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Arsenal 2-1 Aston Villa: by the numbers

Arsenal v. Villa

7 – Giroud shots¹
3 – Giroud shots on goal¹
1 – Andreas Weimann shot
1 – Andreas Weimann shot on goal²
1 – Andreas Weimann goal²
1 – Szczocking errors by Szczesny to allow Weimann to score¹
6 – Cazorla shots
2 – Cazorla shots on goal
2 – Cazorla goals¹
92 – Passes attempted by Wilshere¹
78 – Passes completed by Wilshere¹
51 – Passes attempted by Wilshere in the Villa final third¹
42 – Passes completed by Wilshere in the Villa final third¹
5 – Chances created by Andreas Weimann (passes that led to a shot for a temmate)¹
4 – Chances created by each of Walcott or Cazorla²
3 – Chances created by Arsenal which rolled slowly across the Villa box but which no one got a boot on to take a shot so they don’t actually count as “chances created”
1 – Assists by Nacho Monreal
0 – Assists by Andre Santos in 23 League games for Arsenal
4 – Successful dribbles by each of Wilshere and Lowton¹ (both of 5 attempts too!)
3 – Successful tackles by each of Lowton, Jenkinson, Diaby, and Monreal¹
5 – Attempted tackles by Lowton and Jenkinson¹
3 – Attempted tackles by Diaby and Monreal
7 – Interceptions by Arteta¹
33 – Yes, you read that right, Arteta had 33% of Arsenal’s total interceptions
6 – Bennett and Lowton interceptions (each)²
70 – Yes, you read that right Lowton and Bennett had 70% of Villa’s interceptions



As you can see, Arsenal have their third consecutive League win and third consecutive League match with a high rate of overall hustle. Three matches ago Arsenal played Stoke and as you can see from the chart, most of the challenges were aerial duels (yellow) and tackles (blue) were very low. But the last two League games have been fairly consistent in terms of challenges made and won across the three categories I am tracking this season (tackles, aerials, and dribbles). Bottom line is that Arsenal are working hard and getting results in the League.

If you remember from my column following the Bayern match, Arsenal had a similar number of tackles to today (19) but the difference is that Bayern outhustled Arsenal with 28 tackles and 30 interceptions, stifling Arsenal’s midfield — especially when Arsenal tried to get penetration. Villa didn’t work as hard as they needed to today and as a result, Arsenal got a lot of joy in the Villa final third, creating 22 shots off passes compared to the rather poor 8 Arsenal managed against Bayern.

It’s also notable that Cazorla’s brace makes him joint leader (with Walcott) at Arsenal with 11 League goals. He is tied with Walcott with those 11 goals but he’s taken 82 shots to get there. That’s 7.9 shots per goal.  It’s not a horrible rate, Suarez is 8.4 shots per goal in League play, and he’s a midfielder who shoots from outside the box so it’s nothing to cry over.

Giroud, on the other hand, is going through a poor patch in front of goal. He hasn’t scored (or assisted) for Arsenal since the draw against Liverpool and as a consequence his shots per goal number has climbed to 9. It’s a run of 22 shots without a goal (7 tonight) and we have to hope that he can get back to form for Arsenal. Of course, he does a lot more than just shoot and I think his movement today was excellent, he just needs a little luck I think.


All numbers today via Opta, ESPN, or my personal databases

Follow Tim on twitter @7amkickoff and

¹Lead both teams in this category
²Lead just his team in this category

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I don’t suppose anyone has the number of times Giroud punched the air, held his head in his hands or generally gave off the impression of being frustrated.

…these events usual happened just after he had taken a shot.


Yeah, we should totally turn on him… *rolls eyes*


At what point did I turn on him?

*rolls deep*


Oh come on… let’s drop the “who? me?” bullshit and let’s not pretend that first comment wasn’t what it obviously was.


Seriously. Remove the stick from your behind/sand from your vagina.

I just find it amusement in the exaggerated Gallic fashion he throws his hands up when he misses a chance.

Now, now…don’t tell me. I’m being racist for using the term ‘exaggerated Gallic”?

….I remember why I usually avoid the comments on arseblog, now.


^- this is how people get banned, right blogs?

Gunner From Another Mother

Probably best you go back to avoiding the comments for all of our sake…


Jamie, here’s a tip mate. Go to a petrol station and pour a gallon or two all over your head. right? okay, now go to a secluded place, take out a match and just light it. it’s a great idea, I promise.

