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Bergkamp confident of ‘fantastic’ British future

Dennis Bergkamp says he’s confident that Arsenal can progress to the 4th round of the FA Cup, and that Arsenal’s future looks bright with the emergence of a talented group of British players.

Speaking to FA TV, the Dutch legend spoke about the likes of Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Kieran Gibbs, Carl Jenkinson and Aaron Ramsey, all of whom have signed new deals (without any fuss) in recent weeks.

“Well, it’s fantastic,” said Bergkamp. “It’s fantastic for Arsenal and for English football as well, that you can keep those players in your country and playing for the first team.

“I think that was the complaint all the time, when I played there anyway, there were too many foreigners and that it kept back the young players from coming through the system and into the first team.

“But this is a different thing, you’ve got an English club with a lot of young English talents committing themselves to the club. It’s just a matter of getting it all in the right place and you’ve got a fantastic future there.”

And on tomorrow night’s crucial FA Cup third round replay with Swansea, Dennis reckons if the Gunners can overcome the weight of expectation, they should go through.

“Looking back and playing a difficult away game, you get a result, then you can take them back.

“The problem now of course is that we’ve got them at home and we’ve got to beat them, but if you get through that thought there’s a big chance they can go further.”

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Just come back please

49! eat that

Right on from the master and before I forget I had always heard of the Mona Lisa till I saw the that beauty Denis scored against Newcastle. Ooooww just had chills down my spine.

matt senior

He’s right. How many of us lamented the day we didn’t have an Englishman in the team? Johnny foreigner stealing their jobs and all that…. We’d kill for anyone right now. Regardless of their origin. That’s progress ladies and gentlemen.


Hush, just come back, you complete Arsenal.

Rad Carrot

Totally agree with God, we’ve got a fantastic future.

It’s the fucking present I’m worried about.

New Guy

I wonder what he thinks about all that Daniel Day Lewis blasphemy in today’s blog.

Gunnersaurus Rex

If Bergkamp is the answer what is the question?

The Dude

There is no question, only Bergkamp.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

‘who is the best no. 10 of all fucking time? ‘?

Definatly not William Gallas

Ooh, you will always be
The number 10 for me




Who is the love child of Jesus and Buddha?


Bergkamp is both the answer and the question.
Bergkamp also provides the context in which the answer and question can exist.

Malaysian Gooner

If he can get over that fear of flying, it’d be great if he could be involved in the club in some managerial capacity one day.

Remarkable player and the education at Ajax has made him a great coach as well.


Before I’d even read the article I’d come to the conclusion I agree entirely with everything Dennis has and ever will say.
And to see him refer to Arsenal as ‘we’ gave me a chubby.


Totally, 100% agree.


Clicked on the page cause it mentioned “Bergkamp”


Dennis saw all that he had predicted, and it was very good.


I love how he still say’s “we’ve”


Love how he says ‘we’.


I love that he still says “we’ve”.

Big Dave

Don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve said before, I think we should seriously think about getting De Boer and Bergkamp at Arsenal next season… managing, not playing (although…)


De Boer is a cunt for what he did to Ljungberg but God can come whenever he wants. And I pray every day that one day, he will.


Compared to some of the absolute dog shitshit we have on the books thesethese days, I would actually play both 40 somethings. They couldn’t be any worse.


The Iceman! The sole reason why i started supporting Arsenal! oh and this.


Its even better with this commentary


…. This is the word of God….


Bergkamp. The guy who made me fall in love with Arsenal…

And Robert Pires.

Simao Segunda

Bergkamp made you fall in love with Robert Pires?


Consequently, yes.

Judgement day (once more)

Every time this man speaks I weep softly. Football would just be another sport to me if it wasn´t for this Dutch master.

It´s yin & yang when you think about it. Two dutch players, one is a horrible cunt and the other is the master of life, universe and everything. You need a balance right..?

A Twat With a Keyboard

There is a word that is used to often and sparingly, not for this man though…


Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle

Whoever thumbs downed this comment will forever burn in the depths of hell.

Dennis says so.

Kabiru musa

No trophies for Arsenal and no good players!

Goon Goon Goon

God has spoken (cue heavenly choir)


So many people on here compare God and Bergkamp … Why? I mean, he’s good, but he’s not Bergkamp….

Judgement day (once more)

God would never even TRY the flick past the Newcastle player.

That be the different, yay..

Arsenal Rising

What I want to know is….. Did Arsrblog watch Gangs of New York last night???


The legend has spoken!!!Denis Bergkamp!!!and I love that “We”!!Gunner for life!!


surely we targetting some player somewhere????


