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Frustrated Wenger laments timidity

Arsene Wenger feels his side were too timid from the off against Manchester City even though Laurent Koscielny’s early red card left the Gunners fighting an uphill battle against the champions.

Although the French centre-back received his marching orders after just 8 minutes Roberto Mancini’s side had already set the tempo at the Emirates with a fluid attacking display.

Speaking to the media after the game the boss paid lip service to his side’s nervousness in the face of battle:

“Overall we started too timidly, with not enough authority in a game like that, and we allowed them to dictate from the start. We paid very early from it.

“We didn’t start with enough confidence or enough authority. When you play at home in a game like this you have to dictate your personality, which we did not do, especially defensively.

“After that, we played 80 minutes with 10 against 11 against a good team, and it’s difficult. But then again, on both of goals I think we could have done better.

“It’s frustrating because the team afterwards showed great heart, gave everything and showed great desire, but we’re a bit too nervous to play in a serene way at home and that shows in the way we start the games.”

Asked if he was annoyed with his side for failing to put the opposition on the back foot from the off, Arsene continued:

“It’s not anger because the players want to do well. It’s just the fact that we need to be a bit more confident in this kind of game. We want to do so well that we are a bit up tight. It’s not anger, it’s frustration that you do not see from the start what this team is capable of.

“Afterwards, you make it basically difficult for yourselves at 2-0 down with 10 against 11, it’s massive. If we had taken 100 per cent of our chances we’d still have come back. Giroud had a header, Walcott had a chance. If we’d put it in, maybe. But it’s too difficult.”

Arseblog News would love to insert some witty quip reflecting on the above, but it’s a cold, grey, Monday morning in January the day after another shitty defeat. Perhaps you might do the honours in the comment section…

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For selection of timid players see timid manager… would take this comment seriously if my immediate reaction wasn’t ‘that’s hypocritical’.

From his contradictory comments on transfers, always refusing to admit ‘we weren’t good enough, we showed good mental strength’ etc, and his seeming inability/naivety in never changing our tactics, it’s not inspiring at the moment.

The worst thing is every time I read a Wenger comment nowadays, all I think is meh, here he goes again. Same old.

Fergie the Gooner

In the match I thought Wenger was a bit timid as well, he was animated and visible on the touchline for the first eight minutes, but disappeared after that like he accepted our fate (admittedly I felt the same at the time). Mancini on the other hand was on the touch line for most of the game giving his players stick for not putting us to the sword and making it 3 or 4 – nil. I’d have liked to have seen similar passion from our bench. If ever there was a case for getting a few fresh faces into… Read more »


Spot on Fergie.


Both DB and Fergie are spot on.

What’s more irritating than his nonsense peddling is the fact that he is so predictable.

How many of us knew he’d drop Mertesacker for Koscielny again for a big game.

How many of us and more worryingly, how many managers out there predict week in week out when his substitutions will be made? We know which players he’ll bring on and when he’ll do it. Tragically, we even know which players will come on and that said player will then be played out of position.


What I can’t believe is that Wenger did the EXACT same thing which in my opinion cost us the Chelsea game: Koscielny in for Mertesacker and that stupid, f*cking false 9 bullshit or whatever they call it these days. It’s so freakin’ obvious that we NEED a target man to lead the line going forward, in particular against top sides. Walcott has one strength as a striker and that’s his pace, getting behind the defence and such, but is he that much faster than Kompany? Him and Nastasic had him in their pockets. Fair play to Walcott, he did very… Read more »


I live in australia and stopped watching after the 12th minute. Because this team is more predictable than wengers fucking tactics and his transfer market speech about exceptional quality. I swear he has that speech written down in his pocket and brings out whenever there is pressure from the crowd to sign players. Which is always, because this team is fucking lightweight right now and i cant believe noone has the minerals to tell arsene wenger face to face “YOUR FUCKING UP MATE”


Wow, Frustrated wenger? i have just read although i am skeptical, that QPR have just signed Loic Remy & Yann Mvilla for 15 million pounds?

If that is the case wenger, you sure as fuck wont be the only one who is frustrated.

Gunnersaurus Rex

Me: What you have to say about your presence in the transfer market?
AW: Timid

Sol goodman

We were as timid as a kitten laying on his back off his tiny face on Valium, I’d rather see a doberman on crack…. or a badger on heroin….just cuz i’d like to see that.