I mean, you deserve a lovely surprise coming your way, what with implying having a vagina is some sort of insult.

you can also go jump off a nice high cliff to a shallow body of water with nice pointy stones. or a shark infested pool. your choice, really.


Lily, So your response to James’ amusement at Giroud’s gestures is to advise him to commit suicide through self-immolation… Aren’t you a peach. Get some perspective. In general, the comments on Arseblog News reflect a deep animosity / aggressive violence towards anyone who offers any criticism of the team, no matter how genial, honest, or in fact true. It’s true, for instance, that Giroud missed many chances today, and as a result he did his trademark gestures in frustration. The numbers prove that he’s not finishing as well as he could or used to. But if you bring that up… Read more »


I’m not seriously suggesting he kill himself and I couldn’t care less what he said about Giroud. It’s the whole ‘vagina as an insult’ thing that really bothered me.


@lily Don’t be a dick. Happy now?



please keep your head up before the derby game….


I think lily missed the critical point that having a stick up your ass or sand in your vagina would be irritating, thus making you an easily irritated person. As such the insult was not abut having a vagina, rather having one with sand in it. Perhaps the author also implies that women are mo easily irritated than men, but its a stretch since he also includes the stick up the ass possibility, thus i find it hard to pin this comment on misongyny. Your suggestions that he immoliate himself might suggest you’ve got your panties all in a bunch,… Read more »


Burak,gayest quotes I have heard and I know a lot of gays!


Wow, ok, this has grown out of hand… I thought he was being unnecessarily negative. If he says he’s not, then so be it I guess. I even went as far as to tease him about getting banned for the Gallic thing.

Let’s just try to enjoy a win and not let things escalate to… you know… self-immolation 🙂


……… Or you could all just shut the fuck up.

Runcorn Gooner

2 szchocking errors in 2 weeks by Chessers.Please not 3 in 3 weeks next week.

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Agreed, punching the air ain’t gonna help Olivier. Watch video of Lionel Messi just after one of those (rare) occasions he fluffs a shot off-target. Messi puts his head down, scratches his hair, and CONTEMPLATES why he fluffed that one and CALCULATES how he can do better next time.


3 – points that makes me happy whatsoever

reaality check

Hi lily..
The whole vagina thing is basically insulting enough for women. Fair enough
But never seen a lad being so sensitive about reading or even being called a “dick”. Hope you understand where i am coming from..

Dial Square

I don’t suppose anyone can explain why Walcott seems to be playing like a fucking twat, compared to when he was playing for his £100,000 a week contract??

Dr Baptiste

Because he was playing to get that 100k. A touch of Adebayor about his form right now, but hopefully he can turn it around and play pre-contract form.


Perhaps, because he wants to play as the lone striker, he resents being on the wing.


Were things any better after Ramsey came on? He seemed quite blah, but the stats often show a greater contribution than is apparent.


He was far better than Diaby in my opinion. Fulfilled his defensive duties and didn’t dwell on the ball, kept things moving. His been pretty solid lately.


Ramsey was excellent! I’m not sure what he could have done better short of scoring. Seriously.


Ramsey literally did not put a foot wrong. Passes on point and positive, moved the ball well, even played a bit of right back and worked hard there. Only disappointment if I had to be really critical was that he should have been back to defend their goal, but that’s on everyone really.


Was really hoping Giroud would simplify his game, or that wenger would ask them to do so during half time. He always seemed to look for the fancy lay away or tight through pass, not to say that he never took the simpler options, but it just seemed like most of his choices seemed fancy and/or complicated. Still, brilliant hold up play. And diaby was much much better, pace still not as telepathic but much better vision

jack jack jack

Yeah some really good balls from Diaby but he stills tends to slow the game down quite a bit when he’s on the ball. I reckon after a few more games he should be back to the right tempo. Jenks was great today, could happily live with Agbonlahor for pace and strength, and his celebration on the bench just about made my fucking day.


Sadly he’s crocked again according to Wenger in his press conference.


Don’t worry about Walcott, it’s the keeper that is out of form excluding the Sunderland match.


Woj has been awful. We really need to sign an experienced keeper to #1) play games and help us win #2) help along Woj’s development

Eric Irish gunner

Bring in cesar when QPR go down


In the US, we call what Giroud is going through a “slump.”

