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Match Report: Brighton 2 – 3 Arsenal

Theo Walcott came off the bench to score a late deflected winner as Arsenal beat Brighton 3-2 in an entertaining 4th Round FA Cup clash down on the south coast. Olivier Giroud bagged two great goals either side of half-time to twice give the Gunners the lead only for Ashley Barnes and Leonardo Ulloa to peg back the visitors. Walcott finally broke the hearts of the home fans inside the last five minutes when his cushioned volley found the back of the net from a Wilshere corner.

It was a much changed team that stepped out at the Amex Arena with Arsene Wenger opting to rest several big names. Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott, Bacary Sagna, Kieran Gibbs and Santi Cazorla dropped to the bench, while Thomas Vermaelen stayed in London nursing an ankle problem. Per Mertesacker was given the armband, with Andre Santos, Carl Jenkinson and Laurent Koscielny joining him in defence. Tomas Rosicky, Abou Diaby took over positions in front of Aaron Ramsey in the midfield while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain started on the right side of attack.

After a ridiculously quiet opening 14 minutes, during which both sides probed with tidy passing but didn’t have any attempts on goal, the game exploded into life.

Arsenal’s defence failed to play the offside trap and Brighton’s Ashley Barnes followed a headed ball over his shoulder to volley goalwards. He was only six-yards out and looked destined to score but somehow Szczesny sprung to his right to tip the slightly scuffed effort around the post.

It was top quality goalkeeping, made all the better by the fact our number one immediately launched an attack after nullifying the threat from the resulting corner. Having picked out the energetic Rosicky, the Czech drove forward to the edge of the Brighton box before feeding Podolski. The German in turn flicked the ball in a pirouette movement to Giroud who teed himself up and then curled a beauty into the top corner. A fine finish indeed. 1-0.

The game fell into something of a lull again as the half hour mark approached before Andre Santos underlined why he’s fallen behind Kieran Gibbs in the left-back pecking order. After winning the ball on the corner of our box the Brazilian attempted to dribble his way out of defence only to get caught. Brighton whipped a ball into the box immediately and although Szczesny got a hand to it, debutant Ulloa tapped home from a yard. Thankfully the offside flag went up to deny the home side an equaliser.

The reprieve only lasted three minutes. A short corner, quickly arrowed into the middle of the six-yard box at shoulder height, should have been attacked by Szczesny but despite moving to punch the ball he was beaten to it by Barnes who bulleted home a header from two yards out. We had seven men standing stationary when the ball was delivered, the biggest culprit Giroud who willingly allowed the ball to fly over his head, as our zonal marking strategy again fell to pieces. 1-1.

Jenkinson and Chamberlain whipped a couple of nice balls into the box from the right touchline, neither of which were attacked, Santos hit an horrific effort way over the bar and Rosicky scuffed one wide in first half injury-time. Aside from that zilch was produced going forward.

As has been the trend in recent weeks we started the second half with a little more zip. On 50 minutes Chamberlain fired a drive which was well blocked after good running by both Diaby and Rosicky, then the England winger drew a foul on the edge of the box with more sprightly play.

Without Walcott on the pitch to scuff the ball into the wall, Lukas Podolski took charge and curled an absolutely wonderful shot goalwards. It looked in, but hammered off the bar before being cleared.

Our dominance soon paid handsome dividends. On 56 minutes Podolski slipped the ball to Diaby who lofted a Song-esque ball over the defence. Giroud took the ball down brilliantly and as the keeper came out he slid to crash home. It was a top quality bit of finishing and the sign of a striker in real form. He enjoyed it too, getting a booking for over zealously celebrating with the 4,500 travelling Gooners.

We looked dangerous going forward and the Frenchman nearly had his hattrick five minutes later as he latched onto another ball over the top, however, on this occasion his shot was parried clear by keeper Casper Ankergren.

Naturally, Arsenal being Arsenal, despite having Brighton on the ropes we left ourselves open to a sucker punch. With the game increasingly stretched Brighton poured forward down the right whipped in a lovely ball and Argentine debutant Ulloa headed home from close range. Per Mertesacker’s attempt at marking was horrible and Szczesny looked disgusted.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Tomas Rosicky made way for Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott on 68 minutes as Arsene Wenger pushed for the win.

