Friday, July 19, 2024

Gibbs to miss three weeks with thigh strain

Kieran Gibbs will miss three weeks after picking up a thigh strain against Liverpool tionight.

Arsene Wenger admitted the loss was a ‘big blow’ for the club and said he may turn to the transfer market to find a solution.

Andre Santos fails to convince in that position, and the only alternative is to play Vermaelen there but that’s a huge risk as all three centre-halves would be playing at the same time and an injury there =


More on this to follow …

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just kill me now

wengers furrowed brows

killing oneself is not the solution…smacking very hard, really very very hard right across the face of wenger and santos is the solution. Kicking Ivan’s nuts is the solution. Pulling all the Stan’s mustache hair one by one till he starts yelling is the solution. Not going to Arsenal match and not buying the over inflated tickets is the solution. NOT RENEWING THE SEASON TICKETS is the solution. And finally, conceding defeat by the fans like the owner, the board and the manager is the ultimate solution. I just hope wenger and his dick sucking crews are very happy with… Read more »


The best way to solve this problem is… before each game have a raffel with fans on both sides. Whomever wins, gets to play left back, even if the opposition fan wins, he wouldn’t do a worse job than Santos. We should also give a tenner to charity everytime Sanga hits the defender next to him with a crossing attempt – will raise millions! Who wouldn’t pay top notch ticket money if they had 1 in 60k chance to play on the pitch every week. We should even put the gunnersaurus in goal from time to time – even with… Read more »

Rad Carrot

FUCK ME Wenger, you’re only just looking now?!

We could have got that Mbwinga-wanga bloke who was half decent, but instead where the fuck are we going to get a FUCKING CENTRE BACK in 24 hours?!

Jesus. If you get Chris Samba, Imma comin’ for ye.


Mista wenga u must sign samba his tall.


But Arsene knew this would be the situation if a defender got injured after he let JD go on loan. And with 4 months of football to go, european football and interlulls, did he seriously think the defender would stay fit for the rest of the season. Arsene knows alright

Mark Flatts' Flat

I don’t even get annoyed anymore it’s not worth it. I’m just biding my time waiting for Wenger to leave come 2014. Madrid are interested I’d like to pay for his plane ticket if there is a chance he’ll go early.

Wenger and Kronke have ruined our standing we were once a feared club. Now clubs like Swansea, Fulham,Liverpool and Tottenham think they can have a go when they come to the Emirates.


we lost a LB u talking about a CB. Not meant to smoke the whole thing man!!!!

damien joyce

Would baines be willing to take a step down and join???? let’s not kid ourselves here, as good as gibbs has been, he is about as reliable fitness wise as diaby


No matter how bad we have been in recent seasons Arsenal are not a step down from Everton at least. Anyways Baines would cost $25m and Wenger doesn’t even know how to count that far

damien joyce

i was only joking, just bit down in dumps at moment how shit our defence is, it’s not a new phenomenon is it? I’m sick of hearing wenger talking about looking for attackers, it’s defenders we have needed for last few years, last january was same no gibbs or sagna then though and still no defenders


That’s the frustration, we are always missing that extra something because they wont spend money they say is available for transfers on that little bit extra we need to push us further. It’s sick if there really is funds to the tune of £50 million available


Horrible (but inevitable news)…if you want a positive it’s that burger boy Santos wasn’t too awful today (but to be fair wasn’t really tested)

Rad Carrot

You mean, apart from when he passed it to the League’s second highest goal-scorer deep in injury time and then stood back and watched while he took a shot on goal?


passes to Suarez… and then instead of following him to the side….he goes to the middle leaving suarez free…..WHY SANTOS WHY

Redcurrant Wonder

I would sooner see Sagna fill in at LB and bring Jenkinson back into RB rather than Santos starting against Stoke. That would give the new back 4 unit 3 games to gel before the Bayern game.


Santos wasn’t “too awful today”??? I’ll have what you’re having then.

It’s injury time, arsenal should be pushing for a goal santos instead takes his time to pass it carefully to suarez then stands back to watch as play unravels. What arse!


You sure, he’s a clown. If our youth team left back isn’t as good as Santos you may as well tell him not to bother. Shame Ramsey hasn’t learnt how to pass forward.

Dog Eat Arse

By a fat basilian standard he had a good game.


Fuck Me! Will this nightmare never cease!

Harbinger Of Goon

No! Because Santos is the back-up, and there’s more football ability in my sock than in him.

Eric Irish gunner

No mate it won’t, and 3 weeks means 3 fucking months


Never as Arsene only concentrates on his attacking options. Never defensively. Have these players learnt over the past few years…no


God help us


More like, God save the Arsenal


Dennis Bergkamp is assistant manager at ajax right now and unavailable.sorry 🙁


A transfer in at left back might actually be a blessing in disguise if it means Santos becomes extra. If Wegner says he can’t find a top top replacement for Santos I will lose my mind.

