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Dein backs Wenger, says fans have short memories

Former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein has given his backing to Arsene Wenger and claimed that fans who call for his dismissal have short memories.

Dein and Wenger worked together until his departure from the club in 2007, and although he sold his £75m shareholding to Alisher Usmanov’s ‘Red and White holdings’ the pair remain close friends.

Speaking to the Mirror, 69 year old Dein said, “People underestimate Arsene, because he’s done a phenomenal job there.

“He’s transformed the club, off the pitch with the training ground and the stadium, and on it with the way Arsenal have played and being in the Champions League every year. That’s not an easy task.

“Arsene has made average players into good players and good players into world-class players and he’s done a phenomenal job for the club. Let’s hope he can keep going.

“It’s about getting the right talent. Clearly as we’ve seen this season, Arsene knows where he needs to improve the squad and I’m sure he will – if he gets the opportunity or if the talent it there. It’s not easy to find.”

And although fans are frustrated at the lack of January spending, Dein says Wenger is well are of the problems his team has.

“He’s got a decent team. If they’re going to be good enough it’s another story. But if anyone knows the short-comings he does. He’s been a coach for 30 years. He must have been involved in over 1,500 games.

“When fans start questioning him, like they have done recently with some of the chants, I find that very hurtful.

“It’s the old story – people have got short memories. They seem to forget what he has achieved for the club.

“Arsenal, as a football club, are respected around the world, and much of that is because of what Arsene Wenger has achieved: the results and the players he has brought in and developed.”

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…and as true as that is I’m pretty sure the 125th year commemorative crest had the word ‘Forward’ emblazoned beneath it.


One of the single worst-made points ever seen in the arseblog comments section. Congrats.


What people don’t seem to understand is that with a club like arsenal ‘forward’ takes time. It’s not man city, chelsea or even Man U where there are almost endless resources. There has been a dry spell but there is a crop of players at the moment who will be at the club for the foreseable future; contracts have been sorted. Wenger’s gottten rid of all the players who wanted out (cesc, nasri, van p, maybe even song) and there is now a solid base of players (the english lads + santi, podolski, per, arteta etc) – one or two… Read more »


Look, tt’s true progress takes time in many aspects. But this is football where people gets frustrated for the first 45 min inside the game and go wild with euphoria the rest of the game. A club is surrounded by fans with contemporary feelings (we are supporting a sporting club not looking aftert our share in stock exchange) and if the coach failed to deliver the goods in 2-3 yrs it is normal the crowd turns against him. Whoever appoints Venger makes comments like that and it’s normal. But it is not normal to bash a coach for being negligent… Read more »

Hugh Honey

Cool name Arsefriend!

Vick Vinegar

I approve your name as well.

Merlin's Panini

Sorry, what did you say again Mr er… whatever you said your name is?


Although I completely respect what Wenger has done and still think he’s the right man for the job, to say that people questioning his recent transfer policies is evidence of short-mindedness is ridiculous. His past record should not make him infallible and exempt from justifiable criticism.


I think his point was that we should show a bit more faith in him. Wenger clearly is aware of the problems we can all see.


is he though? I fully support Arsene but the way to show that he understands would be to fix the problems…


DB is exactly right. If he refuses time after time to fix the issues how long before you decide enough is enough? Honestly, how many times does a top manager need to play Ramsey on the left wing to figure out it’s a failure? That’s just one example, there are many more.


If he is so aware of the problems then why is he not fixing them?


Are you people some how saying that you think you know more about why arsenal is failing the AW? Now that’s a bigger joke than this whole cavani thing. Lets get a few things straight 1. AW knows arsenals floors 2. The club as a whole has clearly been held back by the stadium development and the poor sponsorship deals they had to sign as a result. 3. No other manager in the WORLD would be able to compete with teams like Chelsea, United, City even Tottenham and Liverpool on wengers spending. Lets remember its only us and united who… Read more »


Sorry if there are any typos. Ill blame the iPhone.