I was relieved that Wenger didn’t blame the sending off for the result, but I’m not sure that attacking the players for looking jaded, clueless and demoralised is much better. The truth is, apart from against an exhausted Newcastle, we’ve looked like that for most of the season. If the players are tired, it’s because Wenger has refused to rotate them and refused to have a strong enough squad; if they’re clueless and demoralised it’s because his coaching is failing to instruct and inspire them. As for Koscielny’s bear-hug, of course it’s normally a penalty and often a red in… Read more »

Andrew Morgan

Dzeko was through on goal and brought down. Not jostling for a corner. It was a definite red and definite penalty.


this tiredness argument is getting really tired. these guys are treated better than racehorses and are amazingly fit. they get to play on perfect surfaces most weeks and i don’t see the problem with somebody in their twenties playing 2-3 games a week for 9 months of the year. the way i see it the problem is more with motivation than anything physical that could be going on. vermaelen played like a buffoon yet again. he makes all the wrong decisions and so does gibbs. i can’t see any evidence of defensive coaching in that team at all. what exactly… Read more »


@Andy, I thought Vermaelen played well yesterday, actually. He and Jack were our outstanding performers. Also, I don’t buy your argument about fitness. Yes, they’re young, yes, they have access to state-of-the-art conditioning, and yes, they play on lovely pitches, but so it is with most teams playing at the top level of the game. The margins of difference are in fact made up by things like squad quality and fatigue. Games in September and games in May have a different look to them, and ask any marathon runner what it would be like to race three times in one… Read more »

Dog Eat Arse

Bunburyist Verm gave away yet another goal by switching completely off as he does in every fucking game. Those concentration lapses are costing us points and goals and he is a big reason why our defence is shit. Just because he was ok in the second half doesn’t excuse the first half sloppiness. I bet Bould ripped in to him at half time, hence the improvement, and told him a thing or two about the pride to captain Arsenal. Something i haven’t seen so far from him. Verm and Kos are complete and utter rubish so far this season and… Read more »


@Dog Eat Fair enough about Vermaelen. Perhaps I let the second half weigh on my judgement more than it should. However, I don’t think it’s right to say that Vermaelen and Koscielny were the only ones who cost us the game. As a team, we were terrible. Diaby lost possession countless times, Walcott refused to help bring the ball out of midfield (and was useless whenever a chance came his way), Cazorla looked completely knackered, etc. The thing is, I’m not blaming them. There’s a reason they’re out on the pitch in the first place, and that’s Wenger. No way… Read more »

Dog Eat Arse

Sure Walcott was useless and Diaby had a torrid game but Walcott are played out of position, he is no lone striker, and Diaby has just come back from injury. But I wont blame them. Thats all Wengers fault and he should pay the price for his mismanagement this season. Kos gave away the penalty and worst of all got sent off inside 10 min for one of the more stupid bearhugs I have ever seen. He is the biggest reason we lost the game but I didn’t see Verm taking his responsibility and lead the team. He lost focus,… Read more »

Dog Eat Arse

Sorry Bunburyist I wrote, basically, just as you as I got caught up a bit by having a great conversation!


If wenger wants an aggressive mindset that is what he should impart to his players. If he can’t do that he has failed as a manager.

Mark Flatts' Flat

Wenger you selected the line up! You selected an attacking centre mid to play to play DM when you had a young combative,eager to impress player in Coquelin available to you!

Please stop your deluded remarks, you are making a mockery of your Legacy and our club by the day.



I lament not paying 25 for Felliani and 10 for Michu, and I still lament not paying 10 for Dempsey and Berbatov .

Mate Kiddleton

My god we could’ve done with Berbatov – skillful, good finisher, can lead the line by himself – imagine him playing off Cazorla

Rectum Spectrum

Arsenal summer 2012: ‘We have signed Podolski and Giroud to compliment RVP, not to replace.’

So basically 6 months later, in the 2nd transfer window since his departure, we still have not replaced one of the best strikers to play in the world. Djourou, Chamackh, Arshavin all now rendered uselss to the team in one shape or form. No replacements.

It’s getting a bit ridiculous.