Giroud had two decent chances to get his hattrick, first hitting a freekick over the bar on 73 minutes then bouncing a volley over ten minutes later after fine work by Podolski. In between Santos was hauled off in favour of Gibbs after he’d fired another wretched shot over the bar. The new left-back soon set-up Giroud whose one man mission to finish the game saw him attempt an overhead kick which brought about a corner.

Wilshere took it and when the ball was headed out to the edge of the area Walcott cushioned a volley goalwards which, with the aid of a deflection, found it’s way into the back of the net. It was just reward after a prolonged period of pressure.

As the game edged towards full-time Walcott nearly bagged his second following some tenacious work, Podolski was denied from point blank range before Brighton’s Craig Mackail-Smith (who looks like he belongs in a Reef tribute band) fell to the ground claiming a penalty after contact from Jenkinson.

Four minutes of injury-time were not fun on the nerves but we managed not to self destruct a third time thereby saving ourselves from another pesky replay. We’re into the 5th Round and a trip to Wembley is that bit nearer. Good stuff.

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Good result in the end, quality goals by Giroud but that game was hardly as comfortable as it should have been. Very reactive play from the gunners, letting Brighton take the initiative and hardly pressing them at all… And does Santos know that he’s supposed to close his man down to prevent him from crossing? Seriously, that’s basic stuff. In his defense, Podolski had a lazy game defensively as well. So either buy Luke Shaw or promote Meade because if Gibbs gets injured we’re fucked. I liked the Giroud chance near the end of the game from the Podolski cross;… Read more »


Shocking defending. Wenger paid £6 million for Santos, and gave him a 4 year contract worth £60,000 a week.

If he runs down his contract thats a total investment of £18 million.

What a complete waste of money.


Hard to disagree with you there Balls.


I saw tweets about Santos that apparently he was on Instagram liking pictures at 4 am in the morning. Is this guy serious?


Agree that Santos was shit, but probably churlish to single him out completely. Collectively, we can’t defend. As soon as there’s a cross or set piece, you can count on at least two looks from those charged with defending: 1) deer in headlights, or 2) scared.

How long have we been saying this? Why can’t this be addressed?


Santos. Thats the sort of ‘exceptional quality’ that Wenger waits patiently for?


Exactly Bunburyist, the rest of the players weren’t pressing enough either.
You would have liked to see us not giving them giving them time to think, constantly harassing the Brighton players.

Instead we gave them time and space to pick out the passes and throw crosses in the box. You can’t dominate games like that.


Someone must have orgasm on giroud’s second

K. Soze

This is the top quality wenger talked about finding. -_-


Herr Wenger ! seit dem ich Arsenal fan bin muß ich festellen das mir die derzeitige Abwehr Sorgen bereitet.Podolski kenne ich seit seiner Jugend aus Bergheim und weis mit Sicherheit das er Arsenal weit nach vorne bringen kann ,wenn man ihm Spielfreiheit lässt mit Spielern wie Gibbs,Carzola,giroud,und ganz nach oben gestellt mit Wilshere.genau mit dieser Formation bereitet mir das Fußballherz große freude.Aber dieses hin und her an versuchen mitten in der Meisterschaft kann nicht Positiv sein. Nicht weil Arsenal 5:1 gegen West ham gewann lag es an der Tagesform der Spieler,nein!! genau diese Aufstellung war es die genau zusammen passt… Read more »


Dam, you took the words right out of my mouth there prinzpoldi.

Cyril Washbrook

@Prinzpoldi: The players may be “showered with money”, but it’s still important to ensure that the players are in decent condition, and that means resting and rotating sometimes. The Brighton game was the 5th since 13 January and there’s another critical home fixture against Liverpool in the league on Wednesday.

The greater problem, if anything, has been insufficient rotation – partly because of injury issues, partly because the calibre of backup players is sometimes a bit dodgy (*cough* Santos *cough*).


The new Eboué?


In his defense ?? Podolski got mad at Santos for being shit.


Santos can never play again he looked like he just couldn’t be fucked, two players for every position? Not LB, he’s a write off I’m tired of thinking up excuses for him!


