actually as skilful with the ball as a wardrobe”) then fair enough – slag off the arsenal and you’re a cunt.

Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle

Quote from Sept 2010: ‘I will never go back to Arsenal’, Bendtner said. ‘If I can have it my way, I will never play for them again.’ ‘After my car accident I never really got the chance to earn a spot in the first team,’ said Bendtner. ‘That is over one-and-a-half years with no real chance to prove myself. I am really looking forward to playing for Sunderland and then we will see next summer. I will find a new club – but I will not go back to Arsenal, that’s for sure.’ TGCTEL – I’ll let you decide for… Read more »

Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle

Ok, actually there are two options for the c-word. (Think male and female genitalia if you’re not with me).

Either way, would be great for his porn star career!




i kid, i kid – he’s costly


just lets have a minute silence for those who had jonathan walter in their fantasy league.

Perfectly Normal Gooner

Could somebody at Arseblog please put the morons on the Arseblog Facebook page into place? Their stupidity is really starting to grind my gears.

Also, lol Bendtner.

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Bring back niklaus bendtner I say!!! DOH!!!!


Returns to Arsenal … The well known London haven for the underachieving and the perpetually injured. I’m surprised Joe Cole isn’t our Patron.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

So as one very average striker returns injured, another who we sold, who spent 75% of his time with us injured scores again.

For the many who say we need to forget that traitorous Dutch scum bag, don’t you realise we can’t?

Unless we replace him, we can’t.

We’ve always just about been able to get away with selling our best players but when you sell 30 goals and don’t replace them, you’re fucked. Simple.


Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud have more goals together than Van Pussy…….replaced.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Yep, taking 3 players to do it makes perfect sense.


TGSTEL = LANS of the year 2013!


A lot of comments have only 1 thumbs down. Is it possible that Prick Bendtner is reading this?

chamakh's barber

Tgstel is a good substitute for heskey / norris jokes

Bendter ego's ego

New signing, Diaby then Mr. Universe
We on a roll son


“The move was always destined to fail, simply because of the Charles Aznavour turtleneck he sported on his arrival in Turin. Arseblog News would have recommended a casual shirt, perhaps with two buttons undone and, if he was feeling a bit saucy, some kind of understated medallion, but no, he had to go full 70s porn star on it.”

Excellent writing – this is just fall over funny – well played Sir.

Arshavin's Moobs

Diaby is starting! *rubs eyes in disbelievement*


ten men in 09min

*_* blank….


where the hell is tomas rosicky…..should b in the sqaud


Seems to be a tradition to bribe the referee in manchester. On both sides of the shitty manchester.


A mess of our own making, I’m afraid……..AGAIN. Oh, and Loic Remy has now joined Newcastle as he apparently wasn’t EXCEPTIONAL enough.


there is players available everywhere..


its over brad.. its over..

rather sleep now…


Funny….I have always said: “Never trust a man wearing a turtleneck.” I think that what might have been regarded as a silly idea has been confirmed.

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