Friday, March 1, 2024

Wenger essentially rules out January transfers.

Arsene Wenger has hinted this morning that he’s content with the make-up of his squad and that arrivals in January are unlikely.

Although this is bound to send Arsenal fans into meltdown mode, it’s not as if it hasn’t been obvious. It’s January 25th now, we needed players at the start of the month too and if the manager had any intention of adding to the squad he would surely have done it by now – especially given the fixtures that were ahead of us.

So while the admission that he doesn’t like the January window, coupled with the playing down of every player linked with us (ever), is a frustration, it’s surely not a surprise.

“We have two players in every position and that should be basically enough plus the young players we have in behind,” Wenger said at his press conference this morning.

He said there had been no approach for Mohamed Diame, and when asked about David Villa, he said, “We have been linked with Villa, but there’s nothing concrete there. We’re not on the case.”

He further expressed his disdain for the January window by saying that the amount of players a club can buy should be limited (presumably to none), before saying, “It’s a wrong market. The only clubs who sell are in financial trouble and players who move are unhappy. It’s unfair.”

Quite what’s unfair about an open market where anyone can buy anything they want is beyond us, but there you go. Still, there was a chink of light in the increasingly gloomy darkness when he played his ‘you never know’ card which makes people want to believe something’s going to happen.

“But if we find top class players we will never refuse to strengthen our squad,” he said, we assume to peals of laughter.

Arseblog News has long been consigned to the fact that our January spending is likely to amount of £0.00p, so if anything happens before Thursday at 11pm, it’ll be a nice surprise.

Certainly more of one than the manager confirming what we probably knew anyway.

Quotes via @ESPNFC and @JohnCrossMirror

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Toure Motors

His decision, he’ll be the one held to account


Think the wallet might have a zip on it,you know the trouble he can have with those things.

Gooner Fan

True, but the Wenger apologists will always find a way to absolve Wenger when it comes to transfers and direct it all to the board.


Don’t think I will this time. I think it might be our man’s final season.
But I do feel our board are a bunch of greedy knob jockeys. Would be curious to know the dividends release for the last 2 years.


Jay – YAWN!!!! No dividends mate

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

of course they apologists will find a reason to tell us, it is not his fault, what we would do withou him, judge him in May and most of all he has not lost his touch after 8 years. Some might as well say wait for the FFP. What is the point if we don’t spend the money we have!!!!. The apologist and Arsene already moved the goal post from the FFP to compete, to the new “Brit youth project” to look forward to in the next 5 years, and keep him collecting money for himself and Stand. Arsene IS… Read more »


You can’t criticise the fans of Arsene. Shit what are you thinking man?

Arsenal > Spurs

Dividends haven’t been paid – they’ve not ever been recommended by the board (see: . Lest someone says that they might have taken out money on the sly, it’s notable that would be against the Transparency Rules under which Arsenal Holdings plc is subject. It’s not the board directors being “greedy” – maybe they’re “parsimonious” but not “greedy”.


By whom?

Mark Flatts' Flat

Held to account by who exactly? Has this situation not gone on for the past 7 consecutive years?


You have to question the way he has handled press conferences in the window here. He is essentially managing fans expectations every time he has a presser, and his is managing them as if he is oblivious to general opinion. Does he not have a staff member informing him, helping him avoid saying things which he obviously has no idea are inflammatory?! Just play it down for gods sake, don’t spin the same old yarn.


My sentiments exactly, without spelling out the 7 year thing, which apparently was needed for some!


Wenger is playing a dangerous game.

The thing is, we might have finished outside the top four even if we had signed 2 or 3 players, but in that case we would have been able to say, “well, at least we did everything we could…”

Now, however, if we don’t make the top four–a very real possibility–what can we say in defence of his actions this January?

Wenger is a complete donkey, if you ask me, but hey, I guess we should wait until May before bringing on the knives.


It was obvious last summer where we are going. But I am happy that he extended lot s of contracts with our young players so that means that he s counting on the next season or more probably 2014/2015.
Although I do agree that by not signing anybody to replace rvp and song, Wenger is playing a very dangerous game.


“he’ll be the one held to account”…”playing a dangerous game”….What are you people on?