Con Fucius

Dear Rectum Spectrum,

I’m sure both Podolski and Giroud complimented RVP upon their arrival, the dutch bastard just didn’t stick around enough for them to complement him as well. Also, there are 17 days left in the transfer window. Postpone panic and despair, have a cup of tea.


Gunnersaurus Rex

I now have stopped blaming you know who for leaving us. How can he be held responsible for the shit act we displayed yesterday?

Jams N Roses

Con Fucius,
No. No. And no.
14 days into the window and no purchases means 3 games where we could have had a better team, deeper squad.
To wait until the second half of a transfer window shows we don’t know who we want (in anyone) or can’t bring them in (because we are sh*te).
I’m at a loss with it.
I’m hoping I have something else I can’t postpone for next weekend so I don’t have to sit through the spanking Chelsea are gonna give us.
In Wenger We Rust.


Con Fucius: He didn’t stick around, because Giroud and Podolski are not the players to compliment one of the best players in the world. People love to blame Robin for thinking like a big part of the fans do. Wenger’s lack of action in the transfer market, as well as his recurring mistakes like the defensive failures (are we really still talking about how our defense is not stable enough after 5 seasons?) are a usual topic on Arsenal forums, yet people still blame Robin for thinking the same.


There are 360,846 days left in this millennium. Have patience.


I seem to recall that at the AGM with the shareholders, Wenger admitted that Podolski and Giroud were indeed brought in to replace Van Persie, not to compliment him. Of course, I could have the wrong end of the stick, but the distinct impression that I have taken away is that we were misled.


Nonsense, Wenger knew RVP was going and anybody who watched RVP’s interview at the end of his last game for us knew he was leaving. It was always obvious. It was usual Wenger gibberish. Would either of those two players have joined us if they had known RVP was leaving?


This club, despite all the shiny new stadium and what esle the CEO, the chairman and the manager claims about, is now rotting and in decline. “Custodians” have used it as a cash cow, made millions and walked away. there is ongoing mantra that we don’t need outside investment but they are happy to bleed us with the most expense match day experience (and alienate future supporters by doing so) without giving us anything back. There is at least a full team of players who have contributed fuck all this season/last season (for most of them) Fabianski, Squalacci, Djourou, Santos,… Read more »


Good call on how none of our ex players want to work for us. That’s a strange one, ominously reminiscent of how all the managerial/boardroom-related staff who were there during Blackburn’s glory years left them, albeit at a much faster pace than with Arsenal.


thierry henry?

Mark Flatts' Flat

It’s not getting ridiculous….. it is.

The sad thing is he will not walk. Who would walk away from a job paying £7million a year, with no accountability?


For a start, Stamp your authority and prevent theo from playing Centre forward. It was really frustrating watching him hide all game, decieving us with his “runs” which were all not intelligent.


Also, I was screaming at the game yesterday (for many reasons) – why the hell does he let Theo take set pieces. Basic coaching is surely to step in when someone incapable is taking your freekicks?! Drives me bonkers. Theo seems to think he’s the second coming of Thierry lately. Completely agree with Fergie the Gooner as well. Would’ve liked to at least see Wenger out on the touchline for once. Is it just me or would noone else be surprised to hear we never train at how to play with 10 men? In the first half after 6 minutes… Read more »


I wouldn’t be surprised to hear we don’t train at all. Do we have any other tactics? The whole system needs to change, it’s not all about the players, there is nothing wrong with Cazorla, Podolski etc, they are amazing players, they are just part of a system which only clicks one game out of ten.

LegoMan Arteta

The reason that Theo is taking free kicks/corners is to massage his ego. Arsene is trying to do anything in order for him to sign a new contract, at the expense of the team. In the Swansea game, late on, Arteta was ready to take a corner, and Theo jogged over to take it instead. Arteta, captain for the day, should have told him to fuck off. But there isn’t anyone strong enough in this team to make the correct decisions (look at Vermaelen’s behaviour yesterday that led to the goal). Something has got to change, but it won’t when… Read more »


Said thing about all this is we are yet to go into the transfer market 14 days gone with just 16 to go at this point wengers past is starting to get my scared anyone remember this “We will work on strengthening the team and I will spend what is needed to spend.” That was in may but They are Comforting words indeed, given the scale of Arsenal’s collapse following the Carling Cup final defeat. Then again, Wenger has sung this song before, like in April 2010: “We have maybe not been investing because of the (Emirates) stadium but I… Read more »

Giroud's kinda hot

I’m excited to see how the side copes without Arteta. Rarely have we gone three – four games without Arteta. I feel we play quicker football without him, pass and move should should be the order of the day at the centre of the pac/rk there…….Coq should fit right in then, his movement off the ball is tremendous. Diaby’s kinda “back” though so coq might have to bide his time. I’ll wait.


