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Arsenal 1-0 Stoke – Player ratings

Arseblog News runs the rule over Arsene Wenger’s triumphant Gunners after Lukas Podolski’s massively deflected free-kick earned Arsenal a hard fought win over Stoke’s disgusting squad of mean-spirited dangleberries.

Wojciech Szczesny: 7/10 – Tidy performance, commanding enough dealing with set pieces but not overly troubled.

Bacary Sagna: 7/10 – Much more solid than he has been recently, dovetailed well with Walcott. Crossing still shite.

Nacho Monreal: 7/10 – A conservative debut (first touch a throw, second after  10 minutes) but positionally astute, passing polished and lively attacking threat as the game wore on.

Per Mertesacker: 8/10 – Didn’t win every high ball by any means, but dealt with the Crouch threat with aplomb. Massive improvement on the Liverpool game.

Laurent Koscielny: 8/10 – Read the game well, carried ball out of defence when needed and nearly grabbed opener with decent header.

Mikel Arteta: 7/10 – Energetic performance, ruffled Michael Owen’s feathers and always eager to keep play ticking over.

Jack Wilshere: 7/10 – Carried the ball back and forth looking for the probing pass between the Stoke defenders. Hard in the challenge, should attempt a shot now and then.

Abou Diaby: 6/10 – Not his day. Looked lackadaisical from the off, tentative against roughhouse tactics but did get better. Needed to play with more pace.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: 6/10 – Yet to show the direct driving dribbling skills that whet the appetite last season. Unlucky not to score twice before the break. 

Theo Walcott: 8/10 – Knew he had the beating of the Stoke defence when he ran with the ball. Stretched play well and was a fine outlet on the break. Crossing still a bit ‘meh’…

Olivier Giroud: 7/10 – Had to work his socks off against Shawcross and fellow Orcs, won a lot of high balls in second half, linked nicely with midfield. Shooting wayward.


Lukas Podolski: 7/10 – Scored the decisive goal with aid of massive free-kick. Remember him slipping over a lot.

Santi Cazorla: 7/10 – Added a necessary zip to play in the final 15 minutes, quick feet in midfield helped spring breaks.

Aaron Ramsey: N/A 

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monreal had a classic 7/10 debut.. More of the same please… a minor worry is the Ox not being able to kick on from last year.. that is expected of a teenager thrown into the deep end, I guess.. Props to the boss for making the decisive substitutions nice and early.. It was good to see we have genuine quality options to summon from the bench.. Not too concerned about the squad depth as of now except for a striker.. A fit Rosicky (and Coq perhaps) will definitely boster the midfield options and will give the boss an option of… Read more »


I think we need a CB still, with Vermaelen out injured yesterday we look very short of options indeed!

Considering we will finally rid ourselves of Squillaci in the summer, and the departure of Djourou also looking more likely, I daresay we will be in the market for a CB or two come summer.

Wouldn’t say no to Mats Hummels, or Andre Ranocchia coming in, and I’ve heard good things about Angelo Ogbonna at Torina and Papadopolous at Schalke.

On an entirely unrelated note, anyone got Arsene’s number?


If there’s one thing chambo’s performance revealed yesterday, it is that the lad still doesnt have what it takes to bench lukas podolski just yet!

Stoke are dicks!

But both players are different ends of their careers.

Ox did show a lot of energy and desire yesterday and as long as he applies that form will come. We all know the talent is there and to be fair to him he has had a few injuries this season.


As a 27 year old, Lukas is as far away from any kind of an “end of career” as you can get.


They are at different ‘ends,’ as in front and back or different ends of a rope… Ox is 19, ~30 top flight appearances, 10 England caps. Podolski 27, 200 top flight apps, 100 goals, 100 Germany caps.


Still a good player to have around, and at only 19 you’d expect him to still be improving for the next 3-4 years.


I agree completely, but the pairing is what I would like to see far more often. I think we have suffered in recent years from bringing the youngsters through too quickly and putting them under pressure. With Poldi ahead of him the Ox has time to develop his game, but still has the quality we can draw on when we need him. You can see a similar situation with Sagna and Jenks, and even though he is a few years older Gibbs may find himself in a similar position with Monreal. I’ve even heard people pointing a similar connection between… Read more »


Give him a break – he’s still a raw 19 year old with a lot to learn – I thought his contribution improved upon his other recent efforts.