We ll be out of champions league next year. What did you think? Maybe you are up in the air? Paranoia? 🙂


I agree
What a load of rubbish he spouts. Teams clearing out injured and players they no longer want.
Was thos the case for Man U buying Zaha from Crystal Palace?
You mean to say we haven’t got £15, 000, 000


…but we do have Ramsey to caver up for every single spot we miss a player in any game. I m waiting to see him as a CF very soon.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Zaha is extremely overrated.
Plus, we were never in for him.
Never ever ever ever ever
*Saves face


Yeahm you are right… United is known for buying shitty players?


Same old same old, it’s unfair because a) they can’t sign anyone if they don’t have 2 months to go for the cheapest option and b) nobody want to buy our rejects at our prices.

Oh so unfair 🙁


It’s like waking up on Christmas day to see a bike shaped wrapping under the tree, and opening to find out it’s a cardboard tube.

I don’t care what happens as long as we finish at least fourth and get the FA cup!!!!!!
(maybe champo leaguo, that would be nice)


Not as dissapointing as waking up Christmas day to find a Squillaci shaped present, and opening to find out its squillaci


Why would any one open it?

A Yank

No, because unlike January transfers for Arsenal, a cardboard bike actually exists. And appears to be functional and useful.



big black clock

Can’t tell if I should believe him or not cause I can’t remember the last time he told us the truth regarding transfers.

New Guy

Spot on. I think this means we will announce our new signing this afternoon.


Spot on mate. I can never figure Arsene out on transfers. Hopefully we’ll get two more bodies in.


Well, if they don’t buy they should reduce the ‘king ticket prices. I can’t see any decent excuse for charging those exorbitant prices now we have improved commercial deals, money stuffed to one side, part of the debt as debentures, etc. if they’re not going to spend it.

I don’t earn bad money, but it’s pretty sickening to be looking at £100+ for one person for a day out to the Cat A games, if it doesn’t actually benefit the playing squad when there is enough to spare.

Normally I try not to be too concerned, but it’s getting ridiculous.


A failure to secure Champions league football next year will make his position untenable if this is his stance.

We’re one or two injuries from using completely unwanted players like Arshavin/Squillaci or heaping a hell of a lot of pressure on shoulders of youngsters we should be protecting. Don’t understand it at all.



A visitor

What he says is unfair is that thos clubs who’ve played pre-window newcastle twice have essentially played a different team.

1)There will be another arsenal player by the end of the window

2) this team and these players are better than the blogosphere is prepared to credit.


Agreed completely. Arsene seems to constantly be going on about how difficult it is to buy in January, yet we have seen plenty of teams make moves – Newcastle did what they needed to do (heck, they’ve signed four players in two days), West Ham brought in three or four, and these are not big budget teams. What frustrates and confuses me is when Arsene talked about ‘finding’ exceptional talent, and ‘looking very hard’ for these players. Shouldn’t this be something that is essentially done BEFORE the January transfer window?!? Don’t get me wrong – I am sure we have… Read more »


1) Newcastle aren’t in for the likes of Cavini or Villa so making that comparison is utterly pointless. 2) Do you work in Arsenal’s scouting department? If not what gives you the qualification to talk about how long they’ve been tracking any given player? 3) I’m not sure if you realise that buying players isn’t like going into a corner shop and picking up some milk and a Mars bar – in January especially there is the fact that clubs don’t actually want to sell their best players, that players they do want to sell are unhappy and/or not all… Read more »


Quite agree and Newcastle have bought two ‘exceptional’ players, a right back and a centre back – that’s assuming by ‘exceptional’ he means the type of exceptional the non-super-rich can afford. I can understand him having had doubts over Ba – the unreliable knee. I can understand M’Vila: maybe Wenger talked to him on the phone, hoping he’d be humbly begging for a chance to save his career but M’Vila just said he’d wouldn’t mind coming if the wages were high enough because preferred London’s night life to that of Rubin Kazan. But Mapou? No health problems, no attitude problems… Read more »


Are we in for the likes of Cavini or Villa apparently not


@Thereisbearcum: we weren’t in for Cavini [sic] either so you’re comparison is no better. Even if we had been trying for him, we’d have had as much chance as of getting Van Persie back from United. Cavani hasn’t been in our price range for at least a couple of years. Napoli don’t want to sell. They are second in the table so why would he want to leave them for a team not even in the top four? Rumours are, Bayern are looking to get him in the summer and they, in contrast to us, could be a move he’ll… Read more »