Fergie the Gooner

You would have to have an extremely short memory not to remember and be grateful for what he has done for our club and I don’t think there are many fans that fit into that category. I think a lot of the frustration and certainly mine stems from the belief that he could be doing a lot more to improve our situation than he is now or has done for a few years now.

wengers funny transfer window

what has arsene wenger or arsenal acheived in recent years to encourage new bunch of people to be excited and become die hard fans. Neither this new arsenal has any fighting quality nor any substance to win anything. Why should new generation follow arsenal when mancity, manutd and chelsea has far more exciting players and trophies to show for. I have been following arsenal for 13years, in my early days arsenal were fantastic. I coul brag about the team for months about their playing style, work ethics, visionary managers, astute signings and top quality players. But can I do the… Read more »


Can’t win trophies with kids and can’t win trophies with a new owner who is only in it for profit alone- see Colorado avalanche – that team turned to shit when Kroenke took it over


Take it from an American, you’ll find that all teams in the NHL are shit, I wouldn’t put it down to Kroenke but rather to the fact the NHL is shit. Look at that, half the hockey season is over and they are still on strike…
Up the Arse


Stan Kroenke’s teams are mediocre. He is not the type of coach to drive his team to excellence, ever. He is doing the same to Arsenal. His ego is not even invested in building a great team, as I suspect Usmanov’s would be.

A Yank

fwank: If all the teams are shit, then putting together a team that wins the Stanley Cup every year would be a piece of cake. Yet, even amongst a mass of shit teams, the Avs still can’t manage to make the playoffs. That team has been on a downward slide wince Kroenke bought it.

Really, your analysis of the NHL doesn’t speak well of Americans if that’s what you are basing you expertise on.


Kroenke’s the coach now Winston?


All NHL teams are shit? I call bullshit on you being an American. What the hell are you watching? The Avalanche used to be the best team in the NHL. Kroenke came in, traded away their best players, then got great young talent which he then traded again. Then he decided to employ the worst scouting department in the whole league. He has run that franchise into the ground and sadly I’m seeing some of the same tactics at Arsenal. He’s not good for this club.

Absentia Rose

It’s the salary cap which makes NHL more unpredictable than any sport in europe. You can see former Disney team Ducks win the stanley cup and then in the next seasons not even making it to the play offs. And I don’t think Kroenke is that much involved to a transfer activity there either. I said it’s impossible job to find Wengers successor in the middle of the season. It’s even hard task to do that when Wenger decide to retire from job. He is pretty much the blood of the Arsenal FC.


I find claims that Kroenke has changed Arsenals tranfer policies laughable, you obviously were not paying attention all those years before Kroenke took over, nothing has changed.


‘You can’t win anything with kids’ were Alan Hansen’s famous words in 1995 about Man U playing young David Beckham, Gary and Phil Neville, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs. Of course they had some proven experienced players too but so do we with Arteta, Mertersacker and Podolski. The problem is they have not played often to the level we know they can.

As for the club finances, I don’t think people can criticise without knowing exactly what is the situation which only their accountants and directors know.


The financial statements are fairly public so I have to disagree with you here. Everyone knows there is money available, the real question is why is it not being spent?


hunter, I find it worrying that people so often interchange ‘cash is’ and ‘cash is available’, acting as if it’s ok to spend all and leave zero as a reserve. And I wonder, do people take the same approach with their own money or just with someone else’s? And if not, what’s a reasonable reserve depending on your budget – month’s spending, or two months? Do you know what amount of ‘available’ money this leaves you with?


Because money isn’t available.

I have money in my bank account right now – should I spend the lot on something I really want?



Probably he has a deal with Wenger so that his son can sell our players. How long until Darren Dein new agent of Wilshere?

Hugh Honey

Cool name Arsefriend!


Like I said it’s not Wenger! I think it’s the boards, they cheap! Wenger just not telling us the whole story. If Benitez coaching us right now with the same players and budget, we will be lower than Liverpool in the standing.


I dont like Dein. Although he has a point there. But I don’t like him anyway.


Benis agree 100% with you regarding Dein. Have said for years that this the man who brought in Wenger, who brought in Kroenke, who sold out to Usmanov, who wanted to relocate to Wembley. No question that in his time at Arsenal he made some brilliant moves, but his heavyweight decision making is dubious. Those calling for his return are looking backwards not forward.

Arsene's Zip

Is the Editor asleep? 2 typos in 2 consecutive paragraphs.

