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Wenger takes positives, talks negatives

Having watched his side play like (insert something shit here) and then seen them come back like (insert something good here) before nearly throwing a hard fought point away with more (insert something shit here) defending, Arsene Wenger said his side were both good and bad during the 2-2 draw with Liverpool.

The boss, who cuts an increasingly muted figure on the touchline these days as his side strut their suicidal stuff, told media after the game that he thinks his squad is actually pretty nifty, except when they have to play real games in high pressure situations…you know, like they do every few days at the moment.

“The squad is top, top level for me and I think we have to learn to trust these players and keep faith in them,” he told media after the game.

“We have signed a bunch of top English players who have committed to the club for the next five years. We have to keep faith in them.

“They are frustrated because we have not won the game. But we came back and there is a certain feeling that they did their job and have given everything. But at the same time you want to win football games so they are frustrated.”

Reflecting on the usual two contrasting halves, he continued:

“We didn’t give out big security tonight defensively but on the other hand, when you see what the spirit is in the team, and what the quality [is] going forward, you smell that something can always happen at any moment when you combine like we do.

“In the second half, we have put a fantastic effort in. We know what we can improve, and we want to keep the positives that we have shown tonight in the game.”

Before also giving a very odd reason as to why his defence isn’t performing as it should: “Because they want to do well and they want to win games. The games have massive importance for them and that’s why – because they want to do so well.”

Asked about whether he’ll try and improve the squad in the next 24 hours, the boss said, “I cannot promise that but we will work on it.”

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Rad Carrot


Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Indeed, Face Palm. Now we all can see there is something wrong for a man earning 7.5 million a year to come out with something like this… “The squad is top, top level for me and I think we have to learn to trust these players and keep faith in them,”. When The Arsenal are 21 points behind the leader with 14 games to go!!!. I use to think he was a fool, I have to apologise for that, now I think he is a MAD MAN, a man that lost touch with what is football club is all about.… Read more »

Think first

Tired of these post match comments, would rather watch a press conference about new guys introduction.


Wenger: “I give you Baines and Hummels to bolster our defense. I present Felliani to boss our midfield when required. And may I introduce Villa to provide goals when we need them. Yes we spent our entire 40 million kitty and then another thirty from the coffers, but I intend to make half that back when we secure CL football next year. Tremble and beware, for we are Arsenal!” *wife kicks me for snoring and farting at the same time*

Mike Dexter

the 8 year long hangover’s getting to the point where even our dreams are getting more realistic than fairy tale stuff. “no ‘Messi’s and ‘Ronaldo’s for us, thank you, i will take a Cabaye if you have one to spare.”


Ahhh Fxk offfff !! Go && buy some fucking player . Had enough of his excuses


Wenger’s words are pretty much meaningless these days. If we’d lost 5-0 he would most likely have said something quite similar.


Very true. And while I appreciate his mentioning of signing our British players to new contracts, and that we need to be patient with them, the fact is we’re not doing a lot for the future now, are we? I don’t anticipate seeing these young players in the CL next season, nor for the foreseeable future. One need only look at Liverpool to see how difficult it is to climb back into the top four after falling out of it (and they–unlike us–actually use big investments to try to rectify the situation). That said, if we change our expectations to… Read more »


This man is deluded


Defensively we lack little bit sharpness.
Offensively we lack little bit quality.
“Transferistically”, we lack little abit David Dein.


I saw that on the @wengerknowsbest twitter acct earlier. Plagiarism, much?


Congratulations, cookie?

wengers furrowed brows

Thank You Wenger…
Your fucking skewed transfer policy has made us depend on a joke of a player in LB position for the dreaded 3 weeks.
If arsenal fails(very likely) to qualify for CL …we know who to squarely point fingers at…the blind manger and the clown in uni-cycle(santos).
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck….FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogs? Y is Piers Morgan bashing u on twitter? Hehehe….Velociraptors n a fat sluggish Brazilian.