Dave Gooner

I am surprised at all the talk of Villa – he is older than TH was when we sold him, and was never as good. Strikers at 31 are at the very least, rapidly approaching their sell by date. Villa certainly is, he rarely if ever starts at Barcelona. He is coming to the end of his career. Will Atletico sell Adrian Lopez when they are second in La Liga, and ahead of Real? Will Napoli sell Cavani when they are just 5 points off the pace in Serie A? Seriously? What do you think? We need to get some… Read more »


Dave Gooner its quite difficult to shift messi out of the barca side. Forgive me his birth certifacate is a problem for you but i reckon a name like that would be greatly received by our fan base.

wengers funny transfer window

@thereisbearcum your excuse for defending wenger is as funny as the excuses of wenger. 1, Arsenal will buy Cavani or even try to bid for him, we all know arsenal cant pay the big salary these players demands. 2, Newastle bought players as if they were picking Mars bars from the super market counter and among those players few are quite good. 3, No one has the capacity to judge how the scouting area is covered in arsenal, and you cant defend them also. If the so called scouting departemnt was as good as you advocate, they would have recognised… Read more »


I guess you haven’t figured it out yet. Arsene uses words such as ‘exceptional’ top top top’ and ‘quality’ so that when the transfer window is closed and we haven’t signed anyone, he can say those type of players were not available. Its easy. He aint called Le Prof for nowt!

Midfield Corporal

There’s more chance of us getting Aston Villa than David.

Expect a promising kid from the continent who can’t get a work permit.


Hey you @THEREISBEARCUM, your posts are very often full of shit. Calm your hate, you are among arsenal people,…. or you are not so found of the club?


@ THEREISBEARCUM Firstly, do you realise how utterly hypocritical your first two points are – telling me ‘who we’re in for’, and then deriding me for making any opinion about anything because I’m not an Arsenal scout… Secondly, I think you missed my point entirely. All I was point out is that I am sure we are doing a lot of work behind the scenes – is this so scandalous to say without being ‘in the know’? Uh.. You really need to calm down, dude. This is a forum for discussion and opinion. I didn’t realise I needed a qualification… Read more »


Mick, read the guys posts on arseblog the blokes a fool, just ignore him mate.


What a surprise! Obviously he’s decided to spend the money on a new coat instead.


The lads had a whip round for the coat. He wouldn’t buy till the of season at discount price.

Merlin's Panini

I doubt it. Let’s see on the 2nd February.


Could give us another dimension, being summoned from the bench to ghost into the box.


What the man is doing is to align with the financial strategy of the board. Forget the bollocks about having millions out there to spend. No manager would put himself in a tight position if there is an easy way out.


No, not a surprise. Still, this stuff about the Jan window being bad and unfair is just a new page from the ever-lengthening excuses manual. Its terrible badness and unfairness hasn’t stopped him before (Reyes, Arshavin).

Wenger has always been reluctant to buy even unfortunately in the good and fair window, but these days he’s taking it to new lengths. Could it be because he’s lost confidence in his own judgement? Or because he’s thinking of retiring in the summer? Anyone got a theory?


I think he just genuinely believes in the players that he’s got.

And that he would buy a player or two if they became available at the right price.

If you take his press conferences literally, his reasoning is fairly coherent. Not saying that I agree with him, but he’s not exactly speaking in riddles.


Yes, he possibly does believe in them, but he’s recently admitted himself that fourth place is looking increasingly doubtful, which you’d think would make him question that belief just a little. I mean, it’s not like they’re a team of immensely promising 17-year-olds who’ll morph into Messis in a couple of years. They’re old-ish players who are going to deteriorate and get more injury-prone. Last year he admitted he was astonished that we got third but he still didn’t significantly strengthen in the nice fair August window. Without Van P’s goals and Walcott’s assists we’d have finished in the bottom… Read more »


Believes in his players to do what these last few years. Compete for the league or compete for fourth place.

wengers funny transfer window

His belief in these players are quite hyper optimistic with a large dose of fantasy and “how I wish it was true” syndrome. Belief is one thing but wht wenger is doing is called blind faith. For some years,wenger has managed to jump off a cliff and miraculously had soft landings. But he shouldn’t push his luck too much with these erratic bunch of players. When his luck runs out, he will be hanging very high and very dry with no one to cover his ass. He still thinks we have 2 players for each role. Awwwww! Someone should wake… Read more »


@Miranda Sure, it’s an older team than before, but it’s still full of young and developing players. Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Gibbs, Coquelin are likely to be the base of the 1st X1 over the next few years. Fair enough, our centrebacks aren’t kids, but they’re probably coming into their peak years (late 20s to early 30s in that position I’d say). And Giroud is a late developer, so I’d expect him to keep improving. And of the rest, nobody’s particularly old (although Arteta is possibly in a slow decline). We have literally no veterans. Think your narrative about an… Read more »


I think he has løst confidence in his own judgement . Look at møst of his signings the last 5 years and all the players that have moved out.