Definitly prefers Gibbs behind him. Lets pray Gibbs don’t get injured again this season. Home draw in the next round please.


Santos needs to go. He’s simply a disgrace in the art of defending. We need a backup LB whether from a new signing or promotion from the reserve. Surely Wenger should be able to see what we all see, right? I have been saying this again and again since the beginning of the season: striker, DMF, and a backup LB.

a Gooner in Manchester

Meade is a LB

time to promote some young ones to back up young Gibbs


Santos should never wear the shirt. Even in.trainning, give the guy a bugs bunny t-shirt or something. How dismall can he be?.

A Yank

Why not just wake him a winger? He’d be 3rd choice at best, but with our chronic injury problems, he’d still get used. Just take defending responsibilities away from him. If we’re stuck with him at least make him useful. Christ we play strikers out of position as wingers, can it be that different to do it with a defender?

Also not sure what to make of Luton winning at Carrow Road where we lost, but that is an awesome victory for the non-league Hatters.


I’ve changed my mind about who we need based on Diaby and Rosicky bng fit going forward. It seems clear between all our midfielders and the way we play we have cover if no one else gets injured. What we do need is Mat Hummels and a good, proven premier league left back, like that Southampton lad. TBH, if everyone remains fit and healthy, I think HFB, Pods, Walcott can cover the striker department until the summer…when we get to spend that cash on someone for real real. Personally, I was pleased everyone but Santos got a run out, and… Read more »


Shaw is proven?! he’s 17 for god’s sake. Baines is proven, or someone else who has actually had a full season at this level.


Proven as in has played in the premier league, is cheap enough for Arsene to look and deliberate over, is English and has potential. Try reality and what is likely to happen instead of fanciful wonderland. I am.


Hummels wont be going anywhere they are dark horses for the champions league. Luke Shaw recently signed a new contract that wont be happening either.


Wow. I’ve posted plenty of very derisive comments about the arse this year, and particularly Arsene himself, but this is the first time I think I have been tainted with the Wenger out phenomenon. You guys need to take a hard look at the reality of who controls the club and what they think….regardless of what you would like to see. Listening to arseblog has taught me that much.


You have a definition of “proven” I have never encountered.


Piss off. I hear proven and the premier league regarding transfers in the same breath every single transfer window.


Come up with an alternative that isn’t horse shit and get back to me. Look at our history of signings and refute my original comment on that. Baines? You are fucking dreaming.


You seem to have been gifted with the rather singular talent where you’re able to be right after you make everyone disagree with you and insult them.

I salute you my good man.


And guyz, how dissapointing has Chamberlain been. I can’t remember the last time he had a good game. Too much pressure for the once much hyped next big thing or what?. Come on Chambo, wake up.


He’s not even 20 yet, give the lad a break.


I have got all the time in the world for chambo. I’m just concerned that he might be trying too hard to prove to himself and everyone out there that he’s really up for it. I want him to take things easy and it’ll eventually manifest in his play, he’ll be more composed and things will work out for him.

Offtopic was shocked at how easily we conceded todays goals. Seems to me operation “stand and stare” was at top gear today. Sort that shit out!


Loved that at the end as well. I would have liked to see where the overhead kick was going without the block. Shame Theo blocked his hat trick as well; clearly has a look up but went on his own – Giroud stood alone on the penalty mark, goal gaping. Keeper ‘saved’ but was going into the side netting anyway. Greedy, Walcott. Heard several mentions of Song to RVP when looking at the second Giroud goal, but it looked more like Diaby to RVP at Everton in January 2009, long before Song had figured out how to lift a ball.… Read more »


Wonderful work by Giroud today. He’s really coming into his own here.

Did anyone else soil themselves a bit when he took that knock in the 65th minute (just before his goal). If he gets injured for any length of time, we’re fucked.

Can’t understand why Wenger won’t buy a striker.


Can we start the “he scores when he wants” song for HFB now? Please.


No idea, he will be shipped away soon.. For “footballing reasons” – Gazidis

Jack's Right Foot

I’m very sorry, but what does HFB stand for?

…Hot French Bastard?


Close. Handsome French Bastard

£oyalty for $ale

HFB= Handsome French Bloke.


laaaaa, la la lalalalaaaaaaaaa, lalalalaaaaaaaaaaa Girouuuuuud!