Poliver Girolski

I don’t think my heart can take much more, but tonight was a great game, and it is why I love football, for the first 10 mins i was shitting myself due to our recent bad luck conceding early.. It happened, I spent the rest of the half on my seat screaming at the tv, nearly cried on the 60th minute mark and swore to never watch football again, was then completely ecstatic for the next 10 mins when we drew level.. Although the result was not what I wanted I, and I am pissed we have not strengthened our… Read more »


Hi Dunk!


Very worrying that Gibbs is out. Santos is a funny sod.


Santos ‘funny’?About as funny as a kick up the bollocks,I think you meant ‘fat useless cunt’.


For fucks sake. There are lads on here, like Fatgooner and Frog who’ve been battered for 18 months or so for wanting AW out. But if he’s not going to strengthen the squad when we can all see it’s not good enough, that’s one thing. But Jesus Christ, none of us on here are paid £7m a year, yet we know within 15 mins, game in game out, that whatever we’re doing is wrong, and yet fuck all happens until half time. Why? Sometimes the game is already lost by then, but if we can see this shit, why can’t… Read more »


As much as I agree, it has to be said that more often than not, Wenger’s right and right over many of the criticisms he receives.

That doesn’t mean he’s above reproach, but it means that just because he makes mistakes does not mean he’s not up for the job.

H. P. Arsecraft

He makes a lot of mistakes. I would be out of a job if I acted like him. Hiring the wrong people, overpaying them and then fails to teach them the most basic of the required skills for the the job.


Realise the irony…one year ago, nobody here, and I mean nobody, would have trusted Gibbs. You now, glass-made Gibbs. And purely on the football side, he had not convinced a lot of people…

Now, the same people come here to scream to god knows who that Wenger should be out because he took Santos…

…err, see the problem here ? Who was the guy who trusted Gibbs in the first place, when nobody believed in the player ?
He still gets most of the things right, Wenger.

Pride of London

Dont even sell santos, donate him to a charity

Scott P

Something tells me that would be one of those donations which is less helpful and more of a burden…

Mike Dexter

a ritualistic Mayan sacrifice would be most pleasing, but hey, you can’t blame someone for like some live theatre.


The only positive is that spurs lost and we didn’t.

The negatives are that we didn’t get 3 points when we should/could have had the defence bothered to turn up, gibbs got injured, we’ll have to suffer santos as a result and lastly, the defence looks like a bunch of drunk tramps fighting over a half empty can of special brew AND having to listen to more generic bullshit by wenger that we’ve all heard before and will have to hear over and over again.

North Bank Gooner

Thank god, that goal by Monkey Face was just a nightmare, mustnt eat pizza before bed………..


I’m afraid Santos is a spuds in disguise. Hate watching him ruined our game.


Genuinely baffled as to why Chamberlain didn’t feature tonight. He thrives in big games and is always eager to impress. Diaby for Ramsey late on would’ve added a different dimension; a more physical presence.

Loop A Hole

Simple, Wenger got lost in the game watching Andre Santos’ magnificient creativity for Liverpool.

petits handbag

Spurs drew

Jack's Right Foot

Sort it out Bould!

In an ideal world i would time travel 15 years into the past and take Cannavaro hostage. If only.


I can’t take this anymore. Time to concentrate on only the positives about Arsenal, which is how good the club is being run financially.

Being in N. America means I stand better chances of missing LIVE games so i can choose to watch the games that are worth watching. Like 2nd halves of all our games, I think.


What does Gazidis actually fucking do?

A Yank

Not win anything?

Eric Irish gunner

Bank manager

North Bank Gooner

Loses money, and gets big bonuses.

Im off to the recruitment agency to ask if they have any jobs available as an “Ivan Gazidis”, its a blinding number!


Wenger has bought afew turkeys over the years and santos is way up there with the rest of em.
Speaking of turkey, I can’t find mine, Santos probably sneaked in and fucking ate it.

That position leaving, headless, wandering, little samba boy who gets one tackle in the game right then goes about missing the rest….ah

Mate Kiddleton

I was wondering who that was wandering around the middle with Wilshere, and then realised it was our left back!