I think that Arsenal wants to spend big this summer, however, how big depends on the CL qualification. There is probably a budget independent of CL qualification but Wenger would rather spend it on the player he wants than the player he can get right now, hence no action.

Some rumours that we are lining up Mats Hummels for this summer… But we really need a backup striker right now, Ba I say, Ba!

I hear Darren Bent is still available…(just kidding, really)


In his defense, players are a bit fickle: they prefer to stay fit in January and get injured for the rest of the season next month.
We could have done with an experienced, bench-warming CB and an all-round offensive player, though.


Two players for each position?

Some of these guys he hardly ever plays.

Also the reasons for not buying in January are piss poor and just an excuse not to buy.

Recreational Hugs

I agree, he talks about it only being clubs with financial problems that sell now as if that is a reason not to buy – isn’t that how we managed to get Santi?


I think he plays a special game with himself, where he decides who he wants to buy but if the press guess who it is before the deal’s done he drops out. If he can complete a transfer that nobody has guessed beforehand he buys a longer, puffier coat.
“Huntelaar… damn they got me! I like Zaha…oh not again, no I never wanted him! Maybe Villa? Jesus, will they ever let me surprise the arsenal fans?!?”


I remember once few years back Arsene said Arsenal fans were in for a surprise. The surprise turned out in the form Mikael fucking Silvestre.






There were few who were holding on to hope that there would be a few players in. It looks like there will be none. But it is The Arsenal, you grit your teeth and you cheer them on.


Hate to say this but think wengers time is up. He must be living in dreamworld that he thinks the performance against WHU, was enough for him to realise that no further reinforcements is needed. This season against the “top 3 teams” we’ve played 5.. Won:ZERO.. Drawn:ONE.. Lost:FOUR.. Says it all really. At this rate we wont get 4th place.. Wenger uve got 6 days to save the season, sort it out…please!!!

Gooner of the day

Jason I agree with you but i’m flabbergasted that you’ve already has 3 against
probably the “In Arsene we trust” so called Gooners who still can’t see that we’re heading down a very slippery slope after nearly 8 years winning nowt. They’ll keep on saying those now yawnsome words, “In Arsene we trust” in another 8 years time if something isn’t done a bout it…….Wenger out for the sake of our beloved club…………


Tiered of his lies now. Why on Earth did he shorten his press conference to say that “I have transfer business to do”? :/

Con Fucius

That’s a good question. He’s either mental or wants as little details made public (which is what he said the other day “Peorhaps je suis crayzee ou peorhaps c’est le strategie he he he”; actually, I mean the bit about fines and his little rant about journalists being sneaky little hobbitses and asking tricky questions). Perhaps he keeps quiet so he doesn’t generate interest from other teams for his targets. Or perhaps he’s just giggling maniacally in the office while reading our reactions on the arseblog (“Le gunneour fools beolieve eveorythinge I saye he he he”).

Con Fucius

Or maybe he needed a wee?


Winding up the press?
I suspect every man jack of ’em heard that, went; “Fuck! Which rumour have I missed?” and went off to make something up quickly.


Pretty sure that he was just giving a wry “sign-off” after getting the inevitable questions about transfers, not providing a literal statement of what the next item in his diary was…


He was so pleased with the West Ham performance that he ran out early to cancel the deals he had almost completed on new players.


He is doing business. He’s sent out a few players on loan. I don’t think we would mine if he found clubs to loan a few youngsters too, or maybe even a sale. He’ll certainly hear a lot of wining about how such and such is getting a check.


I am at a loss for words. I’m sure he said ‘we would be very busy in January.’ More fool me, he must have meant busy signing Theo

Arsene Wenger

We have been quite busy, just look at our match schedule! I’ve also been busy fixing my coat and denying everything I’m asked. What’s that? No, there’s never been anything wrong with my coat.