David (Arsenal) vs. Goliath (Bayren Munich)

What’s the use debating whether Chambo can nip Poldi for 1st-team? Look at ManUre, Man$ity, Chelski… they have TWO quality players for EACH POSITION. That’s the only way you can compete on four (4) fronts (EPL, CL, FA Cup, Carling Cup). Wenger did not rotate his players properly in 2012… which inevitably leads to fatigue / injuries / dropped points. Looks like he’s learnt his lesson now (e.g. Poldi & Cazorla benched vs. Stoke). I just hope Wilshere doesn’t get another one of those stress fractures from over-playing – please Roy Hodgson start with Jack on the bench. As for… Read more »

Was with you up until the statement of Gibbs. He’s one of the best left backs in the country at moment.


Really happy with a solid 1-0 win. Much rather that than these crazy games. Nice to see out the first half without conceding. Always confident we can turn it on in the second half. Wish we can start more games as solid as yesterday.
Nice to see Wilshere giving Owen stick. Laughed out loud when i see his punch. Fucking orc prick!


Obviously this is a bit soon after one game but does anyone think that it is time to give Koscielny a run in the team and “rest” Vermaelen for a while? We looked defensively sound yesterday against a team we have often struggled against defensively. I know Kos is just as capable of making individual errors but i also prefer having Mik as captain. I’m not sure Vermaelen should be captain, i think he is putting too much pressure on himself because of it and i think its something that perhaps the manager should consider changing in the summer. Don’t… Read more »


We looked defensively sound because Stoke did absolutely nothing to put us under any sort of pressure in our half. They were about as defensive as can be yesterday, so I don’t feel we should read into the defense too much for this particular game.


TV5 is our best defender but in terms of partnership kos and per seem to have a better understanding.


I think the issue with Vermaelen, and to be honest this was brought up at the start of the season, is the expectation that as captain he’s fit = he plays.

I think he is fine as captain as long as he can be rotated out as needed. Arteta has done well as Captain when given the armband, and even Jack looks capable from his one shot at it so far.

David (Arsenal) vs. Goliath (Bayren Munich)

100% agreed – Koscielny would have never allowed that 1st goal by Liverpool last Wednesday. The Captaincy has been bad for Verminator – it should’ve gone to Arteta this year.

100% agreed – Tony Pulis is a c*nt who has built a squad of illiterate c*nts. Saturday just before bedtime I was helping my 5yr old daughter with her maths homework. Couple hours later I was watching the highlights on Match of the Day, when a reveleation hit me… all joking aside, Ryan Shawcross would have been incapable of completing my daughter’s maths homework.

Roger South

Part spot on….V does does spend his time trying to defend all by himself….he has to …. Somebody has to make up for the awful PMer. K & V are our CHs. And we need another to give us depth….oh for Song to give backup.

Stoke are dicks!

I love all the Tony, the chav grandfather with a stupid cap, Pulis bullshit he has spewed out this morning. Our manager gets a bad rep for all his supposed ‘tantrums’ over the years but this chav grandad has surely surpassed le bossed in recent timed. Utter Cuntery.

I propose we give everyone a 11/10 rating and send it to chav grandad. I think will rile him up some more.

Stoke did a flailing arm taunt at Wenger, we should all wear fake Burberry caps at the Emirates every time we play them.

Or dress as Orcs.

dink arnold

There’ be no telling us from the Stoke fans if we dressed as orcs..


We’d be the ones who can take our costumes off in the pub afterwards.

Arsene's Nose

The name is Pubis… Not pulis… What a dick he is… I loathe that team so much it hurts…


I thought the Ox played a bit better than a 6. It was his best game in some time. Without that excellent save from Begovich, that curling shot was in for all money and would have been a fantastic bit of football. His crossing was below par but he got in the right areas to make them. I’d give him a 7.

jack jack jack

Agreed. I thought the Ox and Jack (in the advanced role) were very impressive. Chambo drifted into the middle occasionally and played some incisive passes as well as using his pace and skill to good effect on the wing. Jack was, as usual, a joy to watch.


esurely monreal deserves bonus rating for making an orc bleed


That’s nacho ball he said……..but i’ll give you a bloody face instead. Espanyola!


Hard fought win over a dirty bunch of cowardly thugs.

I fucking hate them!

I still smile at the look on Shawcunts face, while Fellaini was beating fuck out of him, looked like he was going to cry. Dirty mouth breathing inbred.


bit harsh on diaby i think, he had a good game i remember some glimpses yesterday of his beginning of season form, he is really quite skillful. Although you are spot on with wilshere, i dont believe he picks a piss sometimes instead of shooting, maybe he lacks confidence? overall great game from everyone and yesterday koscielny proved himself and should definitely retain his place in the next game + cazorla too when he came on looked VERY influentiall, gaining his form back slowly shame about the miss at rhe end


I think you’re right that Wilshere could shoot a bit more often, but he doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy that lacks confidence in his own ability. I guess this goal scoring ability is something that young midfield players develop when they get a bit more experience, like Fabregas, who played superbly right from the beginning of his Arsenal career, but needed a few years to start scoring with regularity. It’s something that you would expect Wilshere to add to his game in the next couple of seasons as well, making him an even better player 😀

Los Polandos

Agree when it comes to diaby. Whoscored rated him man of the match even, so stats back it up.