Gunsen gunner

I don’t even bother with Arsene’s post-match comments anymore.He just regurgitates the same old “lacked a bit of sharpness”, “great team spirit” etc. I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes but it can’t continue.I’ll reserve judgement until midnight tomorow but if changes aren’t made then the fans will just stop going.The crowds are already getting thinner and if we go out of the fa cup,get embarassed by Bayern Munich and are sitting 6th in the table, 4 maybe more points adrift of top four,would any fan be happy with that considering our resources and stature?It’s a bad… Read more »


To be honest, I think that would be a positive. A large share of our ‘fans’ are absolute pricks. I would rather sit in a half empty stadium than have these people there.


“I cannot promise that but we will work on it.” You have had since september the 1st to work on it….

Francis O. Omollo

Why can’t Wenger improve the squad by buying good players? He’s been the greenlight and has the money but always hesitant. Keeps promising and buying time. Arsenal will never move with Arsen at the helm.Never!


Walcott really rifled that one. Don’t know what reina was doing checking the ground when the ball was already far in.

Probably should have done better with his header but the desire he showed to get at the end of it was encouraging. Rarely does that.

We have a LB position, now if we could only get an actual leftback to fill it….. That’d be great, thankyou.


Can we get the spirit of Arseblog Dog in at left back instead of Santos, he did a better job last season against Terry, then Santo’s does against anybody


Honestly, jernade meade needs to get into this squad before santos.


Meade is injured I think

Mike Dexter

he is injured right now and i think he also mentioned something about being injury prone in an interview not too long ago and how he’d finally gotten a good run of form before the latest setback.

Daft Aider

What’s gunnersaurus’s like at left back?


Better than fatty Santos.

Captain chris

I was lucky to see arsenal and Blackburn play 3 years ago, that’s a long time, but anyway we drew 0-0 and my dad was shouting wenger Out ””’ I disagreed with him, and so did 60,000 fans………… Hmmm mm.. Was he right
Boy was I wrong.


Was he right? Would his replacement have been better?


AW you need to sack his spin doctor, unless that is you write the rubbish that flows from your mouth, it’s all becoming very tiresome. Please treat us with some respect and not a load of idiots that will hang on to your every word. Oh, and if you do any sacking you might consider some of the deadwood you’ve brought for us to pay our hard earned money to come an watch. Just be honest with us and more importantly be honest with yourself.


I have to say that Sagna doesn’t offer a lot in attack these days. Not as much as Gibbs anyway. He’s also one of the worst crossing full backs I’ve ever seen. Very rarely gets it past the first man, due to his technique, I think. He has little to no bend on the ball.


I agree that Sagna hasn’t had the best run lately, but I would say if anyone determines that he is the main problem in this squad…..our issues are way bigger than any of us could imagine.


if we keep playing like this we won’t make the top four. A very miserable first half and a not so bad second half would only get us a draw at best. Spirit without a matching quality is nothing, you can only give what you have. Wenger needs to strenghten this squad.


*head in hands weeping trying to pull hair out of my head that is long since gone*

[…] Read More Here: Wenger takes positives, talks negatives […]

no no no

These guys are all politicians and the pundants let them get away with it.

When he said they are class, the follow up should be, “Really, are saying the Santos is a class player??!!”

What a joke.

With Gibbs out for three weeks…

Wenger Burger

Vermaelen played like fuck in big games.

One Arsenal

Yes, always has at least one costly miscue or bad tackle in big games

Loop A Hole

What has our BFG been smoking?
Probably Santos’ footballing brain. He seems to have lost it completely. Why is it that most of our players while seemingly brilliant in some aspects, have such obvious flaws?
Vermaelen’s right foot, Mert’s game pace, Koscielny’s concentration, Andre Santos.
And by the way, I wish I could see atleast one Sagna cross clearing the first defender before I die.


“Good game!”
Said Charley Brown….again yawn.
New board please.

King Toby

Hahahah its funny reading all u deluded fans crying like babies over a top four finish so sad! U might as well say goodbye to that!

