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Frimpong goes Cottaging

Arsenal have confirmed that Emmanuel Frimpong will spend the rest of the season on loan with Fulham.

The Ghanaian midfielder, who has spent much of the last two years battling serious injury and brainstorming new words with relatives in the music industry, has already spent six-weeks with Charlton this term.

In need of first team football having fallen behind Francis Coquelin in Arsene Wenger’s pecking order, the 21-year-old will be hoping for more playing time than he’s had at the Emirates where he’s been restricted to two League Cup appearances.

Frimpong won’t be the only Arsenal Academy graduate on the banks of the River Thames, the feisty midfielder joins forces with fellow ex-Gooners Philippe Senderos and Steve Sidwell as alien-headed Martin Jol looks to resurrect the Cottagers stuttering season.

Arseblog News wishes Frimpong all the best for the season and trusts he won’t spend too much time having to fetch Dimitar Berbatov’s slippers and ciggies.

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Good luck!

Ca$hley Cole

If the only thing we get out of this loan deal is the chance to see Berbatov celebrate his next goal by lifting up his jersey to reveal a “DENCH!” shirt underneath, then that alone would be worth it.

Dr. Silent

Much as I like Frimpong, I think this is his last chance to prove he can be good enough for the Arsenal. Best of luck to him, hope he makes the most of it.

Nairobi Gooner

Agree with Dr Silent on this one, this might be Frimpong’s last chance unless of course he has 9 lives like Diaby


If Chamakh, Bendtner, Djourou, Park, Gervinho, Squillaci are good enough to play for the arsenal. Then why wouldn’t Frimpong? In fact he would be a top player in Gazidis and Wengers new “top quality” arsenal.

Aaron Wakelin

Surely this is a big hint we are going to sign someone after all? A couple of injuries in midfield would leave us rather light in that area in my opinion.


Have they still gotta play Van Utd….?


Berba scored and unveiled a white tee with “keep calm and pass me the ball”

Maybe frimmers should do his “keep calm and point me to where van persies at”


Heh I see where youre going there…

Burmese Boy

He is going to “dench!” the dutch skunk tonight!


Worth reading the article just for its title! Good luck to Frimpers.


I don’t like the idea of a loan if he doesn’t get play time. It’s been long since I saw frimmers in action, he needs to remind everyone what he can do and he can’t do that from the bench or 15, 20 minute cameos. He has to go there and slot right into the team and if he does this, the greater chances he has of making it with arsenal.

If not gotta make that shit permanent yo!

Dial Square

Would love to see him leave RvP in a crumpled heap in todays game, while old red nose stands on the sidelines doin’ his nut!!!!


The prick gets rightly rested for manure cup games.Speaking of rest, I am worried about the amount of games Jack is being asked to play after 18 months out. If he breaks down we are fucked. I know I would much prefer to finish top 4 than win a cup, Champions League aside.


Last year I found myself watching Wolves Games and particularly liked how he became influential most notably against Spurs. He can be a useful squad member and eventually become a passionate enforcer. I see the differrence with Coquelin, Gibbs and Wilshere they seem to care more anD Frimmers is the same.we have to keep some of our talent look at Norveidvet blossoming now.


its a shame because he looked like a real talent, but after 2 cruciate ligament injuries i fear that its all over at our level before its even begun.
was a home grown gooner too, and the kind of bite we could use in midfield at times, could have been signing a long term deal with the other guys


Van Persie gonna get DENCHED


its your last chance mate, the last throw of the dice i feel.

Arsene's Nose

He’s Craving Cottage



Scott P



If I was Fringprong, I would sue Arseblog over this headline.

El Blondo

I’m not sure if you can sue a hound…


Speak of, who’s arseblog news hound?


Yeah… this headline is a dubious one, blogs. Racially insensitive at the least.




Truly bizarre comment.

Merlin's Panini

Martin, do you come from a parallel universe where racism means something completely different to what it means here?


I agree. Poor sod(oh my!)

We leaving ourselves short again, when injuries arise.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Frimmys gone Cottaging

Chams gone to stay with Irons

and Bendtner can barely get a toe in the Old Lady

What is happening?!?


And Djourou has his Hannover something in Germany, where we have been linked with Lars Bender.

North Bank Gooner

apparently Tony ” cunt in a cap ” Pubis wants Jenko on loan.

I wonder just how far up his arse he can shove that idea………………

Merlin's Panini

I think it would most certainly be coughing up blood.

Merlin's Panini

*he would most certainly be coughing up blood.


However far he can shove it, I’m sure that we can take a bargepole and improve on his best efforts to make the point correctly.


Good luck to the lad, not sure if he has the stellar quality to break into the Arsenal squad long term, but definitely has the ability to be a solid premier league player for someone like Fulham.

Hopefully this means we’re in for a midfielder now, as currently with everyone fit we’ve only got five CM’s in the first team

fel the gooner

Just saw my mistake… Jake?? Jake?? Wtf who the fuck is jake clearly meant jack lol. oh well hangover is still going strong

fel the gooner

Easy merlin just stating what i was told mate.

Merlin's Panini

Sorry, I just have a tendency not to believe people on forums who have “inside knowledge” or “informers” or are “in the know”. If you’re really so well informed perhaps you should start a blog and show us all? Seeing as we’re constantly being lied to by Wenger (I know he’s doing it just to mess with the press but it does affect us too) it would be nice to have someone who knows what’s actually happening behind the scenes telling us so. When it comes from a comment on a news site it just seems like fanciful speculation. And… Read more »

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