‘Klack’ lack

‘are’ aware


Fait and more respect. And how can we expect to shout for him to go mid-season. Thats plastic fan disruption, we aren’t some Chelsea. What i really think is disrespectful is ‘fans’ calling him a “loser” who is is a “through and through shit manager” – i’ve read these sort of comments all over the net and it shows the dimlit nature of a modern fan


*faith Also while i question Wenger’s results, stubborness, tactics and PR, he’s done more good than bad in my opinion. He could be sharper, he’s a little bit more prone to the handbrake every so often, but he’s not bad. Under him Arsenal has sustained the longest flight of consistency. Look over our league standings in the past 75 years, never have we had such a lengthy stay at the top. And i honestly feel IF Arsenal saw a managerial change (i’m not saying i want him our OR in, merely IF), that it should be end of a season.… Read more »


I do agree. I see fans calling for heads and they have slipped into relegation battles. I see Gooners doing so and I see 4th place finishes. We all want the Arsenal to win, dammit. Mr Wenger’s job is far easier to stomach if he’s racking trophies- do you all think he relishes losing?! And as far as claims of the board- perhaps but perhaps not. Financial statements are public but not many of us are accountants. I only get disturbed when cheap (in today’s terms) help falls away- like Ba- we can’t compete with Chelski or Citeh but surely… Read more »

cesc pistol

would suggest he’s also taken great players and made them average. : (

Dr Baptiste

Examples please (and Franny Jeffers doesn’t count)

Dog Eat Arse


Gearoid Kelly

I’m a Wenger man, but just for the sake of argument, I’ll say Arshavin, Reyes, Julio Baptista, possibly even Hleb, Wiltord and Richard Wright.

However, Wenger has a philosophy. He affords people a certain amount of freedom and treats them very respectfully.
Some players thrive upon being shown such respect (possibly some who’ve been denied it before), however, some people take advantage of this and become complacent. Unfortunately, we’ve seen more and more of the latter in recent years.





During practice:

*Wenger tackles Rosicky and twists his legs with superhuman strength*

Wenger whispering in Rosickys ear, “I want you to stay young… forever”



possibly the best comment I’ve seen on Arseblog, you’ve got a sick imagination


Nike can’t get the guy a proper coat? – if I was Adidas I would be drooling right now

Los Polandos

It’s all part of negotiations over next kit deal, you see..


A man of sophisticated tastes should not look like a grandmother at the grocer’s. Kit manufacturer of the future whether Nike or otherwise, hear our prayers.

D Fresh

You kanew what he ment!

K. Soze

I think it’s the fact that he got it so right for such a long time that makes us fans wonder what happened to the clinical tactically astute Arsene we used to know. The teams of the last few years have always missed something be it, experience, defensive concentration, grit, or attacking prowess as at times this season. Im judging him by his own high standards and I know he can do better, even with the limited funds he has. The fact is though he’s had funds and chosen not to use them or made transfers that haven’t improved the… Read more »


The arrogance and blindness of David Dein towards fans:(quote) “It’s the old story – people have got short memories. They seem to forget what he has achieved for the club.” Wenger’s glory years/achievements were EIGHT years ago. That’s not short memories Dein – that’s long memories. If there are five chances of winning silverware each season ( – Premiership, Champions League, FA Cup, Carling/Capital One Cup and some mickey mouse shields -) over the last eight seasons that’s 40 chances of winning silverware Wenger has failed to achieve. Just because a manager and the board were good once, doesn’t automatically… Read more »


Lack of confidence. 200k a week on offer somewhere else. What’s the difference.


I like how most of player david dein has drawn away from arsenal have gone to be utter useless in their respective clubs.

In Arsene I trust, that is true but fuck you dein.

The past

Short memories? Like 7 years worth ? It’s all about what have you done for me lately.

Gearoid Kelly

“I got you that danish”


That was not a top four danish. Who ever was in charge of the pecans was working with the fucking handbrake on.


sorry to bring up RVP… but letting him go (as most fans thought) was a HUGE mistake by Wenger.
Dean didn’t mention this did he?


Mike Dean? i am sure he did whilst having a glass of wine with Mancini and his assistant after the game.


Why would he mention that? His son made a fortune from the RVP deal. And the Song deal. And the Nasri deal. And the Adebayor deal. But, yeah, it’s all Wengers fault.


Dein nor his son are the ones who agree to sell so yes it is all Arsene’s fault. No one held a gun to his head and made him sell those players.


People back Dein, who backs Wengers Judgement, yet still they claim it was a poor decision by Arsene to sell RvP and want DD back. Weird people.


So you think Arsenal should have rejected the £24m deal and let him leave for free a year later?