Ninad Kuchekar

I read a lot of posts cursing Santos. But really is it his fault that he’s playing at Arsenal. He could be good for a lower club, no offense, but not at Arsenal. I can’t believe Arsene gave up on Jose Enrique last summer because he was priced at £6m and he buys Santos for £7.5m!!! Arsene’s strategy has been to buy the second line of players who are not so good and won’t mind sitting on the bench. He’s always concerned that top quality players need to play consistently. If they are top quality, they’ll fight for their places,… Read more »


Heh… Arsene loves playing us…. can imagine him going home and planning other fiendish things to tease us.. look i think he should get us a couple of moral boosting, quality signings & there’s no doubt about it! But Wenger knows best & KNOWS MORE! So, trust the manager! You chose to support Arsenal – now lets back the boys to do their best! #UTA

peter okoro

Mr wenger,ur boys played well, and Giroud is picking I think what we need now defensive midfilder like diame cus he is strong,then u change sagna and santos they re nt good atall those goals are their fault.


The greatest trick Arsene played was convincing Arsenal fans he’s irreplaceable. I guess he’ll still be our Manager when he’s a hundred and twenty

Sir Chesney

He’s tricked you already. Wenger is already 124.


Looks like Arsenal fans have now accepted that we are no longer a title challenging team instead we have become fans that panic that Arsenal won’t make the top four that appears to be the limit of our ambition these days. All carefully spun to us by AW while reportedly pulling down the highest salary in the PL. How long before we are worrying about making it into the UEFA Cup as AW convinces us that sixth is like a trophy? But God forbid you mention getting rid of him that’s sacrilegious. How very dare you? To paraphrase Ghandi ‘… Read more »


Arsenal are like an infant who has to be potty
trained every time during the interval. They shit all over the place in the 1st half and then during the half time interval Wenger has to potty train them all over again, how to lift the seat, how to aim right …etc. then when they go back, the team stops shitting themselves.


Before also giving a very odd reason as to why his defence isn’t performing as it should: “Because they want to do well and they want to win games. The games have massive importance for them and that’s why – because they want to do so well.” It’s like me saying: Boss, I ruined the relationship with this major client, but that’s because I was trying really hard and want to do well” Would Ferguson ever say something like that? “The squad is top top quality” Even your players don’t believe this, Arsene. You have been using the same “motivational”… Read more »


Spend some fucking money


Every single goal we concede is from a mistake!!


With or without the signings we should still be in top 4. We’re just not playing to our full potential yet. Keeping this squad together for next season is vital and we will do that. A few additions in the summer and we will be pushing for a top 2 place. It was silly to expect trophies this year after our squad has been dismantled in recent years.


I agree but seriously its individual mistakes that are costing us goals at the moment. Its happening too often. Sagna slipping, schezny flapping and trying to turn a forward across the face of goal. Like that’s schoolboy stuff. It has to be sorted by Wenger.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

When you have to talk like retard, repeatedly stressing on a word, to convince people about what you are saying, then you know its not true.

“Top, Top quality”

If someone came to me talking like that, I would have him pinned down as an empty top floor straight away.

Sadly he is running our club. In I don’t how many games in a row, the team has not performed in the first half, what was done about it … nothing apparently.

rectum spectrum

That was more embarrassing than the united game last year. I am truly shocked at the defending and can’t see how we can improve with the pairings we have as they have had ample time to bond and train together. The way our offense is playing we should be challenging for the title. Its totally unacceptable. Humiliating defending.

Rectum Spectrum

ok i’ve calmed down, had a coffee, stared at the sexy new girl in a creepy manner for 2 hours – and then number crunched… we’ve conceded less goals than United, and only three more than chelsea. I guess its the fact that many of those goals are calamitous – gifting the opposition goals. In other words if we irradicated those very brief moments of humiliating mishaps – we’d probably have one of the best defensive records in the leagues. And with the rate we score goals, spread over a massively in-form front three – we would be topping the… Read more »


A lot of people tend to be focused on Santos at the moment, but the goals conceded last night were nothing to do with him.

The blame lays solely with the deluded manager. His tactics and defensive coaching of this team is a joke and has been for quite some time.

Mr.Deluded also needs to realise Ramsey IS NOT, I REPEAT, NOT A DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER.

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