I miss him so much


I think AWs lack of transfer activity comes from his thinking about the squad. Upfront he has Giroud with Walcott and Podolski as back up, those two can also play outwide. Additionally, on the wings he has the OX, Gervinho and the possibility to include Rosicky and Santos if needed. In the AM position he has Carthola backed up by Rosicky with the ability to include the Ox, Arteta, Wilshire. The two central midfield positions are for Wilshire and Arteta with Diaby, Ramsey and Coq. as back ups. he has 4 full backs, two each side, and five central defenders.… Read more »

Arsenal Tea Lady

You miss the point Mr Gaw…..these players aren’t good enough.


My point is that AW does think they are good enough and is likely thinking the team needs more time instead of major surgery. Personally, I agree the team has not had alot of time although Arsenal overall has had a long rebuilding. Also, I agree the players are not good enough, they lack creativity and presence,

A Chinese Football Expert

I am starting to think The Club and AW have agreed to part ways at the end of the season and want to give the new man one of those ‘war chests’ full of money to spend. Arsene probably thinks he can still get 4th, maybe adding someone like Diame for a couple of million but no one else will come. In my mind I’m awaiting the dramatic announcement the Guardiola has shunned City, united and Chelsea to become our new boss, however the reality is this board will bring back Don Howe to work alongside Stuart Houston.


If he feels they are all that good, why hasn’t wenger rotated his midfielders? It’s as if he doesn’t trust some of them. Why not buy one or two?


In the beginning, there was darkness…and Dennis said “let there be light”….and there was light.


I miss old Dennis

Fucking legend.

Fook Yu

Fook me, thats good to hear. Now come back.


Dennis bergkamp, thierry henry, robert pires and patrick vierra.. They were players that were/is heart and soul arsenal players. Players like that is what we need in our midfield and forward line-up.. I can only name 1 (wilshere) maybe 2 (ox). But that is what we lack.. That fighting spirit.. I wasn’t routing for arsenal sunday, only for jack wilshere.. Fucking fighter that lad.. Love you jack.. Love that you love the Arsenal as much as me.. Sometimes wish i was on that pitch to fight with you for our club.. For the pride of the cannon we wear on… Read more »

Rectum Spectrum

they loved the club and they won with the club – they were surrounded by fierce competitive men. If we had just one of them in their prime today, they’d be disillusioned and frustrated with the lack of quality around them and end up leaving.


Big hint from God looks like brighton in the cup. My depression is slowly drifting away. Thankyou God


I am actually forbidden by my religious views from disagreeing with anything Bergkamp says. So I still think we need more players, but everything’s gonna be ok. God said so.


Another English player they could add to make us stronger would be Zaha. It’s the first real transfer news I actually believe. He is a fan of the club and will be given much more game time, far more than if he joins the red cunts!


Even former Arsenal players seem to be sitting on different sides of the fence nowadays, u have the bergkamps who are with Arsenal till death and then uve got them, the ones who are always on talksport and MOTD


Who do you mean, Lobster? Some people are just media whores but most of the ex players I’ve seen do still seem to love the club.

Making a critical comment about a bad player decision or management decision isn’t the same as having a problem with the club.

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Bring back Dennis bergkamp I say!!!


I absolutely love the shit out of dennis bergkamp. My love for this guy cannot even be put into words. Let me just stop here.


One of my favourite “lesser known” goals from Dennis – against Sunderland away, might have been in one of the cups…we were in the yellow and navy away with Sega as the sponsor…corner of the box, slightly outside it, drag-back/pirouette away from the defender, opens up body, curls one in to the far top corner..all so quick and so brilliant…

when will we see another player who can do that in an Arsenal jersey.. *sighs*



Rectum Spectrum

seeing him talking about the club….it’s like when you split from your bird and a few weeks later you forgot to wash your favourite jeans, and you’re wearing those shoes that look like corrective ones and that crap baggy ‘stone roses’ t shirt and you have a spot on your forehead the size of a football, and you’ve just left mc donalds and you have red sauce on your jacket. and then you walk past your ex and she looks fucking gorgeous and you feel like a dick. thats what its like knowing people like denis bergkamp are there, watching… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I wish my old Stone Roses T shirt was still baggy, it’s more skinny fit tight nowadays.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Oh the good ol’ days, and the future ones that will hopefully come.

*weeps softly rocking back and fourth in the corner of a dark room*

Adam H

According to Ian Wright, Bergkamp wanted to be in a coaching role but Wenger said no. ANOTHER bad decision by Wenger in his massive list of bizarre and downright fucking annoying decisions in the last 8 years..I can’t take this anymore my heart is going to fail soon..BERGKAMP you Legend please come back to us we need you! :((


The Iceman cometh!
What a man


Do you remember that day he signed for us, i was about 13 and to this day i have never been as excited at a new Arsenal signing. Even the Arsenal players at the time where so massively hyped, and it showed in their performances. I just wish that we could have that feeling of optimism from a new signing again. It would give the fans a massive boost, the players a sense of rejuvenation and would get everyone off the Managers back. Come to think of it- Its a fucking no-brainer!