I may be alone here, but somedays I hope for another 8-2 score line, because I remember when we lost that game 8-2, i was thinking ‘just let this score line get out of hand and embarrassing, because it will force Arsene Wengers hand in the transfer market” and it did. I never like to see the Gunners loose, but some times I feel, for the long term sake of our club, e.g. the ability to compete for cups and go higher then 4th every year in the league, that we need to be beaten embarrassingly because that seems to… Read more »

Arsene Wenger

Who let the gunners loose?!


no one ‘lets’ arsenal use, I was just using it as part of the sentence, not to literally mean player x lets arsenal loose. But if you wanted to be literal about it, whoever passes the ball to Gervinho, lets us loose…loose the will to live whilst we watch him dribble the ball away from himself



Norn Iron Gooner



He’s leaving at the end of the season and saving all the cash for the next manager. YAY!


Gutted.. I feared this when the we didn’t sign anyone before Man City games. After that, he will be busy preparing for games with three days in between. Even if he could still do it, I agree with blog that he would done it at the start of the season. It would be a great feats to get 4th position and in itself, it’s a weak ambition. He should think not just for that, but for actually competing for the best trophies. On another note, Sorry Blogs to reply in this post. I use Google Chroome. I tried Internet Explorer… Read more »


I am beginning to think the AW we knew has been replaced some seasons ago by a clone who is programmed by the board. He says the same things and acts exactly the same way every season. I wonder what happened to the real AW?

Midfield Corporal

Perhaps Daniel Levy has friends at the Impossible Mission Force and they used that Face changer gizmo to swap Arsene with Christian Gross.


Thumb me down all you like people but as a self confessed AKB with the verbal and written bashings to prove it, i’m sorry but he’s lost it.
Fair enough we have two players for each position but its the quality of those players thats the problem.
Hold on folks, its going to be a very bumpy ride.


Wenger will always be Wenger: #thedoubletalkmaster


So predictable. After our 10 minutes of greatness vs West Ham, no way that Arsene would plunk down cash for players.

But really, who has been bought by any other club in January that would improve our squad? (Besides Demba Ba…)

not that handsome french bloke

Yes, he’s made an impact at Chelsea and hes clearly a good player but as a person, he’s just a money grabbing mercenary…


Even though he’s buggered off to Italy, Llorente wouldn’t have been bad.


AFAIK he’s only off in the summer, but the point stands.


Mbwai Mpau, whatever his name is. Can play as DM as well as CB, 6-7M, young, ect.

Moo moo toure

Haha..I think you mean Yanga Mbiwa 🙂

Midfield Corporal

Bless you.

Mapou Yanga-M'Biwa

Arsenal were actually interested in me, but I used my time travelling machine to check if anyone could spell my name……Arsenal fans don’t know Le Francais no more and Newcastle is now the place to be….


I know he will regret this….! or as he will say, we were unlucky to pick up injuries


Oh well. I just hope we’ll make it into the top 4 with what we have. Our first team is certainly good enough, and in the second half of the season they should be able to get into a higher gear now that they had time to gel. Just can’t imagine we’ll be able to field our first team consistently. There’s gonna be SOME kind of injury disaster on one position like we have annually. 10/11 The Great Centre Back Crisis, or 11/12 The Great Full Back Crisis. This year? The Great Striker Crisis? Please Olivier, take care of your… Read more »

Sarcasm Alert

Brilliant news: It means we are going to spend BIG come summer!

Mach III

Arsene, Arsene, how you’ve fallen…


With these statements he probably rules out any january signings. Ever.

not that handsome french bloke

I’m not completely buying this.. I still think we might see a new arrival, just making sure we get the right price and player! don’t want another 15 million Russian meerkat


I think that meerkat scored 4 in one match and played a big part in finishing in a CL position. So i wouldnt mind a signing…
Too bad he didnt keep that form up


realistically we have 2 per position in all but centre forward. Unless you count walcott and poldi as back up there. In terms of mid field we have 8 players for 3 spots. Of those eight I would fully trust 7. In defence 3 really good full backs and 3 good centre backs. 4 wingers for two spots.
But in all seriousness we need one more striker


Yes and we could have been in the running for Zaha

Con Fucius

Compared to what we spent last summer on each of Santi, Poldi and Giroud and the value we got from them, £15m for Zaha seems a bit too much.