You do realize we only won one game without Arteta last season right?


you do realise Arteta was playing another role last season? useless comparison.


It’s not like we win too much WITH Arteta. 🙂

Big Boy

Hahahahahahahahaha we’d be fucked even more without Arteta. We’ve won only 1 league game without him since his arrival.

A N Other

How many have we played without him?


Absolutely gutted by yesterdays result. Wenger really needs to buy some players, proven players (like a striker, a holding midfielder and a defender) and most importantly someone with proper leadership quality until Captain Jack takes on the reins. A little squad rotation goes a long way. COME ON YOU MIGHTY ARSENAL!


i dont thinks its just a case of lack if squad no point this seaon have we played with any kind of conviction. even the good players have sort of struggled


That’s fair enough, but I would say that the struggles of our better players are at least partly caused by a lack of competent squad players. A lack of sufficient depth hurts the better players, because (1) they become fatigued because there isn’t enough rotation, and (2) the workload on them increases when underdone backup players are thrown onto the park.


Whos job is it to make sure the team are up for the battle and not timid. Several times this season the team have looked timid and not up for the fight. Get back to doing the job your paid for being a manager. Always been a big fan of Arsene but he seems to be lost this season. Why such a fight for wallcott who can leave for nothing at the end of the season. Yet snatched manures hand off for 24 mill. He cost 2.75 mill thats all we would have lost if we said stuff the little… Read more »


“He cost 2.75 mill thats all we would have lost if we said stuff the little boy in you play your contract out”. Valuation doesn’t work that way. If I buy a plot of land for £100,000, the land then increases tenfold in value, and I then give the land away for free, I haven’t lost £100,000: I’ve lost £1 million. More to the point, much as I understand the frustration about selling RVP to Man Utd, the fact is that RVP put the club in a bind. It’s all very well to talk about forcing him to stay, but… Read more »


Thanks for that. We have a player who is pissing us around not signing a contract probably causing all them bad feelings around the club. Put on the wing last week but decided bollocks to that im a center forward. Erm no hes not. Back to the one that left if we dont finish in the top four thats another 15 million down the shoot. so how much did we really make out of our plot of land.


Just different variations on the Sound bites all the time. He’s the coach he should sort it, instead we get the same excuse week after week but do absolutely fuck all about it. Mistake after mistake from our defenders always puts us on the back foot, and yet we do nothing but accept it and say we must do better. It’s just gone on too long now, and even 2 or 3 signings isn’t going to make much difference to this squad. It’s as much mental as it is about ability with this lot, and we are lacking both in… Read more »


Can we offer Dortmund £150mil for hummels, subotic lewandowski goetze and klopp?


Ha ha ha nice thought but doubt Dortmund would sell themselves down the drain. You forgot Rues and Gundagun.


we’ve started over 90% of games ‘timidly’ for the past few years, whats new here?

the world has changed and we no longer have the 1st/2nd best squad in the country, we cant just rely on out better players overwhelming the opposition, we need to PRACTICE FUCKING DEFENDING, FOR FUCKS SAKE

and the manager needs to crack whip and drive the players on, DEMAND that they start the game well, they are not children that need hugs and kind words, they are extremely well paid professionals


Bring back George Graham. He knew to start at the back.