That is the EXACT equivalent of paying £24m to loan a striker for a year. Financial stupidity.

Not to mention that it would destroy relations with him and the club and he would probably not play as well..

Stroud Green Road Boy

Dein is trying to show support but isn’t really doing Wenger any favours by saying “if anyone knows the shortcomings then he does”. If he knows them, then why have his teams had the same shortcomings for years and years now? Either he knows them and can’t fix them, or he doesn’t see them. It doesn’t make Wenger look good, whichever it is.

A gooner in Manchester

I think he knew, tried to fix and got a relative success in keeping the club in CL for so many years and there was 06 CL final, 07-08 almost won the league with a new-built team. Remember he did that with first Chelsea, and then Man City, pooping the party and while the club was moving to a new stadium which they could not pay themselves to get it built. If you see trophies as the only measure for success, then it’s not wrong to say you have short memories. Because you don’t remember how and in what circumstances… Read more »


Someone from Manchester I can actually agree with! 🙂

Aussie Bruce

… or he knows them but hasn’t has the resources to fix them to a level he’s satisfied with.


what have resources got to do with playing Ramsey on the wing? its one of the problems he doesn’t want to fix


Gazidis stated last season and again just last October that Wenger has a spending pot of £70 million whenever he wants – but chooses not to spend it. Just what level do you think then that Wenger would be satisfied to spend at, FFS???

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Oz, is this your only response?

Then I will give you mine, he spent £40m this summer before van Jazzhands fucked off.

How do you know we haven’t tried or bid on anyone?

Just because the papers haven’t jizmed themselves by finding out any names does not mean we are not trying. We have to keep an element of secrecy due to the fact that one of the ‘oilies’ would immediately out bid or offer more money.

You need a different perspective on things my man, or at least a lady friend to temper that anger of yours.


Johnny my man, yes, that is my only response because Wenger-defenders refuse to answer why he’s not even spending a fraction, whilst talent the likes of Sturridge etc slip away to the Scousers for £12 million. Wenger could have been trying 24/7 to find decent players (- I very much doubt it by how tight he is-) but the results count and he hasn’t. All these BS excuses about ‘decent players are difficult to find’ … doesn’t seem to stop the other top 10 EPL teams. And thanks for your concern about a lady friend – I have one and… Read more »

Eric Arthur Blair

It seems to me that Arsene has been missing a little bit the sharpness lately. Perhaps he’s managing with the handbrake on? But don’t worry, when he extends his contract in the summer he’ll be like a new signing!


I agree


with Dein

G. Graham

All kroneke’s sports clubs fail to become successful after his involvment/takeover. Wenger needs to be go back to being just a football manager and board should lift a finger


Seriously? The Rams have improved 5 games from last season, with two ascendant teams ahead of them a suddenly very tough division. The Avalanche have had only 3 seasons below 95 points in the NHL since his control. The Nuggets only 3 losing seasons (the first three) since his takeover.

I’m not a huge fan of the guy, but facts are facts!




“Mertesacker” is a fairly big name. “Oxlade-Chamberlain” is positively huge.


No wonder Wenger is cool on Zaha


No trophys for since 2005.Mr Wenger has earned 67 million in wages,& that’s without bonuses for getting to the champions league. My club has been a laughing stock . They are telling us it’s raining & piss ing up our backs.

Big Paul

Funny how fans who want a short-term fix always want to use long-term memories to justify it, isn’t it? If AW leaves Arsenal before a suitable replacement is found, we are fucked. Think it’s bad now? Wait until we end up like the chavs and the spuds, with a new manager every couple of seasons and then you’ll wish you had kept your thoughts to yourselves.


Nice one Paul – that’s it – stay complacent and kiss Wenger and the board’s ass as we go for another EIGHT seasons without any trophies; are lied to; sell our best players to be placed by average ones; pay the highest ticket prices in Europe and watch while the board cream off the club’s profits as the club sinks down 21 points from the top.
Nice one!


oh, just shut up. You can talk about ticket prices if you want, but if your understanding of that issue is the same as the rest, than you best not talk about that either. There is one club a year that wins the premiership. Football is a dynamic sport – if you haven’t won a trophy for eight years, it does not mean that another 8 years will pass without a trophy. That’s plain stupid. What is true, is that changing Wenger at the moment, without any real replacement, or real plan, would be the final nail in our coffin.… Read more »


What a load of bunkum you talk Bunk: “Let’s wait till the end of this season to make any clear cut judgements on our long serving manager”: how many times have we heard fans say that come April time over the last few seasons, then? And the shituation remains exactly the same as what I listed (which like other Wenger ass-kissers you put your head in the sand and ignore).