Suprised he played Diaby against that bunch of thugs. Came through unscathed though good stuff.


Agreed I felt Diaby grew into the game and was easily one of our better players but then again I do have a weak spot for him. I also thought OX did well


Was this winning ugly?, more like putting the uglies in their place. Where exactly is their place? The dungeons of the earth full of shit and um……more shit!

Pride of London

Fuckin delighted we beat them hatchet men. I hate their style of play. they are like a big anchor playing for a draw in every game they play. they must have the most draws this season

Dean '67

I’m sorry shawcross, is that shit on your face?
Oh my bad it IS your face!

North Bank Gooner

You gotta love St#ke, Shawcunt tries to turn LK into a falsetto, and the Orcmaster wants to whine that our players objected to a blind twat making a ballsup. Is it always dark in St#ke because Pubis is such an epic cunt that he blocks out the sun?

Loved the way the totally unbiased Mr Hansen brushed off any suggestion of a punch by the scouse reject. It was a shit punch, but it was a punch.


I wouldn’t mind him brushing off shit attempts at punches like that quite so much if it wasn’t for the fact he’ll be spewing piss about “intent” and “he had to go” the next time he wants to argue in favour of a red card.


Wins like these will determine whether we really deserve top 4 or not. A great day altogether with Everton drawing and the chavs losing to the geordies. Come on West Brom for today!


Overheard at Arsene Wenger’s post match interview:
I swear he’s Arsenal’s new 1st choice
Throw up your hands and raise your voice
(Reporters): Monreal
(AW): What’s his name?
(Reporters): Monreal
(AW): Once again…
(Reporters + Steve Bould): MONREAL

(Tony Pulis, stumbling in while the reporters & AW laugh): Mono… D’OH!


Love it.

It was a depressingly slow burn though. I think I was staring at it blankly for almost a minute before I dissolved into laughter.


what? I thought ox and diaby played really well

Ron burgundy

I think Diaby showed at times why Wenger perseveres, strong on the ball and beats a player, also Giroud no matter the end product must have a pretty high percentage of getting on the end of balls into the box I don’t think chucking a few more crosses in would do us any harm. And finally anyone else think mert/kos is our best CB pairing?

Wenger's Glasses

Per really impress me in this game! Never saw him as aggressive as that.

Roger South

About time too!!!


with all the Orc references in previous posts, I was slightly disappointed that this wasn’t a lord of the rings special 😀

New Guy

Is it too late to say again how much I hate Stoke? Also, blogs, consider a feature where you rate some of the opposing players too, so we could all enjoy seeing ratings like Glenn Whelan, 5 (factoring in his one million bonus points for being the only player to sit with Rambo); Owen, 0 (representing 0/10 for footballing reasons, -10 points for lashing out at Arteta and +10 points for making me laugh at the way he ran away from Jack Wilshere); and the Orc prince, -9999999999999999. As for our guys, as much as I love him, I hope… Read more »


I think my favoutite bit of the game was Nacho making one of those cunts bledd (er, wait, that’s not very pleasant imagery…)

Anyways. My point was that Nacho jumped for a clean challenge on the ball, and the Stoke guy fouled him and tried to header Nacho’s head instead ofthe ball.
And yet it was the Stoke guy that was left with a cut head. So I’m just wondering, whaf the hell is Nacho’s head made of?

Canon Fodder

I think Diaby had a much better day than your marks for him suggests. He showed glimpses of good skill and was strong off the ball. Yes he does slow things down somewhat but that is what we need sometimes rather than helter skelter football

damien joyce

Abou Diaby: 6/10 – Not his day. Looked lackadaisical from the off, tentative against roughhouse tactics but did get better. Needed to play with more pace. I’m sorry to offend Fodder but more often throughout his Arsenal career than not, when he actually plays that is, Diaby is either a 8/10 or a 4 or 5 or 6/10 player, he is erratic at best, when he does play well then it’s normally the whole team playing well, he is rarely a game changer. But so often his meandering around the pitch and understandable wariness in going for 50/50 challenges means… Read more »

New Guy

When he does play well it’s usually the whole team playing well…

Do you think that’s a coincidence?