Arsenal > Spurs

The sad thing is that the squad’s actually still very good. While we used to punch above our weight, the problem now is that we’re a heavyweight without the power to trouble a welterweight; why have we failed to win games against Norwich, Bradford and Southampton while Sp*rs can be counted on to win most such games whether or not they have Monkey Face? A huge part of the problem is psychological: some players may say that they are willing to die for the club, but I don’t see them straining to win every ball on the field; on the… Read more »


Fellow Gunners: get ready for Europa League football. No more Bayern Munich, Barcelona, AC Milan. Look up the Wikipedia pages of teams you’ve never heard of like “BSC Young Boys”, “Videoton FC”, “NK Maribor” and “FC Metalist Kharkiv”. Whatever plans you had Thursday night, cancel them and move those plans to Tuesday/Wednesday. Hold on… we pay the highest ticket prices, right? Hold on… my 8yr-old son was reduced to tears yesterday at the Emirates despite braving the cold, right? Hold on… all this pain is self-inflicted because both RVP and Song would have stayed if certain (not impossible) conditions were… Read more »


Personally I would love to see Arsenal play against BSC Young Boys, I grew up watching them. Last time they won some silverware was back in 1986 I guess so there’s a little resemblance between the two clubs. Can’t see us make the Top 4 this season as even Spurs have a better squad (and the better manager as well?). Maybe this happening would be some sort of waking call.


*half-seriously* – bring on the Europa League. let’s win it and start growing again instead of stagnation. provided we CAN win it, that is.

*seriously* – the bottom line after all the talk is over – this month’s fixture list will kill us for not having enough depth in the squad. no doubt.

matt senior

Half seriously. You might be right

Seriously. fuck that we are arsenal

Very seriously… this fixture list is gonna cripple us if he doesnt start rotating. Rosicky must have shagged arsenes wife


Europa League next year? You think we’ll finish as high as fifth?

Mark Flatts' Flat

This ^^


“…conditions were met”? You don’t say? How it comes you know exactly what the problem was? But if you know it’s all good, just tell us what’s the matter with walcott so that we can react accordingly.


” It’s not anger, it’s frustration”
Was he speaking for fans who are no longer angry but frustrated at
– His tactics/formations
– His transfer inactivity and “top top top” quality quotes
– His unwillingness to rotate
– His penchant for running players to the ground


It’s baffling, isn’t it? Through his team selections, he makes clear that he has limited faith in the fringe players – either because he doesn’t believe they have a role to play in the club’s future, or because he doesn’t believe they’re fit enough to get through a game. Yet through his words and actions off the park, he shows remarkably limited urgency to address those problems.

Fergie the Gooner

Yes, it’s like he’s become so risk averse that he’s frozen like a deer in the headlights. He can see the disaster coming and has the power to do something about it, but flatly refuses because he doesn’t want to take a chance…


A lack of leadership throughout the team comes from a lack of leadership from the manager. Adams, Bould, Vieira, Bergkamp, Henry, Pires and on and on and on – these were players who were motivated and motivated others. Standing back and letting them work it out for themselves was fine. Doing the same with this lot is a recipe for disaster. They need telling what to do. They need someone in their ear giving instruction. They need someone to bawl em out and give em a bollocking, yet none comes. The one exception seems to be Jack, and good though… Read more »


Dear arene, i love you. I do not want to start calling you names such as “mr bean”, “the socialist dictator”, “deluded french f*ck” and so on. I respect you too much. In all honesty, i dont want you to get sacked either. So please, bring in some quality, sort out your squad. Win us the f.a cup atleast..dont let us become the london liverpool. I hate liverpool. Their fans always talk big but their squad does nothing. I dont want to be that fan arsene! Please! Listen to me! Put the passion back in those 11 lads before they… Read more »


I can’t believe you are getting thumbs down for such a pertinent and rational comment. Wonder who are these dumb f***s

Lord Murphy

I’ve read reports that Wenger blames the atmosphere at the emirates and the crowd’s high expectations. So, all of you stop blaming the players / manager / board, when it’s clearly your fault for expecting too much from a group of footballers who earn more in a week than you do in a year. You selfish pigs.


Where have you read those reports?


Well, the second article in particular (from “Sports Mole”, whatever that is) is heavily sensationalised. It’s headlined “Arsene Wenger blasts ‘negative’ Arsenal fans” and leads with “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has hit out at his side’s fans for creating a negative atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium”. Despite the scare quotes in the headline, Wenger never used the word “negative”. And the use of the verbs “blast” and “hit out” are typical sensationalist journalism speak to ramp up the heat: when you read the actual quotes, Wenger actually doesn’t sound like he’s “blasting” away at anything. As for what he actually… Read more »

Lord Murphy

I know they are hyperbolic and misleading. However, fans don’t want to hear that the players aren’t performing because they’re nervous. Unless we can play all our games behind closed doors… or perhaps we could get them ear plugs and blinkers.