Arsene's Nose

Can’t forgive walcott for not giving hin that tap in at the end for his first Hatrick.. Becoming too selfish IMO


I agree, though there was a time not long ago when we criticized Walcott for not being selfish enough. I’m glad he’s playing with confidence, and I do think he can improve on his decision-making (as he has done).


Though he did create that chance with some blistering pace.


Im just glad he came on for the Ox.
Would like to know how many times Diaby lost possesion as well throughout the match. We became so much better once Gibbs came on. That really determines how well Poldi plays on the left.

Giroud what a warrior. You can tell he wants to win for the fans.

Rocket Diary

Goonorhea, Just because he created the chance through his tenacity doesnt mean that he earned the right to take it even if the other guy is in a better position. One goal leads arent the best scenario for selfish stuff, would have been acceptable if it were 5-2 at that time.


@Shut up r.d. It’s almost human instict to want to take that opportunity for yourself. He clearly felt he had done enough to go for the goal all by himself. Bad decision in the end but i’ve seen worse from him. Now If you could just get off his case!


Its naa I think


Im sure the same song can be used tor Djourou.
Pretty damn sure…


Rule nr. 1, never start with Santos.

They can score goals but the defence is not good at all.


Giroud, Giroud, giroud is on fire!


we don’t need Van Persie, let the motherfucker burn….

Piers Morgan's punchable face

Is that sung to the tune of Kings of Leon by any chance ?



Coal Chamber, I believe. Terrible song, but still a good appropriation of the lyric by JB.

North Bank Gooner

yeh, that Giroud couldnt hit a barn door etc etc etc



Well it was tight in Brighton, and they stretched us alright, but we finally managed to take it. Up The Arse.


freudian slip???

North Bank Gooner

not freudian, he slipped on the vaseline…



I’ve read some hilarious comments on this blog (not to mention very funny titles of stories, i.e.. yesterdays ‘Frimpong Goes Cottaging’) but this is up there with the best of them. No Freudian slip here, just a man who can string together the ultimate comedic sentence.

To anyone with an alcoholic beverage in hand – and to all Australians celebrating Australia Day – take a swig in honour of Mooro: this man is something else.


Quality..very clever Moore. Proud of ya mate.


Cheers mate. Just got back from a night out with the Mrs. No idea what you boys are on about……


Thoughts….. 1.  I am trying to remember the last time I witnessed a softer, more heartless attempt to defend a corner by all 11 on the pitch.  Literally 11 spectators.  WTF Arsene? Steve? 2. Hey Arsene, when you mentioned that you have 2players in each position and therefore need nobody else, were you including left back in there? We basically played with 10 for 75 minutes because of a literally worse than invisible left back. 3. Is Santos the example of those players you only ever sign who have the quality and class to play for Arsenal football club?  Fucking… Read more »

Butter my Arsenal

“NCGunner” – Never Cheerful?


Could be kind of hard to be cheerful, when they are struggling against a championship side, just saying. Great attacking but our defence is not good at all.

Dr Baptiste

Unlike QPR, Aston Villa and Norwich, we actually won. So it’s not hard to be cheerful

Diego's Nose

Nagging Cunt.

typical tantrums

“HFB”, sir.


Great game diaby…
Who’s next?!!! COYG!

£oyalty for $ale

Andre Santos is gonna wear the shit out of that self-destruct button. I’m sorry, but his football IQ is absolute zero, he’s gotta go.


Not for another 4 years he won’t.

£oyalty for $ale

At some point and time you gotta cut your losses, not saying that it will happen, but this guy is detrimental to the club (wishful thinking on my end). Every manager that’s worth his salt signed shit player(s), it’s inevitable. This fucking guy was a panic buy at the closing moments of transfer window, and honestly if I’ll see him in an Arsenal shirt again, I’ll consume cyanide willingly.


Apparently he was excellent and highly thought of in Brazil. He’s basically just got fat and that’s ruined him.


Does a player’s weight affect their decision making when in possession? Le Tissier was a fat bastard, sp was David Hirst, but they knew the right thing to do with the ball at the right time.

