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Wenger warns Deschamps off Diaby

Arsene Wenger has again warned Didier Deschamps that an international call-up for Abou Diaby is too soon and potentially damaging for the player.

After the game against the Orcs on Saturday there’s an Interlull (yay!) in which Les Bleus take on Germany on February 6th. The Arsenal manager, however, would prefer if Diaby were left out of the squad, allowing him to concentrate on staying fit.

“It’s too early,” he said. “I would prefer him not to be called up. I might not play him against Liverpool because he is not ready to repeat games. I think it’s too early.”

Wenger was highly critical of the French FA for calling up Diaby back in September, saying, “I think it was a mistake to play him with the national team. They could have taken him but not played him, because the guy has been out for a year. It is really frustrating, because once you think you get there it happens again.”

And while we certainly have sympathy with the manager because he does have a very good point about overplaying a guy who is so injury prone, he is injury prone.

Still, at least any potential injury Diaby does suffer can be fixed by a quick dip in the transfer mar …

… oh.

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Unyoke The Ox

I really don’t like people called Didier.

Unyoke The Ox

With Drogba terrorising us for years and Deschamps getting Diaby injured, I stick to my initial statement.

Merlin's Panini

Both Chelsea scum too.


Fuck off Dickcramps.

Rick the Miserable Gunner

So is it him getting a cramped dick from fucking us in the ass, OR him giving people cramped dicks for putting so many in his mouth OR am I the one with a cramped dick for awkwardly masturbating to all my friends photos on facebook

Merlin's Panini

probably the last one.

Chris Leebowski

day made. thank you


I hope both Diaby and Deschamp will heed Wenger on this one.

I hope all of our lads will return from the interlull unscathed.

Alex S

I swear Wenger needs to buy Diaby one of those bubbles from Bubble Boy

Lady Eowyn

What Diaby needs is one of those suits that Robert Downey Jr wears in Iron Man.

He’ll be protectic from injury and also be able to fly around the pitch. He could use lasers to terminate the opposition and give us an advantage.

Gunnersauras Rex

What diaby needs is to retire from international football.. and Wenger should influence him in doing so


What Diaby needs is the horse placenta. It work for Vanpustrings din’t it?


What Diaby needs to do, is JUST retire.


cue “Arsene Wenger disrespects the French national team and the French football setup by directing Deschamps on whom he should choose” headlines..

On a related note, I wonder why the boss needs to make these opinions public. Wouldn’t a phone-call behind the scenes to the respective national managers sort it out?


Because either

a) He was asked by a journalist and he had no reason to not state his opinion
b) He told Deschamps and Deschamps didn’t have a ready-made answer?

Glory Hunter

He’ll answer those questions but all we get is riddles when it comes to the potential activity in the transfer market!


Ive heard this story before , we all know how it ends .


Seriously. You cut and paste this one from last time blogs?

Ninad Kuchekar

Come one Arsene..there is a very mushy line that I remember back from my college days..”If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, it’s yours. If they don’t, it never was”.

Walcotts football brain

When did you go to school?

THAT’S whats bothering you??!


Didier doesn’t care about the player, the cunt will probably call him up


Wenger and Diaby are to blame for this to some degree as well. With a player everyone knows is injury prone, Wenger should force Diaby to retire from international football, for the sake of his career.Fergie did it, it works. To allow Diaby to be picked for Les Blues,who have done nothing for him,is negligence. Hia loyalties should be firmly to Arsenal, and and so he should forget about the national team.


Diaby looks sexy as fuck in blue! Hopefully Chelsea doesn’t see that.


I see Talksport are hitting their usual standard…looks like I haven’t missed a thing since I’ve been away.


Fake picture!!! Arsene would never be able to close his jacket zipper that early in the morning.

Absentia Rose

That pic is a fake! Come on, working zip in that coat. Never!


Deschamps is actually quite a reasonable and classy manager. Arsene knows it.
Also, let’s not forget that Diaby can injure himself whilst taking a shot. What can you do against that?

Also may I add that I found the headline SLIGHTLY (very slightly) sensationalistic. It’s not that bad, it’s just that you got us used to spotless Le Monde-style headlines 🙂


I think that he should tell France that he will take a 2 year break from the national team in order for his body to repair. That would get a great cheer from the Arsenal Fans.

H. P. Arsecraft

If he is fit enough for us then then he’s fit enough for france. If we have any doubt about his fitness he shouldn’t be playing at all.
But we could let players recuperate if we signed decent back ups so….get the fucking wallet out Wenger.

Midfield Corporal

I don’t think it’s that simple really is it? Look at the way The Spuds managed Ledley King, they didn’t just play him into the ground, they realised he had one game a week in him. I think Wenger has a point but he doesn’t do himself any favours when he plays him three times in the space of a few days as soon as he’s fit again. We’re playing Wilshere every game after 18 months out, what are the chances he gets crocked again then we can bemoan our ‘bad luck’. It might be radical thinking but has Arsene… Read more »


A player should be able to make himself unavailable for international duty, particularly in cases like this. Otherwise, we get the typical situation where half the Man United team have injuries in training just ahead of an international, which miraculously clear up in time for the next league game, and Arsene gets pilloried for “disrespecting” an international side even though his players still get called up and subsequently injured.


If Diaby got called up and got injured on international duty ill throw my fucking laptop out the window!!

pensive gooner

You won’t do it. NO BALLS !!


Ah youre prob right I wouldnt. But hardly for that reason, WHALE COCK!!

[…] 来源:【Arseblog News】 […]


Thing is Diaby is 26 & with the Euros in France not too far away, who would give up the chance to play for their country in front of their fans? No one, including you & me. Wenger is just as much to blame. Like the bloke above me said, Spurs managed Ledley King & SAF has that bloke who likes shagging his brother’s missus playing till he’s 40. It’s not rocket science. Play him once a week, you can get 30 games out of him & he can play for the French team too

Midfield Corporal

I do have a name 🙂


Why not play him against Stoke and take him off around 60-65 minutes and tell him to hobble off the field when substituted. Then tell the press “He felt a little bit of tightness in his calf muscle and we took him off as a precaution. He is out for 1-2 weeks.”
Problem solved. lets hope Diaby is a good actor

Piers Morgan's punchable face

Ol’ red nose has been doing that for years with Giggs to be fair – the amount of times said Whelshman has made a miraculous recovery after an international break is almost biblical.


Fuck me it’s not difficult
Diaby just needs to come out say himself that he is not going to play international footy until he’s completely ready (which may be never)
His career is a mess, so surely it should come from him.

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Can’t we do a deal with deschamps and say he can have gervinho instead? Good solid player Did’, he’ll sort you right out. Great hair too…..

[…] Diaby, thankfully, won’t be taking part after Arsene Wenger made clear the midfielder wasn’t ready to juggle domestic and international […]

[…] Diaby, thankfully, won’t be taking part after Arsene Wenger made clear the midfielder wasn’t ready to juggle domestic and international […]

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