Fergie the Gooner

The expectations are only that high because that’s the standard that Wenger himself set during the first half of his reign. We pay top dollar to go and see these games as has been well publicised this week, but hardly see a penny reinvested in the team, have watched our standards fall progressively lower and have to watch our heroes become villains every summer when they join our rivals. I think the frustration is understandable.


WTF?!?! How would the atmosphere at the Emirates be if only 25,000 fans decided to show up, Arsene?

Lord Murphy

Maybe less nerve-wracking? Would scare the shit out of the board though.


Oh and arsene, when we win, just say “we won; end of”. When we loose, say “we lost, end of” and when asked about transfers, be a straight shooter for once and stop repeating the same stuff all the time! I still love you.


Frustrated fan laments ignorance of problems and Rosicky. Get a hold of yourself Wenger.

Judgement day (once more)

Another day another headache then..

In the words of the swedish left back, Erik Edman: All you can do is break down and keep on going.

Oh, fuck it, give me vodka…


We are kinda shit now arent we? Im gonna stop being biased and hopefull of what might happen. Feel sorry for @Gunnertropytime, but like fuck would i waste my money going to the emirates right now, when we point blank refuse to invest properly in the team, and play relatively shit most weeks. Freind of mine spent 1700 on a season ticket after waiung 5 years, and to watch what exactly? Win fuck all!!My sky bill alone is like £60 pm and thats only so i can watch them on the telly!! Just feel like we all being mugged off!… Read more »


Shafty bollocks. I have no idea why Theo didn’t use his fucking brain. After the ox was taken off surely Theo KNEW it was time to shift back wide? Santi on the left (a position he was used to at Malaga) and Poldi up top? Instead Theo took an attacking dimension out of our game. Regardless if Arsene asked him to or not, he could’ve used his brain. Instead Santi had to cover that space and the whole business went to bum. Koscielny has a penchant for ridiculous defending in crucial matches. All I can say is that Giroud, Vermaelen,… Read more »

Andrew Morgan

Surely Theo knew? No it was Arsene’s call to switch the players and he obviously didn’t, probably hoping to play on the counter with Walcott’s pace in behind. And just because Mertesacker and Vermaelen were swinging their arms around in frustrations at decisions doesn’t mean they were up for it. It looked to me that they were just lamenting their woeful position in the game, knowing they couldn’t do anything about it. Vermaelen has been criticised all season for not being a leader, and Mertesacker looks like a mute. I’ve never actually seen him speak on the pitch or organise… Read more »


I just can’t find the energy to even get properly upset any more.

I’m sorry Arsene, you manage the team, you pick the team you motivate the teame, you tell them how to play.

If any of those things go wrong as a one-off then shit happens, players have a bad day, but when it keeps on happening then you’re in the chair for letting it happen.

Less platitudes and more doing something the fuck about it please.

kickin' coconuts

It was boys versus men. Granted they worked hard to try and turn things around and kudos for the work rate but it was a game of potential ability vs established.

LANS calendar

Sorry to say but I don’t even see any potential in most of this squad. The majority of our first team players are a good age now, there’s no excuse: we’re just shit.


Well, they sure were bought to replace even tho Arsene and the Board were lying to us through their teeth. Long before then, Wenger knew Robin would be leaving. The Squirrels at the Emirates are more concerned with balancing the books than winning trophies. Or how else would you describe the old beak coming out to say a 4th place finish and qualifying for UCL is synonymous to winning a trophy? Each time I think about it, it sounds more stupid to me! The squad needs strengthening and even a blind mouse knows that. But this manager still says he… Read more »


Someone sounds really pissed lol


Post-Invicibles years, Arsenal have played better football but with no trophies.

So, we have a frustrated Wenger now? The fans have long been frustrated!


If he doesn’t want to buy then start playing young players more regularly like Miquel, Gnabry, Rosicky, Eisfeld, (bring back) Miyaichi, Yennaris,…
Let’s prepare for the next season. Also I have a feeling that every season we start totally unprepared and then we build up thruout!

Andrew Morgan

Rosicky is older than God by the way.

But fact is those players aren’t good enough. Miquel has failed to establish himself. Gnabry still needs more time. We don’t need Yennaris when a better player in Coquelin can’t get a game. Eisfeld is the only player who could probably be included more and not look out of place.