Piers Morgan's punchable face

What is it with Brazilians and putting on Weight rapidly, he’s following in the not so light foot steps of Adriano, Ronaldo & Ronaldinho it seems.

£oyalty for $ale

You know who else is highly though of in Brazil? Neymar, you know- a pretty good actress that wears cleats…


Good! 2 done, 1 more to go this month. Rosicky has to start against Liverpool in maybe our best 11 this season:
Sagna Per Kos Gibbs
Rosicky Cazorla
Walcott Giroud Podolski


Ridiculous midfield set up.


If Ramsey can, a much better tackler in Rosicky can!

No diss to Ramsey, had a couple of good games now. Although he lunges in far too much, needs better balance.

Arsene's Nose

Am not saying Santos is shit.. But I think a pile of that would have been a better LB today… Yes, am saying Gervinho would have played much better..

Happy with the win …

Billy Mac

Bad news for Gervinho haters like you Arsene’s Nose. He scored a goal for Ivory Coast today, had a hand in the second and set up the third. One of the commentators said – and I quote – “he has been brilliant today”. And let’s not forget he scored the winner in the first game and set up the other one.

Arsene's Nose

Am no Player hater.. Especially not players in an Arsenal shirt.. I give credit where its due.. I hope he comes back a better player..


He plays wonderfully for the Ivory Coast against piss-poor undisciplined African teams, but he plays like shit for Arsenal.

So…ummm…guess how much I care how well he plays for the Ivory Coast?

If he can’t produce for Arsenal, then we’re right to be honest about it.

North Bank Gooner

Hasn’t recovered from the last ACON.

Hope he lays the ghosts to rest, and comes back the player Hazard talks about.


Jonathan Wilson wrote an interesting piece about the mystery that is Gervinho. Good stuff.

Gervinho: Arsenal joke; tricksy and dangerous Ivory Coast striker

North Bank Gooner

Nice 1 Axel, good article. I honestly believe there is a quality player in there somewhere, please let him come back and set the premiership on fire.


Thats great i can’t wait for him to come back to the first team.


Thoughts on the game: 1. If we manage to sell Santos this January I will consider this the greatest transfer window we’ve ever had. A truly shocking player, so fat and lazy. 2. Walcott is a great impact but is becoming greedy, robbed Giroud of his hattrick 🙁 3. NA NA NA GIROOOOOOOOOOD MOTM! 4. I’m not too sure about Ramsey in the DM position he was great against West Ham but seemed to be a little withdrawn, although he played a lot better when Wilshere came on. So maybe he only plays well with Wilshere by his side? 5.… Read more »


Our point no.4 is shit though I do agree Ramsey plays better when wilshere comes on but he looks sexy in the DM role




Re: 5.

For how long?

It worries me that Wenger says Diaby is a key player for us…because effectively he’s admitting that he’s fine continuing without a key player.

Oleg Luzhny

Those goals Giroud scored is something Chamakh would never be capable of. Stellar goals, don’t know why he gets labelled a bust (by other media).

I don’t want to see Santos out there ever again. On the other side, Jenkinson was solid, delivered some quality crosses as well. It’s okay for Sagna to see more rest down the road.

And Cazorla will now have a belter on Wednesday!


I completely agree with you, although if I were to nit pick i would say Jenkinson needs to learn how to beat his man, and sometimes he can be prone to mistakes under pressure. He’s young though, so I’m pretty confident he’ll become a top top RB and one that loves the Arsenal so what more could we wish for?

Giroud is becoming increasingly classy! I’m pretty excited by him I may just faint!


I did like the way Jenkinson nudged Mackail – Smith out of the way near the end, then simply turned his back on the lad with the 1990 Merson haircut when he went sprawling for a penalty claim.

It proves Jenkinson is a true Arsenal fan – he must have studied tapes of the way Dixon and Lauren executed the same trick time and again. Top defending for a kid in the last stanza of a tight (oo-er) away cup tie.Sure, he still has flaws, but more power to him for that alone.


Ehe. Jenko was solid?. Jury out there. Let’s just say he wasn’t tested. I seem to think he lacks conviction with his forward play. If he meets a defender, your best bet is that he’ll always return it to mert. He needs to learn to beat his man and attack with alot more intent!