End up like the Chavs, winning cups, leagues and Champions League’s????

Say it ain’t so!


I love arsene. yes i want trophies, but he is the godfather of this club. Every player that has achieved anything at this club have only had words of the utmost reverence. Im certain his time is up in 2014, but until then, i would love for his name to be sung a bit more at home games. who knows, the sentimentality from such a gesture could even convince him to try a little harder for Cavani!! I especially hope we hear some wenger chants on sunday. If only to highlight the cuntery of the chavs fans who will undoubtedly… Read more »

S J Little

Mr Wenger should throw that awful “coat” away. Its depressing to see a Manager looking like a tramp.


Dein did however point out that he recognized that fans want silverware – quite rightly.

Also, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that it is now a lot harder with other clubs having financial clout too; with better scouiting and catching up on training methods/skills and tactics.

That does make the job harder for Wenger, so yes, he needs to step up too – therefore go out and motivate; be tactically adept and spend money on the right players, whilst also remembering to rotate the squad!


The question is…..are there managers out there who could do a better job NOW? I say there are.
Many fans are pissed off cos they feel ripped off, lied to and not seeing investment in the team. Ask Dein….why he left Arsenal under a cloud….no squad investment and Arsenal had priorities other than football…..the same reasons fans are angry.


There are quite a few manger’s who could do the job. Guidolin,Klopp, Mazzari, etc. The list goes on.


wtf guidolin that make my day hahahahahahaha


Guirdiola? A man who’s won a two team league? He had the best set of players in te world when he took over. Maybe the best set of players in history. Lets see how he fares at a club with players who don’t fill out the fifa team of the year every year.

Robin Van Persie

It’s not Wenger’s fault gays


Has Arsene even said which players he has put in serious bids for this transfer window? If so, who???

Hugh Honey

This is Arsene Wenger not arry redknapp, he’s as tight lipped as a field mouse’s twat. Poor old Arsene must be really feeling the pain now when people like David Dein are coming out to back him up, i feel bad for Wenger but if he doesn’t bring in at least one quality signing during this transfer window, then it will be hard to feel sympathy for him.


What? You mean so Citeh, Chelski and such could go; “Wow that’s a good idea, we didn’t know he was available. Let’s nick him with a cheeky punt of a bazillion pounds.”?

That’s the problem these days. As soon as the sugar-daddy clubs get a sniff that you’re after someone that they might want to find a place in their squad for, you’re in a bidding war you can’t win.


I love seeing coolheaded thought peeking through the clouds. If you want to play poker against top top players, you need to hold cards close.


bit late on the comments of this one, but although I can agree with Dein, I think the bigger thing is some transparency, we still don’t know what happened fully with Cesc and Nasri, let alone RVP. If the reasons were explained perhaps there would be more sympathy

Aussie Bruce

Hear, hear. Most sensible comment I’ve heard in a while. I think this has been the club’s biggest mistake. Clearly there are drivers behind what’s going on that aren’t being shared.

The club and Wenger seem to be bent on creating some fictional world outside the reality we can all see. I guess they have their reasons for doing so but they must realise they are pissing off the fan base immensely.


I would suggest you look into who their agent was at the time. I’ll give you a huge clue DD jr… And how much more information do you need with Cesc’s transfer?? He wanted to go home and play with his chums, in the *painful cringe* best team in the world.


Managers are judged on results at every club by every fan base. Id say weve been very patient going on 8 years now very few fan bases would have that kind of patience with one manager. I think losing Cesc really kicked him in the balls and he has struggled to recover ever since. Ive always been a massive fan of his. But the decline is becoming worrying. We dont expect to win trophies but hey it would be nice if we are competing for them.


1st. AW will always get deins’ backing,however bad his performances are,complacent he is,NEVER! expect dein to disown him,because they are close friends and he brought him to the club PERIOD! and if he’s to criticise him,atleast not in public. 2nd. never let somebody fool you something black n white is attend arsenal games,watch all their matches and can see the regress in management from AWs’ part through the years.from being tactically inept,most predictable,most complacent and most arrogant because he never cares about the fans feelings and will only act when he sees’ their patience has worn off,or they have… Read more »

LANS calendar

lol song


Find me another Manager and team that has remained in the top 4 of the most competitive league in the world whilst moving to a £400m state of the art stadium. Southampton have just returned after 9 years in obscurity after moving to theirs. And we paid for bloody half of it!
Have a little patience, good times will follow.