And remember – it was Bruce Rioch that got him in – with a little help from DD.
Rioch went on to call Bergy and Wrighty his ‘terrible twins’.


There is a similarity between our two greatest forwards of the the modern era:

Bergkamp – regarded as a flop at Inter, signs for Arsenal and becomes a legend.

Henry – struggling with Juventus, signs for Arsenal and becomes a legend.

So the pattern is to find a forward struggling to make an impact in Italy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…Nicklas Bendtner.

I think my theory needs some work.

the only sam is nelson

Gervinho… legend at Lille, struggling at Arsena.. no, wait, how does it work again?

The Law

God still refers to Arsenal as “we”…. Fucking legend!


MESSAGE TO Mr. D Bergkamp: the next time I feel like gouging my eyeballs out with a rusted nail after yet another pathetic performance by the 2012-2013 squad, I am going to watch YouTube clips of Arsenal’s best #10 ever, to lift my spirits. After Le Nutty Professor leaves in June, why not come back and help us rebuild?

QUESTION FOR Mr. D Bergkamp: how is it possible that you and that back-stabbing twat-faced cock-gobbling money-grabbing rapist-traitor now playing for ManUre, and yourself, possibly come from the same country?


Calling RvP a rapist…congratulations on being more of a cunt than he is.


Please stop being so morally righteous, that absolute piece of shit doesn’t deserve it. Call him anything you want, he’s probably saying that all the Arsenal fans are rapists and peadophiles so he can justify stabbing us in the back.


I’m not saying that RVP is a rapist, but after all of the bad luck and backstabs we have had I am seriously considering the fact that we might have been cursed because we defended him if he did do it. I always defended him to the hilt, basically because I saw real potential, and I know that I shielded him from criticism when really I should have been seeing that he just wasn’t very good. I feel that we have been cursed to have players that think they are bigger than the club, and he was cursed with the… Read more »


“…I am seriously considering the fact that we might have been cursed because we defended him if he did do it.” Superstitious bullshit. “It isn’t right that my son is afraid to go to school because of all the united ‘fans’ who attack him and use RVP to rub it in…” Irrelevant. I had to go to school with a load of West Ham fans who spent years going on about Trevor Fucking Brooking’s fucking header. Kids are little shits to each other, I know that I was. “…I really feel that we should stop defending him from insults like… Read more »


DoubleDoubleDouble I couldn’t agree with you more. Well said.


You know what I call him? The biggest transfer fuck up of all time. How do you sell the best cf in Europe to Manchester united?


we are all hoping that the next era of Arsenal contains players from our academy spliced with top quality additions from around the globe. This is the next Wenger project that is currently underway (deadwood still needs moving out etc etc, wages disparity is being addressed etc etc). But what i really want to see is players being signed that are of better quality than the likes of Gervinho, Giroud, Ramsey, Santos. Players that are exciting and that are worth the entrance fee on their own! Throughout the years Arsenal have always had players that i’d pay to watch. Rocastle… Read more »


thanx fellow gunners,I am honoured.I will be back.

Rectum Spectrum

“My plan is to keep all of the players we have and then to add maybe, if possible, two new players to the squad. We will spend big (again) because we had restricted finances because we had built the stadium and had to pay that back,” Wenger said in an interview with Al Jazeera Sport recorded before the City defeat and broadcast on Talksport this morning. “You look at any club who has done that, and they have gone down (in performance). “We stayed at the top level, yes without winning the Premier League, but we were always at the… Read more »


It was from an Al Jazeera interview given in December.

ladyarse has the full interview.

Rectum Spectrum

haha, fuck. well that just backs up a comment i made a few days ago about the evolution of wengers transfer ‘resolve’ the closer you get to the actual window. comments like this come out in december. in jan you get ‘i like what we have here’…..


Here’s the link:

Wenger mentions that it is December quite near the end, in response to questions about what his favourite, and least favourite, things that have happened this month.

It’s an odd interview, as the interviewer sounds like he’s never done it before – presumably they would retape the questions, or use Wenger’s quote in print.

Apologies to arseblog for linking another site.


When will we see another player like him?


when do we play united again?

Paul Wallis

Love how when referring to Arsenal he uses “we”. Once a Gooner, always a Gooner! The man was and is a legend, the greatest ever to wear an Arsenal shirt and I hope we see him back one day!!

igor stepanovs

i love him so fucking much.

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