A little bit of roller coaszczter game light, with a happy ending this time!

Hurray to Podolski again (and Giroud obviously). Interesting that Walcott, yet again, was on the score sheet. On the other hand, an average team like Brighton, with due respect to them, managed to score 2 goals against us. What about the defensive training discussion at the start of the season?


Giroud is really starting to show his potential now! Great match again.

North Bank Gooner

its amazing how you can actually score if you actually play ;D


It certainly does help!


Job done – in to the hat for the next round is all that matters. UTA


Some more egg on Giroud doubters’ faces. There is a reason why he was the Ligue 1 top scorer last season. The gap between EPL and rest of Europe may not be what some narrow minded, stubborn people believe. Santos not good enough. I can live with people making poor decisions when confidence is low. But they have to run around and bust a gut. Ramsey did it when he wasn’t playing well, Giroud at the beginning of the season when his confidence was low. But Santos doesn’t work hard. We need someone else, be it from outside or from… Read more »

Jim Jimminy

Garth crooks was talkin out of his arse about giroud. Said that giroud was struggling. 14 goals 9 assists.

I suppose its to be expected from a former spud. But why does the bbc waste money on fools who just spout biased opinion.


Garth Crooks?I think he was the reason the mute button was invented.


As much of a twat as Crooks is, he isn’t the worst person that the BBC have ever employed.


Garth Crooks is a smug, irritating, know it all little Spud cunt.

North Bank Gooner

@Mooro, you are spot on, apart from “Know it all” 😉


certainly but Lineker is even more irritating, smug and a bigger Spud cunt


He was too quick to point out that Giroud missed some good chances against Chelsea and that he needs to have good games against the big teams, which makes him an ass. But he’s not wrong. Batista scored a hat trick in a Cup tie once.

North Bank Gooner

@TomJ, bigger ears yes, but is it possible to be a bigger cunt than Mr Crooks?

Oh bugger, I forgot John Terry, silly me

Gibbs' Ears

Great to see Giroud’s confidence returning, hopefully he’ll continue scoring and never stop. Ever. Glad to see Theo earning his 100k p/w too.

But Santos. Look, being defensively poor is one thing. Shooting sky high from 40 yards when you can cross/pass is another. Wasted.


Giroud- Decent player.


The momentum was totally changed when Santos was changed off. He clearly needed some run. If Diaby and Rosky both keep fit, I am fine that Wenger don’t buy before next Thursday. LOVE GIROUD. The several runs by Theo were created by the strong HFB. Do want to see more coming from this “striker” pair. But the defence looks quite lousy. Come on you gooners!


Just pointing out Ramseys contributions: great passes and was turned on after theo and his mate jack came on.Some delightful passes to Walcott and chamberlain.Most importantly looking sexy in the new deeper role.I think he had over 100 passes again.


Santos is a fucking bad player… Really stinks the whole place up. Zonal marking is for pussies… Wenger should get bouldy to handle the set pieces in training…. Or is this zonal marking shite bouldy’s idea? We never zonal mark when pat rice was here. Come on arsene sort this out.

Simao Segunda

Don’t try that one, mate. We used to zonal-mark even when “Captain Shorts” was assistant-boss.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the system (if that’s even the word), but don’t try and re-write history.

Merlin's Panini

I think the whole point of zonal marking is that it makes it easier to counter attack. The players know roughly where each other is going to be once they win the ball back. Sure it doesn’t always work, and makes us look totally inept when it doesn’t, but there is a point to it.


We never zonal marked when pat rice was here? Are you high mate? We’ve been absolute shit at defending corners and set pieces for about 8 years on the skid. “zonal marking” is just a new bullshit fad that pundits use as an excuse to say we’re shit at defending corners.


Agreed. Both systems have disadvantages and advantages. No one is better than the other. But if you don’t do your job properly in either system, you pay the price, simple as that.

H. P. Arsecraft

We changed to zonal because our man marking was horrendous. I’m starting to think that it isn’t the system that’s failing.


Lessons form today’s game:

1. Santos should be kept as far away from the first team as possible

2. Giroud is developing into a very important player for us, we haven’t had a big powerful forward like him for some time

3. Santos should be kept as far away from the first team as possible

4. Gibbs was more solid defensively and more productive going forward in 10 minutes than Santos was in 80

5.Santos should be kept as far away from the first team as possible


Again, AaronRamsey, I apologise. Good game son.