One of the tenets of breaking a slump is not to change what worked for you in the past, unless some extrenal circumstance is the major cause, which I don’t think it is for Giroud.


1 – Handshake given to opposing coach by Arsene.

Had I only tuned in for the final whistle and seen this, I’d have known we mustn’t have lost.

Gooner till I die

Call me crazy but listen to this….. We are 5th with 47 points. 1 behind the mugs and 2 behind the chavs but they play tomorrow against 2nd place city who are 6 points ahead of us. If the mugs lose on Monday away to west ham and the chavs lose or draw tomorrow then next weeks game against the mugs could be a very tasty one indeed coz if we beat them we end up on 50 points and either 1 in front of the chavs or level points. And also put us 4 or 6 behind city! Now… Read more »


I agree with you but I think Sagna should stay.


Such a clear gap between sagna and jenks. We all love Carl to bits and you can see from his movement that he knows the drills and makes the right runs, but i cannot in my mind recall even once where he made a decisive run forward, a successful overlap which drags his marker out to create space or any incisive run ins. He makes the movements, no doubt, but it almost always ends in a side or back pass to one of the creators. Will be good to see how he develops with that understanding in place with another… Read more »


I find it funny that people are saying that ”we are having our worst season ever in the history of man kind!!!!!”, although it’s only a couple of points seperating us from 2th. place.


Others around us being shit is no excuse, though it would be more than excellent if we were to finish second. It’s quite a possibility, even if we don’t get eliminated by the Germans.


Well if you give citeh’s game in hand as a win, the difference is 9 points. Not a couple, is it? The point is that we are slowly slipping down the league and leaving it later and later each season. If we don’t finish outside the CL this season you can bet we will next season at this rate.

Eric Irish gunner

Love your belief, if only 🙂

Red Cannon

Did I get you right that you actually want to get rid of Sagna?

Tenacious Defence

Admirable optimism, but I’m concerned that our form and confidence doesn’t seem to be improving. Brittle defence at home against an inexperienced team like Villa is worrying ahead of Spuds, Everton and Bayern.

PS. the Hustle Board confuses me… where’s Villa?

Wenger's Herpes

Yeah and if Alex Ferguson gets abducted by space aliens, Gareth Fail passes into his own net in the 1st, 45th and 87th minute, we steal Dr. Emmet Brown’s DeLorean and go back in time to the first Man City game and put that game to bed like we should have done, then go forward in time to the Chelsea game and don’t let in shitty goals, then go back to the future we might win the league!

reaality check

Mate how do you do that? this rate you’d predict a league and cup double if we beat toffees and tinnys bu

reaality check

Mate how do you do that? this rate you’d predict a league and cup double if we beat toffees and tinnys by

reaality check

Mate how do you do that? this rate you’d predict a league and cup double if we beat toffees and tinnys by any chance (although it would be great).
Lets just waite untill we’ve secured our champs league run out for next season.


You can say that again.


Just watched MOTD. No idea why I bother.
According to the expert, Alan Hansen, Arsenal have “…massive problems…”.

Fucking hysterical anti-Arsenal media coverage.


Hanson is, as a rule, a helmet. He still thinks Liverpool are title contenders.


Yep, got sucked in by us going on first; should have known better.

Highlights were OK, but the analysis makes you want to cry. 5 minutes from Hansen consisting of 4 minutes on how crap we are, and a minute of how Villa are not as bad as they seem.

I suppose it could be worse imagine if we had lost.


The continued propaganda against Arsenal is just getting embarrassing now, Alan Hansen has been doing this for years, every year he has an issue with us. Foreign players, youth players, scoring fancy goals etc etc

The latest we got massive problems, the man is an idiot.

Eric Irish gunner

Hansen is a scouse loving prick


yes liverpool are exciting and going foward everytime they win ,spurs are top class , chav have world class player everywhere, we are doooooooooooooom still the league table even with all our problem dont look bad, with a little luck in our result we could be 3rd next sunday :^^…cmon city and westham

Eric Irish gunner

City will win, west ham draw

Gooner till I die

Ok well if Sagna stays then he will have to accept now that he will be 2nd choice to Jenkinson because his inconsistency is costing us this season and I hate to use that word because up until this season he’s probably been our most consistent defender over the past 5-6 years.