I’ll assume you couldn’t then?

Please riposte, dont just neg me.


thank you David Dein! Wenger deserves our respect and patience and appreciation and faith.. for about a hundred reasons which I won’t go into now. COYG.

Gooning Gooning Gone

Dein is correct, and those that have rolled out the ol – 8 years this and that… fail to mention that 2 x Billionaire have thrown more money around and purchased titles along with our players at ridiclous prices during those 8 years. Do you just follow suit and pay over the odd’s? – those would be the actions of a fool, especially if you can’t match thier funds. Agreed the Club could offer better explainations – but Wenger has kept us top four through out and compe pretty close during that spell. Only one team can win the league… Read more »


Your helpless, complacent, just-go-along-with-what-the-board-and-Wenger-say attitude is precisely that allows the club to get in the shit it is. Gazidis said in October (and he also said it at the AGM in 2011) that Wenger has a £70 million spending pot whenever he wants – but he doesn’t spend it. Wenger’s ‘youth experiment’ was clearly a waste of time and a flop, which just produced a very young and inexperienced team who always got run over by the ‘bigger boys’ in matches. When our young team came of age, all that happened was that they were bought up by other teams.… Read more »

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Is it working for Southampton? They spent the 7th most in Europe, sit just above the relegation zone and have just sacked Adkins. It works if you have an endless supply of oil money, sure, show me another team where it has worked. Villa? Pompey? I would also point to the fact he spent £40m on players this summer, before van Jazzhands fucked off. I do agree the youth project partly failed but he has seen the error in his ways and is supplementing a young British core with seasoned pros. As hard as it might be, try using some… Read more »


“Hello I’m 70million and in going to tell you a story” Lets assume arsenal go out and get this player arsenal want for let’s say 20million. They pay him the going rate over 4 years at let’s say 130k, making the total cost of the transfer somewhere in the region of 47million. You might be able to get yourself a Wilfred zaha with the change. Now lets fast forward 6 months. Arsenal miss out on champions league and all of a sudden arsenal in the red. Not the good red either. Then we find all the money we make in… Read more »


Oh dear, back to school for more maths lessons Andrew and Johnny, you muppets… Southampton are absolutely no comparison to Arsenal’s financial background and we have a lot more long-term investor confidence than Southampton ever have or will have. As for your BS about the £70 mill – we don’t have to spend the full £70 million. We get one top notch forward to replace RVP (which we haven’t so far for over half the season) for say £20-30 mill who puts away goals and then we won’t miss out on the Champs League and the money we’d get from… Read more »


130k a week over the 208 weeks of a contract is 27 million. Plus the 20 million transfer fee. Where is the maths problem? You see 70million an think OMG let’s get ibrahimovic. Then who pays the wages? Or do you want be be payin £75 a game? You have to think about the long term costs of these players. They don’t just turn up and play for the fun of it.


And as for the crap your spouting about getting a top class striker and definitely not missin out champions league. I’m sure that’s what Chelsea though when they signed Torres. Ill assume that when liver spent good knows how much two summers a go on Carroll they though they would qualify. Sadly paying 20million for a striker doesn’t garuntee champions league football. Get your head out your arse.


Who’s the negative one now Andrew? You use two examples unusual examples – Carroll and Torres – when you know full well that the vast majority of big money signings come up trumps for the clubs they go to: that’s why clubs still go for big money signings. And if Wenger is as good as you think he is, surely he’d pick big money signings that wouldn’t do a Carroll or Torres? You’re just speaking out your arse now for the sake of it.


Tell me a striker you would sign for this mystical 20million that some how garuntees champions league football. Wow. We are living in some sort of championship manager inspired world.


if dein wants to back wenger then he should come back himself to back him.




Back to the future?