This. I like this.


Thrillho, you still haven’t disclosed your high score on Bonestorm….come on, spill the beans!

kiss my arsenal

can i borrow bonestorm when ure finished playing with it?

arsene's mum

Good to have another win but lets not get carried away. Giroud was good today, Ramsey and Diaby did OK but for fu*k sake when will we learn to defend????? Seriously 8 years without a trophy and for at least the last 7 years we always complain about our defensive fragility. I love Arsene but fuck he can be really blind – there are no excuses for not being drilled defensively when we have had issues for a long time……i know we had Santos, seriously like the guy but the footballer is never asenal quality, but stil or positioning and… Read more »

jai jawan

2008 we were on course to win the league till that horrific injury to Eduardo… all downhill from there. i mean, Wenger hasn’t been “fuck all” for the last 8 years. he’s just a nice guy in a world of dicks (hleb, flamini, nasri, rvp, adebayor, those fucks who broke diaby, eduardo and ramsey, barcelona dna mongers) what i would really like to see in the years ahead is how he responds to these kind of situations with the burden of the stadium debt not forcing his hand to continuing this trend. maybe now he can just laugh in the… Read more »


There were two fullbacks who were poor today, not just 1. If any of our first choice fullbacks go down, it could be a problem.

For the record I back Jenkinson to come good, but he has a lot to learn.

Wenger's Glasses

“Ooh Giroud aint good enough” “Theo aint worth the new contract” bla bla bla..

Jim Jimminy

Huzzah we won! Shame giroud didn’t get his hat-trick. On to the next one.

In other news, gervinho scored again.


sell santos ,buy in another reserve left back ,not only left exposed several times at the left side but his crossing and shooting were so poor. Good performance by giroud anyway .


no one will ever buy any of the shit we have, this shows the quality AW believes in. Best we can hope is loans for these players with Arsenal contributing to the most of their wages. So till their contracts run out we are left with circa 35 million wage bill for these super super quality players 1 Fabianski, 2. Djourou 3. Santos 4. Denilson 5 Park 6 NB52 7 Chmakh 8 Squalacci 9 Arshavin 10 Gervinho I still cannot believe we did not match Mata’s release clause last year only to sign Park and Santos on combined 10 million… Read more »

David 0'Leary's Dad

Fucking yes! What a great game and looking great for HFB

But seriously Arsene and Steve sort the defence out! Was shitting myself in the last 5 minutes. Santos should never play at the back again but it wasn’t just him………


…as you say….


Santos positioning is so poor and it was embarrassing to see a championship side exploit that. An uncomfortable amount of balls were played into the box from that left side and no surprised Brighton eventually scored on one. Didn’t even offer much going forward this game. Gibbs should’ve started in a game of this importance. I would go as far as to say Meade would’ve been a better option over Santos today, at least he defends.


I thought i saw Bob Pires brother! That no. 14 guy!


For the last 7 years we wanted arsene to sort out the defence. What the fuck has he been doing? Seriously… First few years after jens left, if we had signed someone other than that fucking cock almunia, we would have won the title a couple of times.


Job well done boys. Unfortunately Santos doesn’t give a shit and shouldn’t be picked again. Szczesny seems to be lacking some of the confidence he carried last season which is concerning. It’s not all doom and gloom though. I thought the Diaby/Ramsey partnership looked solid. It was great to see Rosicky back twisting and turning. Giroud is really finding his top form and looks likely to find the net even on those audacious overhead volley attempts. I think he’s got a goal of the year candidate in his future. Oh and I almost forgot, it was great to see Cazorla… Read more »


Instead of getting a rollicking, in the tunnel Arsene went and gave santos a pat on the back and fucking gave him a little cuddle.. What the fuck arsene?

Jim Jimminy

So you would like to see Wenger lay into him on camera? That’d be great wouldn’t it.


Got his car off him at a discount price


The second Brighton goal: What does one say? Mertesacker marking no one, neither Diaby nor Santos defends the man making the pass. Diaby had a chance to derail the attack earlier in the move and didn’t close anyone down then either.