So bored of the same old sh1t every year. Hello Europa League and goodbye to the few decent places that we’ve got left. Wenger blatantly has shares relating to company profits in my view and he is just lining his pockets while the team sinks further and further behind.

North Bank Gooner

please read anything arsenal related before you make that sort of comment. if you do you will see Arsenal FC pays NO dividend of any sort to anyone.

Not Wenger, not Kroenke, no one.


Im happy if we dont buy any players as long as we buy a new manager ready for the next window !!

Gunnersaurus Rex

Why is it that only we are always content with what we have…why??

Arsene Wenger

I agree with this eloquent gentleman’s flawless logic. It would be so much better if we were miserable, envious fools who ran the club at a loss but bought the most expensive players. Like Hazard, the future, not that fool Podolski (hint: compare stats). Why can’t we buy titles just like everyone else? And Ronaldo. And Falcao. Why? Whyyy?


Haha,thats why i luv u man




Finishing in the top 4 will be very important if we’re to attract some top players in the summer with the extra cash we’re getting from Fly Emirates (£30mil a season).

He may regret his decision. We may hate the fact that he’s so stubborn about his transfer policy. But the fact is he rarely creates these rumors about players we might buy. That’s the media touching the collective Gooner nerve.

We’ll see where we are come the summer and see how the board react. Maybe they’ll SUCK Arsene along with you.

(maybe) gunner renew season ticket

Just sayin… but does anybody actually believe Silent Stan will let AW anywhere near the Fly Emirates £30mm cash to use for summer transfers? By definition, and “asset-stripper” will look to maximise profits – which means to POCKET any and all increases in income.

Cyril Washbrook

Speaking to the person posting above me: say what you like about Kroenke and his (lack of) interest in Arsenal’s affairs, but he hasn’t drained the club dry. The only money Kroenke “pocketed” from the club last year was a £25,000 director’s fee. Arsenal doesn’t pay dividends, so he does not take a slice of “any and all increases in income”.


All this he don’t take dividends talk is so tired now, no he doesn’t at he moment because there is very little profit other than form constant player sales.
But when asked if the club will continue with the no dividend policy at the last Agm gazidis just wouldn’t say, so assume when the club get these big deals from sponsorship that is exactly what will happen.
Stan will change the policy and dividends will be payed.


Very Freudian.


Wow man this is an arsenal blog and not a gay blog, you may want to send a private message about you wanting to suck him, we don’t judge people here but try and be decent about it


What did I say 2 Dayys ago on on this blog. 0 transferes. He thinks theres no need cos the last game went well. Maybe he should look back to when we played Burnley!


Think it was actually Bradford…but I know what you mean!


Sorry it was Bradford

G. Graham

If Arsenal don’t buy then at least sell those not up to it: Squillaci, Santos, Fabinski, etc. Arsene could attempt Joel Campbell’s application for the PL. Could also recall Ryo.

(maybe) gunner renew season ticket

the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ you mention here are inter-linked… Wenger cannot ‘buy’ anyone until he frees up space on the wage-bill from ‘selling’ Squillaci, Djourou, Fabiasnki, Meerkat, Chamakh etc. Problem is, we cannot even GIVE AWAY these players even for free because their wages are too high compared to what their worth. even when we loan out Djourou and Chamakh, the deal doesn’t work unless AFC subsidizes a good chunk of the wages. on the BRIGHT side, maybe this is why Wenger is so cautious – he’s to eager to avoid making similar mistakes and thereby adding to the list… Read more »

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Totally agree but I think Wenger will force the issue sooner rather than later. (Fingers crossed). Even with the players that people would consider world class, you can’t tell how they react/change to the EPL. At the time, there was no one in the world I would’ve rather bought than Arsh. He was incredible at first but now just takes his deadwood pay cheque and looks cute. There is noway to foresee this, so its always a gamble buying a player. Wenger has had his fingers burnt so many times in recent times, its no wonder he’s shy in the… Read more »


Getting a bit fed up of being lied to.

Arsene if you’re not going to buy, say so… Don’t string us all along.

Lord Murphy

I like that the “if he hasn’t done it by now…” logic has been pulled out again despite it being used with Theo’s contract with no success.