Arsene's bottle of water

Wenger, you’ve got 24 hours.
André Santos almost cost us the match tonight.


how on earth is it possible that a brazilian international footballer has ho balance and just falls down about 4 times per match!? as if he weighed about 350 pounds and on every turn just falls over.

Mark Flatts' Flat

Deep down you know Wenger isn’t going to do anything.He’s the sort of guy that would haggle on the price of goods in a Pound shop (while being a mulimillionaire).



God help us. Arsene won’t drop santos because he’s payed 6 million for him and arsene is to stubborn to admit his mistake.

Everton Need The Money

Exactly, well said. And this is the crucial difference (hate to admit it) between Ferguson and Wenger. We all make mistakes but Ferguson is quick to admit it, cut the loss, and move on. Wenger can we please ‘write down’ the GBP7mm ‘investment’ in Andrew Santos (like you did for the GBP5mm in Park Chu Young) and MOVE ON, and pay GBP20mm or whatever Moyes wants for Leighton Baines?

Bob Smith

Santos was terrible and you can clearly see his confidence is gone, not only that the other players don’t seem to trust him either. From the looks of it a run of games won’t sort Santos out and the team is not in a position to gamble on him not being exposed, the idea of Ribery running at him frightens me.

Touched Your Mother

Didn’t even think of Ribery… Good god…

Eric Irish gunner

Or robben, were fucked

Everton Need The Money

Look on the bright side…

Knowing in advance that Arsenal have a the Brazilian equivalent of Benny Hill playing in the left-back position, Bayern Munich might choose to ‘rest’ both Ribery and Robben and send two of their U-18 players instead.

At which point, Wenger could pull the cunning trick of using Sagna (he’s got a wicked left foot too) as an emergency LB and Jenks at RB.


Did you notice podolski shout at santos when he didn’t pass a simple pass to him ?

damien joyce

the problem is his confidence hasn’t gone. he bombs forward to no avail mostly then just meanders back sometimes, he’s fucking useless defender, simple as that, not a bad Left midfielder though. I would honestly try Jenks there or move Sagna over Would go for Butland too and tell him if he wants to prove himself then fight Szcz for the No.1 jersey, if he manages to provoke reaction from Szcz and we get a better goalie out of him then it’s 3m that can easily be recouped if he doesn’t want to stay back up, if Szcz doesn’t improve… Read more »


Andre Santos: the Premier League’s first false 3.


F**k no … . Unless we purchase a reliable LB before the deadline, here we come Europa League!

damien joyce

i doubt it, 6 weeks wiv santos and we’ll be behind pool, everton, swansea, wba plus the top 4


Don’t worry I’m pretty sure a top top quality world class striker can cover as leftback

Everton Need The Money

see your point but you’re being far, far too optimistic mate. stuck with Santos for the rest of the season and we won’t even make Europa League.


Hey guys, it could be worse. At least the transfer window is still open! There’s hope yet!

…right/ Right??? 🙁


So what we have we have Santos ……..

Said no one ever


Was dreading this as soon as he went off.

I am trying to express how bad this is; all I can manage is:

Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Fuck! Bollocks! wank!

I think that makes my point clearly enough.


Great news,Gibbs injured (again),Sagna hideously out if form,Vermaelen error prone….
I think we might be fucked.

Touched Your Mother

My hope is that it is literally three weeks… not Diaby three weeks.


With Diaby & Rosicky back to “full fitness” it’s only natural that Ramsey will now slot in at left back…


A la flamini…


Is that the name of an Italian dessert?

50 shades of gandalf the grey

Fuck…this means he could be out against Bayern Munich. Fuck fuck fuckety fuck fuck fuck. I dread to think what Robben could do to him, let alone fucking Downing.


With Diaby & Rosicky back to “Full fitness” it’s only natural that Ramsey will slot in at left back…


faaark this website giving me strange errors, like Santos on a good day

Tenacious Defence

You can say that again.


Ever heard of a disaster? Well this is one, one of our best players since start of the season. Don’t know if wenger can pull a rabbit out of a hat with this one and get us a good cover LB (loan) before the window shuts.

Notice how I didn’t at all mention santos as cover LB? that’s coz he isn’t one!

Tenacious Defence

“Squillaci Time!”… haha, good one (please, no).


Ahaha santos vs Robben … We are so fucked


Wenger has lost his way if he thinks santos can replace gibbs. What makes it worse is we have money to replace him and wenger hasn’t got the excuse that there are no available players good enough to replace him. Fenebache want him so ship him out. It hurts to say but Ferguson wouldn’t put up with the non-footballer that is Andre Santos. What the fuck is going on? We had no strikers on the bench, we don’t have Strong defensive midfield player, ramsey is good but he ‘s the same as arteta, good on the ball but doesn’t have… Read more »


Leave Ramsey out of this one. Surely based on this game Vermaelen, SZCZ and Sagna deserve criticism before he does. All he did wrong today was not keep his head up and pass the ball first time enough.