Diaby was a bit lacklustre in the beginning but grew on later . Ox had a better game in a while. Pulls and his Orc army humbled . 3 Points won ugly.

[…] report – Player ratings – By the numbers – […]

The Car2n Goon

Merterscielny is our best CB paring. I also think Jenks should get a run in the team- Sagna has been lacking form.

Roger south

PMer makes no contribution … TV has had to rescue PM all season … Thank goodness.

i want to boff arseblogger and im not even gay

Early days I know, but of what I saw of the Nacho King yesterday, he already looks like one of the finest ever to wear the red and white. And as we speak I am putting together a YouTube compilation of his touches yesterday to prove the point.


pulis 10/10 totally cunt.


Can’t wait to see Gervinho in action.


Is it dingleberries or “dangleberries”?

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Both are acceptable my friend.

I like the evocative ‘jiggleberries’ personally.

PS: Why are we talking about balls?


Ugh dingleberries aren’t balls mate.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Colloquially they are mate.

To be fair though your knowledge of anal hair and decal matter must surpass mine.

Therefore I take my hat off to you


Michael Owens punch on arteta .01/10

5pur2 dr00L

Yeah, it was weak! Arteta seemed really amused by it more than anything…


i thot Diaby was much better than many describe here. Some of his turns and touches were superb!


That’s the way to defend , lads.Defending seems decent,the boys controlling the game from the start.Have to give credits to Begovic though,the reason we can’t score more.

On player ratings :
Diaby- Deserved a bit more than 6 ,played well
Wilshere-Deserved extra 0.5 for pushing Owen,well I mean for defending your teammate

Shawcross : -10/10 . A cunt ,should I elaborate more ?


Diaby had his best game since the comeback he rode challenges!

[…] Read More Here: Arsenal 1-0 Stoke – Player ratings […]

Midfield Corporal

Question- Allardyce and Pullis are standing in front of you, you only have one bullet, what do you do?


Find Van Persie.


You align them side by side such that one bullet passes from one to the another. ………..Then you take the murder weapon and pin it on van persie.

Brian Mendoza

Line em up, double kill


Hold a sword and shoot through its edge.
Ask any Indian here he will tell you the same.

Dial square

I’d fucking shoot myself !!!

Midfield Corporal

Ha ha, that was my thought. I don’t think I could bear to be in the vicinity of such pure cuntery.


Shoot the Walrus and bludgeon Pubis to death with the gun butt.


See match of the day decided to overlook thug shawcross’ attempt to remove kos’s bollocks… What a fuckin surprise…. Wankers…. And as for pubis’ hypocritical comments…. Jesus, fuck off you stupid 12 year old cap wearing cunt…


Gervinho is on his way back to London 🙁


I have to say I was very disappointed with Nacho Monreal.

Not for his general play – which was largely very good – but because he chose to have ‘MONREAL’ on the back of his shirt instead of ‘NACHO’. Feels like a massive opportunity wasted to me. Genuinely disappointing.


well that was a real battle. stoke really are a bunch of neanderthals. how shawcross keeps getting away with challenges like that is beyond me. well, i guess he IS english…. anyway, i thought nacho was suberb, especially considering the circumstances of his arrival and the opposition on the night. he looks solid and tidy and full of energy – everything a full back should be. wenger did a good bit of business picking this guy up for half of what baines would have cost. i can’t see gibbs getting back in the team when he returns from yet another… Read more »


Good to see both our CB getting an 8 each. Very good game from both Per & Kos. Per was much more physical today especially with crouch and at corners & freekicks. Both aldi contributed positively at our set pieces at the other end.


AW us true to his words this time around inhtge Jan transfer window. Real quality brought in ib thecform of nachos monreal. I must admit never heard of him before the purchase. Was lookin forward to see & analyse him in action. Not disappointed with the “quality”


Really weird ratings to be honest. The central defenders do not deserve 8s, Szcz should be a 6 because he didn’t have anything to do, Diaby was quite good as was Ox an Giroud was probably a 6.

Los Polandos

My thoughts exactly. If we kept a clean sheet against attacking team (like liverpool in first half) it would justify 8 for defenders. To position oneself well against a sole striker who has mobility of an oil tanker is hardly awesome defending. Ox dribbled more players (and had less turnovers) than walcott, albeit in less dangerous situations. Diaby was himself – great dribbling, good movement, a bit sloppy passing at times. Nonetheless I find it hard to critisize a player who is trying to make something happen in a final third, even if it results in turnover once in a… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Nacho Monreal: 7/10 – cool original.

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