There’s no quality in the market:-):-D:-D:-D


my mate who works london colney said he saw Trabelsi getting out his Micra yesterday

The Gimp

I am affraid you are going to have to get used to this, now we have the £30m per year from Emeraties, we dont even need to finish in the CL slots for Stan to get his profit each year. Pur club will not speculate to acumilate.
Priority one is profit not results


Yeah dont get much of an argument there. It seems obvious that the main reason for extending several contracts was simply because we may not make top four this season and now tied down they wont be leaving. some of the deadwood will thankfully be running out of contract. All seems that safety measures have been put in for next season. Bit depressing really

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Pessimism at its finest.

The profit you think they’re profiting has now virtually paid off the stadium. This is the first step in our new era. Debt free with an ability to spend again. A little trimming of the squad and some lovely shiny signings and we’ll be there again. Mark my words.

I know this angers people but you need a little patience and perspective.

At least we’re not that ball boys rib cage, or worse Tottenham.


Optimism at it’s finest.

Tired of hearing about that idiots ribs. Can’t stand chelski and there over paid pricks but the little fat idiot deserved it.


No surprises! But its understandable, some players are cup tied and others wouldn’t want to leave their clubs midway. I respect that.

Victo Wanyama for example would be great for us, but its his first time in the Champions league with Celtic. It wouldn’t be right to leave and not play in the Champs league with us.

Our squad is okay. We do not need additions to further add to our gelling upheavals. Truth be told, i would have loved some class additions, but if there are none, am willing to settle for what we have.



If we get 4th and the FA Cup! Keep dreaming, one good result against a poor West Ham and suddenly everything’s ok. The table doesn’t lie, and all the other big teams are still in the FA Cup. Arsenal need a couple of quality signings now, even if they provide cover for the rest of this season and bed in for next.

Adam H

There’s being a loyal fan then there’s you, stupidly blind with faith. I love Arsenal a little less than life itself but the board and Wenger are taking the piss with us now, taking us for fools and stringing us along. We DESPERATELY need signings to compete our squad is threadbare ans lacking quality


Why the fuck did he weaken our squad by loaning players out if he didn’t want to sign anybody? I’ve stood by Wenger to now, but seriously, he’s thrown the club by the road here. Our team isn’t good enough but we had a chance to make the top four by signing players because Tottenham haven’t been good either. I’m afraid this means he has to go. We’re not going to make the top four this season and he can’t be relied upon to make the changes required to improve the team anymore. i don’t know who should replace him,… Read more »


Also he says we have two players in every position disregarding youth players, but this is blatantly untrue. Not good ones at least. Who’s our fourth centre back? Squid? Our second striker? Walcott? But he’s also our first choice on the right! So one injury (or even a drop in form) immediately means that we’re short in two areas!

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Isn’t it obvious?
POS – 1st Choice – 2nd Choice
ST – Giroud – Ramsey
LW – Podolski – Ramsey
RW – Walcott – Ramsey
MC – Jack – Ramsey


Loaning Chamack probably strengthened us. LOL.

Shame about Djourou though, I liked him as a player. Got a lot of stick playing as a right back when he’s only ever going to be a CB.


Oops. I meant to click the thumbs up on alex’s comment

(maybe) gunner renew season ticket

‘weaken’ the squad? now that we’re out of the Capital One Cup there was no chance of CHAMAKH playing a single minute for the club. and that game when two of Mertesacker/Vermaalen/Koscienley were ineligble and we needed emergency replacement, it was Sebastian Squilacci who got the call-up, not DJOUROU – which shows just how much confidence Wenger has in him!

Gunsen gunner

When has Wenger ever been truthful about transfers?i think the David Villa rumour has substance and that he’ll make a late bid for him to try and force Barca’s hand.If we haven’t signed anyone by next Thursday,then i’d be very worried.


I have said all along that if he thought we had enough quality and that he did not think we needed to strengthen in key areas (forward, midfield) then his position must be questioned (really hurts saying that) and I would still stand by that, we are most certainly standing still, this is not acceptable.


Fuck this gay earth.

red or dead



@blogs. Was that the ‘maybe he just likes cones’ one?
Another I loved was:
Reply ‘Because fuck you Stephen, that’s why’.


i think it kind of makes sense because he doesn’t want to sign people who simply want out, they must also want to join us. it seems to me that now he has more priority on how committed the player will be, and not just how good they’ll play.

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