Bould's Eyeliner

Gibbs really should follow Wilshere’s example and bulk up a bit if he’s really going to try to use his pace as a weapon with that twig body of his


Attack wise we have improved but defence wise we’ve been awful to say the least. We need defenders and leaders at the back which we are lacking at the moment. But its all down to arrogance and poor judgement by the management. Wenger is to be blamed 95% if we have happen not to qualify for CL.


Ribery or robben running at santos.
Me : Shuts down t.v set, unplugs from socket, dies.



Merlin's Panini

Fuck. That’s a massive blow. Let’s hope Santos picks up a bit of form.

Eric Irish gunner

They should dangle a fucking kebab in front of him and his form will pick straight up

Jim Jimminy

As darth vader said nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Wenger’s refusal to spend, to admit his mistakes, will ultimately cost him his job. The problem is, our board are clowns and will not appoint an adequate replacement. It’s so bloody frustrating being an Arsenal fan. Everyone in the world can see we’ve neded reinforcements for seven years, in the same positions yet Wenger simply refuses to do it. It’s beyond madness, Santos looked absolutely shattered and he basically only played one half. It’s so embarrassing, we are being laughed throughout the football world. Robben or Ribery v Santos….


Oh fuck.


@educatedgooner and @gunnerpunner have said that arsenal have bid for 14/15m for DARREN BENT?!!!???? These are not attention seeking ITKs, they sound genuine, this is a nightmare


good lord …. AW says this is a brilliant team — “We are collectively progressing”. wake up wake up !!

Think first

24 hours left and we suddenly need a new left back
We did it last year, it isa bit risky, think about the Brazilian, it hasn’t worked.
1 day won’t be enough to find that super-super quality


I think we should start a movement to get usmanov to sell his shares to the fanshare scheme, then we could get an elected representative on the board. There’s no point making a profit if we don’t pay dividends. Either we should break even by spending that profit or give it back to the fans through lower ticket prices.


Plus im sick of hearing arsene claiming this squad has such great mental strength. We are not capable of sustaining the effort and tactical discipline required for more than about 20 minutes a game. Mental strength is not going down in the first place.


This injury couldn’t have happened in a worse position, just as Gibbs was making great strides. Really shows our lack of depth, seeing how off the pace Santos was yet again. I’d move Verms for him anyday

Well there’s still 24 hours till the transfer window shuts so you never know, if the stars align and all that

Sanjack pogitheo

Robben or Ribery vs Santos?…we’re screwed… #wipes tears,gets coat


This is surely the nail in the coffin for Wenger this season. He has to go! The need for LB cover was ALWAYS a priority and yet he has failed to act! If we drop out of the CL the how can ANY fan defend the manager??


Who ate all the pies?
…….It’s probably Santos.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

If Santos is allowed to play left back while Gibbs is out, it will be the final nail in our attempt to finish in the top 4.


I think the best option is to play Sagna on the left, and Jenks on the right.


We have several hours to buy a left back…

I don’t know if I’m joking or not when I say this


That’s how we got Santos, no?


Wenger isnt gonna gonna buy anyone. He needs to replace mertesacker. He needs to deploy pod down middle. Should of bought jagielka and baines 2 yearsago.


Imagine Müller taking on Santos…. Then imagine a healthy Robben taking on Santos…. F*ck me


I believe the tactic sheet for Bayern just says: Attack Santos.


(With apologies for any unintended Racist undertones; just couldn’t resist the image).

I now have an image of the old Dad’s Army titles, with the huge arrows probing around southern England, then all focusing on London, you zoom in on the point they meet at, and it is just labeled Santos.


As much as I don’t like Sir Furgy could you see him allowing some of the deadwood we have in our squad anywhere near the training ground let alone the first team ? No I don’t think so ! And by Mr Wenger keep buying, picking, supporting and playing these clowns what is it doing to the moral of those players we have that are good and do put in a shift ? (Clue) watch young JW’s frustration, watch LP shouting at one of them. If this continues there can only be one conclusion. A lot more of them doing… Read more »


Just watched the game again to check that Santos really was shit (he was), & I cannot believe how fat/unfit he is.He shouldn’t be anywhere near the 1st team squad until he sheds some blubber,it’s fucking disgraceful that he’s in that shape.

Romford Peel

jernade meade > santos?

King Henry's Squire

Absolutely, but Meade knacked his ankle so he’s not an option for at least 2 weeks I think…


So we can all see this coming from a mile away….. Wenger sits on his ass giving us shit about how tricky January transfers are. So now Gibbs….bye bye. That means Verm at left back and Koscielny at center half. One of them gets hurt or Mert pulls up lame and now bc Djourou is gone there are two options. Squillaci at center half and/or Santos at left back. Or chop and change Sagna and Jenks from flank to flank. And this is the squad Wenger thinks needs nothing more? Good enough? Deep enough? Wenger has done great things for… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

The going rate for a mediocre LB just went through the roof.

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