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Wenger: no Wilshere rest, yet

Arsene Wenger says the time will come for him to rest Jack Wilshere, but that at the moment the midfielder is getting stronger and is able to cope with the hectic Arsenal schedule.

There are fears that playing him too much, and the fact he’s being targetted by opposition as witnessed by Man City’s 7 fouls on him last Sunday, might contribute to an injury, but the manager says the club are monitoring everything and at the moment Jack is ok.

“At the moment I don’t think he is overloaded because he just came back very recently, and you get the feeling that he gets stronger,” he said.

“We have a good approach taking the physical analysis and statistical analysis between what the player feels and what the medical department thinks, and you have to come to a conclusion on that.

“At the moment, all these three are positives so I don’t think at the moment I will rest him immediately.”

And Wenger says the nature of Wilshere’s game is a factor in why he gets kicked so often.

“He has a low centre of gravity, he uses it well and gets in front of people. When you provoke people, sometimes you get hit. That can happen.”

Interestingly, since he returned from injury, Swansea are the only team Arsenal have played who haven’t fouled Wilshere in a Premier League game (the 0-2 in December).

Dunno what that means exactly, just thought it was vaguely interesting way to finish the article.

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Jack Wilshere, what a lad. He’s an Arsenal lad, our lad, and our number 10.


Great insight!

Asian Shirt Buyer

We have our lad, and more such our lads who signed contract, and even one more who may sign. So we got everything, no more signing needed.

Victoria Concordia Crescit.


Arséne, is that you?


Super Jack! The heart and soul of Arsenal. If only the others could take his lead.

Perfectly Normal Gooner

If it wasn’t for Jack, would anybody feel remotely optimistic about Arsenal future?


Bergkamp is. Therefore I am.


So much yes to this comment.

Perfectly Normal Gooner

Heh. Yeah, but how much of his optimism is due to Super Jack?

the only sam is nelson

perhaps jack was sent by dennis

it would make perfect sense


Love Jack

He’ll get plenty of rest once he’s run in to the ground and is ruled for the customary 2-3 weeks.

Arsene…. new signings dont kill the players we have, it allows you to do this thing called rotation. It’s great, all the teams are doing it now.

Go on, give it a try. You know you want to.


Gervhino scores to in the African cup of nations against Egypt .

Dunno what that means exactly, just thought it was vaguely interesting way to start the comment


Gervinho scored a penalty? I think i’mma have to rewatch that again. Or was the goal in the stands?

Good There’s a growth in confidence anyway, he’s still an arsenal player so yeiy!


Gervinho scored in a warm up match against egypt.. Twice.. Afcon only starts this weekend.. Not that i care much.. Just wanna see my arsenal in south africa..


To be fair to Wenger, it is difficult to rest your best player, especially when he is so young and tough. How often does messi get kicked and he plays every week in every competition.

Wembley Gooner

Swansea are playing like “we use to” – not a dirty team, so no fouls on Wilshere. Problem is we are not playing like “we use to” – at lease a few years back we actually played pretty football and created loads of chances. The team makes me sad yet as always I remain optimistic thinking if only can get a run going we will be OK. Does not change the fact the club seriously needs to evaluate where we are going and put steps in place so we don’t become the next Liverpool! COYG – My team. Love you… Read more »


I agree that we are not nearly as pretty as we used to be, however there are moments when everything clicks and you start to realise that if they can find some consistency the players at least in the first team are technical enough to do it. Unfortunately for now it is only one passage of play maybe in 90 minutes, but the potential is there for sure. It doesnt matter your pricetag, you will never get that level of understanding overnight.


I let curiosity get the better of me and popped FIFA 11 in the ps3 to check out how we were 2-3 years ago. How we didn’t win the title with the squad we had then is a mystery. I loaded FIFA 13 and .. Wow

Zorro in the box

There’s something very likeable about Swansea.

Los Polandos

Agreed. What’s likeable is prospect of them losing to us and then having a season of wonders when they beat chavs, spurs (seven nil), united and shitty, making pardew lose his job in progress, and only then selling us michu and chico for a kitekat and two cans of coke. All of this while playing nice football they seem to be capable of.


Yes there is. I’d LIKE them to lose tonight. See, likeable.


Just an excuse for arsene not to rest him as without his fight and grit this team would be in even more trouble.
He needs rotating or he will burn out simple as that.


How do I know this is going to all end in tears? Looks like I need my patented Wenger Translator Device for this one: “We have a good approach taking the physical analysis and statistical analysis between what the player feels and what the medical department thinks, and you have to come to a conclusion on that.” = I don’t pay too much attention to them, I will play him until he is injured and can’t run anymore. By then the transfer window will be shut and will be well and truly shafted, even though a 13 year old playing… Read more »


Perhaps, and this may come as a shock to you, but a man who has managed professional football clubs for decades knows more about running them than some kid playing a computer game does – which therefore makes that kid’s opinion completely and utterly irrelevant.


Oh DoubleDoubleDouble. When are you going to accept a once great manager has finally lost the plot? I used too love and respect Wenger as much as the next man, and given him plenty of times to mend his ways.

But alas, his management in today’s game is a complete mess. Have actually seen our results this result?

By the way, how much does Arsenal pay you?


I meant to say have you seen our results this season?


Back to your original point, a kid playing a computer game will see that his Arsenal current squad is not capable of playing a whole season at top level, and due to tiredness and injuries it’s completely neccessary to go and strengthen the squad. I guess you never player football games living in your Wenger dreamworld?

So you agree that playing a young talented player like Wilshere, who has just come back from a lengthy lay off due to serious injury EVERY GAME since his return is good management?


My nephews can all beat me at Gran Turismo, yet none of them can drive a car.

Using a computer game as a reference for real life has to be one of the most ridiculous arguments that I have ever heard on the internet…and that takes some doing.


Maybe so, but you still didn’t answer my question did you? So I take it that Wenger is managing Wilshere and our squad just fine then?


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I’ve managed to live without listening to Jean Michel Jarre for a while now.


This is a Dennis Bergkamp reference, isn’t it?


Capoue’s signing for everton….. Getting more and more depressed…. Whats next? Diame to scum? Fuck u wenger….. Fuck u to hell!


I used to berate and degrade those who are anti wenger…… To all of u, i sincerely apologise. Fuck wenger…. U lot are absolutely right.


Resting Jack wouldn’t be a big deal if we had proper backups, right AW?

But yeah, let’s wait he gets injured again to rest him.


For me, wenger has just my respect as a man. As a manager? hmmm…he has lost all divinity. He was WENGER FFS! send shivers’s fown fergie’s back, Now even his foes wonder what happened.

Wenger Burger

Ffs, we have 0 squad depth


If jack has a blinder of a season next year, wenger will sell him off… U’d just know it


SERGE GNABRY… is wasting away in our U-21’s, and he is better than Zaha. For God’s sake Wenger, ROTATE your squad a bit and give talented youngsters like Gnabry a chance! Unlike Theo Walcott, Gnabry… 1) is clinical in front of goal 2) has the ability to convert half-chances consistently 3) is always moving about the pitch to offer his teammates a target to pass to, or simply to act as a decoy, and 4) contributes in DEFENSE as well. The Carling Cup 7-5 win over Reading wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Gnabry. At 0-4, it would’ve been… Read more »


Heard we have signed Emerson Zinedene from FC Scrotum


Plenty of time to rest in the treatment room anyways

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