David Dein: Brought in a French manager from the J-League at a time when the concept of foreign managers in England was unthinkable. Played a beautiful link between manager and owner, made sure that the players needed were brought in, on our terms. Rose to the upper echelons of football governance, so that Arsenal’s interests were represented at the highest levels, and MOST importantly Saw where football was going a good three years before everyone else, how it would become a billionaire’s plaything, and tried his darnedest to bring Arsenal to a level playing field. In return we now curse… Read more »


He also wanted us to RENT Wembley

His son is a DICK



I’m with you here man, what i cant stand is the name calling. Its really disrespectful..criticise him, fair enough. Just lay off the name calling. Leave that to the mancs and spuds.

igor stepanovs

as frustrating (and painful) as recent seasons have been, the truth is we don’t have as much money as many arsenal fans seem to think. we do not have the resources to sign galacticos / £50m players (and the salaries that go with those players). wenger says he only wants to sign “top, top quality” but the problem is we can’t afford top, top quality within our business model (which, incidentally, i’m not criticising). that means, we try and get those “top, top quality” players when there’s a confluence of helpful circumstance – ie. player loves arsenal / wasn’t earning… Read more »


Ive been a fan for 10 years, which is not long compared to a lot of people here. Thee only Arsenal I’ve ever known is Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal. But over the years what I’ve learnt is to what extent “my Arsenal” is, in fact, David Dein’s Arsenal. The reason I started supporting this club was the beautiful football. The history and the rest of it I’ve come to respect, but “my Arsenal” is about making football look good, even in defeat. That prioritisation started with Dein’s arrival. It did not exist before that. I don’t wish Peter Hill-Wood anything but… Read more »


I really think Wenger should move upstairs for next season – but then again I can’t think of any decent managers out there for the job

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The fickleness of many commenters here is stunning. A few days ago, you’d be hard pressed to find single pro-Wenger comment, and now after reading this piece (or is it the feel good factor after the cup victory?) the tide is turning again, and instead of “thank you for the memories Arsene” it’s become “I want him to stay but..” Here’s my take, even if I’m swimming against the stream: Arsene has a lot of power at the club, so he is largely responsible for the slide into mediocrity we have witnessed over the past few years. There are factors… Read more »


Kronke out! I know Arseblog will disagree, but my opinion has changed now and I would rather see that Fat Uzbek in charge of the team rather than Silent “only in it for the profit” Stan. If that Jabba the Hut like character owned us, then when Wenger speaks of players of the quality like Cavani, there actually might be some possibility of that happening rather than the jokes and laughter that accompany Arsenal signing a stud like that. The wage structure which has pretty much been the driving force for most of our recent top foreign talent leaving would… Read more »

Rectum Spectrum

David Dein makes a good point at a time when we’re all baying for transfers and blaming wenger for lack of movement. i’m as guilty of that as anyone.

G. Graham

Dein would have been able to handle kroneke instead we now the board arse-licking stan. Ivan, kroneke, PHW out! Nina Bracewell-Smith didnt get on with Dein but acknowledged his importance and she too, like Dein, was forced out knowing stan doesn’t care about arsenal. In fact kroneke neglects arsenal so much that he would rather walk stamford bridge with chelsea fans. Like the board stan kroneke comes across as a poor business man to his own fans – just youtube WWE BOSS VINCE MACMAHON about stan! But, as he is not investing, he must be pocketing.


What a mess of an argument.

If he’s pocketing all of this money (You must introduce me to your sources btw!) then surely he’s a great businessman?

PS: Did you just reference WWE as a reason to dismiss the credentials of our majority owner?


Can I just ask, what is the point of having this wonderful training ground Wenger built with his own two hands if we are training some dross and average players (and some good ones) on there? Also, what is the point of the stadium he erected out of hours without any assistance if we don’t use the money it generates to improve the squad. And also Mr.Dein, why is your love for the club unable to prevent your own son destabilising and transferring our top players to other clubs. Yes you did a great job while you were here. But… Read more »


P.S. How DID you spend the £70 million you took for your shares from “all that Wenger did”?

Good thing you can remain impartial.


There was a time when we used to buy world class players and attact a group of world class players


Given the ludicrous player sales and the commercial ineptitude of Mr Gazidis and Dick ‘Dallas-based’ Law: COME BACK MR DEIN, ALL IS FORGIVEN! (although never been too sure what there is to be forgiven)

Eric Irish gunner

Having a cunt for a son


Fair point – but apart from that all he seemed to do was want to encourage investment into the club from both Stan Kranky and Usmanov (I shant dwell on him wanting to move us permanently to Wemberli either).

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