I don’t like the way Diaby plays. The truth of him to me is neither the brilliant pass for the goal nor the disinterested defending. The truth of Diaby is most of the time he just takes up space — neither here nor there.

At least we got through.

Bendtner's Ego

Did you even watch the same match as the rest of us?

Diaby’s Hollywood Song pass set up Giroud’s second goal and he made quite a few key tackles, including one to spring Wilshere at the edge of the box in the second half. Add in a few gazelle runs with the ball and I’d say he did ok, other than a few turnovers early on.

He’s nowhere near where Wilshere is because Jack has played a good run of games. He’s also nowhere near where he was at the start o the season vs City.


I thought we played well. Santos didn’t play very well, but then again he hasn’t played for a while so I’ll forgive him (only because we won). Jenkinson played well too, a few mistakes but he made up for them. Giroud’s first goal was van persie-esq. Took his chances well. Diaby – nervy first half, but after Wilshere came on he played better. I hold my breath every time he falls over or a tackle comes in. Rosicky – showed great energy as always but he didn’t link up well with others but it’s difficult coming back after so long.… Read more »


What really concerns me is the lack of pressure in the build up to the second goal. Brighton were given all the time in the world to play the ball from well inside their own half right into the penalty box, without a single Arsenal shirt closing down the oncoming players. Had Diaby put even the slightest pressure on the Brighton midfield, and caused them to play square or backwards, they couldn’t conceivably scored. Instead we let them take the game to us and gifted a goal as a result. Surely such things are defending 101? Still, a win is… Read more »

giroud's header

arsene sign a good backup LB please!!!
soo happy for Giroud.


French Stallion!! Sign him up.

Dial Square

So Arsene says we don’t need to buy because we have two quality players in every position, is Santos one of those quality players,,if so, fuck of Arsene,,and should he get a bad injury, who is the quality replacement for Giroud??

Obvious really...

We played OK today, but we missed the incisive penetration, world class bamboozling and limitless energy of Gervinho. He makes the difference. The sooner he’s back from the ACN so he can give Giroud a break the better.


Quality replacement for giroud is chamakh…. Oh wait….

Merlin's Panini

Well that was mental. Giroud once again showed what a quality player he is and the defence showed that they need to do some very hard work. Santos was awful wasn’t he? He is just not a left back. He’s fine as a winger but that was terrible, and against a championship side! That, for me, was his worst game for Arsenal. He’s definitely had better days at left back but he just looked completely off the pace. I hate to say it, because I’ve enjoyed watching the cuddly maverick at times, but we desperately need a better left back… Read more »


I agree, he looks disinterested and he is a liability

Gunsen gunner

Well done lads.Defend a bit better next time.Its obvious that we need a new leftback.Apparently Luke Shaw’s unhappy that Adkins was sacked right after the chairman convinced him to sign a new contract.An opening there maybe Arsene?


He also stated he had a love for Chelski


I will again not take that shit about walcott. He created that chance for himself and therefore felt it was upto him to finish it. It’s human nature to want to do that. I don’t see the reason for your outpour.


Come on, how many times would Theo scored from that position? I doubt it would be at least 1/10. What about Giroud, maybe 8 out of 10? That’s ridiculous. I don’t give a shit who created the chance if it was wasted by a very poor decision-making in the end,


What would we do without giroud?
What would we do without giroud?
What would we do without giroud?
hunk of a man wish we bought two!


ohne poldi ist Giroud weniger als er jetzt dargestellt wird.Jeder Stürmer lebt von seinen vorbereitern,und wenn nicht, ja wenn nicht dann sieht auch ein giroud schlecht aus.Auch Messi lebt davon ,das er ganz oben steht.


Spot on prinzpoldi


Seer gut mein freund


are you saying Messi is better than Giroud?man that’s crazy…du bist verrukt


Spot on. At the moment Wenger clearly knows he has no reliable back up LB in Santos yet he’s still doing nothing about it. I cringe to think what could happen if Gibbs misses afew games due to injury. We would cramble so hard. So is the situation at striker.

Get that cash out arsene and do some business!


Great, we actually got a big chance to win something this year.. 🙂

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