We need to save this season, not right it off. I don’t fancy finishing 6th behind Spurs and Everton.

Andrew Morgan

Also Miyaichi can’t get a game at Wigan. Yes he has suffered injuries but what can he offer us that he can’t offer Wigan?


Trust me, Rosicky is one of our youngest players! Great talent! He has a heart, and strengh. Thats rare at our club these days. He was our best midfield player last season!

Tony Adams morning breath

Young players, Rosicky?? Ah, you meant their footballing age?


No the Rosicky coeffiencient. By this law Rosicky is 15 years old.

Gunnersaurus Rex

MESSI is the answer!!!


I have never really seen Bould play, but going at the comments and some research i’d say he was one of the best of his era? Now i don’t know what his training history is, but a great player for sure doesn’t make a good trainer/manager. The defence has gone from bad to worst since he took place next to Wenger, and you expect it to go the other way. (not saying its his fault at all, just noticed) Wenger has just lost the plot, we mortals are being victimized by this ruthless coorporates that have no connection to the… Read more »

paulie gooner

So whose fault is our players state of mind Mr Wenger ?YOU are the one who is in charge! Get them geed up and focused ! And for fucks sake spend the entire next 48 hours working on some kind of defensive plan! Our defending is so absolutely shocking it beggars belief.


why is santi not under scrutiny?

where has he been since the Reading hat trick?
He is either wrecked and needs a break or is another sunshine player like Reyes?


Frustrated Arsenal fans lament timid Wenger.

Merlin's Panini

What we need in this team is a few good old fashioned alcoholics. We’d be fucking sorted. Aggressive, desperate, mental alcoholics. Someone needs to start spiking the energy drinks at half time.


I m afraid that Jack will become one. 🙂 With players as today around him he won t have another choice.


I think TV as the captain has been another mistake. I understand that Jack is young and was coming back off an injury but he needs to be the Captain asap

El Duderino

FFS Theo, sign your contract so we can put you back out on the wing where you belong.


yeah, and so we can forbid you from taking free-kicks and corners.


No thanks. I’d rather we sell him. He’s proven to be quite the twat faced cock gobbler lately.


Like many of the other comments here I too am tired of the slow and weary slide into mediocrity that we have witnessed since The Invincibles were dismantled in 2005. Our best players have fled – consider this as the nucleus of a side in 2013: Clichy, Toure, Flamini, Song, Hleb, Nasri, Fabregas, Van Persie, Adebeyor – or more to the point think about the players on inflated wages whom we have bought/kept (couldn’t sell) while the above list departed : Squillaci, Santos, Diaby, Rosicky, Chamakh, Bendtner, etc.. Without investment in at least two new faces – to bring experience… Read more »


Like I’ve said before, I can’t wait until this period in our club’s history comes to an end – and sooner or later it will. The club is like a sick old man who’s slowly dying. We have a manager who is well and truly past it and should have gone years ago; we have a board made up of feeble, ageing fools who have lost the plot; and we have an owner who knows nothing about football and is completely ignorant of the values and traditions of our great club, and who just wants to make money from it.… Read more »


Usmanov to the rescue? Mmm, Gazidis is doing everything in his power to ensure that never happens – as well he might, seeing as his own 2m per year job depends on keeping Kroenke happy and Usmanov out. Martin Samuel in the Mail has an article revealing how Arsenal and United have joined forces to pressure the Premier League into implementing an especially strict version of FFP so that no new sugar-daddy owner can ever again threaten their place at the top. Samuel sees this as an attempt by the clubs with old-money and profiteering owners to keep out the… Read more »


I like football.


I’m not sure that I agree with you, Miranda. Arsenal, and Gazidis, just want to fuck Chelsea and Man City so that they stop buying our best players – and the league – with their oil money. They figure that we can compete with Man United, like we used to, if they were our only competitors. But I don’t think that the South African will get his way: the two blue clubs will find a way to circumvent whatever Platini has planned and continue to illegally fund their clubs. The real answer to all this is a wage cap –… Read more »


I lament your transfer policy Arsene


If Swansea beat us Weds…our season is effectively over….and so would be Wengers Arsenal career.




Frusrated fans lament shit squad.