Dunno if you have been paying attention, but it was barely a week ago that Jenkinson got sent off, which cost us the game against Sunderland. Oh no wait, it didn’t cost us the game, because of a certain other right-back who played out of position and put in a heroic performance to enable us to hold out for the win. Who was that man, I wonder? Jenks is promising, and at the moment is a good backup but that’s about it. Sagna has been consistently the best right back in the league since he arrived. He may have gone… Read more »


Sagna is better than Jenkinson. Fact.

jack jack jack

Yes, but Jenkinson put in a damn good shift today. I don’t see what the point of your comment was.


The comment above said Sagna will have to accept he’s second choice to Jenkinson if he stays. In response, I said Sagna’s better. That was my point.


jack jack jack

Ah, apologies. It wasn’t posted as a reply so I didn’t read it as one. I agree with the sentiment though.


Sorry I can not agree wit the claim that Giroud’s movement was excellent a striker with Excellent movement ether moves to open up space for a deeper player to run into (not clogging up the middle) OR they are somehow always seem to be in the right time and have the right touch to simply slot the ball in to the net. SO ether 2 things if Giroud’s movement is great then the rest of the team’s passing and crosses MUST REALLY REALLY suck. or he should have had a abundance of opportunities to score because we had a ton… Read more »


I love these stats! Thanks for all the hard work, much appreciated.


Watched the highlights in the ground after and was gobsmacked we had so many shots when the stats came up.

Seemed at the time they were doing anything other than shooting.

Fuckin relieved at the 3pts in the end. Onto the scum.




What happened to Diaby? So exciting at the beginning of the season — he seems a little bit off the pace. He’s trying, certainly, but what’s going on?


Seems a bit more than off the pace lately, his constant injuries worries and consequent lack of a run of games can’t be helping his progress. Don’t really know how long Wenger can continue to let this go on, despite his love for the guy. It sucks because its not down lack of effort from Diaby, just that he seems to be made of glass.


Did anyone notice bould spit his chewing gum towards Wenger when he got up screwing about the equaliser? Anyone know of crap or am I just reading into it too much?


I already posted on the match report how happy I am with the 3 points. And I am anytime The Arsenal grabs maximum points you can color me a happy bloke. However, we (Arsene, Gazidis, the Board, Kroenke) have got to make it a point to become more ruthless in the summer. Signings is one thing, but seriously folks the dead wood has got to be gone. Cut the losses and sell. I noticed today in the 74th Wenger looked very disturbed as he turned back to the bench, and frustrated. Because the only option left was Podolski. We have… Read more »


Agree wholeheartedly. Its essentially the same 13/14 players putting in shifts while the rest coast along as they aren’t viable options to produce on the pitch anymore.

Chris Leebowski

number of times i reminded my brother how good cazorla is – i dont know…
amount of beer dunk – enough

Chris Leebowski

number of times i commented on how kronke doesn’t deserve a mustache of such magnitude – 8





ARSEBLOG IS THE WORST ……………………………………………………………….

Dial Square

The worst what?? This is a blog for opinions, not for little boys to leave cheeky comments at 4:11 AM, just to let everyone know their mummy let them stay up late…ps when you left the commont, did you have a little giggle to yourself???

Wenger's Herpes

There’s a sad predictability about this Arsenal side. Sorry to be so negative after a win but that’s my overriding feeling today. It’s quite a sad day when someone like me who knows absolutely *fuck all* about football like me can predict what is going to happen. We scored early, and I was expecting us to miss a whole host of chances. Of course we did. Then, I was disgusted but not all that surprised when in their rare forays forward Aston Villa were 3-on-3 or 3-on-4 against Arsenal players despite the fact that we were controlling the game. This… Read more »

Dial Square

I don’t get all the fuss about the sudden revelation that we’ve got £70 million to spend, the money has always been there, Arsene has just refused to spend it…Because it doesn’t suit his financial model for the club.


from what i counted till 75th minute of the match –
successful passes to walcott by giroud – 1
succrssful passes by walcott to giroud – zero 0..

wat do u think guys?

it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Enough bickering about the ‘V’ word! We got the 3 points FFS. Let’s all spread some vagasil on whichever parts of our bodies we see fit, and look forward to another 5-2 drubbing of 5pur2 at Shite Fart Lane on Sunday.

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