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If we end up outside the top 4 when the season has ended, I can take that if we atleast tried to do something about it in January. However finsish outside the top 4 with the knowledge that we had money to spend in the winter window would be harder to take


We should convert Vermallen to a DM and look for a solid defender to pair Per and or Kosceilny – he is strong, fast, good earialy, nitch for scoring goals, ok defensively that way less pressure on the defence and the likes of Carzola and wilshere can express them selves easily. It will be similar to what Sergio Busquet does for Barca.aht We shouls also not focus so much on Walcot because the gus has made up his mind to go – he’s only playing hide and sick ensuring he plays regularly to improve his prize at the market. We… Read more »


Recall Bendtner? Him of the dubious polonecks and even more dubious groin? Seems you’ve got your desire as TGSTEL is once more back among us, not to play – alas the dubious groin! – but perhaps to hand out advice and almost certainly to smash up some cars.


No. We should recall vermaelin to Ajax, then spend some fucking money on a proper DM and then go all in to buy Hummels from Dortmund. Resign bac, and rotate Per with kosc and pray Gibbs stays healthy and learns to defend a bit better. Then, when the back is settled, we can start to fix the issues we have up front. I’ve completely changed my mind on how I feel our issues should be addressed. It doesn’t matter if we had Rvp, messi and Ronaldo as our front three. The fact that we can’t keep a Sunday league side… Read more »


Cannot blame Wenger at all. He one of highest paid managers in Europe and never any sign of his job being questioned despite poor performances and flat results. The club is being run by fools and they are the ones that fans should protest by not buying merchandise and tickets. Time is now for the love of our club to boycott and stand up for our history.


Wenger picks the team, selects the substitutes, takes the team talks and sets the tactics. None of these are done well!


I still have doubts about the red card. Penalty -yes, Yellow card-yes. GK could have got there before Dzeko therefore not a clear oppurtinity. Similar situation in the Lpool and Man U game but further away from goal and ref only gave a yellow coz keeper had a chance to get there first. Also this stuff happens all the time in the box and not only for corners, defenders pull shirts and hands which is also a foul but no penalties no fouls no cards. Think the ref is a waste.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Just being ppl in…the one consolation of the failure all these years, Champs League, is virtually a gonner, and one can’t just rely on Spurs to fk things up season after season.

But they are Spurs so there is hope yet, but come on…

A defeat mid week, would be the of our season…realistically…and somehow there isn’t player in the world that could improve us apparently.

Just spend the fking money.

Arsenal > Spurs

In addition to spending the money, he could also try to get his players more gee-d up for each game. There isn’t the belief allied to bloody-mindedness about winning games and that’s why we are underperforming even with the quality of squad at Arsene’s disposal.


Arsene: we played little bit with the handbrake timidly on

The Loving Hands of Wenger

I didn’t even bother to watch yesterday’s game. First time I’ve done that. Because it was so obvious we were going to lose. We were weak in summer and we didn’t buy enough replacements. Now we are in even more danger than the “Arshavin” year where we scraped through thanks to Arsh’s Herculean efforts, and zero transfer activity when our rivals above us casually went out and bought new players. Something is worryingly wrong at Arsenal. It’s as if Wenger has gone mad or something. Is this a nightmare? When will I wake up?

The Gimp

I would imagine a meeting has all ready taken place, Ivan telling Arsehole, you have no money from the new commercial deals as we aren’t going to get anything from CL next year. As quite a few wasters are due to leave this summer, lets have a shit year and start again summer 2013……
Only problem is that Arsehole will stay in charge

Loop A Hole

It’s real funny noticing the differences in the comments section after a win and after a loss.
In Wenger We Trust becomes In Wenger We Rust.

Be a little more positive Gooners. What we see now is nothing new, we are the people who have seen the best and the worst, the light and the darkness. So when we fall down, all I know is,
We will rise again, COYG.

Gunner Fanatic M.P.

A few years ago, I loved my Arsenal team. Not only the team but the backroom staff as well. Then Kroekne and guys came, the board changed, the team changed. The manager who was so enigmatic and reliable, started coming under intense scrutiny. The commercial forefront of the club, not so often heard, was used as a common excuse for any problem that rose. The board opted to pay its members and manager ( staggering 2m) opted to save on contracts and signing , and increase revenue by increasing ticket prices. Is it true then? Is it true that Arsenal… Read more »

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